What To Expect With Jupiter in Aquarius

Aquarius water bearerJupiter will ingress into Aquarius on December 19th. Here’s a shocker: the planet will run all the way into Pisces in May of 2021. I don’t think most people realize this.

Matter of fact, Jupiter will be in Pisces throughout all of June and most of July.  Big twists in the story!

Jupiter is associated with luck, opportunity and higher education. It also rules publishing, religion, the truth, your perspective, outdoor sports, the future and “foreigners”.

If you’re reading this in real time, take a mental snap-shot of where you are now. How you see things. This is about to change. Once the train takes off, it won’t be back.

The shift here is gigantic. Jupiter has been slowed and stalled in Capricorn, weighed down by Saturn and Pluto. The planets is about to run on.

Here are some dates for you:

Jupiter enters Aquarius – December 19, 2020
Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius – December 21, 2020
Jupiter squares Uranus in Taurus – January 17, 2021
Jupiter enters Pisces – May 15, 2021
Jupiter retrograde – June 20, 2021
Jupiter (R) in Aquarius – July 29, 2021
Jupiter direct in Aquarius – October 17, 2021
Jupiter enters Pisces – December 29, 2021

Do you see anything heavy there? I don’t.

Check the house(s) in your chart that will be transited by Jupiter over the next the year.  This will be the area(s) of your life, about to expand – FAST.

How do you feel about Jupiter in Aquarius?

54 thoughts on “What To Expect With Jupiter in Aquarius”

      1. Yep but my Santa belly is a natural, courtesy of natal virgo jupiter. When/if you try to cut out something don’t do the whole thing at once, it gives guilt of not trying harder then eating more. Eating 80 percent from your plate is way better than eating 100 percent or eating 50 all of a sudden. But the holidays are coming… Last year it was easier to abstain. I get fat from breathing air but for 3 weeks last summer ate 3 meals daily 2 fruit snacks, drank water as much as I felt and walked 45 minutes daily. Lost visible weight in 3 weeks. Couldn’t believe it. But no silly snacks or sweets, just dark choco. Then I got so happy and gained again. :)) I am sure every body needs diff things but health is as important as feeling good. Enjoying food is benefic for the brain. For you Jupiter aqua is transiting in the 2nd?

          1. You’ve got follow through stamina. Carbs are sneaky too but the biggest offender (in my case) was snacking in between meals. I’m only slightly overweight but it’s the height that doesn’t help. Of all things jupiter virgo enlarges the belly 🙁

        1. It’s transiting my 1st.. I’m already sort of a chubster (I read my old emails which were full of bitterness and anger about ‘hot girls’ who get more even if I was way past 15.. I couldn’t handle rejection or a lack of belonging based on my appearance.. I couldn’t handle people shutting me out on first glance.. it made me really neurotic and I had no weapons against it.. I realized I prefer that people look past that and still want to get to know me, I would rather be friends with people and date no one than be written off romantically all the time when all I wanted was to be accepted and have a talk and get to know each other.. I argue that’s an east coast thing).. I really want Jupiter to stay in my 12th 🙁 I need help when I don’t know where I’m going.. and I’m tired of taking the future for granted and thinking I can hope things into existence or thinking I have some special future I haven’t worked toward (natal Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd)..

          1. At least I didn’t get pointedly angry and bitter at men until I online dated for a couple of months and got rejected a lot 😀 I can’t stand the human meat market or the idea of ‘selling’ yourself.. many people told me a combination of don’t care/lower your standards/improve your appearance, but I had to leave that circle and also stop caring.. I hated being checked out and judged physically by men all the time because ‘we are animals’.. I feel better being out of that feeling.. I’m a big grown up person who should have gotten over this at 20 but I know I didn’t no matter how many mental gymnastics I did (‘They are just looking around at the world and you’re a part of their canvas.. they don’t care about you either way and they can’t control what they’re doing’.. but being written off in real time feels unpleasant.. even if I do it to people sometimes after talking to them, I don’t check people out that way other than to make sure they aren’t dangerous)..

            The physical insecurity wouldn’t quit.. my family raised me thinking that good looking men are stupid and others told me various things about lowering my standards but no.. I have a Leo 7th house.. I had things to prove.. that I was worthy of what I wanted, no matter what it was.. that I wanted what I wanted..

            it’s all stupid.. I like who I like.. both as friends and more.. and I deserve what I want even if others think I don’t.. I will have my Juno return.. the last guy I dated, I was ready to try to commit and put as many cards down as I was able..

            Maybe it looks shallow to care about looks at my age or feel unworthy and mediocre when people I like don’t want me.. but the best way to deal with it is to not put myself into a position to be judged.. to be around people who are open to getting to know me regardless.. I don’t suffer from these problems when I’m alone or when I’m around people who don’t judge on the first glance.. I don’t care if I don’t have romantic hope with them

            1. Also, in my experience, good looking people aren’t necessarily stupid.. and with all these planets in my 12th house I’ve been intentional about who I’m around.. my gut has to find them ‘good’.. when Saturn was in Leo I found myself attaching to certain people I liked intensely for no particular reason.. Venus Pluto transit, you like what and who you like

              1. Hold on a minute, you’re being harsh to yourself. It sounds like you need to be around better people. I’ve been lurking in some places reading stories of what type of friends and lovers some people have. As in the most amazing way. But those stories were very few in a sea of regrets..so it looks like it’s not easy to find one’s kind. On a change of optics, you’ve done something bold to put yourself out there, even if people responded like that. But Only physical attraction, even if mutual and strong, won’t ever lead to a satisfying friendship/relationship. It just doesn’t work like that but it’s not something you don’t know already.

              2. Actually these were very old concerns and I did that. I felt a lot of relief from being around better people. These are pretty old concerns. But it’s always possible to get back in the old milieu and feel the old feelings. I blame it on the entire transactional superficial east coast culture. I can’t even buy a snack without being judged sexually and treated accordingly. But thankfully I don’t hang around that sort of energy

              3. I have Saturn in the 11th.. I’ve had trouble with groups and didn’t notice being lonely or not belonging for a long time

      2. Avatar
        Hildegarde's Noviciate

        OMG me too Kri! Despite my naturally frugal habits (virgo sun). Im hoping thats changing with Aquarius Jupiter bumping up against my Saturn

        1. Ah, so these were old concerns, Kri. It’s ok to take a stroll in the past, worries and stuff from years ago appearing suddenly or at night, just don’t stay there, come back. I think you belong in this astrology group just fine. 🙂

          1. It’s funny, since I said it.. I had another chubby irascible day today.. I was jolly and ate pizza and women were nice to me and men who weren’t geriatric were doing the old ‘youre sexually irrelevant to me and I wouldn’t talk to you’ look away and I started to feel the old kind of bad about myself.. I realized that Jupiter sort of made me big and friendly, a friendly wall of Kirby, it didn’t protect my self esteem from these tiny animal instinct moments.. and at this age I still don’t know how to protect myself from a lot of people writing me off even if it’s superficial and uncontrolled by them and they don’t notice themselves doing it..

            And I started to get defensive and angry like a 15 year old again.. wtf at this age I don’t have the ego defenses not to care.. I’ve tried different strategies and I still can’t ignore it.. including energetically letting it go.. rejection of any kind sucks..

            Anyway.. if my appearance damages my enjoyment of the moment that much I better mitigate the effects of Jupiter in the 1st.. Santa Claus was a dude and wouldn’t get objectified..

            I was really sitting pretty for a while and not getting objectified.. weight seems to be a big deal for women even if we ignore it..

  1. Jupiter is going to transit my 4th house and most of my fifth in this upcoming year — and the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is happening in my fourth house as well. It’s been rough but I’m hoping this will bring some relief — still pretty new at astrology and learning!

    To add to the fun, my natal Saturn is in Aquarius — and it’s my first Saturn return. Send help (or wine).

    1. I understand what you mean. Same saturn sign and waiting for saturn return. But jupiter in aquarius is generally neat. For me even being near a jupiter in aquarius person, since it conjuncts saturn, it brings optimism and a breath of fresh air, well not crazy overboard, but enough. Wishing you a smooth saturn return! Or at least one that would bring you good changes! ?

      1. Stay strong, guys, when you feel fear slowing you down in your progress toward an independent uncompromising life and letting your freak flag fly, you know that’s where you can work steadily.. I have a tendency to let Saturn stop me rather than responding to it by working steadily toward the thing I’m afraid I don’t deserve, but want.. the goal is to leave your Saturn return with a true individuality that reflects a life you want, not based on anyone else’s rules..

        I let Saturn put blinders on me and keep me from improving the difficult things it was calling me to focus on.. don’t make the same mistake I did 🙂

          1. I do the same Kri due to fear. At least this transit may lessen those fears up a bit!

            Best to all of you! May Jupiter enlighten us all and love us forward in the best ways possible.

  2. Natal Uranus will transit my 1st House and the first half of my 2nd House. I hopeful my sense of who I am NOW becomes more joyful; I’m a grandmother and would love to hold him in my real arms:)
    My Progressed Chart has Uranus transiting my 10th and 11th Houses. My reputation and associations lit with luck and publishing some of my stories through collaboration with fun people! My Progressed Wish.
    Thank you Elsa, just writing these expectations lifted a heavy heart. xo

  3. I like it just fine 🙂 It’s in my second and third house so I’ll expand my finances and my mind! It’s my Jupiter and my Saturn return and it will sextile my Moon before it enters Pisces. Sounds great!

  4. It will be my first houses both of them…. I certainly hope Jupiter’s speed will not mean the same for my body weight! ?

    That said – I have progressed Saturn/Pluto in my 6th house… I think they will provide a comfortable strength/spine to all that expansion of my 1st houses/body ???

  5. It will move into my 5th house Aquarius and then Jupiter in Pisces into my 6th. I can’t figure out what it will mean. Sun , Jupiter and met in Leo tho . Should I be afraid ?

  6. Well the stellium was in my 3rd all yr not to mention saturn & pluto squaring my mercury.. as a writer it’s been hell, so I am so ready for this shift.. thanks for sharing

    1. Avatar
      Aquarius Jupiter

      My Jupiter is in Aquarius!.. in 7th house so both Jupiter and Saturn are about to transit 7th house with Jupiter return happening next year… expansion v freedom? I’m hoping divorce isn’t on the cards.. But it’s not looking good…

      1. Jupiter in Aquarius 7th house here too. But late degrees cap on descendant. I’m single so I have no idea what to expect. Sorry to hear you’re expecting divorce. Then again, maybe Jupiter sat and Pluto passing over your Jupiter in the coming two years will change you and/or your partners view of the partnership for the better?! And even if divorce does happen, maybe that will ultimately work out best for you too. Good luck ?

        1. Avatar
          Aquarius Jupiter

          Thank you for this Ellie. I like your optimistic Jupiter in Aquarius take on the situation! ? I’m hoping Elsa’s view that it is a quick transit will mean some sort of conclusion is reached by the end. Best of luck to you as well I hope the transit is a good one for you!! ?

  7. I prefer Jupiter in my 12th.. I’ve always been a puffed up person.. I have enough Jupiter.. I’ve been enjoying the emphasis on the impersonal houses and water.. I don’t do well with so much air I can’t understand it.. I’ve wasted years of my life and it doesn’t look that Saturn hitting my 1st house is going to provide solutions

  8. So Jupiter will be chilling in my 6th house for most of 2021, it seems, though with the transit in Pisces, it will be in my 7th house for a short time. I have a lot of work to do when it comes to my 6th house, so I hope Jupiter can help give me the inspiration to work hard, and some luck to help out! As for it in my 7th house, well…that sounds quite nice! 🙂

  9. Jupiter will Ingress in my 6th house and the 7th house in may. My question to Elsa is,Will Jupiter be ar 0 degrees when entering Pisces?

  10. Hi Elsa,
    Do we know why Jupiter is jumping ahead into Pisces for a little while in 2021? Is it moving faster than usual, or something like that? I don’t think I remember something like this happening in any recent years, at least — fascinating!

  11. This transit will move through my 3rd and 4th house. I do feel feel like a Stranger in a Strange Land wherever I go and struggle with communicating- Chiron in Aquarius. I’ve always felt I don’t fit into places of higher education with Uranus in Leo opp in my 9th. So time to accept it and March to my own drum I guess. Then in May it retrograde into my 4th. Could be moving for sure and maybe even retiring. We shall see!

  12. This transit will be directly over my natal Moon conjunct North Node (0/1 degrees respectively)in Aquarius – in my 8th house. It feels like alot! I’m staying focused on the Jupiter part of the transit 😉

  13. I saw this is gonna happen when I was looking at my transits for spring and I was really confused. I have venus and mercury early degrees aquarius so jupiter will be rushing over them. But my sun is 1 degree Pisces so I can’t wait. This is my third and 4th house, mostly 4. Big story on the home front.

  14. Third and fourth houses for me. Most crowded area of my chart. I need to read up on what this will bring! Mars and Vesta in the third in Aquarius, Fortuna and Black Moon Lilith in the third in Pisces, Pallas and Mercury in the fourth in Pisces.
    My brother and I have not been getting along, so I’m hoping Jupiter in the third will be a good thing for us, or for me. Maybe all the heavy stuff in Capricorn has brought us down, I’m moon in Cap, he’s ascendant and Sun in Cap.
    I would love moving IF Jupiter in the fourth meant I was able to buy a house!

  15. The dip into Pisces will hit my Asc at 2′. I hope Jupiter brings me luck even though it’s opp Pluto and square my Moon in Sag. Sextile to Saturn and trine to Neptune and my late Gem Sun.

  16. I cant waiting experiencing that preview of jupiter in my 7th house (Pisces) Opposing my Sun,Moon,Pluto,Mercury,Lilith and the South node.

  17. In May, Jupiter will cross over my 8th where my Part of Fortune sits, all by it’s poor little self.
    Maybe I’m winning the lottery. HA!

  18. Sitting on my midheaven now, about to rip through my 10th house where my natal Jupiter also sits at 6 degrees. Career growth maybe? I didn’t have any plans in that area.

    1. Avatar

      I had my Jupiter return earlier in the year in Capricorn— Not sure how the flavor is going to change with your Aquarius Jupiter….. but it was interesting.

      Never worked hard enough for things that weren’t my “career” or “on track”—spent the year not being on a track at all really. But not sad about it (most days). Ended up working my butt off, so basically expanded (Jupiter) my plans (Capricorn) haha anyway.


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