Astrology, Fantasy And Obsession

Dear Elsa,

Since we seem to all have love on our minds these days, what is astrology’s take on obsession?

I am not talking about bad pathological obsession but the ones that are beyond mere crushes. They hit you out of nowhere to churn around in your insides until you do something uncharacteristic (and usually embarrassing) or it dies an inevitable death.

I am obsessed with someone that I think I would ‘normally’ not be attracted to. It is an almost otherworldly thing because I am not even sure it’s sexual.

The weirdest thing is I’m not sure I want to do anything about it but instead wait for it to play out because I know there is no way the reality can be as good as the fantasy.

Obsessed Virgo

Dear Canada,

Obsession is a Pluto (Scorpio) ruled thing and your tendency in this direction is shown by the exact conjunction of Pluto with your Sun.

Fantasy is a separate function and ruled by Neptune. You have Venus (relationships) square Neptune which clearly shows a bend in this direction, never mind you are a Virgo in general which leaves Pisces (Neptune) on the 7th house (relationships) and on top of that you have Neptune, BAM on the relationship axis so this is essentially a triple whammy.

Now add to that, Pluto’s position right on top your Sun and the fact you are confused (Neptune) and trying to figure out (Virgo) how you become obsessed (Pluto) with fantasy (Neptune) does not surprise!

As far as your not wanting to actually manifest the thing, I can explain that too. You are old enough to know exactly what you know… that the reality will never live up to what you can dream up and I have certainly played this one myself.

Take any musician on stage… ripe for Venus Neptune to dream (and Pluto to manipulate) the person into whatever and I mean whatever. The last thing you want is for the the guy to come off stage and talk to you! That would ruin everything! What if he farts for Godsakes?

I figured this out when I was 20 years old. I still remember, “Reuben” except I called him Ru-ooh,ooh-ben! Studly Mexican guitar player with dimples and white pants no less. Ha ha ha. I used his energy for 6 weeks back then, never touched or talked to him and I am telling you, I had little choice.

After all, he was there and I was horny!

Anyone else?

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9 thoughts on “Astrology, Fantasy And Obsession”

  1. Yeah. Venus in the 12th trine Saturn and Neptune. It took me a bit to figure this one out. The way that I did was by a getting involved in a super fantasy involving another astrologer. You know, we spoke the same language and were highly compatible. He helped me to play this out in my chart, and understood what was going on without judgement or consequence.

    So now I sort of squash these tendencies by changing directions from the fantasy to the Universal Love thing (Venus Neptune) . It is made into reality by Saturn.

  2. Heh. I tend to be the obsessive type, but have none of these aspects whatsoever. I wonder where mine comes in? Probably the Venus Saturn because I would rather be shot dead than tell a guy I like him if he hasn’t said so first. If you won’t/can’t act on these things, I guess that’s where it comes.

    I was going through one of these phases yet again recently…I think I’m done with it now, thank goodness.

  3. This is really powerful stuff, Elsa. And I love the way you said you, “used his energy.”

    I think awareness of this is key – like, when people say, “oh, I’m crazy in love with this guy” and it’s always something about this guy’s energy or something he has that you want. Rare that you see stories of True Love. Well, except here. Your whole blog is about that (re: the soldier, you once said, “I wouldn’t change a hair on his head.”)

  4. Ditto Diana. Venus in the 7th in Pisces. I prefer to fantasize and obsess from afar. There is no farting in the fantasy lolol.

  5. Pluto Venus with Neptune Mars thrown in for good measure. Im completely obessive and can fascinate my whole life away. One guy in particular activated this point with his Pluto-Moon-Jupiter and can you believe I met him in a music store! Never felt anything like it. Couldnt get him out of my system (never will to an extent). Although my obession & fanatsing makes for great writing and poetry

  6. Weird how it takes you a bit to figure out planets in the twelfth house.

    “The last thing you want is for the the guy to come off stage and talk to you! That would ruin everything! What if he farts for Godsakes?”

    Hahaha.. it’s that way with me too. But at the same time, I’m worried if someone ever feels it about me. What if I fart? In romantic comedies, that’s when the romance is over.

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