Pluto’s Last Gasp In Sagittarius – What Does It Mean For The Individual? The Death Of Your Beliefs?

newspaper.jpgPluto is transiting retrograde, about to leave Capricorn for Sagittarius for it’s last little round-up in the sign. It won’t be back for approximately 240 years and I got to thinking about what this might mean for the individual. Might it be a last chance to get rid a belief or philosophy (Sagittarius-ruled things) that has outlived it’s usefulness?

This has probably already occurred for most of us. There are things we once believed that we probably no longer believe but I wonder how conscious people are of the shift and decided most likely – not very. So can we benefit from increased consciousness?

I think so and that very concept smacks of Pluto in Sadge. Pluto deals with the the subconscious and Sagittarius with expansion and reward so…

If you search your psyche, can you identify things you used to believe that you no longer hold to? Be aware the thing may still appear intact but if you look closely you see the thing is a shell. The thing is dead, it’s just not been consciously acknowledged.

In my case, I no longer believe in the (Sagittarius) press. Matter of fact I don’t believe one word.

old-friends.jpgI also don’t believe “parenting” is working in any way, shape or form… either is the interaction between men and women.

I no longer believe friendships that have endured for 20 years will necessarily last for 30 and I don’t believe that (heterosexual) men and women can be intimate friends once partnered.

I am not happy about any of this but there. There it is and now it’s your turn.

Can you identify any longstanding personal beliefs that have been obliterated in the last dozen years?

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  1. Perhaps with Pluto’s return to Capricorn the issues you refer to such as parenting – not only of the immediate family but also of the collective – may feature as a resuming of structure and boundaries with a new respect for the foundations of family life. As far as the interaction between men and women – could this herald a re-introduction of the ‘traditional’, historical type of marital unit with the alpha male becoming head of the household and women returning home to the fold ?

  2. “could this herald a re-introduction of the ‘traditional’, historical type of marital unit with the alpha male becoming head of the household and women returning home to the fold ?”

    Lynn – I pretty much think that is a given… eventually.

  3. What a photo, Elsa.

    This post made me cry for some reason. Good riddance, Pluto. Bye bye.

    I know longer believe in the hype around love. . . . like Romantic love. I think it’s something much deeper, much more real, much more human than that. (Mad passion is just projection as far as I’m concerned – but it’s still nice.)

    No longer believe people do their best to be honest. Few do. I stopped being an idealist that way.

    No longer believe it’s best to “hang on.” If something isn’t working, it just isn’t. Detachment is the new attachment 🙂

    The list goes on and on for me in this way. Similar to the things you said, Elsa.

    I’d love to hear more about “either is the interaction between men and women” –

  4. *I’ve actually given up that childish hope that my parents would actually live up to the idealized standard I kept so desperately in my head.

    *That you can love someone fiercely and still fight, without it meaning the world’s coming to an end.

    *I’m never going to get away from the stupid people, because 1) they don’t think they’re stupid, and 2) I like the rest of the world too much to just hide in a cave. 😀

    There’s more (isn’t there always), but I am in a place where I’m finally seeing so much clearer. It’s nice. Painful, but nice nonetheless.

  5. it seems interesting to me that juno is travelling right alongside pluto along the sagg/cap cusp. it’s even turned retro at the same time. might be the herald of what you’re talking about re tradional marriage.

  6. I don’t know what I believe in anymore, very little actually. The past year has shown me all you can believe in is yourself, trust your instincts and hope for the best from your family and friends. Everything else is of no consequence. After a thousand little deaths, I’m starting to feel a bit more liberated about this new mindset between the bouts of holy terror of course.

  7. I am not sure what I believe… I think that I am starting to let go of the idea that it’s all about being Passionately in love with someone. Yes, I think I am starting to see that passion is overrated.

  8. I can change my life if I face my fears.
    I am not a victim.
    Things don’t have to be necessarily “easy” for me (when they appear to be to others), it’s just a fact and I should learn to live and work with it.
    The things that I want will take longer to be in my hands.
    My objectives change every, hummm, ten years. And that’s ok. It’s like I’m a snake shedding (sp?) its skin.
    Basically: life will go on and you have to be realistic and stop daydreaming and just be responsable. Dreams won’t feed you.

  9. Well I don’t believe that people are naturally honest.
    I think that men are very deceptive creatures out for their own desires.
    I also only believe that you have to rely on yourself only.
    It really is a bleak perspective. Nasty.
    I still like people though, mostly because I need them.

  10. I echo everything Jilly said. To me, it was kind of ‘strange’ that we ‘got’ to watch the war on TV, but only, apparently, until it began to get a little ugly. I am confused why photos of caskets and things like that are not allowed to be published. That seems like governmental censorship to me. That is a violation of the US constitution, isn’t it? I no longer believe in freedom of the speech, I don’t believe in freedom of the press, and I no longer believe in academic freedom of speech. I believe that these things exist only partially, and if it is only partial, then how is it a constitutional right?

    Yes, I too was quite naive, because I honestly did believe in all of these things before.

  11. Debsy … Men are deceptive creatures out of there own desires. How absolutely true this is…
    They seemingly have no limit to burning you and burning you again.

  12. How can we constuctively use the creative urges that are challenging the security of our egos while contribute wisely to the process of social change? It will be important, in either case to avoid the twin evils of either a depence on a return to the past or an over radical transfomation which would destroy that part of the past which is essential to the future.

  13. My goodness Spinner. That is a very interesting comment. I lean toward the radical/revolutionary side, so your comment makes me think.

  14. Loonsounds- Naive is a natural state for me. What has happened in your country under Bush is an abomination! How did we the people and the governments of other coutries from around the world let this happen! I pray that Pluto in Cap-Sag-Capricorn will set things right. I really do. Like you and Jilly, I care about manners and respect and the rule of law. So on the one hand I hope that things are set right and that we can get back to some of the basics on how we treat and respect each other and the world. On the other hand I do hope that the anarchistic revoloutionary forces that are building in the minds and hearts of the people who have had enough of the lies and the bullshit does not swing the pendulum to another extreme. I am not confident that this can be avoided.

  15. Spinner, I wish I shared your confidence that the average american is even remotely revolutionary in this day and age. the 60’s, maybe a little bit. But now? I do not see it. I think you need not fear any excessive extremes in this area. Alternatively, you would be right (in my opinion) to be concerned that nothing will be done at all. Elsa told us that a well known horary astrologer has predicted another Republican win, even. I hope she’s wrong, I don’t think anyone knows Obama’s exact birth time, so I am not sure exactly how she is making this prediction. And yes, I do realize, Obama is hardly revolutionary any, just somewhat more liberal. It might be a refreshing change if he could win.

  16. I don’t believe in the press anymore either. Which is sad because I really love news and information.

    I don’t believe that the Bible is THE word of God or that Jesus is THE son of God (gasp) even though I attend church regularly.

  17. yes but i’m keeping them in for awhile still. that transit to my moon in aquarius is still leaving me feeling burned. and there’s gonna’ be more shoes to drop before it leaves my fourth house……

    but, hell yeah, my postpartum depression was all about learning how to live without a ton of my foundation beliefs and finding some simpler more profound ones that seem waaay more solid.

  18. Take it from a Sadge who has been to hell and back since Pluto came to visit 12 years ago. When Pluto comes to call nothing works like it did before and there is absolutely NOTHING that you can do about it. Pluto will wreck your life, take your livlihood, take all of your money, your friends, your family. I have been living like a stranger in a strange land for 10 years and am shell shocked. Once November 2008 rolls around, welcome to my world. Grab a mantra and live moment to moment, because that is all you will have.

  19. I gotta give thumbs up to Gwen. I’m a Sadge too and the last years have been crazy. Does anyone know the exact date when Pluto exits? I’m going to celebrate!

  20. Pluto leaves Sagittarius Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 9:02 pm EST. The name of the celebration will be Thanksgiving — yes — this coming Thanksgiving will be the first full day of Pluto not in Sagittarius.

  21. Hi everybody, the last 4 years 2004 to 2008 has been horrible. But I am not as negative like all of you about my beliefs. I still believe in God and I still have idealistic views. And about the friendship theory, I think that some people weren’t meant to be friends, that’s why some friendships don’t last or will never develop between two individuals. While I am more realistic and less impulsive, I still hope the best for all Sagittarius and everyone out there. The dark times are over. Capricorns, watch out…

  22. I am trying to ignore blogs through the elections…cuz I am just trying to ignore the whole entire thing as much as possible (it agitates me and that is not worth it), but this one came into my mailbox from the past……..

    The dark times are over, what the fuck does that even mean? Aren’t you and your loved ones going to get old and sick and die just like the rest of that and our loved ones?

    Or maybe you are cool with all that, I hope so becuse cuz trust reality, ‘someday’ is inevitable and probably closer than anyone expects it to be.

  23. What I meant by saying the dark times are over is: Sagittariuses are going to be able to breath better now that Pluto is out of their sign. Sorry it sounded cheesy. Yes, Sags are going to have less trouble now that Pluto’s out of their sign. That’s all I meant. This Pluto transit has been giving me hell!

    Yes, I do realize that I will not be here on this earth one day and the same with my loved ones. And no, I’m not cool with that. And yes, I am a Sagittarius.

  24. That is so strange I am a sage. and I have increased my belief system. I now believe that the sense that I had when I was young that everything is possible in fact true. With our new found understanding of quantum physics and the fact that we project reality on to the world. I feel that I now understand my role as a creator and not just a victim to this world. If reality doesn’t fit my needs I use my brain and my heart to project a better reality. I finally understand that I am responsible for everything that is me, my life, love, and friendships. I see no limits only limitless potential that needs to be steered in the right way. This is what I have learned in the last ten or so years.

  25. Jose, I have had a similar realization in the last thirteen years. I am a Sag, and I have gone through so much. The belief that I’ve finally left behind is that I am a powerless, ineffectual being, unable to change my life. I realized it’s really just the opposite, but that I had really invested a lot in my old world view.

    Can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I feel like dawn is just about to break…

  26. Recently I’ve been “knowing” that it’s:
    “Every Man for Him Self”

    I was wondering why. Hmmm.
    Could this have something to do with Pluto?

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