Chart of ElsaElsa Newsletter

A gal asked me if my newsletter was a Virgo rising. Interesting question! I had no idea. I’d not looked at the chart in number of years.

Turns out, my newsletter was “born” in 2009. I’ve maintained it for almost nine years!

Click to see the chart full size.

I struggled to write it in the beginning. I loathed writing it. These days, I enjoy maintaining it. It provides me with some kind of unseen rhythm. I’m not sure how to describe it.

What do you see in this chart?

4 thoughts on “Chart of ElsaElsa Newsletter”

  1. I can barely grasp the basics but isn’t that a whole lot of activity in Capricorn? If I’m right, that is so fitting because you bring the hard, necessary truth. And you are Cap Rising!

    If I’m wrong feel free to delete this post. LOL

  2. My first thought, before looking at the chart was I don’t recognize the “critical,” part of Virgo when I read your newsletters, so it didn’t surprise me that the chart wasn’t Virgo oriented. I’m pretty new here but I see the Sun in Sag – which is goal-oriented; teacher. You are teaching or communicating about astrology “on a global level,” in a sincere, logical, blunt way. You achieve that goal weekly by using Capricorn, putting in the hard work, deliberately (like the goat) in a disciplined manner and communicating it in a practical, no-nonsense way. Mars in Virgo depicts the way you systematically and analytically reveal your “specialty,” in Astrology while promoting your business.

  3. Look at all that beautiful stellium energy! To me, I can see your initial struggles with Mars (action) in 6H (work, health, daily habits) opposing that stellium. I have something similar in my birth chart, but with Saturn opposing. But then at some point you overcame that opposition and became stronger, and that’s when the Moon (your feelings) conjunct Saturn (structure/responsibility) in 7H (partnerships) kicked in. It is also trine part of that stellium. I’m not an expert by any means tho, so that’s just my 10 cents. (My two cents is free, as Slim Shady once said lol)

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