Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Greensburg Kansas

greenburg.jpgmudlike writes on Pluto Moon House in Mourning:

So does this turning the light back on mean you feel strong enough to look around you? To heal the dark corners? I hope so, wishing you a bit of strength to hold on to. I suspect you already have a bunch but a bit more doesn’t hurt :)

mudlikesubstance – no I do not feel strong and no I don’t think it has to do with an unwillingness to look around myself. I don’t use the front door. I come in the house through the garage and no one else uses the front door either… anymore. They certainly used to. My house used to be where everyone gathered. It was the lightest sunniest one on the block but then the clouds came… and stayed.

The porch light is just one of the hundreds of tasks that lie in front of me. It’s like this blog at the moment. I cannot do what I usually do when the site is slow or down and out and it takes 2 hours to put a blog when it should take 5 minutes due influences outside my control. So when will I be back up to speed ? As soon as I possibly can and same with getting the lights on at my house. I am doing the best I can at all times, it never occurs to do otherwise it’s just that sometimes circumstances overide good intentions.

See that picture? That is Greensburg, Kansas. A tornado passed through the guy who was supposed to open the McDonald’s that day didn’t manage. This is like that. They will get that McDonald’s open just as soon as they can…

15 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Greensburg Kansas”

  1. From my experience with Pluto’s direct transit to the Moon there is not much one can do until the transit is over, for bearing the Hades is task enough.

  2. Pluto won’t transit my Capricorn Moon for a while yet, but as it just finished conjoining my Ascendant I feel a bit better prepared for the 1st House sweep.

    But I’m not planning for much, in terms of how I’m going to cope (you’re right Conny, what can you do)? This week was one of the most intense weeks I’ve had in a long time. It began with my Uncle dying and ended with a friend telling me she had been broken into and raped. 🙁
    Everything in between wasn’t too good either.

    One of my struggles with a 1st House Moon has been deciphering what belongs to me (emotionally) and what I’m carrying for other people. I feel like I have a handle on it, but every now and then life hits a bad patch and I have to revamp and rethink everything to do with how I process my emotions all over again. Which is alright as long as it doesn’t hurt too much.

  3. Kashmiri I am so sorry to hear that…
    Sounds almost too horrible.
    My seventh house moon poses some of the same problems for me, emotionally as to what I am carrying for others, v.s myself. I can totally relate, ….
    Feels like it hurts too much.

  4. Sounds more like the light is a barometer. You’ll know the pressure zone has passed if you ever see a light in it again.

  5. I am so sorry Kashmiri, that is really sad. I am sure your feeling presence (Moon in the 1st house) will comfort your family and your friend.

  6. My Pluto Moon Story

    For the years when Pluto was conjunct my Moon which happened 5 exact times, I moved to Germany and got really sad when I saw American flags on TV, like really sad and that shocked me. The Moon is in my 11th and rules my 7th, so it happened through partnership that my societies changed.

    I was 35 when the transits started. We got married because otherwise we could not be together. We made the decision in the Office for Foreigners after my passport couldnt get extended. We got married in Denmark. My mom did not come. She said she had no time.

    The contacts I made at that time were people with Pluto conjunct their Sun, or Pluto in their first house. I stuffed the German in my head and learned to speak it. I learned Tarot in German and always got the Death card. It was dark. I heard Nazis in my daydreams and I was alone a lot.

    Finally, by the end of two years of this and the 5th pass of Pluto being conjunct, my only son was born, and I felt like it was a wretched path to a sunny world. His Pluto is conjunct my Moon. He can read my thoughts. We love each other like YOU ALL CAN BELIEVE. For anyone going through a Pluto Moon transit, I say, if you can, write an opera

  7. Kashmiri, I didn’t spot your comment at first. I’m so sorry about your friend. 🙁 My condolences to you about your uncle, too, and to your family…

  8. Kashmiri that is just beyond awful sending you much love.

    I have a capricorn moon too but wont have pluto transiting it for awhile either and while I dont think I’ll ever be prepared. Pluto has been transiting my mars and is still is for a little awhile longer so at least I have some idea what I could be up against.

    And elsa you’re always in my thoughts…. I guess one step at time very slowly is probably the best way especially with the Pluto and Saturn in earth signs

  9. Thanks you everybody, you’re all very kind. I think this kindness is also one of the gifts Elsa gives us all–it’s cultivated through a willingness to share your life and emotions while being aware of what is your own emotional work to do.
    I’m doing fine, because I have people who love me. I wish that love for everyone, all the time. As a wise person once said…we’re not given circumstances in life we aren’t able to handle. I believe that with every inch of my being.

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