Henry’s Chart: Authentically Interesting Person

Henry bohemienThirty years ago, my sister told me I was just like my grandfather who we called, “Henry”. This infuriated me.

It’s not that she was wrong. It was like the Capricorn who told me that I was “a mother looking for kids” when I was in my twenties.  These people were right but I was not ready to hear it.

You can read about, Henry, here.  There’s also a tag.

Roberta asked about his chart. Here it is, – you can click to enlarge.

Henry Chart

It’s not the Capricorn that jumps out at me. It’s the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. You realize this is the man who introduced me to astrology. He was into all kinds of alternative stuff. Like “jogging” in the 1950’s.  No one did that! Ran around town, for miles?  He had “out there” beliefs and a huge interest in religion and philosophy.

The thing about, Henry, is he lived according to his principles, without fail.  You heard that right. NO FAILURE. No one does this but he did.

On that note, when my husband and I went to the three-day retreat before my son’s confirmation, one of the activities was to answer certain questions. One of them was, “Have you ever met someone you think might be a saint?” My husband had been all around the world, twice. He’d met a freakish number of people so I was really curious to see how he answered this question.  I glanced at his paper and it had one name on it – Henry.

underground houseHenry and my husband met when we were teenagers. My husband, then boyfriend, came out to my father’s house and also saw, Henry, who lived on the next five acres.  Henry was looking forward to meeting him because he worked underground in a missile at the time.  Henry was building an underground house…

He was digging the hole for this house with a common shovel and he was eighty years old, so yeah. Weird.  But he had some questions about life underground so this is was their point of connection.

Henry finished this house by the way and it something.  There was an opening… and cement stairs leading down, to a landing and full size, upright door.  He needed a cement pad there, so the door could swing open and this is my favorite part – he even had a porch light down there.

Anyway, Jupiter/Saturn or Sagittarius/Capricorn combos are also natural teacher-preachers.  You may have heard me say this before, but if you read, Henry In His Own Words, this quality is undeniable.

In spite of the rampant psychopathy in my family, you can’t grow up with someone like this and have a closed mind or fail to know what “the right thing to do” is.   I love that the Sagittarius and Capricorn is doubled down with Saturn in in Sagittarius.

yogaIt’s interesting that my sisters and I all have Capricorn risings, 25-27 degrees. My brother has a Capricorn moon @ 24 degrees.  We were all close to him.  We would be over there, most the day, or going back and forth. He was into yoga and associated things as well.  We would do yoga on a sheet, laid down in the dirt.  I have pictures!

But our favorite contraption was on his sun porch. It was a rope on a pulley, attached to the one of the beams of the porch roof.  You would slip the harness over your head, putting one repurposed lawn chair strap under your chin, the other behind your head.  Then you’d sit on a stool beneath the pulley and pull the other end of the rope, which would lift your head and stretch your spine. Like traction, see? So we did this all the time.

We also liked to lie on his slant board, which rests your heart. I don’t know what to tell you. We had no tv, so this is the kind of thing we did all day.  Or we made adobes!

He also had two claw footed bathtubs, right next to each other. This was so you could jump back and forth between a hot and cold tub!  See, this is heath stuff.

Henry was crippled due to his hijinks, doing handstands on motorcycles in motion, in his twenties. Now I’m crippled. We just keep going.

He died with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra squaring his moon.  You can read about that here – Death & Lemonade.

What do you see in his chart?  I think it looks just like him!

14 thoughts on “Henry’s Chart: Authentically Interesting Person”

  1. I think I need a time machine I got the feeling this man had song and dance ,enough to share.Happy isn’t really attached to money it is spirit and will to live and truly love life! as we’ve seen in the rubble from the earthquakes ,people alive after days and weeks in incredible temperatures ,darkness no water but will to live ,this is an immeasurable magical part of the soul ,it’s so sad to me that science and medicine work with numbers very predictable doesn’t fail you but doesn’t include the human spirit , I’m guessing so contagious as you are a woman reaching so many ,let’s face it when we reach our phone we really don’t have a hand to hold ?so this little portal to so many avenues of thought !you’re very generous woman! Offering the open door to the stars and back deep into one’s hidden core❤️

  2. Wow It looks like the archer’s bow and arrows how they are carried in a bunch and all pointing precisely at Gemini. I would say that man was sent to give you your destiny.
    On a side note: I always understand your newsletters just fine ..maybe it’s the other readers perception that is skewed!

  3. Sounds like he had an awesome life. Learned early not to attach to the grid. My grandpa who passed at 92 was a cap sun. he had an aries moon. Hardworking, delivered mail for the post office by horse. I remember him tumbling on the grass with his young grandkids. I imagine he was around 70 at the time.He raised everything he needed on his mini farm. My Dad was very philosophical. {He could also be extremely religious} Built all of our homes. He could play any instrument he picked up. He could fix anything from electronics t0 cars. He was a Sagittarius. I don’t know his asc, but I imagine it could be a Capricorn as well because he was such a hard worker.

    1. Gosh what is it about the old people who could sing and dance, and live free, and had minds of their own and knew with hard work , anything can be accomplished – they did it by themselves, and when they got together they built our cities! The travesty of ‘modern government’ may never be fully realized, if it changes the moxy of a people or worse, stagnates or forbids it. Where I live right now, is a throwback to Henry, and your grandpa – his name is Longbow – carved a rock mountain out by hand -built in his homestead into the side of it – ensures all people have enough fish, deer, eggs to eat, and is the first one there if you need help. Longbow was an orphan, raised by Amish and moved here when his wife took everything in a divorce. Yesterday was his birthday, and he had 1/2 of his cake ate by the time my husband stopped by , completely delighted with it. He gives so much to others, mostly the thought does not come back to him. I wouldn’t trade my neighbors for the world. And after reading this blog, I have more firmly come to the conclusion that this government has hurt all the people, but taking away their ability to create and live outside the box as all people did until there was a ‘government’ – they have to Give you something before they OWN you – and Roads seems to be all that is needed to take ALL Rights away from a people. A stiff price is paid – like we are in a prison, just because we have roads, and elect people to govern us.

  4. After reading the first post about Henry, I was definitely sensing Aquarius had to be in the mix somewhere. That Venus in Aquarius complementing Uranus in Sag…a lover of the unusual,lover of freedom, lover of inventions. What a remarkable man!

  5. I am such a shallow astrologer. I don’t know alot, but I’ve looked at charts since they’ve become available on the internet. I am fascinated by the synergistic connection of the energy OUT THERE, and who we are In this World. There can be no denial, even if we didn’t have our knowledge on Quantum Physics. Through time, I ‘d pull someone’s chart – and see something I didn’t understand, so I’d go research, and my knowledge has only deepened because of my chart curiosity I have for people – what makes us all tick and all of our differences. It was 6 years ago, when I pulled a lady’s chart that had a loaded 12th house. I was introduced to the world of stelliums and in the 12th house. So Mysterious. I have to think now – she was more like Henry – although she was super quiet to the cuff. It’s like she had huge lights in her eyes – and wanted you to see all that was within her – but she would never speak any of it….if that makes any kind of sense. I don’t even have the symbols memorized – so I will have to sit with Henry’s chart and figure all the things You See immediately. But yes – a Walking Star Seed – comes to mind. And I am super happy to see this chart – to even know there can be one like this! Thank you Elsa. Was Henry your mom’s mom or your dad’s?

      1. thank you – it all makes me want to know more, Elsa. Henry raised your mom by himself? I guess I need to go backwards and read this stuff, so you’re not repeating anything. My biggest curiosity now is how did he like your dad? I am surprised he didn’t shoot him.

  6. Elsa, Jack and I are wondering if maybe Henry could have been someone like St. Germain reincarnated? Maybe we’re idolizing him too much, but someone that unique and unusual has to have something flowing UP and then he Honors it. Not only honors it, but lives it. I admire that beyond words. Conviction of the Soul that carries out to the Physical. that is a Godly person, imo.

  7. Thank you for sharing all of the details and stories anout your grandfather. I loved reading the different letters and hearing his “voice”

    What an amazing, connected, wise, spiritual, insightful and profound man he was! I’ve gained some deeply meanjngful life advice from reading this and I appreciate you for sharing! ❤️

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