Astrocartography – Geographical Cure?

character defect“I don’t use astrocartography.  I tend to think, wherever you go, there you are. People take their problems with them…”

I wrote that in a response to someone who asked if I moved to Colorado because of astrocartography.  I am not saying it doesn’t work. I am saying, if you think you can resolve your issues by changing locations, I bet you find out otherwise.

This is a hard thing to pin down, because people often move during Jupiter transits. They’re full of faith, confidence and optimism. Nothing wrong with that! But if your deal is to hook up with alcoholic men, don’t think that moving to a new city (or new bar) is going help you any.

I do think there is value in a fresh start.  But if you want to avoid a hard landing in new location, I would consider a lot more then some lines on a map – sorry!

Have you ever gone in for the geographical cure?  How did you fare?

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  1. When I saw the quote, I immediately saved it because it is so fitting to my current situation. I’m a Pisces with Cap moon like youself, so I can easily relate to you posts. Just discovered your wonderful website today. I’ll be visiting from time to time 🙂

  2. Only in the fresh start thought. Never once have I looked at astrocartography when considering a move. In fact the biggest two moves I have made were somewhat surprising, even to me.

  3. Elsa, I’ve lived in many places in the USA. Most were far removed from my hometown. I’ve also lived outside of the USA. When I changed residences my internal compass did not change. I did have experiences that broadened my point of view; in fact, a more appropriate way to describe that would be it has been like my viewpoint was zoomed out instead of inwards. But, all in all no matter where I went there I was.

  4. Waldo Emerson, such a wise Jupiterian man!

    I haven’t used astrocartography before. Interestingly when I moved to Canada temporarily years ago (I live in Europe) I met the first man I considered seriously to marry (I didn’t). My (natal) 4th house Sun was right on the 7th house cusp (0 degrees conjunction), and partnership was really on mind that year.

    Unfortunately my natal neptune now squared my sun from the 4th house and it was exactly on the IC! So there were many illusions around the viability of the match (big dealbreaker around religion). I returned to Europe briefly with intentions of returning to Canada to be with him yet with the distance, I was able (he as well) to have a wake-up call!

    I have considered astrocartography in terms of a move this year but I am not doing it in the end – things are good here in England.

    If someone has worked on their issues, meaning working on their personal ‘logjam’ (Elsa, I’m re-reading the Venus-Saturn workshop, so good!) in terms of love, health, career or whatever, then a move where greater related-opportunities lay would be great, I guess.

    Interesting post!

  5. I’m suppose to be rich in Nova Scotia or somewhere in that vicinity. I’ve yet to get there. I’ve yet to be rich. I agree rather than some lines… produce positive thinking into your daily life… and Hope!… there is always hope that tomorrow may be better than today.

  6. I never moved based on astrocartography but boy have I moved. After growing up in Alabama I moved to NYC where I lived for 12 years. Then I married a military officer and in 17 years we moved 8 times, all in the U.S.A. (NY, CA, VA, IL, UT, MA, CA, TX). And I’m positive enough to have found something good in all of these locations still some relocations and lifestyles were better than others. But the only place I ever feel at home is in Manhattan. I believe its just who I am and what I bring with me that makes the house a home or an apartment my palace.

  7. I had no idea what Astrocartography was until I saw it here.

    I have been to most places in the US. From Seattle to Florida, New York to Tijuana Mexico…. and most everything in between. I have enjoyed seeing all of it but there was only one place that felt like home. And I include where I live now….

    The Northeast. And the funny thing is, I love the South and hope to move there someday. But if asked where my favorite place of all time is, and where I found the people to be most agreeable….It was New York! I love New York. I love all the little states in the Northeast. Even with the crazy snow …. I love the Northeast. It was the best vacation trip I have ever had in my life and the people were awesome! I got them, and they got me!

    According to astrocartography … that is my place on the planet. The happy place, a place to retire.

    I will never move there. lolol I will visit again and I will always love it. And I feel good there…. but there is no way I would ever do it.

    Our plans are to one day be in the South. Of course according to astrocartography this is NOT the place for me… but I am still looking forward to moving there. I NEED water. I need to be closer to it, I need to be closer to the East coast … not even on it, just close enough that I can comfortably drive the distance to put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Not the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic. And I want to live in the South.

    As it stands, we choose Georgia and the astrocartography for me is no different there than it is here. So… why not be closer to what makes me so happy….water!!!

    I figure if you are a jerk now you are going to be one no matter where you live. You may move and find a better employment opportunity but beyond that if you don’t have your nuggets together where you are….moving isn’t going to change anything but your address.

    I have had to fight harder for things here, where I live. But that is how I gained strength. So I am thankful for a little tension…. (and some squares) 🙂

    I would be miserable on the West Coast. I could never live in Washington, Oregon or California. (very pretty but not for me) I couldn’t live in the Western states…. or the Southwest although we almost had to move to Arizona last year and I was sure I would try to make the best of the 118 degree heat.

    If we have any chance we want to be in GA…or one of the Carolina’s…. I so hope that I will be able to retire there someday.

    1. Almost the opposite of me

      Being a military brat, I grew up in central & south Florida, northern Georgia, NC, WA and HI. Living in the south for so long, and with so many negative events happening to me here… Kind of soured my view of the place. My dream is to go back to the Seattle area or even O’ahu. I had long lasting pleasant memories of them, but current dont have the funds to go back. later I found out that I’ve lived in these places during positive jupiter transits.

      My astrocartograhy said once that anywhere in the vicinity of the southeast emits bad energy, whereas the general west coast and northeast have better prospects. By coincidence, I’m going to the northeast in the 2nd half of this year, when jupiter conjuncts sun and trines my moon.

  8. I’ve gathered a lot of stories over the years. Example, a gal with a lot of Pisces (American) idealized Japan. She moved there – leap of faith. Found herself sobbing in a VERY SMALL bathtub (culture shock)…you can land quite hard.

    I am also moving to the South, and thinking long and hard about how I’m going to blend. You just can’t escape reality.

    Plus, a person may go for venus, when they need is saturn…it’s quite strange to think you can manipulate things like this. Manipulate reality…in reality, for long? I don’t think so.

    1. Elsa, I was born and raised in Asheville, NC. An astrologer I’m working with in Raleigh is suggesting Denver. I moved back to Asheville last year only to find that the crowd has changed so much. Don’t get me wrong, its great! But, there are too many people crammed in a small space. I had been homesick for years. Its not that I am unhappy here, its just that I made the mistake of wanting to replicate good experiences. Many of the cool people are gone and many of them were replaced with assholes. “You can never go home” is the motto I’m working with. I guess because you are your own home (sense of belonging/experiences=internal). I studied Place Psychology, which I have longed to see connected to astrocartography. What do I want to escape? I really want to escape my current Saturn Return (and future ones if I live through this one). But, like you said, you need to learn lessons to get anything from life. When I was young “you get what you give” and “you create the life you want” were myths to me. I felt powerless, but we all are full of untapped power. I think that moving to a different location gives us the illusion that things will be different (sounds like the beginning of a horror movie). I don’t think anyone should have to wait for the perfect conditions (location, etc) before they start building a meaningful life.

      1. I agree.
        I am planning to relocate. I’m very careful about my expectations. I think one of the most important predictors of happiness is around how well you can get along with people OR how well you can do without them.

        You’re just not going to be able to move to a spot on a map and fall in love and never have a problem again. It upsets me that some will suggest this. Because guess what? That person is not around, when the person they advised lands with a thud.

        1. Yeah, unfortunately people PAY to hear that shit. People pay to treat the symptoms, not the disease.

  9. I definitely looked at where we were thinking of moving and how it would affect each of our charts. I even paid for reports to verify. But the decision to move was based on other things (life circumstances, job(s), schools, religious preferences, etc.). The reports just gave me more of an idea of what energy each of us would find upon landing and a heads up on to deal with it. It was helpful in that regard. It did help me the info needed to make our landing more successful,

  10. Ive never really looked at astrocartography nor have I moved or planned to move. But I did have a friend who moved to a location and proceeded to be stuck when it came to relationships – the exact same kind of men and relationships that always ended badly. Tired of the drama she decided to make a fresh start in another city on another continent where she had some friends. One of the old friends turned into the love of her life.

  11. I looooooooooooooove astrocartography! I think you’re drawn to your lines. I don’t think there’s any reason to make a conscious effort to go to them, because you’ll end up there anyways 🙂 Or at least that has been the case with me. I even said I would NEVER go to most of my lines when I first saw them, but surprise surprise I ended up on them anyways! And my current job? Its headquarters is RIGHT on my Sun line! How convenient is that? Anyways when I move its complete impulse, no forethought, no time to look at astrocartography. I’m an Aries NN so thats how I should roll.

  12. I’ve not studied astrocartography at all, though I recall clicking around on a map on ages ago. I’ve lived all over, with widely varying results. I was born & raised in NJ, very close to NYC, and that’s where I am (generally) happiest. I am most definitely a “city mouse.” 😉

    However, since I am “stuck” in Texas, I have grown used to it. I do not especially like San Antonio (for too many reasons to go into) but, I love Austin & plan to move there sooner or later. When I visited Austin, the “vibe” reminded me of home & I liked that very much. I loved Illinois but, I had too many issues with Saturnine figures there. Conversely, I had nothing but luck & happiness with the Saturn figures in my life when I lived in Florida – but, economically, it was not viable. *shrug*

    As you say, every place is different, and none are a bed of roses. 😉 You will find good (and bad) wherever you go…the important thing is to make the best of what you’ve got, while you’re there. For instance, I dislike much of San Antonio but, I LOVE the downtown area. So, when I go out, that’s where I go. 🙂

  13. Definitely did so. Am a huge follower of astrocartography. For example, I have great lines over L.A. and San Fran and Seattle. I moved to L.A. from Chicago, where my lines were more complex. Originally, am from New York – where my lines were also complex. Good with bad. Over L.A. I had a Mars Venus crossing. There was Saturn Ascendant (which is considered awful) but way off in the Pacific. I was born with a very easy chart. A lot of trines. That’s not great for this tough world today. But, I made the move to L.A., and the Mars/Venus physical attraction promise kicked-in big time. I literally got off the plane on an Academy Awards Day, walked into a bar and someone kissed me on the lips to welcome me immediately. That dynamic kept playing over and over ad nauseam. I was very flattered. But, Elsa also makes a great point. You do take your natal chart with you. Perfect case in point – the alcoholic. I have a Moon in Pisces and went to L.A. after rehab because of an addiction I developed while in Chicago. I attribute that to a Pisces Moon. Although, L.A. had a wonderful recovery community and I was at the height of a popularity I had never known before because of the Mars/Venus crossing, the addiction didn’t magically disappear. I had to work really hard at staying clean and sober. The Mars/Venus lines opened doors to make the recovery be filled with weekly pool parties and glamorous friends and hanging out with A-list celeb’s. But the addiction attributed to the natal chart was something that I fought with there. As I did in Chicago, New York, London and Paris. In each of those cities that I lived in, the astrocartography lines granted what they promised, but the issues I was born with would follow me everywhere. It really depends on how you want to deal with what you’re born with. Do you want to be in a place where people treat you like their fantasy of a love object? Or do you want to be near your family and old friends who’ve been with you all of your life. Moving gave me a lot of fresh starts and new people, but they also left behind a lot of people that were a big part of my life, including my family. It really depends on how old you are. What phase you’re in your life. And what you really want around you to happen. But you take you with you everywhere. That game does not change. I hope this helps you guys understand it more. I don’t regret moving, but, in the end, I ended up returning to where I started. Looking back, there was a financial cost involved in each move that I would have preferred to have avoided.


  14. I’ll put it this way: if it works so great, where are all the astrologers, living blissful lives in the land of their dreams? I don’t know even one person like that.

    I know astrologers in bad marriages, astrologers who have cancer, astrologers with AIDS, lonely astrologers, astrologers who are broke…you get the idea.

    It’s such a great sell. But no different, then “eat this” or “put this on your face or your thighs” or “get this surgery”, and your life will be changed!


    You can change your life, but you have to actually do the the work at whatever location – this usually involves getting dirty.

    1. I’m gonna third Elisa’s and HeatherM’s motion on Elsa comment. Astrocartography has it’s place, but no matter where, you’re still on this big school we call planet earth.

  15. Also, too, a lot of astrologers leave this out. Even ones who dedicate their practices to astrocartography. You may have the love planets over L.A. as I did. Mars and Venus. But, unless those planets are well-aspected in your natal chart, they could give you trouble.

    I have Venus in Taurus. That is a wonderful placement. I must admit, those dreams did come true. Comfort and beauty. But I’m an actor and male model to begin with. So…it was like that in other cities too. Just not as focused.

    My Mars is in Virgo, however, a weird placement for me. It is both well aspected and badly aspected. So that element also came to fruition. As it did in other cities too. It’s also conjunct Pluto, so that element came out. And that’s pretty sizzling sexually. But also dangerous. Was I George Michael having secret sex (also has Mars/Pluto conjunct) in public bathrooms, no. Oh, no. Am quite different than that. More vanilla. But when Pluto was aspected, I felt it under that pleasant crossing too. And, sometimes, that was unpleasant. Just like it was in other cities. A bit smoother, I must admit. But unpleasant nevertheless.

    The Saturn Ascendant line helped because my natal Saturn trines my Venus and conjuncts Jupiter. That helped people take me seriously and with respect. Unlike in other cities, where I was just seen as someone that didn’t deserve so much respect. I was a huge target of envy. And that can be and was really ugly and very negative to endure. Yes, there are truly evil people in the world. And they are everywhere, no matter what lines are over the city you choose to live in.

    So, in addition, to being a love object to the natives of L.A. I was also a well-respected love object. LOL.

    Depending on whatever transits were happening natally, there were times when things would get intense. Too intense. As things have in other cities.

    I hope am being clear.

    Also note, there are primary and secondary and tertiary lines. They must all be taken into effect. The primary lines or crossings will be felt most. But the tertiary – which in my understanding are the natural lines the Earth has all the time running over it – might not be compatible with even the best lines.

    I’ve been told I would find true happiness under a Jupiter Ascendant line. What I found when visiting that line, in addition to good, positive energy, was weight gain. Which is like death for me.

    So, go figure. If you set goals wherever you are and make them small at the beginning, they should come to fruition. But if you find that you feel like you are cursed and things never work out for you. And it’s not because of this Cardinal Grand Cross or this Mars in Libra at 9 degrees, maybe it is worth looking into astrocartography to ameliorate the situation.

    Again, as Elsa aptly put, if you have AIDS and you move to the greatest line in the world for health, let’s say, you still have AIDS. It’s not going to go away. Again you take the organic you with you everywhere.

    But try visiting the cities that are under the great lines and if they make you feel that much better and things seem to flow, by all means, make a move. Just be sure you look at all three things I mentioned above: primary, secondary and the Earth’s tertiary lines. And the planets aspects in your natal chart. Because if they are badly aspected, things could get really heavy and not very fun.

    I’ve done this a lot, so if you have questions, am here for any one who needs guidance with this topic. Hopefully, like I said, I’ve been clear enough.

    Thanks for reading my two cents on astrocartography. Lol. Btw, from L.A. or whatever city I was in, I would still consult my astrologer in New York about issues no matter what. I didn’t look for a new one in any new place. And I stayed in these new cities for years at a time.

    Peace and love.

  16. I never thought of doing this, maybe I should have 🙂 Have moved house over 30 times, due to work mostly, however, I’m touching wood that I’m settled now. Done with all the packing unpacking, going to see what it’s like to actually be part of a community.

    1. Wherever you go, your head goes with you, so not convinced it can make that depth of change; but, if you are caught up in family or other environmental issues that affect you negatively, a bit of distance (or sunshine, if that’s what you seed) won’t do any harm in my view.
      Though if you seek sunshine, definitely don’t come to Scotland! 🙂

  17. yes, i’ve seen the difference. living on a Saturn line in Chicago, vs. more open lines on the east coast. where in the south are you relocating to, Elsa? have you found some place cool with a community? i think a lot of us are searching.

  18. We’re moving a rural area, for privacy and to be closer to my husband’s family. Astrology is not a factor. We just want to find a place to invest, put down roots, where we won’t have to move again. So we looked not only at “now” but the trends in the area. Where with the area be in 20 or 25 years?

    I know this is pedestrian, rather than sexy or dreamy, lol. But I think we’ve got an 80% chance of landing, permanently and happily and I think that’s pretty good.

  19. First off – good luck on your move, ma’am! As for the question, I’ve definitely looked at my astrocartography lines and the progressed/transit astrocartography lines. My Jup MC line is in Hawaii – had a blast on vacation there, much to my surprise (I am not a beach person). Toronto – my favorite city in all the world – has my Mars IC line; I lived there for 3 weeks and started divorce proceedings! (Still miss that city though!) My current husband has his Sun IC line in our current city and now wants kids (didn’t when we were in Chicago); also, most of his family is here and they owned several restaurants here years ago. It can be quite literal like that!

    I have looked at relocated charts as well and used the services of an astrologer who has special techniques for this (inc. transits & progressions to the relocated charts). Interesting stuff – he said we both should stay put where we are for the next few yrs, which makes total sense. Why ruin a great thing?

  20. I moved north (from Southern Cali to Washington State) and still had problems but my relocated Venus is on my MC up here and art, music, nature, have become more prominent in my life. I moved to Cincinnati before that were my relocated Mars, Pluto. Uranus are in the 12th house. I couldn’t get out the shadows or assert myself very well there but I did like the lower key vibe. If you want to accent a certain experience it can be helpful but you get other stuff along with it that you may not like. Also, the longer you are in that place the more it seems to apply.

    1. That’s interesting, Brian. Thanks for sharing that; it makes sense. I find that if I live in places that are counter to something I feel is important, I become agitated. Whenever I travel through the South, the sheer number of churches disturbs me 😉 I associate holy rollers with judgment and bigotry, so I find I am more combative because I KNOW that I don’t fit in. I felt the same way traveling through Muslim countries–and in Salt Lake City, come to think of it. I’m not comfortable anyplace where I feel (rightly or wrongly) that I would be judged and deemed ‘less than.’ Might as well throw strongly patriarchal institutions in there as well!

  21. I can’t say I have ever consciously went anywhere to influence my chart geographically, but I have noticed subtle shifts in my behavior when I visited the UK… but as you implied, the birth chart is THE thing. I feel astrocartography may show areas on the planet where certain traits might be more pronounced, but it is still YOU. A truck driver in Tokyo is not going to suddenly become a ballet dancer in London.

  22. boy oh boy! I have taken the geographical cure many times and it always works! I can pull out a map and choose a place like “Hearts Content” or choose “Mountain Top” over “Effort” and it always works! But for my friend Alice, tossing a dart at a map like I do (figuratively) resulted in a year of the worst misery of her life. It’s a pretty individual prescription imho

  23. Places have a feel to them, an energy. I don’t know if my astrocartography would show positive things for the places in which I feel good, but I for damned sure know that there are places I can live and places that I cannot! Having moved around my entire life–US and abroad–I can pretty much step off a plane and know if I am going to feel comfortable there. Places have energy and some work for people, and some don’t. That’s my .02!

  24. I’m going to make an argument that…

    Yes, you carry yourself everywhere. But there are some places that are just energetically better for you. I know that if you move to another place and still have issues, you will still land on your bottom, ouch!

    BUT, there are some places where, even if you do work on yourself, you are never going to fit in!

    If you work on yourself, and you still have problems with a place, then perhaps this is a sign that you’re better fit for another place!

    There are some places that are just energetically a bad match with me. It’s energy, and me, and that place, will never be friends!

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