Mars And Tactics: Winning vs Winning On Your Own Terms

I was working with a long-time client who has been trained to think and act, tactically. With Mars (tactics) conjunct Mercury (mind) in my chart, I mesh easily with this sort of person. I love writing to her, because I know that above all, she wants to be effective in her life.

It’s easy for us fighter-types to get cross-ways with someone. If it’s someone you’re stuck with, like a family member or a spouse, the pain is often deep and the stakes, high.

If Mars is strong in your chart it’s easy to become so “fighting mad” that you lose yourself in the conflict. You get locked into battle, and you lose your tactics.

In this case, the client was in a horrible stand-off. She was ready to “kill” her opponent, who right or wrong, was as stubborn and equipped as she was, probably because they’re related!

Murder was not possible, of course. Nor was amputation of the relationship, so I had to come up with some tactics that would change the dynamic so my client could prevail.

I wrote:

“I hope you see the plan here. It’s to slowly land the plane. You want to slowly move it away from the turbulent jet stream into something that will be easier to bear.  But this requires you to consciously want to stop the fighting, and commit to that…”

That last sentence was crucial. People want to win, but they also want to win on their own terms.  When that’s not possible, then what, hmm?

Mars is covered in Chapter 6: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals of my Natal Chart Report.  Check it out!

19 thoughts on “Mars And Tactics: Winning vs Winning On Your Own Terms”

  1. Yeah, I posted this for a client I worked with the other day. If she can’t stop fighting, the result is going to be devastating.

  2. Reading this this morning, I hear that message a different way. I have Mars conjunct Saturn … to hear the option of non-winning is what Mars in that position (natally) challenges me to do all the time.

  3. if I’m completely honest I usually do win. I’ve met one person who gives me a run for my money and he’s a three foot tall Leo with half of my genes. I’ve really had to learn how to compromise with him. And when there’s a situation where safety or morality is involved, I do win. But I pay dearly for it. It’s scary how good that kid is at tormenting someone. My mom said I was the same way:)

    I have mars conjunct Uranus sextile Saturn and jupiter.

  4. Some really enjoy conflict. It’s a way of life. Keeps em goin. Them’s the zombie’s that eat my brain. I confronted one this mornin. Told her I’m enjoyin the solid ground feelin from this full moon energy movin in and that I could not allow her to shatter my brain and eat it. Makes me wonder if taurean signature people often wonder what all the ballyhoo is about. I don’t attract many taurus. It really is a delightful feelin just bein on solid ground. Satori mentioned ceres position in libra that is conjunct my mercury. I really am protecting my brain from corruption.

  5. I’m a fighter type as well. I simply don’t give up. Definitely learning to change tactics lately. I believe this is called cunning. Cunning in order to win, lol. I’m so game.

  6. My Taurus husband & I (Sag) are in a hard place in our marriage…our children are suffering & so are we. I asked him if he’d rather do the work needed to help all of us or ‘be right’. His answer? “I want to be right”. No idea if he has lots of Mars, tho’ am beginning to think so…am so hoping this will shift.

    1. I am trying to think of the name of that movie. The one where the new guy says to the gal, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? It was called Celeste and ______. Oh crap, I can’t remember.

  7. I don’t know if it’s merc in scorpio or not, but am thinkin it could be this mercury saturn conjunction dance. The mental acuity is blowin my mind. Oddly enough, I am dealin with a capricorn merc person now. I can see the killer bitch rising. And since I’ve become un-enmeshed emotionally I see her coming at me and I feel naked. So all I can do is watch her advance. It’s a misuse of her cap merc. She could read me, set me up, and go in for the kill. Many years of pain. She’s a weapon. And I do believe other members of the family knew how to use her as a weapon. Being emotionally free of this trap, I am watching theatre of the macabre going on here. She is waving the old testament boogey man god at me, workin my fears. Thank goodness I was raised new testament, and it is Willing out for me. Love, peace, groovy.

  8. I have Mars trine Uranus and I want to shock the hell out of people, but always so that I “win” the uniqueness game. I also have Mars square Pluto and if you hurt me I want to make. You. Suffer.
    I’m really glad I have at least a modicum of self-awareness, because God I’d be a monster if I didn’t.

  9. This is good. Forced the issue into plain and simple terms. Why I am hired to do a job and then prevented from doing it. It’s competitiveness. Ye gads! I’m a dumb ass. Virgo sun with mars in pisces is really at a disadvantage trying to get the work done while being expected to participate in all that other stuff. No wonder workplace ended up correlating with siblings. And bosses tellin me I was just like their sister. I am supposed to be competing. Dumb ass! And I was just feelin like prey. It’s not as simple as exchanging service for money, is it? Head into the storm!

  10. I have mars square Pluto. Pluto in libra. Mars in cancer in my 7th. It always feels like I’m doing the work to not fight, which is hard because I have a lot of triggers. People know them and try to set them off. It makes me feel like a frustrated child again, and it’s all I can do not to blow. Especially when people imply that there’s something wrong with me when I get upset…like I’m not entitled to my own feelings. My family is the worst. Just being around them makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me.

    I try to stay away from them now.

  11. Don’t really like the sound of this. Does seen to fit well with my way 🙂
    Actually been told that I’m pretty much as My way or highway. And I though my head is always trying to analyze why the other person did so.
    Mars sxtl, trine, square, opp to each to different objects or angles.

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