Feeling Bliss And Deep Satisfaction

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen Maternal BlissI have always been able to feel bliss on this plane. I never thought much about it.

I started writing about my life in the early 2000’s. People read my stories and made remarks about this phenomena, if that’s what it is. I don’t know what it is. I’ve always felt intense and immense joy, on a daily basis. I don’t need to to anything special to experience this. It just occurs.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on. I’ve had a pretty horrible life and it doesn’t matter. Even in the depths of despair, I frequently feel completely at peace.

I don’t know how I manage this. I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart. It could be that I transcend (Neptune) hardship (Saturn), like breathing. It may be that I deny it or live in some kind of reality (Saturn) I’ve imagined (Neptune).

I also have a strong 9th house, and Jupiter prominent, so it could be my life philosophy that keeps me upbeat.

I would like to understand what happens with me. I would describe it as a “state of grace”, but I am not sure that’s the right term. I feel everything is right in the world and that all will be okay at these times.

My husband says he knows what a state of grace feels like. He’s been in a state of grace, but never felt what I feel.  He us able to feel deeply satisfied, which may be a different thing.  For example, if he’s sitting around with his family and there is food there, he truly wants for nothing.

I am pretty sure that my son can access these feelings as well.  We’ve been talking about this lately. But I know some people never feel good or right and I’d like to understand this better.

Here are some questions:

  • Do you feel blissful at times? I am not talking about after sex, or when you are in a Venus-Neptune dream-love state. I am talking about bliss that comes from an ethereal source.
  • Are you ever truly and completely satisfied
  • If you can feel these things, how do you think this works?
  • If feelings like this are inaccessible to you, what do you think they block may be?
  • Do you have a name for any of this?
  • Do you think the ability to feel bliss is inborn or do you think it can be developed?

pictured – Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen, 1849, Maternal Bliss


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  1. So interesting you relate it to Saturn Neptune, I have the same temperament and I have a Neptune VenusSSaturn stellium on the 12th cusp, trine Jupiter in the 8th, square Uranus in the 9th. I was attributing it to Jupiter Neptune.

  2. First time commentator long time participator!
    Blissful …yes!
    Based on my experience I believe bliss is cultivated! You can work on being content throughout your life through very horrible situations while never really experiencing it and then one day it starts to integrate itself. It becomes more fluid and happens but it had to be cultivated. For me, bliss is contentment; it is a grounding feeling as opposed to a Neptunian. In essence you don’t give your power away to something outside yourself. It is here~now~in breath and in step. Taking responsibility for your chosen response to the outside world/situations is part of bliss cultivation..and at some point it weaves & grows on its own.
    Name ~ none ~That is what has divided us as people on this earth since the beginning of time.

  3. I have a strong Saturn/Neptune placement in my first house in Scorpio and Jupiter in the ninth, so I do feel a lot of bliss and being out in nature seems to help. I believe strongly in angels and their power. Because of the placement of Saturn in Scorpio, I can be hard on my self, but I retreat to my inner self and feel bliss. I do love flying and travelling of any sort. Maybe because I am turning 60 years old this December, I am feeling comfortable with myself, much more than in previous years.

  4. Wow, I wish I could relate to this and understand it. Unfortunately, no, I don’t think I’ve ever felt bliss like this or felt deeply satisfied. I have felt that things will be okay, and at times I’ve felt that I was in a state of grace (though that never seems to last very long). But I don’t think I’ve ever felt joy like this. For me, I really think this is because of my Saturn — I have a T-square in my natal chart where Saturn is in a tight opposition to Jupiter and squaring my Moon. My Jupiter would love to feel bliss and grace, and my Moon would love to be emotionally satisfied. But with Saturn glaring at both of them… it’s just not going to happen.

  5. You are fortunate Elsa, to have this grace. I have felt it in moments where everything is just as it should be. Complete satisfaction. And all I am doing is having dinner with my family! It’s a sense that this is true bliss – having a meal with the ones you love is perfection and needs nothing else. It brings up a feeling of immense gratitude.

    In my experience this is something I need to recognize and reach for because I don’t automatically feel that things are good & right. I have a lot of fear instead. I will say that even as a very young child, I felt a presence of something bigger than me, watching the world along with me and now that I recognize this as God, I think there is peace that comes with faith. This sounds like what you have described Elsa. My peace isn’t always there though – it’s a battle with me.

    I have Neptune stationery direct at 29:50 degrees of Libra in the 9th house. The only aspect it makes is a (wide) out-of-sign square to Venus.

  6. I can relate. I always figured it was either my jupiter-flavored 12h or maybe merc neptune. I definitely am grateful for it though.

  7. Yes I do I also had a lot of horrible experiences – Jupiter in Pisces and a strong 9th house too. I have a water trine with Jupiter Mercury and Neptune involved.

  8. Born with it ?- I think I was born with a sensitivity (well it runs in my family) my childhood was often so horrible that I opened up a canal to have some beauty and peace

  9. no. not felt. think a lot has to do with dna. propensity towards happiness. i would think saturn/neptune contacts would give depression? interesting. can great peace be cultivated? i think you can work towards it, but its always a struggle. moments only, of “the peace that passeth understanding”. after major surgeries, in recovery. otherwise, lifelong vague discontent. neptune in 1st house? t square with mars in 9th, opposite saturn in third, squaring mercury in 6th. or just the ego of expectation?

  10. Nope, I haven’t ever felt ongoing satisfaction. I feel grace constantly and feel blissed out frequently. I think Saturn gives you satisfaction, but for most people it takes a while to cultivate…or never. Maybe in a few years

    1. I also think the northnode..living it, gives deep satisfaction and bliss. Hard when you’ve got Neptune (myself) or probably any planet conj the southnode.

  11. I get both sides, actually. Bliss and satisfaction.

    I wouldn’t say the bliss is a daily thing. Maybe a weekly or monthly thing, depending on what cycle I’m in, but I do get a daily dose of “OMG, life is absurd!” hilarity which helps / comes close sometimes. 🙂 Same thing with the satisfaction — there are long periods of time when I am perfectly satisfied and the world is right! But the vast majority of the time, my life is one long, niggling sense of something’s off-kilter. A sense of unease, sort of like eliza mentioned.

    I can tap into both, though. No matter how horrendous my life or circumstances are. Bliss can be had by being alone, outside, staring at clouds or stars or trees and feeling the wind. Satisfaction is being in bed, warm, soft, and snuggled, with the covers just so. It’s not so hard to find. *smiles*

    I don’t know what to attribute this to, astrologically. I have Jupiter rising in Cancer which makes me pretty resilient but only a vague Saturn-Neptune link via a wide trine echoing down a conjunction. I would have thought this was a moon thing, personally, however my moon’s definitely not cut out for such soft, touchy-feely kind of emotions. 😉

  12. I thrive on the bliss of getting up every day and enjoying life to the max. Yes, it’s usually been this way, excepting young adulthood when angst was the word. I am happy/in a good mood every day.
    I’ve never thought of it in terms of my astrology–stellium in Leo–sun/moon/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto in the third house–but I am known as an intense personality. I think I’m being light and fluffy, others are being overwhelmed by me. THAT I understand is Leo all over the place.
    But this bliss, this internal bliss, that in the past two years has become more apparent as I shed the psychological bs that was laid on me during childhood, comes from someplace deep within. With it seems to come a deep understanding of and empathy for others’ states of non-bliss.
    As far as life experiences, I’ve been through way too much for a child born of simplicity and tradition neither of which I can any longer espouse.
    I’d never thought of my restlessness as not being satisfied but that’s exactly what it is. I do want a mile if I can find an inch.
    I’m kind, generous, non-judgemental, compassionate, empathetic, and searching, always searching for the next stop on the journey. My journey, the one I have finally created for me, is fascinating and that surely keeps me blissful.
    I’ve tried to define what I rely on and recently called it Ancient Wisdom. From my studies in Astrology, Acupuncture, Native American ceremony, Calligraphy, Herbal remedies, I can assess my reliance on Ancient Wisdom.
    I’m more and more convinced that this is inborn and I’ve gradually uncovered it over the decades of my life. I don’t know what all the blocks were and certainly didn’t know they existed when I wasn’t yet aware of who I was to become. As the insights grow, the blocks disappear. The blocks are the nonsense we bear as humans coming into our own beings. What we take in and shut out are different for each individual.
    Thanks for the opportunity to write this in a place of understanding. It’s been swimming in my consciousness for a while and hadn’t yet found the motivation/reason to write it.

  13. Avatar

    Generally I have this too. But it’s a Venus 29 aries inconjunct Pluto 1libra and inconjunct moon 29 scorp and Neptune 5 sag in 7th. There are times when an ugly feeling creeps up also. And times when I’m running and so busy I don’t seem to feel anything but if I stop or am driving etc the bliss takes over. I am so thankful for the bliss.

  14. yes, I feel this almost everyday! it is funny you put up a “maternal bliss” picture, this is exactly what I feel having the new baby! I am sag sun (jupiter) with neptune in Capricorn is that saturned themed? I would say so it conjuncts mercury and I also have venus in cap.. so saturn is defiantly there. I also have my progressed sun in cap for like the next 18 years so this is highly aspected..

  15. •Do you feel blissful at times? I am not talking about after sex, or when you are in a Venus-Neptune dream-love state. I am talking about bliss that comes from an ethereal source.
    •Are you ever truly and completely satisfied
    •If you can feel these things, how do you think this works?
    •If feelings like this are inaccessible to you, what do you think they block may be?
    •Do you have a name for any of this?
    •Do you think the ability to feel bliss is inborn or do you think it can be developed?

    Elsa, you are such a healer. Thank you for being such an effective catalyst for personal growth!

    I feel blissful at times, without an apparent source. Lately I wonder if this is because transiting Neptune is conjunct my natal Mercury in Pisces right now and transiting Chiron is between my natal Mercury and Sun. At moments wherever I am, a sweeping phenomena washes over me that is so potent it even disarms my most critical, pessimistic, and cynical thoughts. These moments are filled with hearing what sounds like heavenly music with sounds as if angels are sweetly singing and my emotions open up and suddenly my mind starts trying to criticize and doubt how the orchestra of angelic sounds are combining with the natural sounds of people and movements in the environment that somehow defy logic by seamlessly becoming instrumental sounds that contribute to the overall experience encompassing these moments. It’s different than imagining hearing something external. I wonder if it’s angelic sounds or suddenly overactive imagination spontaneously generating a song that includes the sounds of the environment as if it was planned to be played that way and sound profound. But when I ask myself how could the profundity of the sound know in advance how the future sounds would team with the song, or what it that the environment would team inevitably with it because of my mood. Where does this expansive sudden feeling emerge from and why is it that coincidentally when these beautiful songs emerge, there is no sudden clashing environmental sound ruining it, which is what I would expect instead would happen but this blissful experience defies logic.
    At moments (especially these engulfing musical moments) I do feel truly satisfied and I think this may come from how we feel about ourselves through developing forgiveness of ourselves and others, which removes reasons for anger. I feel that the influence of anger is that of constricting/contracting (very much like the muscles when tense, and the vascular system constricting when we’re cold. In both examples the energy moves less, and circulation diminishes). I think the lack of forgiveness (of self and others) is what blocks us from feeling bliss, and also blocks us from moving beyond that point of blockage to what else is present in that moment that we might experience.
    I think the ability to feel bliss can be developed through reconciling mental obstacles by purifying them with forgiveness for their inherent limitations, forgiving ourselves for imagining and clinging to them as if they are the only possible experience, and forgiving others for these shared struggles we face all our lives.

    I think when we forgive others and ourselves in the context of fellowship, we move beyond the state of feeling locked into constant projection onto the situations that seem stagnant when it’s our experience of thoughts about the situation that are blocking changes. This forgiveness is different than approving of what we disagree with. It is a shifting in ourselves from the blockages of resentment, anger, judgment to embracing the situation for what it is and forgiving ourselves for getting caught up in the sensation of it as disproportionately charged so we can keep the excess energy that was caught up in that situation and reallocate it to more important things in our lives from a timeless perspective of newness and wonder.

    1. “These moments are filled with hearing what sounds like heavenly music with sounds as if angels are sweetly singing and my emotions open up and suddenly my mind starts trying to criticize and doubt how the orchestra of angelic sounds are combining with the natural sounds of people and movements in the environment that somehow defy logic by seamlessly becoming instrumental sounds that contribute to the overall experience encompassing these moments.”

      This makes me Damn right excited about when Neptune conjuncts my mercury in about 3/4 years. As a Pisces.

      I want to escape into that beautiful realm where everything is in flow…in sync.

      It’s also quite scary because I have Neptune on my southnode sq. Sun/ moon in Pisces in the 8th.

    2. Lovely! I have a daily practice which includes tuning into the ‘music of the spheres’ . Some have called it celestial music. Many who have near death experiences describe the kind of thing you are experiencing. Lucky you! (I definitely would think it is the Neptune transit openning channel to the divine).

  16. I am not where I want to be. I am too ambitious for the obstacles I am facing and the scarcity I face. I know my dreams but its coming real slow. Its almost tantalizing. G-d speed His providence for me.

  17. •Do you feel blissful at times?
    Yes, I feel blissful at most times. The biggest departure from this would be during tr. pluto conjunct my moon/opposite my sun. That was most definitely not blissful, and that could have been what made it so much more difficult to deal with.

    •Are you ever truly and completely satisfied?
    Yes, most days I feel satisfied and at peace with my life.

    •If you can feel these things, how do you think this works?
    As for how this works, for me it’s all about perspective.

    •Do you think the ability to feel bliss is inborn or do you think it can be developed?
    Both. While you can be born with the energy in your chart does not mean you have to use it. I know when I was young (in my teens) I didn’t feel bliss, but a great need to get out on my own to find my bliss and own peace. Maybe that was really just a need to get out on my own, in order to experience/express my own peace/bliss.

    As for the energies, I have Saturn opposing Neptune, by 10degrees, so while this could be part of it, I think it more has to do with my moon being conjunct Jupiter, my 12th house sun and/or my 1st house merc/mars in trine to Neptune.

  18. Blissful oh my! yes most of the time i’m in my own bubble, like you Elsa i have a strong Saturn/Neptune signature in my chart Sun conjunct mars, Sun conjunct Saturn in Pisces , mercury square neptune, Neptune in the 4th and venus and jupiter in the 9th house

    For me its all about inner peace i’m content and happy with what i have with all the above aspects being hit by the heavy hitters its just reinforced how much my life has become truly blissful after years of total struggle

    Do you think the ability to feel bliss is inborn or do you think it can be developed?
    I think the blueprint has to be there so you can develop it, its definitely comes from being more spiritual minded

  19. I feel blissful at times, every day possibly. Saturn in cancer in the 12th trine jupiter in pisces in the 8th. Uranus in scorpio in the 4th. This is definitely a watery thing. But with capricorn venus in the 6th it is highly helped by grounding routines. I have NN conjunct neptune so I think of it as a blessing of some kind. I think I might have blissed out in more destructive ways if I was not trained in writing and doing arts. I feel thankful for that.

  20. Bliss – A state of extreme happiness – no planets in 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 – so there you have it – bliss is prospective – happiness is achieved when you have no need, want or desire for power, wealth, or fame – a positive prospective = health, happiness, peace, confidence and courage – may the bliss be with you

  21. I think it’s my Neptune in Sagittarius ( which trines my Venus in Leo and Pluto in Libra) and Saturn in Libra that does this. I have been through many things yet what has hel me together is the idea that whatever is NOT HAPPENING NOW is only temporary. As of late, it’s almost as if I have a direct connection to the Source. Maybe it’s been there forever and for everyone, I’m just now working with it as opposed to pushing through it.

  22. I also call it bliss and I can feel it sometimes, but not all the time. I think it is developed, usually after a time of intense suffering. “When the ego vanishes, bliss has no place to hide.” (Mooji).

  23. Neptune in Capricorn in my house of friendships. I have really isolated myself from others, and having Saturn Scorpio natally, I feel like I don’t always have time to just hang out. I’m really pushing myself to be in the company of others and take the risk of being rejected. I am at my happiest when I have given up my time to talk with people and I gain their trust in the deepest sense. It’s like an investment in realistic terms, I guess.

  24. I have had many blissful moments. Usually while watching the waves crash on the beach. Sometimes when I’m lying in bed. Most often when I’m by myself or with my son. That’s one thing I don’t read a lot about Scorpio moons. Our ability to tap into wells of this stuff.

    I absolutely truly believe this is something that his accessible to anyone who wants it. It does take artistry so practice is necessary. But everyone has that “center”. That’s what I call it but its really inaccurate. Itts more like looking in a mirror and seeing god. Infinity is probably the closest word I can find for it.

    I always thought my contact with the universal source (that’s another term I like) was my neptune in the 12th house square jupiter in the ninth.

  25. I also think its totally possible to experience bliss and desire at the same time. I actually think god has great desires for us. But it’s different than feeling a lack or void. It’s more like a drive to create. God wants us to paint this picture for him.

  26. to me it’s neptunian bliss in the bubble vs bliss in reality..grounding little by little,building some earth from my earthless chart,
    I could stare at waves crashing for hours(thanks Libra Noir), lose myself in time.bliss in music, painful sometimes.can listen to Brad Mehldau playing or Tori Amos singing and shiver all over.
    stroke my kittens and feel I’m giving love to someone who’s staying by me,no matter if it/she/he feels something similar.
    learning to feel blissful for being whole, in touch with a center it took me years of deep excavation to find, all I wanted was to heal pain.sometimes I just feel “right” in a mysterious rather than judgmental sense, can’t explain it properly because it happens in the body at first.
    you can’t afford bliss when you’re committed to survival all the time, that’s what strikes me most Elsa, having read (and loved) your story.yours is really a gift, thank God you’re sharing it this way.
    I spent decades fighting for survival,falling to pieces is as scary and blocking as any other kind of death, now that I can speak of bliss it tells me how grateful I must be for getting out of the woods,means I’ve survived and I’m moving beyond.
    Bliss is also when I can take a rest from my mind(heavy-loaded pisces mercury) and dwell in my animal instinct.when I can make my piano speak,to me it’s a living creature.
    bliss has been for so long a hideaway from reality, I’m learning a different kind..
    “satisfied” is more complicated, ego is always involved to me.but yes,some kind of satisfaction for a long path carried on so far, for rescuing myself from being lost in pain and confusion.
    I’d say “grateful” instead..for instance,of taking a look at my chart and sayin”well, you didn’t end up in jail for some violent crime,you made the best out of those ingredients!”
    still waiting for the bliss of intimacy with a loved one, thought I was close to it..turned out he didn’t have feelings for me.
    bliss as a skill, of course it can be learned, even if it takes courage and committment.
    if pain-delusion-meaninglessness have been equated with normality, bliss can be felt as a threat ..absurd as it may seem!

  27. Do you feel blissful at times? I am not talking about after sex, or when you are in a Venus-Neptune dream-love state. I am talking about bliss that comes from an ethereal source.

    Are you ever truly and completely satisfied

    If you can feel these things, how do you think this works?

    If feelings like this are inaccessible to you, what do you think they block may be?

    Do you have a name for any of this?

    Do you think the ability to feel bliss is inborn or do you think it can be developed?

  28. oh yes me too. I always feel so happy, even in the darkest times, or maybe because i’m happy now with my life and my family, my husband, my son, my parents, everything. I’m not successful in means of materialism,
    or anything like that, or achievements, but i’m just blissful. I have a strong neptune/saturn signature too.
    I have to tone it down alot though in my life, because it may seem to others that i always had it easy and i haven’t. I’ve had it really bad/very rough in life. But somehow, neptune /jupiter seems to push me upward, upstream, as if jupiter tells me there is always a silver lining. that the darkness, and the dark days are there because it gives us reminders of how beautiful the light can be. So in retrospect, the darkness is the key behind this wisdom. (saturn)

  29. @Elisa and SandyD…can you share some placements in you charts?moon venus saturn neptune, sings houses+aspects?
    thank you very much

    1. 9th house Moon at 24 Pisces trine 5th house Venus @ 26 Scorpio.

      6th house Saturn @ 10 Sag exactly trine 2nd house Uranus @ 10 Leo and sextile all my early (1-13 deg) Libra stellium (Merc, Mars, Jupiter, Sun). All of the stellium except for Merc falls in 4th house.

      4th house Neptune @ 1 Scorpio exactly sextile 2nd house Pluto @ 1 Virgo. But since these are outer planets many people have this in their chart.

      I have one of those “bucket” charts in which all planets are below the horizon except for one (the handle) which is the Moon. And being a Cancer (5 deg) rising (which is ruled by the Moon) the Moon is extremely important to me.

      I do not have a significant Neptune-Saturn aspect (they are approx 39 deg apart). In fact, I was told that in my chart Neptune is the planet with the least aspects! That, probably more than anything to do with its relationship to Saturn is the reason why I think I can “tune into” true nature more easily than others since Neptune rules Pisces, which is where my all-important Moon is at. The lack of aspects may allow it to work more unhindered than other planets that are heavily aspected.

      I also think the Uranus-Saturn trine is very helpful in this regard. Uranus confers sudden, unexpected flashes of insight which I can ground (Saturn) and bring through into experience. And this is usually how it manifests for me. I do not feel happy or blissful all the time.

      Most astrologers also note that I have a *lot* of sextiles in my chart. Although pretty much dismissed in favor of the more potent squares, conjuncts, and trines, I feel they are a positive force that confers a lot of opportunities and openings for true nature to arise.

      Hope this helps!

  30. it helps..thank you so much!I believe that the way you feel naturally is something that can be achieved even by people on the opposite end of the spectrum.
    I expected a moon venus trine(I’ve got square) and a supporting saturn, intuitively.
    moon venus accounts for a free unhindered flow of femininity, no mother’s rivalry.
    to me it matters that neptune is not so prominent,you sound like you’re well grounded in reality and an active neptune prevents that.I’m making peace only now with neptunian traits which have held me down for so long, learning to channel them in proper oulets(art).
    living as a walking a sponge ,a radio tuned in 24/7 with no switch off button, is exhausting, especially if you feel emotional need to gather data and process them(from childhood of course)!
    and if you happen to start your life in a difficult background, escapism is the way you cope with that.you gradually lose touch with reality.in my case, some skinlessness also.
    my moon is 26 cancer ,grand trine with mercury and neptune.interesting how it works differently in pisces than in cancer.my pisces moon friends are very sensitive,compassionate and in some cases artists, but grounded ones!(they also have saturn)
    mine is more nurturing,emotional dependent on others, non forgetting even the small detail since a kid.

    I think a good earth, a balanced neptune and a balanced mercury are required in order to cope with life in a positive way.you don’t sound at all Polyanna..
    forgot to ask you about mercury.mine is pisces, trine moon-neptune, sextile saturn, opposed jup-uranus-pluto-quincunx asc.,conj chiron.moon is the only planet in my chart with more aspects.
    thank you!

  31. I have felt this bliss on occasion, mostly when I meditated every day more than once a day, had no money problems or material concerns (Neptune in the 2nd house), and didn’t have much socializing with humans other than strangers at the cafe. And writing. When my writing is going well (moon in the 3rd house). It’s hard for me to let go of my negative thoughts towards how things are going and ruthless self-critiquing. Letting it go is difficult (Mars in the 8th). When I can successfully let go of guilt, worry, imperfections, then life gets lighter. Spending a long amount of time in nature and by myself brings bliss to my life. Though this can easily sway back into melancholy, for I do suffer from bouts of depression.
    As for you feeling that joy on a day to day basis despite what is going on- I cannot relate. I wish I could relate! This reminds me of my father. Though he can sway into moods for external reasons, he is naturally a very blissful person and finds joy in every little thing and doesn’t care at all about how others react to his happiness. 🙂

    1. I do think that bliss can be achieved through transcending the emotion into intellectualizing the insignificance of making yourself feel how you are feeling. You can free yourself of guilt and be easy to action, while still be conscious of others emotions. I believe that through compassion you can learn to be truly blissful 🙂

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