Trends In Stalking & Domestic Abuse

MarsHi, Elsa.

For the past few years I’ve had coworkers (Saturn) become “stalkers” (Pluto). Recently there was a tv show called “Stalkers” and because of recent media applications such as “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, stalking has increased exponentially. So clearly this is coming more into the forefront of people’s attention alongside with Domestic abuse and other very Pluto (taboo things) and Saturn (the home and reputation) interwoven themes. You even mentioned Ebola and how Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio were keeping one another at bay until Saturn rolls into Sagittarius.

Is there a reason for the sudden outburst of attention or was this like a ball rolling on and on gathering speed and finally bursting? What’s your take on the future of these topics? Will more attention be giving to these polarizing events like will they finally just explode with no where else to hide or will it be swept under the rug again for another time? I’m still trying to understand the basics of astrology here.


Hi, Learning.

I don’t see this way you do.  First, I would associate stalking with Mars. It’s an aggressive action.

I do agree that it’s more common today, not just because of the Internet, but because people have a lot more time on their hands. At least, this is true in the United States where half the people don’t hold a job.

I don’t agree that there is a sudden outburst attention around these topics.  Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered by a stalker in the 1980’s.  That was a famous case, and “stalking” has been  “thing”, since.

Same with domestic abuse. I volunteered for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in the early 90’s. If anything, I feel that beating woman is more tolerated today, then it was then.

What has increased is government snooping. And with drones readily unavailable to anyone, and largely unregulated, I don’t know anyone who feels confident their life is private,

I also don’t know what you think is polarizing about these things. I don’t think they are being swept under the rug. I think people just don’t care. They’re apathetic…a subject for another day.

As for the future, I think some of these problems will solve themselves. For example, five years ago, a bad review online could destroy your business. Today, most people take reviews with a grain of salt.

As for snooping and naked pictures being leaked online, this will also solve itself over time. People will be more careful, they’ll use fewer services, fads will change, etc.

Have you heard that google glass is no longer expected to become mainstream?  I guess people are not that keen to be shunned and/or punched in face.  Point being, what we fear will happen doesn’t always come to pass.

I’m sorry if my response seems argumentative. I figured I’d present my opinion, then others could offer you theirs.

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Thanks for the question!

What do you see as trends in area of stalking and domestic abuse?

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11 thoughts on “Trends In Stalking & Domestic Abuse”

  1. I agree that the stalking and abuse is Mars influence. I however think that because of all the attention more people are aware of stalkers and abusers and it is finally being brought to light that not only men are stalkers and abusers but there are some pretty scary women out there as well. This kind of behavior is not gender specific. Pretty weird stuff really.

  2. Stalking may be an aggressive action, but it is also very secretive, which is very much a Pluto thing. Added to the fact that Mars is traditionally considered a co-ruler of Scorpio with Pluto, I’d put stalking activity clearly in the Scorpio/8th house realm.

    I believe that as more and more people become concerned with invasion of privacy issues (by marketers, corporations, and the government) stalking will also bear more scrutiny – after all, it is a form of invasion of privacy.

  3. Mars associated with stalking sounds true to me. But how mars is placed when stalking becomes an issue, I am not sure. I have noticed mars with neptune/pisces in the charts of people stalking, but I do not know if this is often the case. Suppose stalking could take on many shapes. Also mars in the 7th (projection) perhaps?

  4. I agree that domestic violence is, sadly, more tolerated today than it was say 20 years ago. (Twenty years ago I married a violent man. Didn’t know he was violent until after I married him, because I know people will ask. Fifteen years ago I divorced him.)

    I also think on the flip side, that people define abuse, harassment, and violence differently than they did 20 years ago. It could be the two are intertwined; of that I’m uncertain.

  5. pluto is transiting thru Capricorn …we are about at the middle of this cycle. We have seen lots of govt, old boy power groups(as in nfl & Catholic Church), & revelations about male sexual secrets. I think that we are now seeing how the opposite sign cancer is being affected. Women’s issues are now showing up in reaction to male domination secrets. Violence against women has become & will stay at the forefront. Not just groups like Isil but also domestic abuse.The food police are out in full force. I had to explain to my 9 year old grandson that French fries are not inherently unhealthy ….they are a vegetable. Will we have a woman president ? Will women be paid equal to males? Interesting to watch how the world (humanity) plays out the energy being presented to us. Watch your choices.

  6. I’m sure no one feels confident that they’re life is totally private, at least online. I hope the spies themselves aren’t shocked at what they see because more and more people are becoming less guilty of what they choose to express.

    I guess maybe I am becoming less and less fearful of what is viewed from me, because it is all truth for one, and because I have no sympathies for those spies who want to look but keep eyewash in their hands. If you cant handle the darkness, dont turn off the light.

  7. Stalking – 2AM waking up to a man on top of me in bed with a rubber glove on my mouth, a gun to my head, my husband on the floor with a gun to his head, 3 men in the house with guns demanding everything we have of value, walking me through the house, telling me to find all the money. All furniture turned over, everything out of closets and drawers. Per police, LARGE gangs are stalking people and invading homes while occupants sleep, in and out in 15 min because that’s how long it takes police to respond to a security system alert. Police can’t keep up with it. Is this a Pluto thing??

    Abuse – Women!!!! You’d better have your name on the deed of you live in a man’s house, if not….. You have to leave if there’s a domestic 911 call. And men know this, women do it whether they know it or not. Just having the address on your driver’s license doesn’t work anymore.

    I’m not an astrologer but I do feel the shifts in masses, economic and civil. It seems to me that things are changing for the worse. There are bad guys stalking neighborhoods, guard-gated or not. These slobs are on foot.

    Women have given men the ticket to ride for too long. We give up ourselves to keep their happiness intact. That math equals abuse, and abuse has many faces, not just physical.

    Sorry I’m so long-winded; sometimes your posts get me riled up.

  8. Q: “What do you see as trends in area of stalking and domestic abuse?”
    A: People are now more likely to stalk you through facebook, twitter, blogs, and vlogs than they are to actually try to become friends, or to romantically pursue you, or to talk to you at all. (If you like the person so much, why TF are you doing this!? Yet, this is how it’s been for YEARS now.) Domestic abuse is these days mostly done by women when it’s done to actual people. But, there’s now a big trend of bestiality due to the propaganda push for it in our media (f.e. all those music videos featuring people in furry costumes), and a big chunk of the freaks into it are men, and boys. Yet, it still seems like women, and girls are the primary groups in that, too. (Women, and girls are just plain most of all abuse sources these days.) Away from just domestic abuse… Most abuse these days is not domestic. It used to be that way, but now most abuses are via bullies, whether online, in person, on the spiritual plane, or on the psychic plane (psychic attacks). There’s a whole lot of domestic abuse still, that’s in no way stopped. But, it’s TRENDY to bully, and troll. And, perhaps because of how incredibly corrupted this country is, there’s now even grown men rapists who use physical force to achieve their goal almost outright openly flaunting the do it as they try to use dating sites to meet victims, when what they’re doing is the most severely caught (as opposed to ignored, pretended not a problem, or cetera), punished, and shunned/taboo crime in the country, and despite they can, and will be taken out just by being reporting on that dating site. Problem is… Most women are so screwed up psychologically now that most of their victims, and people they fail to make victims are not reporting it. (I’m an okcupid moderator. Yet, the only person I know to be reporting these fungal-coated, pigswamp bottom feeders is myself. I see what others report. They’re largely not reporting them. They also now usually don’t report scammers, or creeps & catfish sending naked pictures. Those two used to get reported more, especially scammers. Scammers haven’t gone away, so most people are not reporting them.)

    As usual, I’ve little-to-nothing positive to type, due to my being restricted to only knowing the shit-tastic side of things in society, thanks to enviers stealing men I deserve, and rapists hoping to get a piece, all doing their damnedest to hold me down.

  9. I’m sure Google glass will get stealthier but also that someone will come up with a way to scan for these intrusions too. Yes, some things will work themselves out.

  10. What I’m worried about is that it’s going to be risking your life–more than ever before–if you are ever known for anything in the public eye. I mean, if a teenage boy is getting death threats just because people have learned he exists because some girl put his photo online….

    1. I agree. Plus, you can cut someone’s head off at their job these days and no one even blinks.

      We’re obviously doing something wrong, though most people cheer their own wonderfulness.

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