Getting Through A Keyhole vs The Easy Way Out

My husband is good at getting through a keyhole. He works well with narrow bands of opportunity and impossible odds. He gets around impediments by careful planning and contemplating something down to the fine hairs. He’s about to plan a mission that should be impossible and have it be successful.

My method is completely different from his. I live with an eye on the horizon and when I see a window or a door open, I leap through it with less than a second of thought, land on my feet and then start living in the new environment, whatever it might me.

Both of us are vitally alive and very effective and our tendencies are boldly drawn in our charts. We both have Mars in aspect to Mercury (sharp mind) but his is associated with Saturn (slow and methodical) and mine with Jupiter (“Life favors the risk-taker).

At the moment we’re considering a move and I told him point blank I’ll jump off the cliff with him but he’s got to do the planning himself. I just can’t go that slow but I surely appreciate the fact he can. Between the two of us we can get almost anything done.

I should say, I don’t always land well but I also don’t care because it’s all adventure to me anyway.

He doesn’t always land well either but it is always clear he’d have landed even worse had he not planned so in the end we’re both satisfied.

Generally speaking, how do you get from here to there?

26 thoughts on “Getting Through A Keyhole vs The Easy Way Out”

  1. I am the ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kinda a person. When the mood strikes, I’m ready to go! (Mars conjunct Mercury in Pisces trine Moon/Neptune)

  2. Darn it! I have Mercury in aspect to mars as well, and, like your husband, has Saturn involved… however I am not nearly as methodical or careful at all. I haven’t got the patience – I wish I did!

  3. Mercury in the second square Jupiter in the fifth. Does that mean fun is a risk because I think it jeopardizes my resources? Also sextile Venus in the twelfth. Value things of physical beauty? Flowers, a ceramic pot, fabric (see my avatar of the day).

  4. My husband and I have the same thing going as you do. I’m the one who looks around, studies it briefly and leaps in, while my husband must take forever to make a move. He needs reassurance that all will go well.

  5. Me too CArRiE – same aspect w/Mars conj. Merc in Pisces…pair that with Aries sun and it’s: Look Out and Get Outta My Way!!!

  6. There is a Yoruba proverb I read in the book “Acts of Faith” by Iyanla Vanzant that came to mind: “When the door is closed, you must learn to slide across the crack of the sill.”

    The open door is just wonderful…one buoyant breath and I’m in!(Sag Moon). The closed door while frustrating, makes me reach for my tools.(Mars in Scorpio)

  7. l can really relate to you on this one. l am in for adventure always, the people around me are scared like hell. l always look on the bright side and know even if l land bad l will manage from there. l don’t know if l always jump as fast but when l’m ready to jump l’ll jump. l find myself impatient with people who need to plan it all, at times. l know people who plan and rethink stuff for years now and are still in the same spot, l gave up on them already…l just think do it what ever it is full go! Not to much thinking than l might change my mind. l do feel it needs to be my idea in a way, it makes it easyer to jump.

    l guess you two complement eachother! Cool!l like the spirit of going all the way in people, what can you loose after all??

  8. yeah, we are a definite compliment. Freakishly so. How many people are going to jump when you say jump and ask after the fact, “You planned this, right?”


    But seriously, we have done some major shit, when we were kids and also recently – you’d be stunned at what the rhino and P have managed.

    My part is to follow instructions exactly but the joke-telling in process – the non-stop monologue and grinning are mine and mine alone. Oh! And the inappropriate remarks and the improvising and entertaining in between the line are also mine but boy, when he says, “11:03”, that means, 11:03 and it does not mean, 11:03.5!

  9. quite a bit of saturn/mercury planning with the uranus thrown in for sudden leaps to take advantage of opportunities i’ve been setting myself up to to grab when they appeared….

    and a bit of faith in intuition. still figuring that out (mars/neptune.)

  10. Jupiter sextile Saturn… with Jupiter trine Mars. I’m just plain lucky that I can “leap” on a moments notice , but it only goes well if I take a moment to plan thing.

    My natal Saturn seems to approve Jupiter’s desires , probably ’cause Jupiter knows the “rubber stamp” is just waiting to get used… “if” a little planning is used.

  11. My husband is the spontaneous leaper (Venus in Aries trine moon in Sagittarius) wile I’m the planner/researcher (mercury in Gemini square Mars/Pluto in Virgo in 12th, sun trine Saturn). I worry a lot about too many things…perhaps due to the eight (!!!) mutables (Gemini, Virgo) in my chart.

  12. okay, Elsa, you have mentioned a back up plan and now a possible move, I’m as curious as a cat to know what is up your sleeve!

  13. I’m a little more cautious now in my planning than I used to be. BUT I always follow my gut instinct now. People thought I was nuts when I up and quit a job a few years ago at the top of my game. However, I did so because I wasn’t truly happy in my job, even if I was good at it.

    They don’t think I’m so nuts anymore. I make more money than they do and am happier at this job.

  14. @WoWZA
    l thing you did the right thing!!! Keep that intuition alive and follow it!
    So many people are scared to live fully and it’s so sad, it’s freaking me out at times!! A little planning it’s good but most follow your dreams, my motto 🙂 but l love change and adventure…

  15. I’m certainly not a planner. I try to be (maybe that’s Sun and Saturn in Virgo) but always end up landing somewhere totally different to where the plans were taking me. It’s not that I take wrong turns, it’s just that opportunities come knocking on my door and I can’t seem to say ‘no’.

    I usually love where I landed more than I could ever love where the plans were going (I’m very Mercurian – quicksilver will adapt to anything).

  16. I always try to make a very vague, general plan. I might know some weird quirky details about where I’m headed and how it might be done, but I try to keep things quite simple. This is because my plans never work out the way I thought they would. Almost every time someone who was supposed to help out, does a no-show, and I’m left confused as to what to do. Then someone comes out of the blue to save my ass. 😀 I can’t even count the times this has happened. Mercury conj. Neptune in 3rd house, Jupiter also in 3rd.

  17. Heh. I have Jupiter opposite Mars. But Jupiter is in Cap, so I plan and plan and organize so that opportunities will find me.

    Then my Sadge moon jumps and waits for the adventure.

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