Creative Psychopaths In Artistic Fields

kevin spaceyWe had company over the weekend.  I was talking to the mother while my husband played guitar with her teenage son.  I started telling her stories about psychopaths I have known. Non-murderous psychopaths, in particular.

I realized how this fit with the upcoming total lunar eclipse in Leo. It led me to write today’s newsletter – Creative Psychopathic Entertainer.

I thought that most people would be able to think of someone who fit this profile, even if the person was fictional. Leo is an actor.  My husband and I have been watching, The Shield. This personality type is portrayed in that series, from many angles.

I don’t know how the letter went over in the big picture, but I did have a gal write me and ask me for “an example of such a performer”. I immediately thought of, Kevin Spacey.

I thought it might be interesting to ask people to weigh in on this. Do you know a psychopath who is out there, operating in their sphere, playing games and such?  Please tell us about them and add the astrology if you can.

One more thing.  Kevin Spacey’s sun is at 2 degrees, Leo. He will be hit by this eclipse.

The plot thickens.

24 thoughts on “Creative Psychopaths In Artistic Fields”

  1. Yes. I know of one. Female. Born August 1947. Planets in Leo as follows: Sun 18.12 Degrees, Mercury 1.36 Degrees, Venus, 11.57 Degrees, Saturn 13.12 Degrees, Pluto 13 13.08 – all in the 10th House. Planets in 8th House Gemini as follows: Moon 12.40 Degrees, Mars 28.35 Degrees, Uranus 25.03 Degrees. Ascendent 7.45 Scorpio, Jupiter at 18.45 Degrees Scorpio – Square Saturn and Pluto. True Node Taurus 29.06 Retrograde. Read it and weep.

    Sadly, she appears to have been born a psychopath – probably hereditary – so in a way – as much a victim as the many whose lives she destroyed.

  2. Wow that’s my ex for sure, He has a huge stellium in Leo. I have met another just like him other than she is a female. She has the same birthdate.

  3. the attention Kevin Spacey gets from the world was positive, his sun shone nicely. Alot of people really liked his acting and he was very good at it. unfortnately his personal planets seem to contradict this. I have a cousin who is a leo sun, cancer venus libra mars and possible scorpio moon; she lacks saturn alot, and ironically her father, my uncle is a Capricorn sun conjunct Mars capricorn with sag venus, cancer moon – a very good man, and a strong saturn figure, and when he was alive, he seemed to give her some sense, i’m sure to take care of his daughters & keep them in check and he was super hard working too. After he passed, my cousin went crazy, meaning she had a nice full time job, working at a hotel (nothing fancy, just cleaning up rooms) and she was given a nice apartment rent free from one of our aunties who own the apartment complext. After uncle passed, i dont know what happened, but she started to get very tempted and stealing people’s expensive stuff, usually women’s perfumes, designer hand bags in hotel rooms, and even money too. It’s as if, her desire for material things went overboard to the point, where she knows there are cameras in the rooms it doesn’t matter? i dont know, but it made me think of the saturn figures and the sun energy combination.

  4. All I’m going to say is that this eclipse conjuncts within one degree 45’s 12th house cusp and lands within 10 degrees of his natal Pluto in the 12th house. Something heavily 12th house about to happen to him? Yet he seems to survive with his fortune intact, given the positive sextile between his natal Pluto in the 12th and his natal Neptune in the 2nd house of money. Perhaps a health crisis is about to whisk him away from public view, but he still will enjoy the company of his money.

    1. He’s a true mess for sure and having been an ‘entertainer’ he fits this category.
      All his planets are in the northwest sector except for the moon in Sag. and Neptune and Jupiter [ both Rx in house 2 ]. His mars is in his 12th house, a mere 3 degrees away from the ascendent. His 12th house will be ‘hugely’ affected by this eclipse . . . whether it’s health or incarceration . . . who knows how it will play out . . . but he can’t hide from it. It’s about f***ing time he was stopped. You don’t think separating children from their parents is psychopatic . . . think again . . . some of those kids will NEVER see their families again.

      1. Hmm. Pluto and Mars in the 12th, especially Mars on the cusp of the 1st, gives him a Scorpio tinge–which fits the suggestion that sociopaths often have an emphasis on Gemini, Leo, and Scorpio. And the 12th is, among other things, the house of karma.Planets in that house make you pay your dues. But it could be later rather than sooner. Astrologer Carol Rushman taught her students that eclipses in fixed signs tend to delay the effects of the eclipse. Cardinal signs rush the effects; mutable signs can go either way.

  5. Shoot, just look at YouTube:

    Logan Paul
    Jake Paul (sociopath?)
    Joy Sparkles BS

    Can’t find birth data on Joy Sparkles or her real name—all I know is, she’s 34. And a HOT MESS. Go look up poo baby and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    1. Never mind, look up “poo baby Joy Sparkles”. Her video on this….there are no words. She told the whole world Peter Monn was a racist. Project much, Joy?

      1. Ok, so, I was reading this thinking: wt actual f is a Joy Sparkles? So I look at some YouTube titles (but don’t watch any because I’m still confused) and all the hate videos towards her. Then I google and see some post where it seems to say her name is Joy Sparkles aka Kati Marie Smith.

        Seriously, I don’t know why I looked it up because she seems like another YouTuber asshole personality for initially….no reason. And I’m surprised because the amount of information I know about famous/“famous” people could fit on the head of a pin with room left over LOL.

        Anyway ??‍♀️… that’s all I got. And she sounds awful btw ?

        1. Yep, that’s her! ?

          The only reason I know about her at all is because of Peter Monn’s beauty drama channel. Why, oh why, do I get sucked down these rabbit holes?? Lol

          She is pretty awful. I watched Reznion’s channel (he had two long videos about her lying and general shit-stirring on YT). She is pretty much the female version of John Kuckian, IMO. ?

  6. I read Eleanor D’s description of a psychopath she knows with interest. My sis is a non-violent psychopath. The Scorpio-Gemini-Leo pattern seems to be a signature. My sis has 23 Leo Asc and Jupiter at 5 Leo, Moon at 21 Gemini partile conjunct Belletrix (the bitch star), and Sun at 24 Scorpio, Uranus at 17 Scorpio conjunct IC, and Venus at 9 Scorpio. She also has Pluto in Libra at the 3rd House – one characteristic of psychopaths is that are silent and non-communicative around those they don’t trust, and strikingly charming and magnetic around those that are candidates for patron-pawn dynamics (her Moon in the 11th House). My sis married a husband who I also believe is a psychopath – he was seen confining baby pigs in a very small space on his farm. My sis is too smart to ever engage in trademark animal abuse – no high-functioning psychopath will be caught dead doing it. My sis has five planets in the 4th House – one psychopathic give-away is that they talk only about money and property and financial security when they do speak, so the 4th House is almost always heavily emphasized. Psychopathy is a mental disorder that can be seen in the nativity, I believe. You need to see at least three markers before you start to suspect it, and should probably see five or six – it is not a “label” to be thrown around casually.

  7. The Leo stellium psychopath whose chart I described in my previous post is a member of my family. There are probably few crimes she hasn’t committed: fraud, extortion, drug dealing, theft, blackmail, violence.., but the standout offences are sexual in nature. She started at around age 13, seducing married men and blackmailing them. There followed prostitution, procurement, paedophilia, sexual abuse of vulnerable people… animal abuse. And no – she wasn’t sexually abused as a child. She has been incarcerated three times to my knowledge, none for any great length of time. How she has managed to avoid a lifetime in prison is a mystery. However, she is incredibly cunning and manipulataive. She has deliberately adopted the (fake) persona of a none-too-bright trailor park trash loser, which she uses to lure in suckers who either make the mistake of thinking she’s an easy mark, or fall for her hard-luck stories and think they can help her. Works like a charm. I haven’t seen her in 30 years, but I still receive regular reports of her exploits. I can never think of her without visualising a giant female spider sat in the centre of a web… tightly wrapping her latest victim as she waits to lure in another.

  8. My psychopath. She is family. Small town, which is good, word gets around so she has to behave somewhat. But the personal relationship with her, well, um, it’s gotten better as she gets older. But sometimes she goes into that mode and I’m like say what? There it is again.

    She has to own everyone. It’s all about her. I attribute that to her misguided venus in scorpio (ownership). Takes all the credit for anything she is involved in or even when she isn’t involved. Particularly covetous of family members.

    Cannot travel with her in her car or be in any other confining situation or she goes in for the kill. She enjoys torturing. Actually laughs while she is doing it. It’s like she is out of her mind, in batshit crazy mode, untethered. Have actually jumped and rolled from her car. That was the last time I rode with her.

    Will demean people in front of their friends and allies right in front of our faces. Giving her opinion of us to them like we are non existent. To the point that her daughter would not tell her where she lived or worked for many years, so that she could not berate her to her friends.

    Will make revengeful moves against others. But they always backfire. I’d think she’d learn but like I said every now and again, her misguided impulses create havoc.

    I cannot begin to explain the effect she had on the family unit. Not everyone survived. Sad story.

    She does have NN leo SN aquarius. SN Aqu trines libra moon and mars Uranus Saturn conjunct in gemini.(That would be the gemini-venus in scorpio connection to Monica
    D comment). Mercury in Capricorn trines Jupiter (big talker about herself like it’s a given, she’s the authority and has the right to do whatever she feels like).

    I often feel like she is a tragedy. I have no coherence or understanding about her. She just is. She is family, she is there, but I do not trust or go close. That would be suicide.

    The leo thing, well my experience has been that they are not necessarily malicious. They just want to be on the highest pedestal. I have many stories of leo letdowns but I have gone on long enough here.

  9. There are some superficial similarities between psychopaths and narcissists, but they are not the same. High-functioning psychopaths are far more dangerous and manipulative than narcissists. There is likely a hereditary component. My father is a narcissist and my sister is a high-functioning psychopath, so I am keenly aware of the difference. It is possible to feel sorry for a narcissist.

    I recommend the June 28, 2016 Huffington Post article “Working Knowledge: How To Tell The Difference Between A Narcissist And Sociopath At Work” by Melissa Schenker, for those who are trying to understand the difference between the two.

    It is also crucial to understand the difference between a high-functioning and low-functioning psychopath. Low-functioning psychopaths get caught. They frequently have at least some jail time in their background. High-functioning psychopaths often do not get caught. The few that are in jail are running the place, but most are way too smart to get caught.

    Politically speaking, our current President, Donald Trump, is a classic narcissist. Hillary Clinton was more likely a high-functioning psychopath (white women in particular sensed this about her, and voted for Trump or other candidates instead). In her memoir, Clinton’s description of her maternal grandmother appears strongly psychopathic, so there was a genetic link.

    1. Read the article. These lines jumped out at me.

      –Sociopaths can see how they effect others but just don’t care.

      –A sociopath is preoccupied with winning.

      –A sociopath manipulates to do as little work as possible for the purpose of having money without expending effort.

      –A narcissist is likely to adapt better to a work situation in established organizations with clear rules and social codes while a sociopath will prefer a start up or entrepreneurial environment where the rules and social codes are not clear

      1. a psychopath/sociopath when i google the ideal type, it’s usually the main character in American Psycho. Who doesn’t have to lift a finger to work but uses his brains to get to where he is; he is well educated, well-learned, and super intelligent, and ideal for many corporations to hire him. But i remember John Wayne Gacey who is also a psycopath/sociopath (real story) serial killer, was a construction worker/contractor. and that’s hard work. Especially lugging those bodies around the house to bury beneath his house. I think there’s many types. it’s not a “set” model.

        1. thank you . . . no one should be pigeon holed or stereotyped.
          There are no ‘set’ models.
          Also, saying Gemini, Scorpio and Leo are more ‘prone’ to being a psychopath is just more psycho blabber. It takes a lot more than a ‘sign’ to cause anything like that.

          1. Agreed. All too often astrologers – even good ones – will tend towards stereotyping. Kevin Spacey’s chart was examined above. My birthdate lies a week or so after Stacy’s, and just after that of British Political commentator and television presenter (as well as author, journalist etc.) Andrew Marr, born 31st July, 1959. As it happens, I was acquainted with Andrew many years ago through my job (I suspect we have the same Virgo Ascendant – we had a very good working relationship). He was lovely – one of the rare few truly seeking the truth and unafraid to expose it. We both have that same Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo – and we share the same Sun-Uranus-Mercury Stellium in Leo, as well as Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio. This has served us well in our careers, seeking to expose the truths hidden by the powerful. Dedicated to serving the people. The converse of Spacey who would appear to be a powerful person seeking to hide the truth and exploit others. Spacey’s life would seem to be driven at least in part by the shadow side of his aspects, whilst Andrew – and myself (on a far smaller scale) have made use of, and reflected, the positive side of these aspects. Shadows and light. Free will. It’s not easy to master this kind of energy. Both Andrew and I have suffered considerable health problems, probably as a result of work-related stress and driving ourselves too hard. But perhaps better than taking an easier path that would have led us astray.

  10. Bird-on-fire,
    I think you twisted my words, and deliberately misunderstood what I was attempting to convey. I am not talking about Scorpios and/or Gemini and/or Leo sun signs. I am talking about a chart that has the lights in either Scorpio, Gemini, and Leo AND a strong representation of all three signs in the nativity.

    No psychopath fits every single parameter used to describe the mental illness. I did not say that. No psychologist will ever say that. I said my own sister has never abused an animal. But she does check off a number of other criteria on the list.

    The commenter who mentioned the construction worker who did heavy physical labor also missed the point entirely. Psychopathy is not a disorder of exclusion. You don’t simply look at a list of criteria, cherry-pick an example that does not fit, and then conclude, “well, that person must not be a psychopath”.

    Hope future comments will be a little more carefully thought out. We can all benefit from the discussion as long as it remains substantive, and doesn’t deteriorate into a bunch of logical fallacies.

    1. but in your example you suggested that hilary clinton is a high functioning psychopath; and those running jails are high functioning psychopaths. so your example of the “highs” are powerful people in powerful positions, who are able to run the show at least. And the “Lows” are the ones who get caught and go to jail. when i look up the word to be precise, psychopaths are individuals who have NO capacity to love, or establish meaningful deep relationships and have anti-social behaviour in all those combinations. These people do not seem to love themselves so therefore they are not able to love anyone else or form deeper relationships, and deeper love.

  11. Elsa –

    If you get a chance, google This American Life and the episode called “The Psychopath Test”. All episodes of TAL are online on their website to listen to for free. It’s seriously an AMAZING episode and about stuff like this. The story that is told by the creator of the test, plus his awesome voice and the storytelling soundeffects they use make it seriously fantastic. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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