Family Hero, Scapegoat, Lost Child, Mascot, Enabler?

Yesterday, someone called me, “the scapegoat”. There’s no denying this in my current circumstance. It’s a little odd because I was the undisputed, “lost child”, for decades.

I wonder how and when and why this changes. It occurs to me that marriage can change your status.  Years ago, satori, noted that when Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt, her image changed.  People who hated her softened their stance. It was remarkable.

I chock this up to the Composite Chart. Going out there alone is different than presenting yourself as a couple.

What’s your position your family? How do you see it in your chart?
Has your position changed over the years?  What’s the astrology?

20 thoughts on “Family Hero, Scapegoat, Lost Child, Mascot, Enabler?”

  1. Well, considering that in the process of their forming a couple (composite) Jolie broke up Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston, I don’t know if I would say her image “softened.” But, if by that you mean that she was no longer doing “weird” goth-y things like wearing vials of her lover’s blood or French kissing her brother in public, then I guess one could say her image may have “softened.” People now had her “figured out.” I suppose, in our society, being the other woman is somehow more relatable and therefore acceptable than publicly displaying one’s eccentricities.

    1. I don’t think people like home-wreckers! satori just noticed this and it did happen.

      It did not happen when they were cheating but when they actually MARRIED which meant the composite chart kicked in. It was astonishing BECAUSE of how the relationship came to be.

      1. I think it happened before they married. Might be after people moved on from remembering he left his wife for Angelina or after the 4th kid. They didn’t marry till 2014.

  2. Same thing happened to me as with Angelina Jolie. When I got together with my husband I softened up. Everyone close to me said what a difference this man made in my life. Happiness will do that to you. You stop being a bitch when you’re no longer miserable. Not sure how to explain it astrologically.

    1. She’s a strange bird. I think the cancer side clicked in over the aries side. I kinda think if one is a true bitch that will come out eventually.. by bitch I mean someone out to heap emotional abuse or take advantage or to be all edges all the time. You’re probably just not a bitch?

    1. Maybe after the loss of being forbidden and unmarried, & after settling into a married routine (a jet setting rountine, but for them still a routine), the forces that brought them together were gone. Pitt became a married man with substance abuse problems and six children. That’s not who Jolie married. A woman with significant health problems who had given birth to three children in addition to adopting three was not who Pitt married.

  3. It’s interesting…

    I grew up a total black sheep but I had to try to blend as best I could to survive and in a lot of ways I felt repressed because I never felt comfortable enough to express my truest most natural self. And I realize this is the case for a lot of people, I mean we can’t really do anything about the family we are born into. My family are mostly Virgo/2nd house, and I am very Piscean/8th house. As a Pisces, blending in and adapting is something that comes easily to me anyway. In a lot of ways I reflect my family of origin like a mirror, even though we’re very different, at least as far as principles and values go, maybe and not at all on a more deep rooted visceral level. That is where the 8th comes into play, that visceral unspoken level.

    To this day, my true self is somewhat obscured from my family and really my public image at large. My family are still very present in my life and psychology even though I live far from them. Ugh…I hate to admit it, but I still need them. As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate them, even though I never felt genuinely happy or uninhibited around them. (partly Saturn on my i.c. opp. Venus H9)

    As a Pisces, I tend to let other people define me. If whomever I’m with treats me like shit and thinks I’m worthless, then I am worthless…I look like shit, and I suck to be around. If someoone thinks I’m strong and beautiful, I’ll be that. I’ll also unconscuously imitate whoever I’m around. I basically act like whomever I spend the most time with. I’m extremely Neptunian, but tge funny thing us you really can’t tell because my husband is not. My family are not either, so… lol

    Basically, with me, you have to look much much deeper than the surface to find out how I am. If you look at the surface all you’ll find are reflections

    But it is interesting the way people change over the years according to their relationships.

  4. I have attained my 2nd Saturn Return and am still the Scapegoat. I have accepted that my elderly parents are not likely to change and so, it is as it is, until they die. It is not pleasant, but I strive to transcend the incidents when they occur. Forgive and let go, forgive and let go. Move on. Rinse and repeat. And remain loving. (I am single, so no composite chart, unless I can count my cat, and he HAS made a difference actually. If it had not been for my cat serving as a deflector, I do not know how we would all have survived my moving back in with my parents a couple of years ago.) (Moved out now, but living in a house they own.)

  5. My family is everything
    I feel lucky to love them
    And if they needed to throw me under the bus
    For them, no problem
    How I am perceived
    Second to how I perceive me.
    I am a Capricorn, scapegoat
    Is my superhero suit
    Can make a pretty impressive Baaa!

  6. Maybe this is a capricorn topic cause it has to do with reputation.. the reputation in the family… Also 12th house due to subconscious family shadow.

  7. I don’t understand Angelina Jolie. Think there’s a lot hidden.. esp with their family life. I think she wanted her image to change. And she wanted kids. Lots of kids. Think Brad Pitt is not stupid. With all that capricorn in the chart. I do not think I’d like her if I met her.

    I don’t have the kind of configuration that has me scapegoated in my family. I do have a 12th house mars and I stir shit up. My reputation is never unfair or clouded.. unfortunately. I sometimes see myself better and more worthy than others lately see me.. it’s cause I haven’t done many good things. I don’t have 7th house planets or much capricorn.. any markers of being misunderstood in the public arena.

  8. I was the scapegoat in my family for years, probably still am but things have changed since I got married too. Pluto squares my Sun. I hate it but what role is best really?

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    Annabel Crabb

    Narcissistic families worship and prioritise good looks, money, power, materialistic images… so if the scapegoat marries a person who seemingly represents any or all of these things their power and status will rise!… it is all false respect and is based upon materialist priorities. Being a family scapegoat indicates you are an individual in a cult like primitive family system.

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