Foreboding vs Meeting Your Fate And The Gift / Curse Of Astrology

I can’t remember for sure but I think I wrote about the soldier and his / our “whirlwind”. He had a premonition of sorts one day. He saw dark clouds on the horizon, threatening. A storm was going to kick up, a big one. He felt we’d both be sucked into it… a whirlwind.

I questioned him intently but he did not have much more he could offer. It left me with this scene from the Wizard of Oz in my head.

Sure enough we were taken up, sucked into this whirlwind. We saw and experienced all kinds of things unimaginable the way you will when you cross paths with a storm of this magnitude.

He said we were going to be tossed around for awhile and we were. There was year, almost two there where all bets were off. What was going to happen with my daughter? Nobody knew.

“It’s a whirlwind,” he’s say. “You can’t predict what’s going to happen in a whirlwind.”

So now it’s been about a year since we got our feet on the ground, maybe a year and a half. Our lives and our families have been completely restructured and this time… this time I am the one who can see the horizon.

I did that interview for Matrix and when asked about prediction, I said I was comfortable making predictions with astrology and I am, especially when the astrology screams off the page. It’s no different then they soldier seeing those clouds roll in – there are times when astrology makes it plain as day what’s going to happen and we are in a situation like this now.

I would say I have a sense of foreboding but that’s the wrong word because it implies something vague and astrology (at least when you are dealing with Saturn) is not vague. Fated is the word I would use and I would add that I don’t think you can avoid your fate, you’ve just got to meet it.

The soldier is going to have a very difficult year. I am going to have a very difficult year with him, there is just no other possible way to interpret the charts and the transits and while I don’t believe in scare astrology, I do believe in steeling myself or making preparations when the universe is obliging enough to give me a clue. But here’s the thing:

I don’t want to tell him. There are a whole bunch of people out there who really don’t want to know when bad things are coming and as I’ve mentioned before (when I am touting denial) I think many of them have very good reason for defending themselves.

So I just think this is interesting though I am not sure why. He will tell me of the storm we are heading into but I just hand him his coffee and I am sure this is the thing to do.

I guess I figure I’m the one who has to steel myself. This is the strangest life ever and I have a song for these occasions but I can’t play it for you. Van Morrison’s “You Make Me Feel So Free”

I’m gonna lay my cards just right down on the table
And spin the wheel and roll the dice
And whatever way it comes out
And whatever way it turns out
Well you know that’s the price

I’ll add that I knew this was coming 3 years ago which = just as soon as I looked. The is the gift / curse of being an astrologer.

16 thoughts on “Foreboding vs Meeting Your Fate And The Gift / Curse Of Astrology”

  1. reading this makes me very happy that you two love each other so effen much! i am sorry it’s been such a wild ride for you guys.:(

    on another hand, this post reminds me of the weeks leading up to my bf’s huge physical transformation via. a pluto/mars conjunction.
    only the second time he read a horoscope and he predicted something (he specified) was going to happen to him.

    later he couldn’t remember anything about that conversation…didn’t even remember the horoscope thing. he has scorpio moon/venus/neptune.

    and…..this is my #1 fave movie of all time.

  2. “Are you ever tempted to not look?”

    I don’t actually “look” to figure this stuff out. I know where my planets are, his, his son’s and my son’s. I know Saturn is in Virgo and that’s enough.

    Then I LOOK at other charts, his solar return, mine, etc. and I guess what I am saying is I don’t study or really go looking, it’s just there and obvious and known, very similar to his process.

  3. This post makes me want to play the last fairy in Sleeping Beauty, the one who says “she will not die but only sleep.”

    I hope that you are supported in ways you don’t expect, that there is grace when you need it and your resilience carries you through as it always has.

  4. Oh my goodness, yes. The storm analogy is frighteningly accurate. It’s the setting for Michael and Appolonia’s “thunderbolt” 🙂 Their eyes meet and the storm brews…
    My Pluto moon/DC transit felt just like this.

  5. I’m a bit confused.. When you say that we have free will to express our chart.. like someone may have talent but it doesn’t mean that it will be used! However fate is not changeable.. no matter how much ability or talent is possessed?

  6. Sorry about that!
    I meant that whatever chart you get (whether it be solar return or natal chart) isn’t it just a possibility? We have free will as to how to react to that energy right..? So how can we know if a year will be bad just according to the solar return and the transits?

  7. I really don’t understand this very well. Yes, people have free will but you can certainly tell if a person is heading into ease or difficulty based on a chart. How they handle it is what is in their domain. You can’t opt out of your husband dying or your house burning down for example. You also can’t opt out of being offered all kinds of bounty but what you do in these circumstances is up to you.

  8. Oh Ok! Thanks Elsa!
    So fate is not changeable but destiny in a way is! Destiny is what comes after your actions and fate is what will happened no matter who or what you are. I think this is what I was trying to write.. sorry about the unclarity!

  9. That all right, it is not you. I wrote this a million years ago (I have morphing time) so…

    fate, destiny, karma — these kinds of words mean different things to different people.

    I should have married my husband when I was young but I did not. I paid dearly for that (my free will) however he is my true husband and here we are today.

    What part of that is karma / destiny / fate, I don’t know. Had I done something heinous in my life, murdered someone for example, well they would have disqualified me from this relationship I would say. So you really can mess up your destiny.. I think. 🙂

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