The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The signs can be divided into Triplicities, that’s groups of three, also known as Elements.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius make up the Fire signs.

Fire is spirit. It is the animating force which clings to the physical.  People with a lot of fire in their charts radiate.  They cannot stand stale energy; If they have it, they burn it.

Each fire sign represents a different stage of passion.

Aries represents the spark.  It is the moment you recognize you are alive, the moment you recognize you are in love. It is the ignition switch.  Aries people get a kick out of starting anything new.  Will someone please call Billy Joel and tell him that Aries started the fire?

Leo represents the BIG flame.  Like the lion’s man, like the sun’s corona, shimmering tongues of brilliance explode from a blazing core.  The passion consumes the heart and becomes the main attraction drawing bodies into orbit to feel the warmth.  Leo loves to be that shining light in the center.  Ta-da!

Sagittarius represents the slow and steady smoulder.  This is the master flame.  A controlled burn that penetrates its materials long into the night.  This is the kind of fire that can be stoked into exotic flames that encompass the whole spectrum of cherry reds, oranges, whites and electric blues.  Sagittarians go the distance and in doing so pick up vast amounts of dazzling arcana.

I know we’ve got some fire people here. Tell us about it!


25 thoughts on “The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius”

  1. Yea… ME! Sun in Sag; Rising in Aries; Leo in Mars (5th house).
    You summed up me quite well. I have lots of friends and family with fire energy. We tend to attract each other as well and have a great time together.

  2. Fire trine 🙂
    Sun in Sag, Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Aries.
    These are in the water houses, and is little less out there. Go fire!!!!

  3. Sag Sun, Merc, Venus, Neptune & Uranus PLUS an Aries moon. I am always on the GO and I fall in love almost instanteanously. Call me a fool but I finally figured out how to work with all my firey qualities. 🙂 I think I inspire others to just go after their dreams like all my fire pushes me into doing .. haha

  4. I am a Leo Sun, Aries rising…the plain truth of it is, if I am not creating, inspiring, or doing or thinking something NEW and exciting, I am desperately unhappy.

  5. Sagittarius rising, Jupiter cj Moon in Aries…Fire power ! “a passion for life” does summarise it quite well!

  6. Me and my bestfriends burn together.Sun,merc,venus Aries, leo moon and pluto in the 5th. My bffs ,both have 1st house suns, one venus and mars tightly conjunct in aries, jupiter on the asc. The other leo sun,mars and merc ,and aries moon!

  7. i just have my leo rising. i’d call it “lonely leo” but i think leo likes being the only fire. no competition for the spotlight that way. and leo definitely approves of your description, nota. 🙂

  8. I’m a double Leo (AC, Moon) but my Sun is Taurus, and thus it sort of keeps me at bay.
    I like attention – but on my own account, and my own timing.
    I hate crowd, never wanted to be on stage, or anything like that.
    But I can tell you when I get into something, I really get into it, and I am loyal beyond belief.

  9. Great post, Nota! Go fire signs!

    Leo Sun, Jupiter, MC, Mars and Pluto. Lately all my fixed water has been driving my bus, but all that sunshine just won’t be doused!

  10. I have a lot going on with the Fire in my chart…the Earth keeps me from spinning out of control. But I completely agree with disliking stale energy. I require regular burnings. As in, daily. I’m someone who would probably die without daily physical energy.

  11. @h. I second that. Whew. Sag: Sun, Ur, Nep, (Lilith, Juno, and Vesta too) with an Aries rising.

    You know, come to think of it, most humans SHOULD take on that attitude since ‘…(we) would probably die without daily physical activity.’ We are animals after all…

  12. Oh, Nota, that is one of the most beautiful and generous descriptions of Leo that I’ve seen in ages. You made my day! *shiny*

  13. Sun and Rising in Aries, Leo Moon. Jupiter and Neptune in Sagitarrius. Is that considered a lot of fire?

    The spark bit hits home; I’m great at starting fires, less good at keeping them going… working on that.

  14. lolo, yup. We are built for movement. I don’t want to be an old lady with a body that doesn’t work and then be sad I didn’t use it to begin with. Fire cannot be denied!

  15. Yep, Sag rising, 4 planets in Leo, inc. Mars-Pluto. I have to move. It’s like I have this excess energy. and then I have a Cap moon to ground me. Ha.

  16. Mmmm, fire! Sun in Leo, Rising in Sag, Mars in Aries – if you plan on climbing Mt. Everest, take me with you. I’ll keep the tent nice and toasty.

  17. I have Fire Saturn 2nd/3rd, Fire Neptune 6th, I also have Sun conjunct Mars and I don’t know if this counts but Mars conjunct Mercury

    I’ve been known to start and suddenly stop things. I need exercise. I also can get overly enthusiastic and/or overly optimistic about things which at times gets me in trouble :-)At the same time I tend to lack motivation. Though that’s changed a lot over the years since I have more freedom to be myself.

  18. Sun in Aries, Leo in Moon, and Sagittarius rising! A wonderful combination if you ask any fire sign… a lot to handle if you ask any other!

  19. My Grand Trine is in Fire…….Sun-26’Sagittarius, Moon-23’Aries and Pluto-19’Leo, Also Chiron is 23’Sagittarius. Onwards and upwards turning things around. My motto ‘Bad men succeed when good men do nothing’.

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