Finding Direction When Jupiter Leaves Sagittarius For Capricorn – Video

Everyone is focused on the Saturn Pluto conjunction, to occur in January, 2020. But Jupiter’s transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn is enormously important.  Get on the right path?

How do you judge, “true north”?

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  1. Tough question, Elsa. How would I know if I am not going crazy, imagining things, not destroying/holding on to something out of fear or anger? My experience of depending on family for being my True North is a bit shaky. They love us so much, that sharing any pain with them becomes an exercise in managing THEIR emotions. ‘I am fine, Mom, I really am. This does not hurt as much’. 😀

    I have found real good insights from both therapy work and traditional astrology. But therapists have their own biases as well (as much as they are trained to ignore them), they often don’t recommend the path of pain (if our natal Chiron/Pisces/Saturn/Snode heavy chart or transits require us to learn that life lesson). Then, we tend to self select or self analyze astrological phenomenon. Concentrate only on gloom and doom or happy summer days.

    My suggestion (or maybe my Tr Pluto in 5th House’s suggestion :)) is to create art. Our subconscious works in mysterious ways, and I truly believe that art is a vehicle for us to talk to the wider cosmos. Does not matter what it is. My choice is usually words, but i am lately experimenting with colour and pencil sketches too. You don’t even have to create it for public consumption. But just by the act of giving birth to your fears/hopes/desires/terrors, you come closer to understanding and eventually acceptance.

    This may look different for different people. I imagine a 12th House transit’s True North will be a lot less expressive and hard on health (your posts are amazing), while a 4th/10th axis affected person may depend on family or social achievements a lot more. I don’t know. We are all going to muck around in the dark together. Sharing these experiences on the Forum is going to be a good support system as well.

  2. Great question! I think what I’ve learned so far is that each of us is entirely responsible for our own joy and we can’t look to our ego (1st), our parents (4th), our partners (7th), or our careers (10th) for validation that we are worthy of joy, love, and abundance. That which we cultivate in life is an extension of ourselves, if you don’t like that you have cultivated, it’s time to simply invite in growth and change. If you take time every day to kindle joy in your heart, to invest just a little in gratitude and love, aligning with the highest vibration of your soul, joy will guide you where you need to go even in times of great despair.

  3. For me, my true north is my north node in Capricorn in the 11th, where transitting Saturn & Pluto are, and Jupiter will join. I have to continue to knuckle down and finish my degree. It is challenging but for the highest good. I know this through my chart and external positive feedback and support. Hard work is my ticket to a better life, there’s no escaping this.

  4. This is definitely a tough one, but so important. I’m planning to start applying to new jobs this fall, after I use up some vacation time and do some traveling. I’m expecting that by the time I get a new job, Jupiter will be well on its way to entering Capricorn if not already there. I need to pick something that I’m confident I’ll want stay in for a long time, and that’s a tough decision to make! I suppose I’ll use the remaining time of Jupiter in Sagittarius to decide. I have a lot going on this month and then an overseas vacation right after Jupiter goes direct in August. That’ll last a little over a week and when I get back home, I will be pretty much rooted at home so I can begin the deep exploration process. I will start to study, experiment, and explore my options and get to a point where I can make those big decisions. Because when Jupiter gets into Capricorn, I want to be hunkering down, working hard and advancing. To some extent I know of the things I want to work on, in terms of my overall goals and life path. But in terms of deciding on an actual new job that pays the bills, I’m really struggling with my next move (including whether or not I should get more schooling), and it’s possible that my decision will be based on practicality alone, and maybe that’s OK, but I’ll be thinking about it.

  5. Hey you lovely woman ?

    Thank you for you deep insight – I have cap 19 deg & have certainly gone through the ringer for the past 4 years

    I feel transformed, powerful & honestly thankful for all that Pluto & Saturn have put me through.
    I’m riding with them.

    Great to hear your interpretation of the Jupiter / it gives me a tingly great focus to better days & hope for our futures ??

    Thank you love for your insight, knowledge & sharing of the shiz! ??

    1. Hi Dee…I have a bunch of Cardinal placements in the mid-twenty degree range [22 deg Cancer ASC; Sun/Mars/Jup Cardinal T-square at 25 deg] and am feeling honestly grateful for the coming transformation as well. Here comes that Capricorn stellium… it’s helpful to hear you say you’re thankful and ‘riding with them’ as I’m surrendering into what’s next and digging in deep for courage.

      Elsa… the consultation you gave last month was gold. I’ve listened to the recording several times. Can’t tell you enough how helpful your insights are. You are truly a gift!

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    Jonnala venkata ramireddy

    Dear Elsa, good question.jupiter opposite my natal saturn 4 degree cancer is halt for mountain trek at christmas. After that we can go jupiter conjunction saturn in 0-1 degree Aquarius next Christmas New begining.

    Thanking you Elsa.

  7. I’m excited by Jupiter moving into Cap (my 8th house then moving onto 9th H). Jupiter will conjunct my mars then mercury at 0 Cap and later Venus at 8 Cap Woo hoo! I’ve been building my true path for ten years…but then I’m older at 55, and feel some projects will come to fruition, and possibly move to the next level (with more hard work, of course!).

  8. I think the path we theorize or the direction we put our faith in, is based in part by the subconscious sacrifices we make.

  9. How do you know?

    Well, with Saturn you know it because it feels Right, even with hard work.

    With Pluto, it’s the death and transformation, the surrendering.

    With Jupiter…. I think it’s the truth. In capricorn it’s the truth about your structures in your life, the building blocks. So, which building blocks can you use and choose? The best ones are those which builds on integrity, honesty and those who supports the greater good – I guess that would what I am looking to.

    You said it in a previous post, Elsa – Saturn/Pluto is doing what’s right. INTENSELY right, even if it’s extremely hard. I would guess that Jupiter is about that. Lucky stuff coming in if you choose this narrow path. It’s about our ancestors, our legacy, our truth and integrity. Integrity is in style, so I think I will look at the 12th house in my life and take a good, hard look at the structures in my life and then work hard on finding out which ones are worth building a foundation on, and which aren’t. We can’t have it perfect all the way, but I guess the most important thing with Saturn here is surrendering to do the hard work and the right work – then we can have the turnover which is public recognition for our accomplishments – not for the status, but to know that you have done the right/hard work.

    Humility comes to my mind here. Others who are in on this?

  10. Virgo stellium in 12th(sun, pluto, uranus)
    My north node is in Leo in the 11th.
    My 2nd saturn return is in the 5th house in Aquarius starting march of next year 2020
    My taurus moon in the 8th at 10 degrees will be hit by Uranus next year
    Now this pressure to finally commit to a path.
    Im very anxious about this
    Im drawn to healing (jupiter pisces in 6th, cancer mars in 10th)
    But I fight it because I simply cant live on the money Id make.
    If my Saturn return was my first one, Id have time to choose a path and work long enough to see the fruits of my labor.
    With my 60s in sight I dont know where to look
    Its frightening and exciting at the same time.
    Ive also been in a close intense relationship that took me away from self evaluation that naturally would happen in the early 50s.By this time I would be more sure if this didnt happen..
    So Im stumbling a bit.

  11. So good to hear you talk after all these years. Wow. Really enjoyable to hear your wisdom, Elsa. Thank you.
    I relate True North to the North Node.
    True North is the path of the soul. Taking time to be in touch with that voice within and act upon its message.
    Right now True North tells me: accept what is, let go of the old, be the light.

  12. Hi Elsa, I’m a Scorpio and that’s about all I understand about myself astrologically. I’m planning on retiring on December 4th at age 65, after a 35 year career in the arts and many other odd jobs. I’ve planned practically – financial advisors and friends. So in January 2020, my income will be fixed and I’ll be embarking on creative projects and perhaps the odd job or two to fill in the financial gaps. It’s always a leap, but I think I’ve found my true North. Thank you for your always generous insight.

    1. I’m feeling very lost. Struggling to make ends meet financially,and falling behind on bills for the first time in years. It feels awful! I grasp at jobs. And end up taking positions that are beyond my physical abilities. Ugh. With the stress around earning, I can’t seem to find time to quiet my mind and let my heart be heard. I can honestly say I have no idea which direction I am going.

  13. Love this video, Elsa! It’s fun to see and hear you sharing your analysis visually.

    I too relate True North to the North Node, mine in Aquarius in the 10th. A spiritual foundation built over 40+ years is always my deepest go-to when seeking the next step, next chapter.

    I have a fixed grand cross with Sun-Saturn-Neptune stellium in Libra, moon-Pluto conjunct on the DC, so life gives me very little leeway. Your daughter’s post on living with a grand cross – written years ago and which still receives relevant comments – has been helpful. There’s almost no information available on living with a grand cross and of what’s out there, much is just doomsaying.

    Jupiter in Capricorn will indeed be a serious aspect, as you point out. With all the opportunities we have now to make our world/country a better place, what better time to commit and make a difference?!

    Thanks for taking time to make these videos and share the food for thought!

  14. My gut tells me. My head weighs things up, my heart can pull me but my gut just knows. Only when I’ve ignored the message have I come unstuck.

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    Colleen Prendergast

    There was a rush of excitement when I came across an opportunity. It also felt like a growth stretch for me and aligned with my top 5 core values. There is also a calm and solid feeling in my gut about it.

  16. I’ve been asking myself about true North for two years. When we bought the house we currently live in, we thought this might be IT for us for the rest of our lives.

    It is NOT IT although it has been for 13 years nearly. (A little more than aJupiter cycle)

    You’re right. This next path is going to be solid and fairly long term for my husband and I. He turns 70 later this year and I don’t see us moving more than this next move. We’ve moved dozens of times in our 42 years together. 20 times in the first 10 years!

    But this? This will likely be it for us.

    We have imagined our future in several states and places, looking around for two years now. I know part of what I want and don’t want but not sure if we can afford it anymore.

  17. When will the north node become clear? When Jupiter hits my Capricorn moon at 4 degrees? Or at the end of Sagittarius, when the wide open field begins to close?

  18. I just have to say that I really enjoyed this video more than your regular newsletter… and I enjoy that too! You are terrific in what you do and I appreciate what you share as the information to share, helps me. On another note, As a Capricorn sun, (Pisces Ris, Aquarian Moon) I am currently caring for a dear older friend (leo sun-sign 8/15/38) who’s only son passed away several years ago and I’ve been the closest person to her for over 10 years. I am her health care proxy and power of attorney. She’s not a wealthy woman but she’s leaving me her home. She’s currently in a nursing home with dementia and just the other day says that she thinks she’s going to die within six days. The whole situation is very sad for me because I love and care for her. After visiting her, every other day, I feel drained and emotional for the rest of the day. Is this the death experience you are talking about? Or is it more personal like, as if I am going to have a personal death experience with my health or something? I have had a lot of completions lately… closing chapters to old wounds. It’s wonderful. Any advice? Thanks and sending you Blessings!!! ~Sanmantha

      1. Thanks anyway… I was just figuring because you have my chart and I bought quite a few offers from you, but I understand.

        1. Well, I wouldn’t know how to access your chart or who you are, from your first name. I was trying to help.

          I got your nasty email. If you intended to hurt someone, you have.

  19. I do not trust my own judgement lol:) I have several people that I bounce stuff off of. They are all people that have something in their lives that I want. And a few actual mentors, who experience high levels of joy. Ive learned to not ask miserable people what I should do, because they only know how to be miserable (and I can easily achieve that on my own).

    Id like more though, and Im working on that. None of them tell me what to do, but guide me in ways that allow me to learn about myself and what I need, so that I can make wise choices for myself. Sometimes one will say “hmmm, that is an insane idea”, but more often than not, its about gaining understanding.

  20. Hi Elsa
    How great it is to see you again! Thanks for the video and the great question. About The True North: With a stellium in sagittarius including the North Node I guess my path is related to learning and teaching. Children (5th house) and music (NN conjunct neptune). I have had mentors along the way, that I have trusted. The last couple of years I have been preparing to redirect into a direction that is cutting to core of what I am able to do – and do well. Hope it is going to work out and that I will be able to choose right and leave what is not possible. I have a feeling that Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn is very much about weeding out what is not possible for whatever reason and be real.

  21. Yes so great to see you doing videos again Elsa!

    I look for signs, take in what friends are telling me to do knowing my situatuion, see how it feels in my heart or gut. But mostly, I know there are NO guarantees. I also trust the Universe(what is and what will be) and God. Neither have really let me down. I have been doing my NN more – 12th House in Scorpio – Meditating an hour a day and letting myself just be. That seems to set my GPS in the right direction. As a human though, there is always that sense of vulnerability and doubt. I just have to go deep within and trust my decisions are the right ones.

  22. You know because it feels right. Maybe not easy or without an issue here or there, but it’s there and you’re there and it’s right.

  23. Tr NN crossing my IC now. Just visited mom/family for her birthday. My Natal NN in the 1st house sextiling IC. Todays lunar eclipse on my MC from the 10th. I left everything up to date at work before going out of town to visit my mom/family. Nobody called but I know tomorrow wont be easy when i get back to work. My guess is when Jupiter enters Cap in my 9th house I might even lose my job and try living abroad, with the family becoming home base again. I honestly felt at home again with them and I am tired of being dumped with responsibilities and power games and duets that get me nowhere. Lets see. OR the company finally gets sold or restructured in a way I finally get to travel and make my own decisions/work on stuff I like for a change… that would be awesome. I only get apprehensive cause Jupiter will hot my Natal Neptune and that’s a wild wild card. Nept trine sun but square venus/merc in the 12th… please I can’t take no more dellusion in love!

  24. Precisely the right path?
    How do I know my judgment is solid?

    I never know, for sure. I have 9th house Sun in Leo square 12th house Neptune in Scorpio. And then Saturn in Capricorn in the 3rd opposite Mercury in Leo in the 9th.

    I have a handful of people (including a therapist,) whose opinions I will ask, and then filter it through what I know about them (their bias,) but I think the majority of my reality check is faith-based (not religious,) remembering the universe is perfect, my life has purpose however unknown it may be to me at times.
    Also age- I’m in my 50’s now, old enough to know and believe there are no wrong choices. The decisions I make are the ones representative of my best effort/insight/gut. Whatever the outcome, it’s a lesson I need.
    I meditate, which is how I remain open and insightful.
    Also remembering, the transits, signs, planets are neither good nor bad. There are myriad ways to channel the energies and opportunities of the many combinations.

    Jupiter in Capricorn will transit my 2nd house this year, and I’m loving this idea. My goals include finding work better aligned with who I am vs what I’ve always done (sometimes they’re the same, just not now.) I will finish a master’s degree, and work to either become debt-free by the time Jupiter ingresses into Aquarius, or make some life-changing investments, or both. I may sell my house as well…still thinking about this. I’m also getting rid of stuff in my life that I don’t use. I only want what I love, what is useful. I expect this will take on a new dimension, will happen more thoroughly or faster in the coming year. I want room in my home and life for new things, new energy, air chi.

  25. How do I know I’m choosing the right path to commit to? I don’t. I have no idea. Someone asked me recently what my goals were and I had nothing. I don’t trust my gut feeling or instinct because I have made so many wrong decisions in the last 15 years based on what I thought was gut and instinct I don’t trust myself to ‘know’ anything is right anymore. I have some really big decisions to make with huge ramifications. I can feel the deadline approaching and I am mentally and emotionally frozen with terror that in the absence of the ‘right’ decision the universe will deal me some bloody hard lessons.
    Please enlighten me Elsa. Where do I look?

    1. Welcome, Sarah. I’m sorry you feel lost! I’m also sorry, but it’s impossible to answer your question without knowing you and/or seeing your chart.

      You can post your chart in the forum along with your questions and someone will help. 🙂

      Good luck!

    2. Jupiter(expansion and truth) entered today in capricorn.the 10th house of career. Until 27th Dec 2019 he is in expansion then he will expose the truth with curves upto 21st Dec can see the capricorn in which house rules yours.

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