Fear Of Castration

I had an off and on boyfriend when I was younger. Our relationship spanned seventeen years! I have Uranus in the 7th.

We got back in contact after a ten year break. Scott had been seeing his therapist for about four years.

He told me he hadn’t gotten anything from it, and called his therapist “ineffectual”. This did not stop him from going though, or from paying the guy his $150 an hour.

I got tired just hearing this. I was exhausted.

“Why don’t you go in there and get your money’s worth for a change?” I asked.

“Sure, Elsie, but how?”

“Go tell him you have a fear of castration, and maybe you should work on that.”

“I don’t have a fear of castration,” he said.

“Yes you do,” I said, rattling off my evidence which was extensive.  He was stunned.

Scott, being someone who loves to provoke people, he went to therapy the next week…

“Elsie says you are ineffectual and we should talk about my fear of castration. And by the way. How come you never told me I had a fear of castration? Elsie says it’s obvious…”

8 thoughts on “Fear Of Castration”

  1. *ROARS* Oh, that’s wonderful! *wipes tears* I second Dawn, did he get kicked or did the therapy start being effective? 😀

  2. No, he fucked with the therapist like that for 5 years. That’s Scott!

    The thing is, I was right. He constantly used all these phrases, “cut me off at the knees” and stuff. It was textbook.

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