Protection Of Powerful Gods

Rome seriesMy husband and enjoyed watching the miniseries, “Rome”. It engaged us on a number of levels.

There’s a lot about this series that irritated us, but the two characters pictured, do not disappoint. Every frame they’re featured in, satisfies.

There’s a point in the film where by all rights, Caesar should have one of them killed. He opts to spare the soldier’s life. When asked why this grace was offered, Caesar explains the two soldiers found his Golden Eagle. They were also among twenty-four men of five-thousand who survived a catastrophe at sea.  Further, they also washed up on a beach somewhere fortuitous, found the treasure etc.

Caesar concluded the two must have powerful Gods looking out for them. He didn’t think it wise to take on Gods of this type!

I was struck by this. There are definitely people who enjoy this kind of favor. Few seem to notice such a thing.  Astrologically, Jupiter would be strong in the chart, for sure, but what do you think of this?

If you have ever known someone who you feel had some extraordinary protection, what do you make of it?

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  1. For one, the protection is part of their astrological chart makeup and for two it is all part of their divine plan and doing the inner work which makes the protection all possible. But you gotta connect with the Gods!

  2. I´d say that just like in Greek/Roman mythology where every god/goddess delivers his own brand of protection if he/she chooses to, same goes for the planets. Though Jupiter may be the most obvious since he´s closest to what we superficially determine as “protection”, (the show-off kind ;-)), if we take a closer look – and put ourselves under the reign of a got/planet instead of fighting or being scared of it – , we might find the protective sides of them in quite surprising and quite inspiring ways. Not wishes fulfilled, but worlds moved, as far as the Outer Gods are concerned. For instance.

  3. I’ve always always said I’m protected. I’ve no idea where it comes from. But, I do have to do my share of the know? For example, I bet those soldiers who were deemed “protected” or “favored” weren’t laying around on their rears at the time.
    I have Jupiter in Cap exactly squaring Pluto. Jupiter is in it’s fall there, so I understand. So, I’ve never really thought to look there. I also have MC in Sag conjunct Neptune. I’ve pinpointed that aspect more than once.
    My oldest son is also Jupiter in Cap and I’ve said the same about him many times. But, there again, if he slacks off he is surely to get smacked. Still yet, another example, last November he survived being in a roll-over accident where the vehicle landed on top of him. He broke his wrist and had to have surgery. That’s it..the fact that he came out of that with so little happening to him is indeed amazing. Now, add to that, since then he has worked extremely hard to put stuff back in order, “clean up his act” so to speak. In return, he now has a job that he loves that pays really well. He got an unexpected settlement from the accident (Jupiter in Gemini is in his 8th) and will be able to purchase his own home free and clear at 20 years old.
    That’s just one example, I can cite others from his life as I’ve bore witness to it since his birth.
    Still yet, he has to do his share of the work.
    I’ve seen other people who don’t have to. But, on that account, the luck rarely sustains. IE: Lottery winners who end up paupers a few years later, etc.
    I don’t know exactly where the protection comes from. But, I’m eternally grateful for it and don’t mind putting in the effort to sustain it.

  4. I have a Scorpio sun friend who has Jupiter conjunct Venus in Sag in the 9th conjuct his MC. He was a high ranking military officer in a foreign country in turmoil in the 80’s. He has a bullet still lodged next to his heart from one incident and survived being given up by the US government as an informant to the US in a highly publicized bad act by his government, an incident that was written up by the New York Times. He is an optomist/realist like I’ve never seen! Tr Pluto was conjunct his sun/chiron at the time of the article.

  5. Totally relate to this…a friend of mine’s step daughter has Jupiter conjunct Venus, Mercury and North Node and is ridiculously well favoured for almost anything she attempts, does and or just shows even a vague interest. Also notice that when she had Saturn transit her sun and at the same time Uranus hit her moon, these 2 heavy weights barely made their impression felt.

  6. Jupiter in Aries Mars in Sagittarius…. mutual reception. “This” is where I credit my Luck. Where other guys would be caught…. I seem to rarely get noticed. Yep…. I am quite fortuitous.

  7. Had a boss long ago who pushed his luck to the limit but seemed to be teflon-coated. Left one place with no less than five formal sexual harassment complaints against him but nothing came of it. FYI, sexual harassment and fraternization charges are the kiss of death in my business. Integrity is everything. He played the same games at my place of work yet later parlayed his influence to get a cherry job overseeing another organization. He is odius but seems to glide from one success to another. Go figure. I wouldn’t trade places with him for anything.

  8. thank you Elsa..lovely to be here 🙂 wondering if Jupiter by transit would also favour such amazing luck …given what ever else is going on in a chart ?

  9. I have 4th house, Jupiter in Capricorn, conjunct, Sun and Mercury. 12th House Saturn, trines the entire package. I land on my feet in the best places. I have high expectations, and I work extremely hard for good results. I been told I lead a charmed life. I create opportunities, set up by the square from my Libra Ascendant.

  10. I was just thinking about my brother who’s chart I had never looked at. He is ridiculously lucky. Everybody loves him. He’s had his fair share of battles but he always comes out without a scratch. After looking at his chart, sure enough he has Sun trine Jupiter.

  11. my husband. whoa. the things he’s managed to walk away from O_o (several high speed vehicular accidents, without seatbelts. fires, industrial accidents…. though it was a good thing he wears his helmet on the motorcycle…)

    sag rising, first house jupiter in sag (opposing saturn…?)

    his ideas of risk and mine are very very different

  12. Rome is a wonderful series, very xxx rated with plenty of nudity, and I highly recommend it. It is also reasonably accurate historically. The protection of the Gods is a puzzling thing; I have walked away unscratched from a bunch of stuff….not sure why, nor do the characters in Rome have any real idea.

  13. I have Jupiter in a grandtrine with my sun and moon! I’ve always said I’m like a cat, I always land on my feet! Except of course when you have transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn square transiting Uranus, then you land on your wrist and break it! The good news was it was at work and I’m getting paid to recover and plenty of rest!
    PS I loved the Rome series.

  14. Me. In what seems to be a few lifetimes ago. Venus conjunct Jupiter conjunct sun. BUT all of them opposed by the grand old man Saturn in retrograde, who seems to have taken a lot of pleasure in kicking my butt during the past four years…or was that my Pluto square?

    But I still wake up knowing the day is going to be bountiful. I have amazing friends… Good, noble and true. People in general seem to WANT me to do well, be happy, succeed. Even though I can be be riddled with self doubt. Still, it could be a lot worse. And Who knows? Maybe I can return to that mental space being uncommonly blessed.

  15. The gods are good at rescuing me. Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Chiron. (I do have to struggle a lot first on my own before they show up).

  16. Yes, my Dad. He has a Fixed Grand Cross in his chart. We were talking about his recently: about many different times in his life he just casually “stepped out of the way” and then realized after the fact how easily he could have been killed.

    My oldest sister is like this, too. She was born with spinal meningitis and the miracle survivals have been a recurring theme in her life since then.

    When talking, Dad said: “I think ______ has a guardian angel…I know I must. Actually, I think she has two.”

    I was like…um, what about meeee? lol

  17. I put it down to jupiter and to the sign it rules.

    My experience of three close friends who have sagittarius rising (even with a neptune conjunct it or a pluto) is that they are naturally quite lucky. Right place, right time, saying the right thing, etc.

    Most Sag suns that I have met have a sense that they are protected (even if they don’t believe in God/Gods/universe) – as if they simply have faith that all will be well.

    It is quite intriguing to watch for this scorpio rising.

  18. Jupiter in the 12th, Scorpio. (Also rising Scorpio.) I have this. I’ve heard it called the ‘guardian angel’ placement. I can’t say that my life has been easy by any stretch, but at the same time, I have seen so many times that I shouldn’t have lived, or that I skirted right by a disaster that hit the person right beside me. I don’t know what to think about it, but maybe it’s cyclical? It’s not like ‘Oh, that terrible thing didn’t happen to me, score!’ It’s like I get down, down, down, seeing and being around all of the demons in my life, in people’s lives, I’m a pancake on the floor that’s disintegrating slowly. Then, through sheer force of I-don’t-know-what, I pull out of it and puff back up and I’m all glory. I feel very phoenix-like at times.

  19. I have Jupiter,Neptune,NN in the seventh with 19 libra on cusp. So far my enemies haven’t killed me….:) we’ll see when Uranus hits Mars on Algol in the 1rst in 2025 how far my luck stretches

  20. Feel protected with my jupiter in Aries, 12h, trine Sun in Sag in the 8th house. It’s like an angel on my shoulder. When life has been disastrous, I feel an inner wellspring of hope and optimism that things will move through for the better eventually

  21. Yes, I’ve come away from disasters too. (pluto, uranus, jupiter, south node stellium spanning ten degrees in libra 5th house, perhaps? Aries moon conjunct saturn?)but I believe you have to honour the God(s) who protect you and work hard on the mission that you are expected to do. One is not protected without reason and the mission usually involves bravado, risk, pain and along the road that most people wouldn’t want to take!

  22. I like this serial! Very good notice of that episode. This is Jupiter stuff, and I think Caesar was considered with this energy. He is Cancer, sign were Jupiter culminates.

  23. My wife and I watched Rome like it was addictive, enjoyed each episode. Because each episode is so solid re my experience in life,I wondered, and still do, if the script is written by writers using astrology to shape it. Anybody else feel that way?

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