Finding Teachers & Discovering Your Own Nature

farm-near-quimperThere are certain things each of us are good at. Some families farm for generations. But some parents have children that are quite different then they are.  This is the case in my family.

My mother was a double Aquarius. My father was also an Aquarius, with four planets in the sign. He also had a Libra moon, so this was an extremely airy couple. I don’t share this quality with them.

The other night, I was recalling some of the story threads in my life and I came across something kind of cool.

It seems that if there is something in you, something you are good at, you’ll inevitably be exposed to someone who will model the trait for you.  What’s crazy, is how magnetic the connection is and how fast you pick the thing up.

I’ve had this experience throughout my life. I’m old enough now,. to recognize patterns and know myself pretty well.  So when I see someone doing something or being something that I admire…it occurs to me that I’ll probably be doing the thing myself, eventually.

I recognize this will likely be the case, even if there is no obvious path for me to take to get from here to there. This is entirely based on how I feel as a witness to other person’s life…and let me clarify that.

In life you see people doing things that you may admire, but you know it’s their gig, not yours. For example, I have a friend with a huge business that keeps him traveling about forty weeks a year.  He’s obviously cut out for this. He’s done it for two decades! It’s not for me – who will water my garden?

But I see other people doing things that attract me at a soul level.  So it’s when I feel moved in that way, I pretty much know, I’m observing myself in the future.

This spares me ever feeling jealous of anyone. I really don’t know why people feel jealous of others in the first place.  You’re you, not them!

Now here’s the cool part…

In my experience, you do not need to be exposed to this kind of role model very long. A day will do it. A week. An hour. You don’t even have to know the person.  You just have to see them. Because the skill or the character that’s required to do the thing, is already in you.

My point is, there are some things your parents can’t teach you.  It’s sad, how people know-it-all these days.  They are so crippled and victimized.  It’s ridiculous.

Why not have your eye out, to look for keys and clues that will allow you to become your true self? I can’t see how anything else will ever make a person happy.

Saturn in Sagittarius again. y’all.  Real (Saturn) path to your future (Sagittarius).

Do you recognize a teacher when you see one?  Are you even open to being taught?

pictured – Farm near Quimper by Eugène Boudin

30 thoughts on “Finding Teachers & Discovering Your Own Nature”

  1. I used to have trouble opening up to being taught. Mars in Aries and Venus in Leo doesn’t want to be taught. But now I’m a lot more open to it, and willing to listen too!

  2. 🙂 yup. totally understand about not being jealous of others happiness and lifestyle. I do “admire” alot, but i’m very content with my own way, with my little family unit. If people are happy with their own thing and their own lifestyle, they have no room to be jealous of others – because they are completely and utterly content – is how i see it. The mention of watering the garden is funny lol Reminded me of when we as a family went on vacation recently and my leo neighbor offered to water the garden while we were gone. I said sure! but turns out, she didn’t need to water much as there was alot of rain the last couple weeks.

  3. This is so eerily timely for me. I was literally thinking about a person that I look up to seconds before I clicked on this. I’m attracted to this person on a lot of levels but I feel like the real attraction is in my admiration for him. And that I want to be like him. I want what he has. I thought I might get it through osmosis. It never occurred to me to have faith in the fact that that’s the direction I was headed in. I mean I had a clue but no solid faith. But it makes perfect sense. And it makes me feel really good.

    It also brings my feelings about this person into focus. I was unsure why I was attracted to him or what I wanted from him or what I could possibly give him. Still not sure what I’ve given him but at least I got half of the question answered. Thanks Elsa!

      1. Ironic, I am actually going through the same thing. There is something this person has, I admire and it touches me on a very deep level. I want to be like this, which pretty much requires to bust everything I have been doing so far. Hm. Wow. It’s like coming out. No more hiding.

  4. I think I’ll find personal happiness when Saturn hits Sagittarius. With all my planet there, it will be grueling but freeing.

    There are loads of people I admire and inspire me. But I need to be really me. I’m still young, still trying to get it.

    My Sagittarius in Saturn goal, is my path.

  5. This happens all the time especially with Yoga and Astrology. It’s finding the teacher who will teach me for free and that is ME. I have Saturn in Sag in my first house.

  6. So true! I really suffered as a teenager, tortued by longing towards what seemed impossible (for me) skills and ways of being I saw in people – but then in time I learned exactly what you’re saying, Elsa – that longing and interest is a sign of capacity, not the opposite!

  7. This insight is a great gift, Elsa, thank you!

    It can be a fine line between admiration and jealousy…Feeling jealous is yucky but it still happens and this is a brilliant way to turn that negative into a positive. And admiration of others can nudge us towards investing a little more into cultivating our own qualities… Love this.

  8. Meant to also say I do tend to recognize a teacher, but in most cases historically it hasn’t gone well. I have put them up pedestals. Then they fall off those pedestals and I’ve been crushed. Duh! My own fault.

    Seems my lesson is not to surrender all to the teacher. Just incorporate the learning and move on. I just get so dang inspired!

    Saturn in Virgo in the 9th opposed Pisces Sun/Jupiter. Astrology in action.

  9. I wrote this with a person in mind…I see her doing something, it does not seem I would ever do. Because she does it in tandem with another person…and I don’t have “the other person”. But I see her, a dozen times a year for about 3 minutes. I think what she’s doing is very good. Soulful.

    So a year goes by and I realize, I am seeing her, because I am going to be doing, later, what she is doing now. I just realize this one day. That I am called to do what she is doing and I am seeing her, so I can see how she handles this.

    Because look. If I don’t see this, I won’t know what to do when it’s my turn! I won’t know how to handle the job, how to view things…so the universe put this woman in path, so when I find myself in her position, I’ll be already trained, though no one trained me.

  10. My husband is another example. He’s had a fighting life. He’s extraordinarily skilled. So he’s told me a lot of things over the years. There are numerous situations I might find myself in. I might be there alone, but I could and would recall that I’ve learned from someone obviously advanced in a certain area.

    I used to try to share this stuff…not so much, anymore. Because don’t like it. They don’t want to learn. They have the opportunity, but they are too smart to be taught, so what you can do.

    I’ll give you an example. I wrote a few times about fog of war – as taught to me by my husband. And things like, what exactly do you do / feel if your friend next to you is killed?

    His answer(s) to stuff like this is so wise and broadly applicable…to so many people in so many circumstances. But rather than listen and learn…well they have other priorities, obviously.

    But if you do want to better align with the universe, which is trying to teach you all the time….then you might learn to pay better attention to your feelings and the clues the provide.

    I am constantly told I am an unfeeling person. how strange.

    How person can focus on another person, a stranger, and what they are and what they are not, is beyond me. People want someone outside themselves to be or not be something…but what they ought to be doing is finding their way in life. In their life!

  11. Up until the last two years, I have always been blessed with some sort of mentor. Wherever I found myself, there was a wiser, older person I enjoyed being with. One was an old oil field hand, another was a down to earth preacher. The last one was my neighbor. I don’t know about what I learned from them but I did feel safe in the presence of wisdom.

  12. This post brought tears.

    My Saturn in Scorp is in my 9th House. I have to be authentically passionate and invested in something to be able to learn. Perhaps there are better interpretations, but I know this: My direction in life, my philosophies are often influenced by confident men.
    Also, I have achieved the highest level of education of anyone in my family, which puts me at odds. Its not like I’m making a lot of money, because I am not very good at marketing skills. But there is some jealousy because I have attained this.

  13. What an awesome way to look at it!

    There are a lot of people I admire. I bet if I put my mind to it, I can figure out the difference between people who are my future self, and those who I admire for being them, in their own way.

    I am going to put some effort into this.

  14. Avatar
    Firewater earth

    Love this post. I am the teacher in many instances. My “gig” seems to be relocation and travel. I have lived all over the US and more often than not I attracted younger small town women whom at the beginning of our acquaintance were afraid to set foot outside of their town. By the time I was packing up to relocate, they had become swashbuckling travelers. 🙂 My mentors were also travelers. I am an Aries with Cardinal placements with Aries parents.

  15. I admire simple. I have watched someone beat arthritis and all I can obsess over is crochet…
    -Libra who just scratches the surface

  16. Could this extend to television characters? For example, in my childhood, I wanted to be a in a certain profession because I was drawn to a character who practiced that profession on TV. Lo and behold — after an interim career and many decades later, I am!
    So if this is true, we need more TV characters who represent our higher selves and not just the lower models there are now…

  17. I tend to become what I admire, too — mostly intentionally, sometimes not so much (osmosis). I “steal” things from people I admire. I think it’s cool that you play darts or flick the tabs off cans in a certain way, and I try it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s not a good fit for me so I have to admire from afar. *smiles*

    I randomly met a guy on a new MMO I’m playing who practices the religion I’ve been called to. He’s definitely a Saturn figure. This is what happens in my life, my pattern.

  18. Looking at it from this new perspective explains my facination with a woman at work who was only there for my first year back in the work force after staying home with my daughter for 12 years.
    She had this incredible power about her, capable,
    feminine. I found myself trying to model her. I wanted to be like her. Not in a weird way. I had an opportunity to thank her for the great example she was to me before she left for a postion of greater authority.

  19. What I am not cut out for whiz right by me without a sound. What is mine sets off a ping, and if it is really meant to be mine, but isn’t yet, the pings are loud enough to be painful. Maybe that’s what people mean by jealousy.
    It can take a long time to learn to glow with your own light and ‘Do you, girl!’, as my daughter puts it. Lessons to learn, side trips that seem to go in the wrong direction, but looking back it was all part of the grand lesson plan. Losing it all, or being willing to lose it all, is what it takes for me to be really, genuinely, authentically me (Virgo sun, Libra rising, Aquarius moon, Venus in Leo).

  20. Cool. Sag on my 10th.
    Whutsup now with Mercury soon to be spacing out forever in Libra soon after Mars finally left?!

  21. Kinda makes me think of this quote…”Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” Chuck Palahniuk

    While I disagree with nothing being original, I definitely agree that our interactions shape us – whether being repulsed by some jerks ignorant comments to a waitress or mesmerized by the elegance of a charming woman or inspired by the strength of a woman overcoming obstacles.

    By observing how people live & handle situations, we are constantly adjusting our sails to navigate our courses in the direction of a more defined & refined self.

    Thanks Elsa! 🙂

  22. Thank you for this.

    I read this last week, and I’m reading it again…

    The first time around, I was wondering “What the eff am I good at?” (Neptune in the 1st conj Asc)

    I’m not really sure what’s spectacular about me either. (Again, Neptune.)

    Anyways, this time around, I thought about it and came up with a couple things instantly, based on people I am attracted to.

  23. ‘In life you see people doing things that you may admire, but you know it’s their gig, not yours.’

    I’ve been lost with this a lot. Especially when I have lots of free time. Only Louise hay affirmations began to blunt my random jealousies of people who’ve made different choices than me. Lately jealous of long traveling Sags. Who never want to touch ground or be home or be safe. Every path brings a sacrifice. When I tell people I want to travel a lot or do this or that they say ‘sure well why can’t you do it?’ And maybe ‘do I look like a sag’ is no longer a sufficient answer.

    I’m not sure what my gig is. I’m jealous of club kids, but sure as sh-t I have no patience to prepare an outfit for a week. Or find out who I have to know to get to arty parties.
    I’m 6th house and wanting to be helpful or just trying to be there to help out (like ‘bobby seale making meals’) isn’t fashionable in this start up loving, organic farming world. (Were supposed to go out and lead and start stuff, be creative for ourselves only.) Maybe I don’t even want to do that.

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