Weird Synchronicity

Since I’ve been writing about Ben and my mother – check this out. True of course.

Ben and I met at work. The unusual friendship was growing and we had begun to pal around together outside of work. This was about 35 years ago.

I was driving. Ben was riding shotgun and his cello was sticking out of the trunk of the car. It was a little brown Toyota, just so you have a visual. We’d picked his cello up after repair and we were going down Speedway in Tucson when he spotted a woman walking down the street.

“Look!” he said. “There she is! Just look at that woman. Boy would I like to meet her. I’ve seen that woman since the day I moved here. Now that is an interesting person…”

I interrupted him. “That’s my mother,” I said.  He stared.

“No, really. That’s my mother.”

I pulled over and introduced them.  Bookmark and Share

15 thoughts on “Weird Synchronicity”

  1. Now of course you have me wondering where ~I~ stand relative to them, as I also have Aquarius rising… but if I remember correctly from a long ago clue, I think Ben’s ahead of me (therefore they all are). Not that it matters. Time for me to go drive. Bye! 🙂

  2. Did I ever mention that I love it when you blather? If you ever feel like stopping off for a good blather in MN let me know. 🙂

  3. *lol* Too funny…

    This reminds me of once when I was out driving with some friends at a local park. Out on the public golf course was a woman wearing bright, and I mean _incandescent_, yellow pants. Opening my big mouth, I said, “Who in the nine hells would wear those… Hey! That’s my mom!”

    And it was, too. ;p

    FYI: She’s a Gemini, but I’ve never drawn her chart, so I don’t know more than that.

  4. Love these little funny stories you use to illustrate how well astrology works in real life. 🙂

    This sort of synchronicity happens all the time for me too. Someone will contact me & when I look at their chart, bam! There is the connection to mine!

  5. I love when these overlaps shine so clearly, so did he talk up a storm with her?

    When you see/meet someone and you immediately feel this, some resonance, or some wires connecting (or crossing!), can you name parts of the astrological story being played out?

  6. “so did he talk up a storm with her? ”

    grrr – he did not. I pulled over, we got out of the car and introduced them. My mother was surprised and Ben was stunned. She was a mythic figure to him and in fact I learned that day that many, many people in the city felt that way.

    My mother was visible in the city (obviously)- as an enigma. Ben, who had attended the local university told me at that time that she was well known to generations of students there… in a mascot kind of way, they had a name for her!

    Anyway, they chatter briefly, Ben acted like he was meeting the pope so it was just sort of strange all the way around!

  7. You left us hanging! What was the name they gave her and WHY was she the mascot and who is your grandma how did she meet Henry? I think we need to have story time with Elsa! if you’ve a link to these stories – please give. thank you so much! Actually, you need to meet a screenwriter – someone who writes movies – we can’t let these people fade off with time. Besides Henry, who was your favorite hero growing up? And what was the first song you sang at karaoke?

    1. I’ve never sang karaoke. I’m way too kind for that.

      There are some stories here:
      BUT BRACE YOURSELF. There are also stories here and there on the blog. Use search… try “true”.

      I did not have a hero growing up, just crushes on male songwriters with dark hair and big noses.

      These are my parents.

  8. I recounted to a new coworker I saw many strange happenings while driving. Advised on an early Sunday drive I once saw a woman who jumped from an overpass but wasn’t hit by a car. It was her mother in law who had schizophrenia and she has escaped from her home while having a psychotic break.

  9. Your stories about Ben and Henry draw Spider Silk from me. Like old and time tested laylines found here for true crossing guards (with Little brown Toyotas and cellos) I sit and pull out the stops, grateful you feed the web with the goods.
    In my world, a story of a brilliant wild girl is remembered
    Lucky old woman reading your old stories ❤️

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