Evolving, Pushing Others, Projection & Aging Out

gamer girlEvolving, pushing your ideas, aging out and projection. None of these things are connected until I connect them. This is a Mars in Virgo or Mars conjunct Mercury post!

“First” is a Mars word. Communication is a Mercury thing. First, I bought an old tablet on eBay a few weeks ago.

I love this particular tablet. I bought one in 2013. I’ve bought an embarrassing number of them since because they are fine beyond belief! But at this point, they really want to rid the planet of these tablets so they’re finding various ways to cripple them. Today, I have to buy my tablets, “rooted”. That means someone has gone in and replaced the original operating system with something more modern.

I got my first rooted tablet off a gamer chick. It was pristine. She loaded a few “green” aps on the tablet and provided instructions so her work would not be erased. She advised me she’d not accept returns. I wouldn’t dream of it. Once familiar with updated familiar tablet, I decided to buy another as a back up.

My backup arrived and it was hilarious. For some reason, this tech-savvy dude that sold it to me, assumed I wanted to watch movies from all over the world.  I mean all movies of all kinds in the BIG world.

This guy loaded at least eighty media-watching apps on my new tablet.  He also included a note. He gave me my password for all my adult content. Okay….

I don’t use my tablet to watch movies, dirty or otherwise. This is an example of “projection”.  This is what he does with his tablet. It must be what I want to do with mine!

I spent two days deleting these apps and I’m still not done. I don’t mind it. I understand it and I think it’s interesting. Whoever this guy is, I’m glad he’s around. Otherwise I would have to evolve (to a new tablet) which in this case would be DEvolving.

The seller is a new dog with new tricks. This is allows me to be an old dog with no tricks.

stop saying yoloThis brings me to this person who started to send me corrections on my newsletter.  Her corrections were correct!  See the Mars in Virgo here? Critique!

Now if I wanted to be perfect, professional and proper, I could have applied this gal’s corrections and moved closer to this goal. But it is not my goal!

I think I ignored the first correction but then she wrote me to complain about YOLO.  She said she did not know what it meant and that I should avoid using acronyms for this reason – they’re not universal.

I knew that she was utterly correct but I knew something else. I’d used the phrase deliberately!

The world we’re living in is advancing.  What is proper and correct for one generation will change over time.  You can try to enforce your rules for awhile but eventually, the rules set by the new generation(s) will take over.

You can reject this if you like. But if you do, your world will slowly shrink.  Wut?

Wut = What for a good number of people.
Wen = When.

You can complain all you want. There are a good number of people who are going to spell this way and if you don’t like it – well, you’re going to die and they’ll still be here. I am not trying to be snotty. I think this is important. It’s also intelligent.

Wut makes more sense than “what”?  Wut if the spelling of “what” becomes “wut”, permanently?
Are you mad?
If you’re mad, why don’t you write like Shakespeare anymore? I don’t think it’s stupidity.

I told the gal to google. YOLO = You Only Live Once. Does it hurt a person to know that?

This stuff interests me. I’ve invested quite a bit of time learning vernaculars that new to me over the last year.  Some are fresh and current but others are very old.  This seems a good way to smarten up!

Back to the tablet, I’m going to leave this guy great feedback but what if I had a problem? It might sound like this:

“I have a problem.”
“Wut wrong?” he’d respond.

If I want to cruise in life, my best option is to answer his question and then wait for his solution. This, unless I want to hang around a tech forum and try to learn to root a tablet myself. Not to mention, everyone there will be speaking emoji!

I’m writing this to help people who may feel they’re “aging out” of life. It’s fine if you had enough of it.  But if you want to continue to interact with others, you come to a point where you have to set down some of your old ways and pick up some of their new ways.

This is probably easier for Mutable people and people who have had kids. But it’s the Fixed people who are pressured (Saturn) to update (Uranus) at this time. One thing is for sure. We’re not going back to Olde English in your lifetime.

Cringing is part of getting older. But don’t forget that people are looking at you and cringing. Weird (Uranus) but real (Saturn).

“wut” can also be spelled “wat”. Which, if either might stick?

Can you add to this?  Where are you coming from and what are your experiences around these type of issues?  

pictured – Akita – a super cute gamer girl.

73 thoughts on “Evolving, Pushing Others, Projection & Aging Out”

  1. I’ve been fighting tech/language “upgrades” for most of my adult life. I refused to buy CD’s until they’d been out for many years.

    We leased a new car two years ago, guess what, no CD player, the joke’s on me!

    I have a flip phone and can say in all seriousness that I will never own a smart phone. Until there is absolutely no other option. I give it another 3 years or so. I will keep the battery out of it until I need to use it. Don’t call me, send an email, or you may never hear back from me. And I don’t care.

    I’m typing this on Windows 7. None of my kitchen appliances are smart. I don’t have a smart tv, I was lucky enough to buy a house 30 years ago with a tv antenna tower. I don’t have Alexa or Ring. I don’t have Wifi, I’m still hard wired to my ISP’s box.

    I could go on. I’m fixed. Very fixed.

    1. I understand! I was telling a client the other day, it’s possible to come to a point when you’ve had enough. Here’s an interesting example, of that:

      My husband’s grandfather gave up when they landed on the moon. He said it was bullshit and never watched TV again. His family rolled their eyes.

      Fast forward fifty years! Today, many people think he was right. Moon landing = bullshit.

      It’s kind of cool to be at an age and in a position to see these kinds of things with no need to argue.

      1. My dad said the same thing about the moon landing. He was a Systems Analyst for IBM. The moon landing demoralized him, he left technology and went to work as a Stage Manager. Oh, the irony!

  2. This post reminded me of something. I’ll write the content.
    ‘What does it mean to be a good person?’ (Aristotle)
    ‘What does it mean to be?’ (Descartes)
    ‘What does it mean?’ (Nietzche)
    ‘What does ‘it’ mean?’ (Bertrand Russel)
    ‘What does it’? (C.S Lewis)
    ‘What’? (Lil’ John)
    I think mutable signs definitely are more willing to adapt to whatever. I can see this with some people in the uranus conjunct pluto in virgo generation. They use emojis correctly and are on social media a lot. I don’t dig the abbreviation however we had our own shortenings back then, it was convenient, so it must be convenient for them as well, even if I don’t like it. (saturn in aquarius/pluto scorpio).

    1. My deal is this – there are people out there who are both much younger and much smarter than I am. They may lack experience but an 20-year-old could probably redesign my website faster than I could, with a better result. They’re also very good at networking online and digging up information. I’m an astrologer. This is my primary skill and I am still working. If I were retired, maybe I would spend time learning to root a tablet. But as it is, these younger people are an absolute Godsend.

      They’re also quite funny. Even when they’re bitching, they’re funny.

      There’s probably an astrological correlation between generations where there is a gap, but also some kind of synergy.

      The gamer girl who sold me my first rooted tablet, told me which forum to go to if I had any trouble. An older generation seller would probably would not have offered this. It’s seems a privilege to interact on the periphery of their world. I mean, I don’t want to be them or get in their mosh pit or anything but there are a good number of things to learn and mutual ways to benefit if you opt to try to make a connection.

      1. They have great technical and networking skills. It was nice of the girl to give that extra help. I also see the generational gap synergy, to me it feels like it’s easier to match -the second next pluto generation (not the one next to yours). From personal experience, pluto in cancer, virgo and capricorn. I did have early in sag pluto roommates and they were not that hard to relate to, quite funny and chatty too but they were not obsessed with tiktok challenges or anything like that. More like cool kids with rollerblades.

  3. There is room to include so called popular usage and vernacular. I tend towards inclusiveness in general, even with fixed signs. Picking my battles has always been my guiding light along with, wat is really important. And how long does it take spellcheck to catch up with wat or wut vs what. ?

  4. So true. I don’t even know the popular language(s) to realize I’m aging out. But, know I’m aging! My natal signatures are fixed, very fixed so change is not my cuppa tea. On the other hand? My husband is mutable and stubborn. The combination has made a life in a very tiny home with unexpected diversity. We’ve been pushed out of many conventional settings having lived on the fringe. But here’s the thing … being two old-timers who can do old-time stuff (like fix things: use tools to ‘tinker’ and do “impossible stuff” and doctor a doctor with Peoples’ Medicine — weeds) has a value. I’m seeing how parking/staying put after a decade + of moving to outrun being controlled puts us in a place to let some of the out-dated go. NO MORE WATCHING OUT DVD Movies dozens of times (Seems small, but oh the collateral effects: there’s room for doing one more different thing … who knows wat).
    It’s a timely topic to hash out and compare notes, Elsa. I loved seeing the picture with this post even thought, “Is that her daughter?” Cuda been. But wasn’t. Gamer girl, hmm.

  5. I feel that acronyms are a part of idiocracy. It’s the dumbing down not the smarting up of society. They are a fast but lazy way to communicate. Funny, sure! But if that’s where we are going, I am not at all surprised.
    I don’t have kids so if I did, I would make sure they could just as well write a letter or essay etc in proper English. Acronyms while texting, okay I get it. They are fast. But what’s the hurry!? Commercials for phones are always emphasizing “Faster”!! It’s an indoctrination into what is going to happen, whether we old folks like it or not. But I ask “What’s wrong with taking your time”? I love CV has a flip phone.
    I was watching a Johnny Carson re run on an a retro TV station (for you younger folks he was THE talk show host for 30 years on late night TV. Just about everybody watched him, like lots of folks watch “Jimmy Kimmel” now). He took his time with actually listening to his guests and they gave thoughtful answers-non off this taking over people and overt gestures with interrupting the other’s time on the air like you see on a lot of day time shows. It’s profound.
    Kids may be lightening smart and fast now, and they will be living in that kind of world. I don’t believe humans are supposed to live like that. The Earth is heating up because of it.
    I did learn a new technology term though, Elsa : ) Had never heard of “rooted”. Is that similar to “Legacy”?
    I have Merc in Sag but yes I am a fixed sign with Mutable angles.

    1. “Had never heard of “rooted”. Is that similar to “Legacy”?”

      These tablets are very well made. The newer versions are gar-bage! It’s like having a toilet that flushes or a washing machine that actually gets your clothes clean. You want to hold on to these things but they cripple them which forces you to buy something new which is 1/10 as good as what you are tossing out. B

      So basically, the hardware is sound but the operating system is um… discontinued. Rooting the device wipes out the old operating system and replaces it – just like a hip replacement! Once you have you new OS (or hip), you can run on for a good while. It’s a way of not having “ring” or Alexa”. Left to my own devices, I’m sure I could learn to to it myself. However, I would have zero hairs left, post pulling them out in frustration.

      The other thing I’d say, is sounding “dumb” on paper does not necessarily mean a person is dumb. And if younger people ARE dumb, who failed them? Older people? We’re all in it together.

      1. I see! Well that sounds like well looking into! I agree with the way they technically “cripple” the older tech so you have to buy crappier tech. It’s by design. But nice to know there is a workaround!

        I also agree if someone sounds dump on paper, doesn’t mean they are dumb, but if they aren’t, why would they want to appear that way? Maybe we failed them but it seems they are creating their own communication much like older generations did “That’s the Cat’s pajama’s” to “That’s so sic”. But it’s all a reflection of a living language I guess. I just don’t see it as something that enriching. Most people I know in their 30’s and 40’s have outgrown that type of digital language other than “LOL” that Was know. But if I had say a grand child, I suppose I’d try to relate and start using “wat” or “YOLO” but I do cringe when I think of it : D

        1. “…but if they aren’t, why would they want to appear that way?”

          My guess is they are not trying to communicate with you, they’re conversing with their friends. Some of them may be able to write in other ways, in different languages, who knows.

          I guess I’m just saying if I read, “wut doin”, I know I am being asked what I am doing. And I am not going to tell that person that they should address me in a different way, because I am not their mom, but also because they may very well be an adult.

          1. Oh I would never tell them to change how they do it. It’s just something I don’t really jive with but I can see it’s value after reading all the replies here. I don’t mean to sound like a b****h. I don’t expect people to change for me. Just don’t understanding all the changes happening so fast around us all the time. I guess that’s where kids come in to help us grow and understand the World through their eyes.

            1. Yes! The world through their eyes is fun, funny and interesting.

              Also, if you live long enough, you may very well need help from younger people. It would be good to understand them to at least some extent.

              I think it may be my Libra. I just like to get along with people and relate in general.

        2. Also, to add… my son and his friend, the Quirky Aquarian, used to say YOLO – this was a dozen years ago. I’m sure it originated from somewhere.

          So you jump off a roof and yell, YOLO!
          What’s the difference between that and jumping off a roof and yelling, GERONIMO!

          Not much difference. 🙂

          1. YOLO has an inherent nihilism, I think the product of being raised on consumerism, and drug/party culture paired with political consciousness. Nothing we do matters, so might as well say “F*** it”; another phrase that was popular at the time.

            Whereas Geronimo stemmed from a sense of courage and community, or at least trying to emulate bravery vs. YOLO’s abandon.

            Granted it could be a carpe diem saying, but usually only heard it when someone was making bad choices.

  6. Hahaha ,this is so true.
    I lol when I read the girl who corrected your work.
    And yes I guess I m one of the few ,who just didn’t get it ,My bad obviously.

    Yes buti m willing to evolve or be left out of the party.
    I want to be relevant.
    And if it takes a YOLO .
    Then so be it.
    This generation is waay smarter than what we were.
    In every way,Tech savy , Relationships,money ,what they want.
    I was too naive at that age.
    But I admire this generation
    We can cringe and move ahead.
    And sometimes it does make me cringe.
    Being British Schooled.
    But its time to evolve,and get with the times.
    For the times are a changing.

  7. Yeah, tech is clubby. Is it tch tch? Is that how to spell the sound of disgust I hear when I am thought not to have the current savy club words? Anyway, I find that it’s communication laziness. They know what I am saying but would rather nitpick me.

    Use what works. Like the folks who are going back to vinyl for the sound quality. Magnetic medium is just too sterile and soupy. And now it is the cool club thing to do.

    I know a number of 60 and 70 somethings that continue to dye their hair because it makes the workplace easier. They don’t want to be aged out so they do the disguise. Do they love working from home or what?

    Once again, mind. Locked in the prisons of our own minds. It can be odd when someone(s) tries to lock me in their prison. Lots of rules and regs in ‘them there’ cells. I am not a robot so stop trying to program me.

  8. Oh yeah, one of ‘my’ major beefs are the useless bells and whistles that are supposed to make things ‘user friendly’. It just needs to work. That’s so cut-the-crap Virgo of me. Re-member paper clip guy in Office always dancing around with ‘helpful hints’. Cancel.

    1. Yes, that too. I was irked the second time I got my paper graded. But I truly think the person meant well. Some people just don’t realize there is variety out there. There are other ways of thinking.

      This is another reason I am out in these other communities. I work with people of all ages, all around the world. I’ve got to have some inkling what’s going on.

      Another thing – taboo words are used in constantly in various communities. It’s called rebellion!

      There was an uproar when hippies started with their “Far out!” Sounded like morons, right?

      This is just life, continuing on.

        1. I know someone who still says this. Deadhead Taurus pot-smoker. Blink and 40 years slip by ya.

          We laugh at them.
          They laugh at us.

          Or, you can do something else.

  9. Just wondering……because I am a curious, Mercury ruled person. Is that a relative
    of yours in the picture? She looks like you, and beautiful, I might add!

  10. This is one of the reasons I value working in technology. I’m always working with people in various generations and I get exposed to a wide range of vernaculars. I like working with younger generations. Their fresh perspectives are highly valuable in an ever changing environment. I *want* to stay relevant as I age. This equals freedom and independence to me. If you allow yourself to become stuck in a mindset that your way is the best/only way, then you will eventually find yourself having to rely on others to help you navigate the world around you.

  11. I am one of those people (I know there are many!) who thought it would be nice of me to tell you – as soon as I got here!, how much more successful your blog could be if you could simply fix the grammatical or typographical errors… Like “Hi Elsa, nice to meet you. I think you’re great, but what you really need is a little bit more polish!”

    I’m not a terribly impulsive person (despite having Mars-opposite-Uranus), so I sat with my thought for a couple of days, and poked around the blog a little bit more… only to learn (from you!) that it would be very wrong of me to say what I previously wanted to say. Then I no longer wanted to say it. Now, that little pattern of thought has become a skill. I’m able to catch myself, and refrain from saying rude or hurtful – or just flat out wrong, things because I can see how my logic might be based on assumptions, or I might be ignoring someone’s humanity, or I might be misinterpreting what they mean, or I might be missing the point completely because I am probably *projecting*! Basically, I learned my place, and I learned that it’s valuable to meet people where they’re at, or at least somewhere in the middle. I would bet that this is the #1 lesson that people take away from this blog. It’s a life changing lesson because it teaches you how to play well with others (maybe we all need to relearn this as adults on the internet?).

    Now I want more. I want more of these lessons. I want to be corrected, I want to be given a clue, I want to be pushed – generally I want to be a better person! Elsa is a Saturn figure for many of us, and this blog has been likened to health food. I’m addicted to the health food.

    Not sure if this answers your question, but this is where my mind goes. I know I can’t be the only one who wanted to police your grammar, and refrained from doing so, only to reap many benefits from staying here and trying to listen and learn instead of “trying to help”.

    Many thanks! Hope you’re having a good day, Elsa.

    1. I appreciate this and can add to it. I am selling my humanity. That is how this blog (and my family) is supported. People hire me constantly. Think about that. Would they still hire me if I were polished? Maybe. But what if they did?

      They’d get on the phone with me and I would be myself. Do I have a choice? How would that work? I don’t think it would work very well.

      This is a a WYSIWYG site. I am real human being. I really think and feel what I say I think and feel. Just today, a client thank me for my honest my opinion. She works in a field where she’s lied to constantly. Imagine that.

      I’ll tell you something I have not mentioned for a decade at least. Maybe closer to twenty years have passed since I explained that I am always, always tricky, deep and multi-tasking. If I type YOLO, there’s a reason. I just have this odd mind. So the person who approaches me to fix the bow in my hair may not realize they’re actually working on my foot. And yeah, it’s awkward.

      If you are prone to this, you might want to ask yourself why you feel you need to remake people in your own image. It seems strange.

      To turn this around, I would never dream of emailing someone to tell them their writing was okay but would be better if it was less tight-assed.

      ha ha ha. It’s a ludicrous thing to even consider. I’d be out of my mind to do such a thing. Is there a mental hospital nearby?

      1. I happen to know of a great mental hospital with amazing Italian food, beautiful gardens, and no straitjackets. I think you would love it!

        1. Well I don’t have to go there, until and unless I start emailing people I don’t know to tell them what they should do so I can be more comfortable.

  12. My son just texted me, “Things are great wbu”

    wbu = what ’bout you.
    Or wut bout u

    I think!

    This is a good example of all of this. He’s not stupid. He’s began working as an engineer at 19 years old, throughout the last two years of college. He’s running his project at 22 years old but this is how he writes.

    I can bitch or adapt.
    I’ve decided to adapt. Learn to code, right?

  13. “This is a Mars in Virgo post or a Mars conjunct Mercury post!” I can relate to this, now. Thanks to my Progressed Mars in early degrees of Virgo in the 3rd House. It’s a sign of being able to change-up … born with Mars with Saturn and Pluto stellium in the 7th and 8th Houses, I’m taking this as a green light for me to evolve! This stuff can take time (a lot of it) so if you’re like me, YOLO can mean the tale end of life is still potent and it took a long time. Satori wrote something that I put on a post-it about Mars in Virgo, “Mars in Virgo brings metered and thoughtful action, smart motives. It’s also earthy and skilled in multiple techniques.” Ya, Mars in Virgo.

  14. I agree 1000%, but I’m mutable. I’m no longer young but I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen someone stuck in the past and commented to my husband “please tell me if I ever get like that”. Adaptation is natural.

    1. Now see, there is no 1000%. You should not use that number because it makes you look _____.

      Or a person can simply discern what you mean.

      I do understand people who are made nutty by this. I feel that twinge myself. But then I remember that I don’t run other peoples minds and mouths. And if I want to interact with them, they say communication is a two-way street.

      1. Very important if one wants or needs to be heard or if one values relationship and wants to develop one or keep one. Communication 101 teaches ‘know your audience.’ It also teaches that 90 percent of communication is non verbal cues.

        1. After watching someone get their comment automatically deleted in a live stream on youtube, it might be these kids are on to something. Maybe they’re code-talkers with a constantly evolving vocabulary because they know or sense, this is what it takes to speak openly in this day and age.

          It also helps them identify an outsider. I just don’t think you can apply 1960’s or 1880’s rules to modern conversation.

          The reasons for this may escape a person trying to adhere to a standard that’s rapidly disappearing. Maybe! I don’t really know. But I do know I work with parents who want to stay connected to their children. Traditional ways these ties were maintained have been nearly completely eradicated. Very few people live down the street from their mom and dad, who are still together.

          So there is a lot to think about and plenty of blame to go around.

          1. I never had children so I don’t relate as well to this as most here. I have to learn to understand it somehow and reading the other side of things has helped. But I still feel like Tonya does. How can I explain the sense of deep loss of culture for a more cold, digital one? It’s not just the language. It’s the permutation of the whole of society, Art, values, etc. I’m not against change, just when it is subversive and has taken advantage of greed and ignorance. I’m sure when electric lights were invented, it was a whole new world for those receiving them, from an amber soft candle lit room with shadows, to a brightly lit room where all was revealed. And on and on. But even those changes have led us here and they are not all good. Another astrologer as said Uranus is about “Break through/break down”. And I feel while most feel we are on the verge of breaking through, I see the breaking down as well. I’ll shut up now ☺️

  15. As a Virgo stellium, this post is painful. It drives a Virgo batty when words are not written properly. Sun Pluto conjunction in Virgo as well as Mercury Mars conjunction in Virgo. Oh, my Lilith is conjunct my South Node. In Virgo, too.

    It is scary that there are folks who refuse to use the proper wording just to make the rest of us nuts.

    Idiocracy the movie is the future.

    1. I guess my Virgo Moon got a little nuts with it too.
      It’s one thing for kids to to use it in texting friends or family, but when it becomes the norm like on YouTube comments by people who don’t have to use it, I just have to shake my head.

      1. It really irks me when people don’t use proper spelling of words. I rail against people who use your for you’re. To me, it is laziness to use net speak.

        Have you read Linda Goodman’s Love Signs? Her Virgo chapter drove me bonkers because she kept putting in mistakes to purposefully show Virgos that there is no such thing as perfection. That did not stop me from wanting to throw the book across the room.

        Weird Al has a song called Word Crimes that speaks against improper grammar, and spelling. I love the song and video.

        Frankly, I’ve told people who text me the proper word is such or such and to use it. I can adapt to some things but never to this hip new way of writing or speaking.

        Yes, I am a dreaded grammar fiend. Mistakes are fine. But on purpose? Ugh.

        Virgo season is right around the corner and that Mercury and Mars conjunction is now conjunct mine. Mars heated my words (Mercury) and sent me spouting off passionately because I feel strongly about words. Especially, written words. It kills my soul to think of the old ways being left behind. It is painful enough that everything is computerized now. I love hand writing letters and keeping journals.

        I would rather be left behind as to go to a future that is so dull.

        1. You have got this sun Jupiter in Virgo thinking about what makes me nuts. Virgo is 10th house so I have had to work around all kind of nuttiness in career stuff dealing with people. What’s acceptable for me to participate in, what is not. Because that was a necessity, I had to learn to work around what I saw as obstacles my whole life. It is good food for thought though. I realize how imperfect I am so I guess I cut others slack. But not too much ?

        2. Went back to bed (it’s that kind of day) and awoke to my pet peeves. I do have them. About people, it’s more attitudinal. Yes I can list them. But I don’t bother trying to fix that to my liking so I tend to walk away. Sometimes I get caught by surprise when someone I am with flips into it and I am hurt for a moment. It tells me how far I can trust that person. Cancer moon safety alert sounds off in my animal brain.

  16. YOLO – no way, I just don’t believe it’s true, we live many lives (NOT as animals etc) but as humans I believe we return time and time again, Steiner anyone? WTF, you say, DMAF, I say….

  17. Yeah, I’m and older millenial and the zennials are already sick of us, they mock us for being old and for still using words like “YOLO” and for remembering what happened in like, 2005.

      1. I neither enjoy nor don’t enjoy, I was them once and I’m still them to some people. Their issues aren’t foreign to me but I’ve aged out of a lot of them, if that makes sense? I don’t envy anyone having to be 23 right now in this whacky timeline we exist within. I do love and appreciate a good meme tho. Memes are amazing. Got lots of Virgo and Pisces, language evolution is endlessly fascinating to me!

  18. Seems a delicate balance in moving forward while still maintaining cultural and historical perspective? “The world we’re living in is advancing.” For sure, and it’s changing much more rapidly now. History tends to repeat itself and when that history is lost or erased, there is no opportunity to learn from past lessons and self correct.

    “Maybe they’re code-talkers with a constantly evolving vocabulary because they know or sense, this is what it takes to speak openly in this day and age.” Bravo! Stay one step ahead of the AI hall monitors.

    I am not a fan of transhumanism.

    “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” (Albert Einstein?)

  19. This post also reminds me of how I communicate with my younger friend who is deaf. Not exactly the same, but the cool thing is we have our ways, and we’ve been making it work for the past 12 years. It really is about adapting and evolving.

    And yes, when our relationship started, I had the naive stance that her deafness was something that should be fixed (simply because cochlear implants exist). Now I do not see it that way. Her deafness is a gift, and the only thing that needed to change was my mind.

  20. I hear wut and wat differently, and they don’t sound like “what” to me. I like plays on words when they help communicate something better, and those 2 are good.

    While I was editing my husband’s writing over the last week (he’s more math and I’m more language) I had to stop myself a couple of times from changing things too much. He has his own style and it’s more conversational. I’m more formal. So I made sure it made sense and let it be. I enjoy both types myself.

    That all said, I can’t fathom formal, written word that is published including wut or wat, unless it was included as speech somehow. It may be my age or my love of the written word, I don’t know, but I’m definitely teaching proper grammar and so forth to my children. Even sentence diagramming. I think it’s a foundation to build from. We’ll see if I am correct in due time!

  21. I went to the dentist today. His young assistant said someone called her brother s goat. She was angry and confronted them. “You don’t know what a goat is, do you?” They told her and she cal!ed down.

    I told her I knew what a goat was (Greatest Of All Time) but really, I know of five different meanings for the word. It’s really odd.

  22. Tower of Babel revisited? I worked with a guy back in the day who read the Bible from cover to cover. He was the only person I ever met who did that so I asked him the moral of the story. All he said was ‘you can’t divide The Word.’ While not being a believer in the entity ‘God’, I find great solace in his comment. There’s a wholeness, an all ness about it.

  23. This thread reminds me how pidgin (in Hawaii) used to be bad-mouthed when I was growing up in the 50’s. All us from the hoods and the sticks didn’t want sound kuahiwi (country; literally ‘from the sticks). But pidgin was the language that evolved on the plantations when people came to work the cane and pine fields; many different languages and none in common so they blended and made up words or combined. Hawaiian was made illegal, by the invading Americans, but never disappeared … went underground and came back triple strong in the 1970’s. When both Hawaiian and Pidgin were legislated “legal” in 1978 so did Pidgin. What real folks in the islands speak is a mix of dis and dat, and Pidgin to the Max became a thing. Now three generations of Hawaiians have and are learning the language, the context, the metaphors and the technology of the cloud all at once!! It’s evolutionary to the max. I’m just glad to be part of the mix and got this “wut doin” or “watzup wit dat?” And glad to remain curious and on the look out for an opening to slide into the groove. Like a needle on vinyl. Vinyl is back in mode:)

  24. Sorry, I can’t stop laughing at this! I have a kid who keeps me sane! He just got married to a fabulous woman in what has to be the most multicultural wedding ever!

  25. Having read this thread (up until 8/31, 10:35p EST), I am struck with a thought. It probably also might be useful to say I just finished watching Fear & Loathing in Aspen, a film I have been waiting for for 50 years. No. If you don’t know that this means Hunter S. Thompson’s attempted run at sheriff of Aspen CO, then look up the name.
    Any case, the point I keep seeing is that all of these generations stage their rebellions at about the same age thinking that it’s something unique. Then history homogenizes the stories with the ‘greed heads’ power and the cycle starts again.
    In the 70’s I was helping post local uncover agents’ pictures and descriptions in shop windows (sometimes in the middle of the night ) and paying for a subscription to the Sunday times to be mailed to the FBI because the law said they had to put anything I sent them in my ‘file’.
    In the 80’s I tried to make enough money to survive the Jimma disaster and the walking corpse that Reagan was.
    In the 90’s I was mostly quasi-comatose after the Bush crime family AND the Clinton clowns…
    Only to spend 3 more incompetents’ regimes wasting my life to finally realize that the ‘greed heads’ had done it to my generation and nobody alive in 2000 younger than 30 had any idea what any of the above meant.
    And, what it meant was that the ‘kids’ were AGAIN rebuilding the wheel…
    I hope they don’t get sucked into the machinery this time.

  26. Mutable Mars Virgo conjunct Jupiter here. ? Intentional misspellings don’t bother me much, but I notice what appear to be unintentional mistakes all the time. Sometimes I do reach out in an effort to be helpful (I don’t know what in my chart makes me try to be helpful, but I do it all the time. I have good intentions!)

    It’s hard for me to understand why someone would want to leave unintentional mistakes, but sometimes they do! They don’t care! I have Pisces moon, but this one is something I just can’t relate to. I obviously have perfectionistic tendencies.

  27. Avatar

    wut? = what thing/meaning
    wat? = gobsmacked shock, how the hell do you mean?

    there are nuances to be had in using other ways of communicating.

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