What Is Your Fatal Flaw?

Fatal Flaw Observer

  • Do you have what could be considered, a fatal flaw? Something that comes up, reliably, insuring that you fail to get what you want (or think you want)?
  • Do you spot these in others?
  • Last, do you feel a person can address their “fatal flaw”.

Here are my answers:

  • I have lots of flaws, but none of them are fatal.
  • Yes, I can spot this in others, readily.
  • Yes, a person can overcome their fatal flaw

Your turn.

57 thoughts on “What Is Your Fatal Flaw?”

  1. Yes I agree and I don’t believe I have a fatal flaw. I believe it is easy to see them in others but as for knowing how to over come them well I would not have the first clue. I think a person has to want to overcome them before anything can be done about them.

      1. I don’t think I have a Fatal flaw.
        But I have major trust issues,due to My Father’s rejection,and was in Boarding school at 8 years of age.
        And was forced to just grow up.
        I guess I tried many times.
        But was always let down.
        Not interested now.
        My Friends will do just fine.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, and it’s self-undoing/self-sabotage. 12th House Chiron mashed up with Neptune, Mars and the Moon.
    I do believe someone can address their fatal flaw. I’ve been working steadily on that myself, and to a decent result, I think.

  3. Oh, yes. Fatal flaws.
    I think they correspond to blind spots.
    None of my flaws are fatal anymore, because I am aware of them. But I know others who are struggling.
    Getting older helps, because if you look, you can see the pattern. But there’s no guarantee someone will look.

  4. i think i’m genetically (or astrologically) programmed to self-destruct, disintegrate, or transcend limited egoic consciousness. one of those. i try to steer myself towards number three of the preceding list.

  5. I don’t know if i would use the word fatal (seems almost too negative for optimistic Sagittarius) but Neptune has been sitting on top of my sun since i was born and that has been something to deal with for sure, that combined with a 7th house Leo moon square my sun and saturn sitting there… and pluto next to venus in my 8th, opposing jupiter in the 2nd… well it hasn’t been boring. Whenever i truly get a handle on all of it, things should start to go more smoothly.

  6. My temper, coupled with my need for emotional space in relationships (aqua moon, moon rules my 7th house). Especially lately. I had my temper well under control for a long while, but not anymore. I’m just at the end of my rope with everything and everyone lately. I’ve been feeling levels of frustration and rage tht I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. It’s awful not feeling like you can control yourself.

    1. Right there with ya!
      Chiron return my father died (progressed 8th H)
      chiron on MC in Pisces nothing I ever do is right not only in my eyes, but everyone else (out there)

  7. The fatal flaw here is the excessive use of commas. And poor grammar in general. I follow this blog and almost every post leaves me angry. One or two deep ideas that help me are found after deep, deep digging, re-reading, searching through the comments and lots of google. It is so frustrating! Just kidding. This flaw isn’t fatal at all. It just really sucks. On the blog I have read about being tired of people and shit going on and not knowing what direction to go. I suggest a writing course. The material on the blog (after I find it) is amazing. It is a true gift and blessing to readers. Especially those who cannot afford to order or a consultation but truly want to learn how to understand and help themselves with all this planetary energy. Just an idea. With all the complaining I imagine it is hard to actually do something about our problems.
    My own fatal flaw is that I am amazing and gorgeous and talented and wonderful. I have a great attitude and I’m honest and loving. However I live in a world and time and country where believing that about myself is frowned upon. Being passive aggressive is in style! Keep the commas coming!
    They are, I believe, and I have seen, plenty of times the misuse of commas, in a sentence that, however, does not need them, just frustrating to read, and the fact that nothing is done to help ourselves, after cursive, lets take propar grammer and spelling two.
    How to use sarcasm correctly and passive aggression are more useful today. TBH though YOLO. BRB let me quick blog a paragraph. KK.

      1. Now, now. Let’s not have personable attacks on this here website. Grammy is a high art and spelling is just part of the tori.

    1. I like her fucking commas. I tend to use them in a similar way, sometimes. Break up sentences into smaller bites, make them more readable. Personal style.

      1. Thank you. I write the way I speak. I have lost count of how many people have told me this. They read and read and read…then they talk to me (or see a video) and they see what’s happening.

        In whatever case, I skipped 2nd grade and started 3rd when I was six years old. I was then taken out 1/2 my classes for three years, put to work in the office of the school as an assistant to the secretary. They didn’t know what else to do with me, I was so far ahead.

        Consequently there are numerous gaps in my education. A person might tell me I should work to fill them in. This, without considering I make be making this effort.

        It’s easy to criticize. So, so, easy!

  8. I think my entire personality is my fatal flaw that means I can’t get what I want. Everything is wrong here. Or so everyone else is telling me.

    Do I spot them in others? Maybe sometimes.
    Do I think it’s fixable? I don’t know, would we call it a fatal flaw if it was? It might be something you can try to correct, but it will take constant work and never go away (probably like being an addict of some kind–always “recovering,” never recovered).

    1. Jennifer, I swear we are long lost twins.

      The whole of me is a fatal flaw. I am such a misfit on all fronts I can barely function in any part of the world beyond my skin.

      Fixable? No. (Does death count?)

  9. hahahaha! or lol (as in style now)
    yes, yes, there are rules when writing- but it is so much more fun to break them.
    there is also what is called writing style- thank goodness English is continual evolution and you can choose to use the language to communicate as you like… americans like that idea.
    of course, if, you have to take an english exam, it would not, be advisable or invisible to, pepper your sentencees with errors- either punctuative ni spellitive, But considering this blog is a Huge mix of astrology and personality- i vote for any and all ‘errors’ to remain.

    1. Here’s the funny thing. About 30% of people where I live don’t speak English at all. Soon, it will be half. Then what are you going to do?

      The people who speak English, speak broken English with a heavy accent. They’re hard to understand. Their vocabulary is limited, for obvious reasons.

      I run into this, often because I go to a church where most of the priests and deacons speak English as a second language. I wish they were easier to understand. However, I am not a baby.

      I can see they’re doing the best they can. It takes balls to get up there and try to speak a foreign language…and if I pay attention, invariably they convey something that empowers me.

      It takes balls to write this blog as well. That’s all I’ve got to say.

      America is no longer an educated society. Better get used to it. Stupid is here to stay. Lower standards are here to stay.

      I may be a bit of an idiot savant and so we have this blog. Attend it, if you like. I am way too crazy to care.

      1. Amen!The proverbial bar is now set so low we might as well remove it altogether. Fifty – nine in Oct. Thank God this human go-round is almost over. Hope I’ll have earned the right to stay “home” or incarnate somewhere other than this shβ˜†thole.

  10. Avatar

    When I cam to this country I didn’t speak English either! Today I work in a non-profit to promote language learning and literacy. English speakers from low-income households use that kind of talk a lot “stupid this, stupid that”. Get used to it? Never!! My job is to promote learning mainly through literacy. You need it everywhere! Assemble a new toy/gadget? Proper English please. Understand the truth behind a sale advertisement? Oh I have to buy eight packs of cheese to get one free LOL. Medical, legal, education, a secret love-letter :). Everywhere! I can’t speak for every non-English speaker out there but I can pray for them and expect the best! In every, EVERY situation God is calling me to help. So I don’t make a ton of money and can’t afford a consultation. Wahhh πŸ™ Thank GOD for you Elsa with this blog that has been so helpful! Commas and imperfect grammar and all. And thanks be to GOD for your readers who comment. I learn SO much reading through the comments!!!
    I absolutely LOVE your blog and writing style Elsa. You remind me of my mom. She’s an aries I don’t know if that is your sign but I think you did say it was. She has so much passion when she talks and your writing SHOWS the passion! It’s really cool. I imagine you use your hands and move your head a lot. Maybe make lots of facial expressions? My mom does. I love it. It’s also super annoying though! Ha.. That is life, accept the good with the bad right? And it is not that bad. Nothing in this world is really as bad as we think. Our time here is only temporary. The commas won’t matter. Neither will our millions of dollars or wrinkles or grammar. Helping others though, being kind, sharing and spreading the LOVE of God that is in each and everyone will matter though and that is what you do Elsa. Thanks!!!! You said we’re brain dead! Thank you for making a funny out of me ranting! Ha! I love it.
    That’s why no matter how angry and frustrated I feel sometimes after I read something I don’t understand I ALWAYS come back!! LOL… It’s like with my mom! Goodness gracious! I love that little nutcase! Ha!!
    And really it’s MY problem if I don’t it. Focusing on the grammar and commas is an excuse to not think about how I DON’T get it! By focusing on that I divert my attention from the real issue= I’m not understanding it! Perhaps that is my fatal flaw? I don’t like to address my own issues but I love pointing out other people’s.
    But for real. There are so many posts where I want to comment “huh?” LOL!!! TTYL πŸ™‚
    P.S. YOU ARE NOT BRAIN DEAD!! Get it through your head everyone reading this: You are AMAZING!! And there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are awesome! Now own it and shine your light. And when someone else is shining smile and feel joy for them! And if someone doesn’t like your commas make a funny and carry on. Or ask for help. Or whatever but don’t forget you are still all that and a bag of chips!!! Everyone’s FATAL FLAW= not believing how amazing you are!

  11. We just got a deacon who speaks Arabic. The language of Jesus?? I cannot wait to hear some readings in Arabic! Yes ma’am I WILL attend it because it does speak to me. But that’s just me. The crazies I inherited from my mom maybe ha! I get meaning out of a leaf falling to the ground, a bird landing on the branch right by me. The sun speaks to me sometimes LOL No. Really it does. Keep up the good work. I’m not going anywhere πŸ™‚

    1. We have a new priest from El Salvador. He’s NEW priest. This is his first parish.

      He speaks, English, but some of the English words are wrong…in the gospel, this is! Like saying wheelbarrow, not cart. So I can understand the impulse to get pissed…and many reasons to get un-pissed.

      My husband met this priest for the first time. He admitted he was very hard to understand. My husband speaks 4.5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and most of Italian). He can also identify and feign all the Spanish dialects, and all the (American) Southern dialects.

      He said that the priest would be easier to understand if he would speak LOUDER. I agree! I have to strain to hear as I strain to make out the words, even when I’m reading what he is saying as he says it. But my husband said that people who are speaking in a language that’s not their own, don’t feel confident. They wind up speaking softly, whispering, even. I’m sure it wouldn’t help matter to do anything to make him more self conscious.

      I don’t know that this is on topic, I just thought it was interesting.

      I have a choice. I could avoid his masses, pretty easily. But I realize two things. First, there are parishes who do not have a priest. There are also Catholics being killed and run out of various countries at this time. All in all, I’m pretty lucky.

      Second, English is dying in America at this time. If you don’t know this, it’s because of your region. So if you’re really wanting an elevated English standard, it’s going to be harder to find all the time. We, the collective, are just not going to be able to deliver this.

      Does this mean we’re all going to be grunting at each other. Sort of, yes. Does anyone really understand anyone else on Twitter?

      I don’t!

      But some people give me a good feeling, I guess. And sometimes that’s enough.

      Anyway, I have severe dyslexia-ish-ness of my own kind. I have been kicked in the head with a steel-toed boot, at least 1000 times. Writing is painful and what you ask of me, is too much. What I give you, is all I have.

  12. I was just listening to Bastille who has a song “Flaws” and the title here caught my eye and started me singing again.

    Um, I’m not sure I have a fatal flaw. In others, no idea. I can see where they have problems and why but a fatal flaw, no.

    I don’t see why when expressed in a concerned manner someone wouldn’t be able to confront and get rid of their fatal flaw.

  13. What your husband says about confidence is spot on! I work with people who learned English because it is their second language and maybe that’s why in writing we know all the little rules and such. But when it comes to speaking?!? Oh gosh the insecurity… Insecurity is a powerful little guy that can squash everything! When in fact practice, practice, practice is all we need! But it’s scary to speak it out loud because people might not understand us. I don’t care I speak it. The funny looks of confusion are ok. I can feed the insecurity or step on him.

    We are SO off topic but that’s how it works don’t you think πŸ˜‰ that is what they say at my parish LOL..

    So Insecurity is a big flaw. Does it come from within entirely though? Or do we perpetuate it when we are sarcastic and mean? I’m sincere when I say take a writing course! Like it would probably be so fun! But when I say it in a sarcastic mean way I can do real damage. It can literally be fatal! Maybe not to a person’s life but to a dream or idea.
    But then so can honesty. What if the priest you speak of were told “Your accent is so heavy and I don’t get it.” Or something more mean. What if he internalized it and his faith and calling were really at risk of dying?! Insecurity from within him combined with the honesty from within someone else. What if the priest asked them how did you like the sermon and that was the honest answer?

    I lived it so it is easy for me to be positive about it and tell the people we serve in the agency “Great job!” .. “Oh my gosh your English is getting so good!” Because I really believe it. Because I know that any practice is good and takes guts. It is close to home so I’m enthusiastic about it.

    The other thing I tell them is DON’T forget your language. I see a lot of people from African countries who speak French along with their dialect and now are learning English and you don’t know how many times they have told me they don’t need their French or African language. To which I’m like !!! whoa whoa whoa buddy!! stop it right there.. Keep all the language! Speak it at home don’t lose it!
    In the U.S. you’ll get English on TV, movies, songs, internet, friends. You just will. But the Spanish or French or whatever other language? I mean yeah those other languages will be around in this country and it is not going anywhere but English is definitely not going anywhere! And it dominates. There is a large Native-American population near me too and guess what? Most of their language is lost. Gone forever! But English? Pshhh.. here to stay! The biggest exportation of the U.S.? Pop-culture. All English, even shitty English!
    And sorry for talking so much! I’m on a roll today! But what we told our kids about Mass once because I mean do they really get it the way an adult would??.. I tell them this hour is yours. You and God. Do whatever you want but be with the Holy Spirit. My youngest, 8, asked “Can I ask God for an ipad?” to which I said (rolling my eyes of course) “Yes sure… God is cool like that and he’ll listen to your requests.” And I don’t know but my kids are INTO Mass. They sit there looking all dazed sometimes but hey that’s their time. Do they fully understand the language? If they were to complain about the accent it’s a good learning moment right? Like you and your husband. In any case we can always learn about ourselves. That’s the best!
    Elsa if you were at our Parish and got off topic or didn’t understand the priest would say something like “don’t worry, that’s how the Holy Spirit works” haha! But it’s true πŸ™‚

  14. Fear of success..or what I have had success in being area I just dabbled in while others devote hours and days and focus on a similar area.. Also I was raised to think that if I was proud of something I did or what my passions really are, if I talked about myself in relation to that kinda topic, I looked stupid or tooting my own horn and it wasn’t professional or ladylike. So the things I am good at have sometimes died on the vine for fear of seeming like a joke or a punchline. This coming year I really plan to address that. Turning forty last month was kinda mobilizing event


  15. I’m an F5 tornado swooshing through a Cracker Barrel straw. In Texas it’s called being too big for my britches. πŸ˜‰

    1. You’re not saying you need to lose weight, right? Just kidding! Tight jeans can be kind of like a Cracker Barrel straw. Watch that swooshing.

  16. I’m sure I have numerous fatal relationship flaws though I have never been able to nail them down, soul search as I may. They’re probably hiding in plain sight – for everyone else to see and wisely avoid.

  17. Avatar

    I am an angry, bitter, self-centered person on a good day. Not too gifted at nurturing either. So, a few fatal flaws.

    1. Avatar
      10,000 Daydreams

      Your desire for attention, helps others who may be more retiring. You share your issues so I (and other 12th house people like me) don’t have to πŸ˜‰

      Maybe that’s the beauty of all of these flaws. That we complement each other, if we have the humility to accept our imperfections.

      Fatal flaw, yes I have one. (That I know of).


      I am terrible at them. I leak everywhere (metaphorically), or am super intense/invasive and turn people off. I forget I exist and just become the other person, crowding them out. And they do not like it.

      I am working working at it. Truly. But to stay in my own skin, in my own head, feels painful. But I cannot continue veering between being isolated (12th house) and being too intense, violating the boundaries of others (Pluto squares.)

      Change is necessary, change is coming and yes, slowly slowly, change is happening. Brick by brick.

  18. My fatal flaw still holds true. Gemini Mars Mouth!!!!

    I have a Pisces friend. She has been so sick with a variety of different things. She just retired and is feeling a little better. I really love this lady. She was married for 35 years and her older Sag husband got up one day and walked out, leaving her with nothing to go live with a college student. (who has since left him after he bought her a car and paid for her senior year of college haha)

    I took her out yesterday. We went to the show. She got her popcorn and walked over to the area to salt it and get some napkins. A very rude man was standing in front of it texting while leaving his belongings on the counter. She couldn’t get past. As she stood there (I am watching from a distance) she said excuse me and he didn’t move. Finally she said I guess some people think they own the joint. He still didn’t move.

    I walked toward the area to do the same. He still wouldn’t move. I said excuse me please. He glared at me….(lord don’t you know it’s coming) I said ‘apparently its not only teenagers that stand in the middle of an area and text – others be damned’. His reply, Fuck you bitch. hahahahahahahahahaha Yes, I did laugh because of the hilarity of it all. And I laughed loud. (God, cant we just go to the show at 10 am without the seniors acting out like they have lost their minds?)

    My friend looks at him and says….you deserve what you are about to get before I began to purge. Of course I asked him who he thought he was talking to and the expletives flew …. then, he looked bewildered.

    Yep…she looks like a little gal that would never say a word to you. Then, here comes the Gemini Mars Mouth (square Pluto)

    I’d like to say I am working on this ‘fatal flaw’ but I am not taking any crap off old crazy entitled (bullies) white men. It’s just not gonna happen…..go on and send me to hell.

    I will never speak in an unkind way to anyone first. Ever. In fact I am determined to mind my manners at all times. Upon meeting me you’d have the idea I’ve never cursed in my life. But, if you are mean to my 62 year old lung compromised friend, this tongue will wag…. fiercely and like a sailor on leave.

    I was very clear. Go fuck yourself you crazy old POS!

    Clear a path to hell. I doubt this aspect of my personality will ever change. I don’t want to control anyone or bother anyone. In fact I wish most people would just go away. I am tired. But don’t shit on my sick friends.

    I don’t like it. But, I do it. I should have walked away while I was laughing like a hyena. I almost made it. It was actually the funniest thing I had heard in months. I guess you had to be there. But then….WORD VOMIT.

    And yes, I do realize he could have just pulled out a gun and shot me right there. I am always aware of this today. But with a pea-brained fatal flaw like this what can I do? Bullies come in all shapes, sizes and age groups.

  19. Avatar

    I have so many… It’s hard to change. Then again, I’m not perfect and I will never be perfect. My fatal flaw can be that I am sensitive and get affected by people’s comments and criticism. It also can be a strength because I respond and care. I am also in a depressive state so right now so this is not the best time to write about flaws.

    However, what I recognize is… it is becoming international. True. It may have also always been international on some level. Not only this, people’s attentions are shortening on average maybe connected to device stimulation, which in turn affects language too.

    I wonder… you probably didn’t mean that the country is deteriorating because of its lack of English mastery, did you? Then again, it might make it harder for some people.. I don’t know Elsa.

    Also, each older generation says to the next generation, this country is going down the toilet essentially. Then, I can’t tell if it’s true or not. Or if it’s because of this or that.

    This could all be coming from fear and never embracing what the world is. Accepting it for its faults, then improving on them. Or they might have a point that some things aren’t improving, or the outlook is bleak. Anyway, I feel it’s true: everyone is doing their best, with the resources they’ve got. And for some reason, everyone thinks treasures are scarce.

  20. I have so many emotional issues. I wouldn’t even know where to point the finger. Basic stuff associated with trauma, abandonment and neglect. Addictions. Intimacy disorder. Depression. Paranoia. PTSD. I’m just doing my best and keeping hope alive inside.

  21. My fatal flaw is lack of barriers, I’m not good at protecting myself & thereby have attracted abusive people.
    To avoid this is usually try to avoid people, which even so does not always work.
    It doesn’t sound like a very serious flaw, but it has given me serious problems. Add to that a secondary effect: I am starting to be a bit parano, which I wasn’t before. I don’t like this at all. Even worse: being parano does not preclude getting taken advantge of!

      1. Avatar

        Not all the time… this is what encourages me to stay in service, even when you can’t control others’ reactions. But yes some people do want to take advantage. Maybe we just haven’t yet learned how to set boundaries or know how pick who to help (who are willing give back). This is where burn-out develops, when you don’t know where your human limits are, and how to take care of yourself, while giving in service. You can still be kind, generous, and stop giving if others show they will hurt you, or others. The key word is Yet. We don’t know how to stay calm with criticism, comments… We don’t set boundaries. We don’t know how not to get taken advantage of …. yet.

        A new way of doing things isn’t inherent to us. Many many things can be learned in the process. It’s a new skill. It’s okay. Really

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