Pluto In Capricorn Transit Through The 12th House Killed My Reputation

Capricorn is concerned with a person’s public reputation. Pluto is associated with death.

With Pluto in Capricorn transiting your 12th house, it’s likely your reputation fall off a cliff into some kind of inky, murky swamp.

But what happens while no one is looking?

As mentioned in the video, read more about Pluto transiting the 12th house.

Has your reputation ever been decimated? How did this wind up for you?

50 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn Transit Through The 12th House Killed My Reputation”

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    Southern Cross

    Wow! I identify with what you’ve said about standing in the shadow of the collective, and you see people for what they are when they put their shadow upon you. I’ve got Pluto transiting my 7th house, and what I’ve experienced so far echoes the very thing. Interesting to say the least!

  2. I’m still recovering from this, 12 years out. I’ve been connecting with people again and the ones that get to know me usually respond to me favorably. But strangers? I still feel vulnerable around them. I still feel I carry the shadow to some extent. My friendships that died during Pluto in 12th are still dead, likely for good. same goes for all hopes and dreams that died during the transit. I don’t see myself ever finishing college or having a real career. My book will likely never get written. If it does, I will probably go under a pseudo name. It’s just as well. I’m not even the person I was back then. That person died.
    (I progressed to a Scorpio Sun during that time period, so that adds to the change.)

    1. People like you are one of the reasons I am doing this. We have astrology! And you can be beaten down so badly, you think you’ve got to stay down. But really, you’re clear.

      Circus, you’ve been around here awhile and we see you… clearly. We don’t see a damaged person.

      I’ve had to keep my head down in order to cope with unseen (12th) burdens (Capricorn), deep and profound (Pluto). But this does not mean I am productive, and supported for that matter. Maybe, powerfully so.

      Pluto in Capricorn describes a rotted structure but it also describes a powerful, solid, core.

      In spite of all that’s gone on, and continues to go on, I have maintained this business for nearly 20 years.

      It’s sort of an unseen (but real) accomplishment.

      I have the gift of fortitude for which I am grateful.

      1. What Circus and Elsa said.

        So well described I don’t even care to elaborate because this is exactly what has happened for me as well, and Pluto is not even close to get his butt out of my 12th house yet.
        During this he will also square himself and my Saturn which is sitting smack dab on him (a November 1982’er here) in Libra.
        Shortly thereafter he will reach my Ascendant. (Finally!)

        I came to think of “Total annihilation of everything relationship-ey and rising Phoenix from the depths of murky water”.

        I have no more illusions left I think – and if I have, I will not have anyone left after 2023!

        1. Elsa – thank you for passing on the link to your blog about matriarch and patriach passings. It makes sense. Personally, my sisters and I have remained in close contract post my mother’s death. We nag each other about getting mammograms and colonoscopies, and we give each other parental and grandparent advice. We witnessed what a lousy relationship our mother had with her sister and vowed we wouldn’t repeat it.

      1. I am new to this site, but I have Pluto transiting my 12th House and this absolutely nails it. Everything that Elsa says is brilliant. Right down to the fact of Pluto being in Capricorn while it’s in the 12th House, so it’s the public image that takes the hit. And my public image at the minute is being dragged along the floor. But what Elsa said about you being able to see other people when you’re in their shadow and they’re in your light – wow that just absolutely nails it! Thank you so much for putting this out Elsa, I’m still learning but I’m learning a lot!

    1. My BF also experienced a sudden ending of his career at a large corporation: Tr Pluto was exactly conjunct his MC squaring his natal 6H Virgo Pluto. Tr Uranus was in his 12H opposing his natal Pluto and squaring the Tr Pluto on the MC. Tr Pluto’s opposition to his IC also destroyed his family unit that led to a divorce and separation from his children. By God’s grace he is alive today.

    2. I have Pluto in the 10th house natally. It’s not a fun place to have it. I’ve been demoted, suspended, fired, falsely accused, you name it.

  3. Current Pluto transit is in my 8th (also squaring natal sun/Neptune, opposing Uranus)… despite research it’s not clear what 8th house transit will bring.

  4. Yes! Transit Pluto is in my 12th house. My reputation has definitely been damaged. I feel hurt about how people have judged me. People I thought were my friends turned out not to be my friends. I have felt very isolated at some points. Pluto will be in my 12th house for several more years, I hope the hardest part is over at this stage.

    1. I hear you, Mm. Tr Pluto is also in my Cap 12H. My bi-polar daughter regularly spews her verbal venom upon me when she’s off her medication; no one else – just lucky mom! Yes, I am truly the receiver of her “shadow side.”

      However, I made the decision to stand my dignified ground once and for all. I said goodbye to her until she gets psychiatrically stabilized. Period. It was a tough but much delayed decision to make for this Pisces Moon mom.

      1. Yes, but If you lose her forever as I did mine, your dignified ground won’t be worth shit to your shredded heart.
        Try to see HER, and the source of her pain, and MAKE SURE she knows you love her regardless. I would give my life this second to not have stood my ground.

  5. Must have been a very tough decision, Jayne but sounds healthy.

    I sometimes wonder will I look back some day on these years and think how much I’ve grown through these experiences. At the moment it just seems very hard.

  6. When Pluto transited my 10th house I lived under the radar, I felt I needed to withdraw. I walked away from an unfulfilling career and got negatively judged by my family. When Pluto moved to my 11th, I went back to university and began a degree in something I’m passionate about. My hopes and dreams were reignited.

  7. Elsa, your eyes are beautiful.

    I saw your earlier videos, and your eyes were sparkling but now they are a deep fire below water.

    Pluto in my 12th crushed all the nonsense out of me. Now I have not one single idea left about what I am, what |I should be, what |I , I, I, I … I’m just here, and that is good enough.

  8. Transiting my 2nd house but transited my husbands 12th. Nothing but upheaval. Lost friends, financial security and husband. I am 63, I am just sitting here wondering how to move forward. Should I try to move forward and fight against the tide or just get into the groove of acceptance of my upcoming death in a few years. I surely don’t have that much time left. I finally have the freedom to get out of this house but my asthma keeps me inside. Whats the point.

  9. One year ago, in the depth of this transit, I did something I thought I would never do, I asked an astrologer “What is this?”

    The astrologer was Elsa. I gave her only the barest details of my difficulty, and supplied my chart. Elsa had nothing to work on apart from that, and she nailed it. Got it 100 per cent right.

    She said, look,you have 30 minutes more with me, please talk if you need to, I am here, but as I am a Vigo Sun Scorpio Moon with a jam packed 8th and 10th, I knew that we were all done.

    Elsa is gold.

  10. Well, I ended up without any plans today and I just spent the last several hours reading ALL of the Pluto in 12th posts and some of the comments. Riveting stuff. Useful for anyone looking to study big-scale transits, and surely invaluable to anyone who’s going through this particular transit. A rich tapestry woven over years and years. And nearing its conclusion!

    I’m never going to have Pluto enter my 12th unless I live to be about 100. I think at that point Pluto can just take me down with it!

      1. Pluto nstslly vonj moon and Mars in 7th….dun Saturn neptune 8th. Pluto has transpired every planet in my chart but two, and it nstslly conjoins the ruler of them. Plus MC…Now on asc.

        I thought it would just be familiar territory but in Capricorn..the is hard, physical, has shredded my life beyond comprehension.Tearing down mt everest isn’t like transits thru any other element..air, tire, water…or the mutable virgo. It feels more like anhilation to dub atomic particles. It’s all I can do to keep any Sense of me. Identity is gone. Im amazed at the kindness and generosity of the few and honestly terrified at the direction of PLUTOCRACY, and soulessness and blindness of the many licked into the matrix. It seems I have xrsy vision…see things and notice totally beyond the comprehension of most. It’s hard to honestly communicate. So much holding back cuz most just can’t take it. I wonder sometimes if the final pass over asc will unleash the natal pluo/ mars/ moon and I’ll become as ruthless as past lives I believed left behind incarnations ago.. if I feel I have nothing to lose and all previous has been destroyed.

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    the laughing goat

    YEESSSS… I am being effed with everywhere I go!! Struggle daily with wanting to run and hide rather than face/deal with the BS. So many lies being told about me and I believe it stems from the fact that I have stood up to certain males and called them out on their sh*t, aka: told the truth. And holy crap has the pushback been unreal! So sick of it, so sick of being respectful, responsible, doing the right thing when I could bury them with all the truths I know. But I’m not a malicious person, I won’t do that – I can’t do it. Something inside won’t let me. (sigh)

    Sorry for the vent… it’s becoming overwhelming. Thanks for the video and passing on your knowledge – it’s gold.

    1. I feel the same and I wonder if THE POINT us that we DO bury them. im do sick of same I’m afraid I will be pushed to a place I can no longer control, and I’m no longer at all sure that being that kind of person is actually a bad thing, or just conditioning of control which keeps me a victim. At some point…remember our heros…of the Revolution 1776, or of Greek mythology/ history. They didn’t cower and hold back on the pretense of not being ‘that kind of person’. That’s exactly what the matrix mob and it’s gods want. Problem rewuires willingness of total sacrifice, and I’ve done that in SO many lives, only to find myself back there again in same situation in a min ch baster arena of abuse. If I didn’t have a small child to care for ..I would not refrain as much. But his welfare is my sacrifice. God forbid anyone f with him.

  12. 12thHouseMars

    It was in my 12th since 2008. I disappeared from life while feeling horrible, and people judged me for it. (Venus in 9th in Libra.) It’s funny because my Venus is conjunct my SN and Mars in Capricorn rules my NN. It felt karmic. My Mars is beaten up.

  13. Thanks, Elsa… There is someone I love very much who has been going through this and have just been wondering… As well what the current planetary set up means for him, and our relationship, as we have a twelfth house seventh house overlay…. Maurice Fernandez calls the twelfth house the “House of True Career”… On YouTube…

  14. I have Pluto conjunct my Sun in my 12th natally. I’ve been invisible my entire life. And yes, I have piercing vision that makes people feel very uncomfortable. I don’t try to make them feel that way. . . it just always seems to happen; I recognize ‘the look and their backing away’. Consequently I’ve had lots of time alone to study and learn. Still I’d like some of the ‘softness’ life offers others that I’ve never experienced.

  15. I understand your point, Elsa. I have been in a void All of My Life despite My tremendous efforts and work. I agree ashtonised how you describe The effect you have on people. I have Mars-Pluto in 12th, Mars close by The Asc. Scorpio Moon…

    I have accepted that this material World is an Illusion, being detached because I am in that void, what can I do. Do not really want to Be Elsewhere, either.

  16. Thank you Elsa. In early 2011, Pluto hit my 12th cusp @ 6 Cap. In 2023, Pluto will enter my 1st house. So I have a year or two leading into the last 8 years of solid Pluto in my 12th. With some time (years) left to go.
    It does explain some events that have been hard to swallow, your description.

    When my husband had Pluto enter his first house, it became a very public time for him. He was looked up to and appreciated by so many people. His picture was in the local newspaper many times with articles about all the great things he was doing for the City.
    Even bad publicity affected him positively! So take heart because you may reap a nice reward for all your hard work and studies. I hope you do and you are able to earn according to all you have shared with us.

    I find I am misunderstood now more ever before. It is nice to know that this will pass!

  17. Great video. It clears up a lot and I’m excited to see what Pluto crossing into your 1st house brings. 🙂

  18. I was born in 88 and I’m an Aquarius Rising. I have been experiencing this transit since I was 19. It’s been rough for me. I’m excited about this series and looking forward to both Pluto and Saturn crossing my Ascendant in hopes that my life will be more “Normal”.
    Thank you for your hard work Elsa.

  19. This rang so true for me. I currently have Pluto transiting my 12th house and it is an almost alien feeling being invisible as someone with a 1st house sun! My reputation has been damaged, particularly with career and I lost my father when Pluto entered my 12th house. Looks like I am in for a long transit since it is only 2 degrees into my 12th house…

  20. Hi Elsa, this is so fascinating and you are so right. I was an avid reader of your site many years ago and then… I just stopped reading it as you seemed to have disappeared… I think perhaps when I googled transits or eclipses coming up, your site no longer appeared near the top in Google (SEO issues??).. so I stopped coming to your site direct. I checked back once or twice over that 10 year period and there didnt seem to be any posts from you (you are elsaelsa!) and I assumed you had stopped writing or had “sold” the blog/business to another astrologer. It was like you had disappeared! I remember enjoying your posts way back about “the soldier” and you were always so insightful about relationships. Your Pluto 12th /Asc writings have been profound for me and how I have been feeling and suffering even though life has also been good to me.. you made me aware that I too “disappeared” during this transit as mine are similar to yours (I have my ASC at 20′ Cap). My reputation didn’t die but I did lose my career in programming and web development overnight and had a baby and put all my energy into raising her the past 9 years, so the old me did disappear. I feel like I’ve been under the radar! I also started a business 10 years ago when I was pregnant to prioritise my time with her, that is entirely run “behind the scenes”! My clients are sent to me via Government channels and I cannot advertise for more, or market my company in any way at all as that is against the rules. I also have had profound changes to how I relate to people or they to me and have changed very much and feel like the old me has died. So fascinating. Pluto is now in my 1st just past the Ascendant and I feel like I am still dismantled but starting to be stitched back together in my new form. I also have Neptune retrograding over my Pisces sun (at 18’57”) which possibly doesn’t help the feeling of being a fish out of water 😉 I feel like I have been submerged for 10+ years, in motherhood and professionally and I can see the surface above me but I haven’t yet broken through. I wonder when that will be or how it will feel. Its good to have you and your site back, you should keep going, your writing speaks to so many people.

    1. Soo interesting… I have a great love(who lives far away, we both have hard Venus Neptune aspects) who has a natal Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo on the cusp of his 7th…said current conjunction is now transiting his twelfth house and will be for some time, as his ascendant is only at around 17 Aquarius… I am kind of wondering how he is feeling… Not that he would say….

  21. Very similar experiences and I also took note that since 1984 (except for about four years 1998-2001) one heavy planet or another passed thru Capricorn. Neptune, Uranus and Chiron. Chiron almost killed me! So happy to see your video it is so confirming for me. Pluto is also trying to do me in, but it will reach aquarius soon enough. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nightmare after nightmare, betrayals, deaths, there is nothing in my life left except me. As a Gemini sun my solar chart had all this happen in my 8th house as well. Severe ‘psychic attacks’ daily and I am living out of my car now for my second winter. Without some clue as to what was happening I probably wouldn’t make. Jin Shin Jyutsu, cell salts and a love of nature keep me going. I also am working on an art career which I previously was unable to get off the ground and had given up on, but since being homeless I began again and have some of my work for sale online. Thanks so much for your video, I am wishing the best for you.

  22. I just found your site and have been reading your documentation of Pluto through 12th. I think we have close degrees for AC, Mine is 24. Pluto crossing my ascendant was the most intense period of my life. Intense doesn’t even really come close to describing it. 20 years worth of experiences happened in those 5. The most severe phase was within 2 degree +/- orbit. But one theme for sure is what you described. Becoming the shadow magnet. I have never experienced so much human cruelty. It was relentless. Everywhere I went. It felt like being hunted by the same demon over and over. I finally felt I was out of the energy once it got to 28 degrees. Interesting to feel the whispers of it during this retro. Anyways, Im really grateful to have found your documentation I’ll be reading all of it. I also booked a consultation with you.

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