His Scorpio Moon and My 8th House – Sussing People Out

yin yang“I usually can size someone up pretty quick. I generally know pretty well who I am dealing with in the first minute and a half or two,” the soldier said.

“Yeah? Like what are you looking for?”

“Threat. First I see if they’re a threat and then I see how smart they are. I see if they know what they’re talking about or if they’re an idiot. If they’re an idiot then I won’t talk to them beyond, how is your truck running.”

I laughed. “Do you think you’d read me correctly if you met me out there?”


I thought about this awhile and realized I do not read people. Instead I let them read me and judge them based on whether or not they can. The yin/yang here strikes me.

Do you read people? What is it you’re looking for?

12 thoughts on “His Scorpio Moon and My 8th House – Sussing People Out”

  1. I read them. I’m looking to see if they are going to get on my nerves. It’s amazing how much you can pickup about people if they have to wait for anything.

  2. yeah–I look for depth and compatibility also, but without analyzing–I just absorb the person, and it’s a yes or no in a couple of moments.

  3. I read them, big time. I am an empath.. and it all just kind of flows right in. I’m looking to see if I can handle being around them really, and if they are any fun. I have no scorpio, no 8th house planets. It might be a moon square nepune thing for me..

  4. The only thing I look for is kindness. In my view it is a greatly underrated trait. It is the only thing I need to see in all people. After that I try not to read people because in my experience it is exhausting and drains me. I’m more interested in learning my own psychology/motives than that of others.

  5. I read them, almost obsessively. I can’t help it. I look for honesty, whether their words jive with their actions, whether or not they can be trusted.

  6. I do get vibes and act on them – almost always get a general sense of comfort or discomfort around someone new. But it’s not usually a concious process. While my info often comes in form of emotion, sometimes it’s a knowing.

    I do get additional info in how they relate to me directly, but it’s pretty much always consistent with the feeling part I get right off the bat.

  7. Scorpio Moon here trine Mercury in 8th. I don’t really look for anything. I get a vibe off of people and trust it implicitly at this point. I size people up pretty well. I can pick up on a sleazy, slimy, or otherwise distasteful person easily. I had a friend with a Cancer Moon once who was the same way, and we always got the same impressions of the same (bad) people. Harsh, sneaky, rude, dishonest people bother me the most; “those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.”

  8. thanks luna, you helped me put my finger on something: i trust my vibes too, implicitly. i also trust that someone will ‘prove to be disagreeable’ ~that henry! 🙂 ~ sooner rather than later and saying that, i don’t need to go looking for it.

    i really like hearing about other people’s view on this. maybe it’s because people have frequently told me “oh i didn’t think you were like this/wanted this/had this/felt that…” i am sensitive to giving people a chance to be themselves.

    also, some people are just really dang awkward when they meet people and as most shy people know, shyness can be misread for a plethora of emotions and that really sucks.

  9. I ‘absorb’ people and their feelings too, Sonah22. An impression of someone forms and then keeps evolving as I get to know them. But it’s usually pretty passive, just sort of take it all in and form a picture.

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