Mars Opposite Neptune: Yelling Into The Oblivious Ocean

oceanIt seems a good time to talk about Neptune, with the moon in Gemini is squaring Mercury and Mars in Virgo. You may recall, Neptune is currently stalled out at 27 degrees Pisces. When Neptune moves out, it’ll be a head-fake. The planet will station at 27 degrees at the end of 2024 into 2025.

If Neptune is aspecting a planet of point in your chart, you can consider that area of your life to be morphing. The lingering can be frustrating for people who value efficiency.

Mars in Virgo most definitely is not into dawdling. Mars is currently closing an opposition with Neptune and this is next thing a number of astrologers are watching, in terms of world events.

I’m more interested in people and their lives and interaction. While there are high expressions of this energy, you may find yourself yelling into the oblivious ocean. Fires on Maui is another expression of the energy.

Many feel drained. I give this to Saturn in Pisces, primarily, but the Mars Neptune opposition is not going to help. I also note the day the aspect is exact, the sky is stressed. This is part of why mundane astrologers see danger. Details here: Mars Opposite Neptune: August 22nd.

Off the top of my head.. avoid a fight? Transcend your anger? These are things you can opt to do. One of the most common manifestations of Mars Neptune is a misguided attack. Avoid this by verifying your target.

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2 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Neptune: Yelling Into The Oblivious Ocean”

  1. My Sag moon is at 27 degrees. I can relate. I fill my days with studying metaphysics, watch you tube near death experiences. Quantum physics is an interest. I have been intrigued with movies about different religions and their practices. It’s like I can’t come down to “earth”.

  2. Neptune now squaring my Mars, my Chiron, and opposing my Saturn. This year is one of the worst; it would be nice to get some relief from all these aspects!

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