What’s the Meaning of This Stellium?

STELLIUM! Nota, I recently discovered that I have the sun in Virgo as well as three other planets in Virgo – Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Would those be considered a stellium? If so, what does that mean for me? Thanks, -Mandy

Great question Mandy. The answer is Yes, you DO have a formation known as a stellium.  A stellium is what we call it when a person has three or more planets in the same sign. Some of the more finicky astrologers only consider it a stellium if the planets are conjunct (that’s within 10 degrees from each other.) In general though, it is accepted as a stellium as long as they are all in the same sign.

Pink Note: In astrology the Sun and the Moon are also considered “planets.” So include these when counting. So, in your case Mandy, you can say you have a four planet stellium in Virgo. Stelliums that involve the Sun belong to people who are shining examples of their sign. The singer/songwriter Pink has a stellium in Virgo that involves her sun. This comes out in her work with PETA and her Vegan lifestyle.

What this means for any stellium is that you have a heavy concentration of that sign’s energy in your chart. This spells focus. People with stelliums are less likely to suffer from attention deficit unless its in Gemini, haha just kidding Geminis, hey look over there —>

There is a tendency to have “a thing.” As in to be taken up with a single subject for a period of time. They become engrossed in that subject and make it the theme of thier life, for a while. Stellium people can outline definite chapters in their life according to their various phases. Picasso had a stellium in Taurus opposite his Scorpio sun. Blue period, anyone?

Blue Because the planets are bundled together so closely transits can hit hard. They knock you in the whole stellium like pins in a cosmic bowling alley. STRIKE! Look at the order of the planets in your stellium and you may notice that pattern play out in your life’s episodes over and over again. Example: Mercury, Saturn and Venus – First you’re interest is piqued, then you are cautious, finally you fall in love.

Look at the house or houses the stellium falls across in your chart to determine what area you tend to direct your natural focus.

Do YOU have a stellium? Tell us about it.



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  1. Just found out I’m triple Taurus and have a contrasting stellium in seventh house. virgo what does this mean for me?

  2. So I’ve been attempting to do some research on stelliums and I came across this post from years ago. What resources could you point me to in order learn more about them? Here are the pieces that stand out in my chart:

    Capricorn: Sun 22, Mercury 28, Venus 21, Mars 18, Uranus 22 & Neptune 20

    4th House: Neptune 20, Venus 21, Uranus 22, Sun 22, Mercury 28 & Moon 8 (My moon is Aquarius, while all the rest in the 4th house are Capricorn.)

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    So I have a stellium 4th house with my Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus in Scorpio. Pretty intense and with that focus I’ve experienced some major traumas in life like loosing my mom at 21 and was homeless until a month ago after a really bad divorce I’m going through currently and lost everything I ever owned. Crazy! I have noticed with this stellium placement that we have all lost our moms. Has anyone else seen this?

      1. Thanks for the welcome. It’s been rough but it’s the path I agreed to before I came here and as a empath I know it was so I can serve a different part of the collective. If you don’t live it how can you teach it or have a sincere compassion for it?

        Anyway any idea on the 4th house stellium in Scorpio and the Loss of their mother? I gave cane across this placement and have noticed that this is prominent:

  4. I have seven planets in Virgo, and six of them are all within a few degrees of one another (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter). I found this site because I was searching for others with stelliums like this one…kind of a support group! They’re split between my 7th and 8th houses. I’ve reached a point in my life where I just feel worn out. I found another person born on the same day as me and he had committed suicide just this last August. It’s heartbreaking. I also find that my stellium is very intense in relationships because it all hits only one or two houses. Overall, very much a challenge. I would love to find others in a similar predicament…

      1. For some reason I didn’t get this response at the time but since someone wrote today, I got an email about it. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try to do this.

        Thank you.


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    Vikki Ann Smith

    I am a Virgo Stellium. I have 4 planets in the 10th House: Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Mars.
    All the other planets are in Houses: 6 (1 on 7 cusp),7 (2) & 9 (3). I enjoy your website and it answered some of my questions that I have had for some years, so thank you very much!

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