What About Free Will?

“You say your chart is hard-wired. Where does free will come in?”

Your chart is hard wired. You have certain things to work with but what you do with your energy is entirely up to you.

In the simplest terms, let’s say you’re born with blond hair. Now how do you want to comb it? Or maybe you want to cover it up / dye and deny it? People get to choose, see?

Barbra Streisand kept her big nose. She played it up. The other gal had a nose job. Free will.

Barbra Streisand has her Sun in Taurus… in tact self esteem. This may have had something to do with her decision.

Do you consciously direct your energy?

13 thoughts on “What About Free Will?”

  1. What a wonderful way to answer that question. Barbra is such a clear example, her nose, YAH, HER nose.

    I don’t believe I knew how when I was young, and then I thought I knew, and now I am. Glad to be around to find out!


  2. AH, I love that picture of Barbra! What a neck!

    I don’t know what my energy is, exactly, like you said yesterday, so I’d have a tough time! I do consciously send psychic love messages though. 🙂

  3. My good friend and I have similar charts about 30 minutes apart. Our lives are so different though. We’ve been close for several years and you’d think maybe he’d realize a bit more of some things (atleast I feel)….
    Circumstances, family, experiences all can mould that…hmmm

  4. I’m trying to so do- especially my Jupiter/Venus/MC conjunction energy in aries/10th. But it’s blind at this point as I don’t know what I’m doing. Hopefully as I learn more . . .

  5. aurangeluv – No, this post was derived from convo with the soldier’s son and probably distracted because so much energy has been going there and so intense when I try to cull something (short) from it, I probably mss to an extent.

  6. I do best when doing things with friends to motivate me but I have Mars in the 11th in Scorpio and I always end up giving a lot of my energy away to others. I need to learn to reserve some for myself.

  7. Freewill when you decide to change yourselves. For example you don’t like the feeling to be irritated and you work on it. It is not easy, it doesn’t happen by night. and needs a lot of energy and concentration.

  8. I think that while our charts can show us our innate state of being, our free will decides our actions.

    Me, I’m always caught between virgoan rationality and piscean intuition.I decide which I will follow. There’s heaps to work with there.

    But, even if I try, I can’t do sexy Scorpio or structured Capricorn. And believe me, I have tried to be hard working and disciplined like a Cappi. But, nope, I get frustrated with it too quickly. And as for trying to live up in the wonderful universe of Aquarious out there exploring the amazing possibilities of space, I have no chance. My feet are too firmly bound to land and sea.

    So, I have free will but it is still bounded by the fences of my chart. I have tried to bust free of at various times and every time I fail.

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