Synastry: Where Does Your Partner’s Sun Fall In Your Chart?

sun god apollo franceWhen evaluating a relationship, pay mind to the house in your chart where your partner’s sun falls. That house will be lit up and energized by your partner’s solar energy.

For example, my husband’s Sun falls in my 4th house. He energizes me emotionally and brings light and warmth (Sun) to my  home and family.  This is good for a marriage.

Here are some quick ideas for each house overlay:

  • Partner’s sun in your 1st house –  You immediately identify with this person. This is a great overlay for any relationship
  • Partner’s sun in your 2nd house – This person will affect your self esteem. You’re likely to value them highly, and may be possessive of them.
  • Partner’s sun in your 3rd house – This person will give you a lot to think about.  Creative or clever ideas.
  • Partner’s sun in your 4th house – Nurturing. This person will light up your home and all things domestic. They’ll put you in touch with your roots.
  • Partner’s sun in your 5th house –  This is a fun overlay. It’s like being on a date, even if you’re married thirty years!
  • Partner’s sun in your 6th house –  This person will help you. It’s good, but sort of utilitarian.
  • Partner’s sun in your 7th house –  This person will seem a natural partner.  They’ll bring balance to your life; not that everyone wants that!
  • Partner’s sun in your 8th house – Oh jeez. I think, “symbiotic”, when I see this overlay.  This person will also light up the dark recesses of your psyche.
  • Partner’s sun in your 9th house –  This person will open doors of all kinds for you.  It’s freeing and it’s fun. You’ll travel, literally or otherwise. You’ll expand/
  • Partner’s sun in your 10th house – This person might give you status of some kind. Their energy will enhance your public image, bring you attention of some kind.
  • Partner’s sun in your 11th house –  This person will encourage you to be yourself and live freely.
  • Partner’s sun in your 12th house – This person blends with you. You’re in communion, basically.

Where does your partner’s Sun fall in your chart? Do you notice the effect of their solar energy?

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19 thoughts on “Synastry: Where Does Your Partner’s Sun Fall In Your Chart?”

  1. Elsa, do we look at our rising sign and count partner’s sun from there or do we look at our sun sign and count partner’s sun from there? My sun sign is Capricorn but my rising is different.

  2. First 2 partners: 5th house. Fun, light and a very childlike innocent energy.

    Third partner: 3rd/4th house: Homey feeling. We could talk for hours about anything, deeply emotional stuff (4th house). Moon also here, as well as Mercury. Opposite my sun/Venus.
    Ended up playing out our parent’s worst personalities.

    Fourth partner: 4th house. Homey energy, feeling of being secure or just like we could share a home together.

    Fifth partner: 7th house, square Sun, Venus and Jupiter.
    Balance for sure – we supplemented each other, but almost all signs were opposite. Hard energy somehow. Strong attraction though!

    Sixth partner: 4th house and 5th house – again, homey feeling as well as childlike beams. But mostly the homey energy, like you could live together and be content. Same moons, similiar styles and feeling natures. It’s very very relaxing. Moon/PLuto conjunction, double whammy, in my 8th house. Intense, but in Libra – intense wish for partnership and we already sort of live together at my place.

  3. My SO’s Sun is in my Sag 11H. He is a close friend and he’s quite philosophical. He is enjoying learning about astrology – bonus!

  4. Mine Sun in his 1st, his Sun in my 8th. I guees symbiotic sound good, specially for my scorpio rising. I need to be very deeply connected with my partner. Also his Sun conjuncts my Mars.

  5. My Sun is in his 4th house and his Sun is in my 7th. It’s a nice match, I think.

    He’s really teaching me what having a real partner means and feels like, and what is fair in partnership.

    I know I’m giving him emotional warmth and solace after a bereaved and somewhat emotionally unstimulated childhood.

  6. My sun is in his 5th house, & his sun is in my 10th house. We’re both sort of hermits but very much in love!

  7. Funny. Two loves, his sun fell in my 10th, he made me a total secret, there was no elevation, the other his sun was in my sixth, and he never helped me in any way at all and I could not help him.

  8. My new partners Sun does fall in my 4th house. But smack dab on my natal Pluto. So I don’t know if this is good, Elsa?

  9. Oops, but mine is in his 8th house, right on his North Node. So, I am lighting up the dark recesses of his psyche helping him towards growth?

  10. His Sun is in my 10th house. About the only attention he brought me was that my mom kept saying how handsome he was-looked like Paul Newman. As far as how it feels, he likes to go camping whenever possible and wants me to go be his adventure pal. We are going this weekend as s matter of fact!
    Most all others have been Aries (5th) and one with his Moon in Taurus in my (6th.) He really got me. Wrote me poetry, left a rose on my desk everyday-took me to the movies, ballet and music venues and great restaurants. We’d sit and listen to classical music and drink wine while he smoked his cigar. We were a cozy yet out going couple.

  11. The only two people who had a romantic part in my life ancient times ago, though one was more serious and the other was just dating for a longer time, had their sun in my 2nd house and my sun was in their 10th house. They both had their venus in taurus, just like my natal venus.

  12. Partner’s sun exactly opposite my sun. 27° Cancer, I’m 26° Capricorn. 11th house for both of us because our ascendants are opposite too. He is 26° Virgo rising I’m 5° Pisces rising. His Venus is Virgo, My Mars is Pisces. We also have our NN axis here in Pisces. So opposition again highlighted. Vertex/anti vertex are conjunct in 1st and 7th also. If that’s not enough, Pluto is also involved as it is in Virgo for both of us 27° and 26° so it’s influencing our 1st and 7th too.

  13. I’m a Sun/Rising Virgo and have a pattern of attracting financially broke, manipulative, musically creative Sun Libra’s into my life. Being around Libras sends me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I should have learned the first time! Libra is my 2nd house. My natal Moon and Uranus are in that house.

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