The Meaning Of Full Moon Eclipses – Culmination of the old and outdated

The general consensus on eclipses is that New Moon eclipses are “good” and full moon eclipses are “bad”. I’d like to hash this out a little!!

I watch eclipses carefully in my kids’ charts, just as a heads-up, a little early warning system for changes in their lives that I might get a phone call about (my kids are grown and gone; my son’s 19 and my daughter is 35). This last eclipse at 22 Leo had me holding my breath because my daughter’s Sun is 24 Aquarius. Hmmmm, which way was this going to swing? She applied for internship at 5 different hospitals last month, criss-crossing across the country while battling a severe case of bronchitis. This is her 2nd year of applying; last year she didn’t match with a facility and she had to stay in grad school for an extra year. My daughter is DRIVEN, Pluto trine Sun, and yet, also has Uranus square Sun, the “shoot yourself in the foot” aspect, as I like to call it.

So a full moon eclipse, on her Sun, was, to me, going to be the “seal the deal” aspect. Either she gets an internship, or she is going to have to look at something else to do for the rest of her life, because her options were getting slim. I knew it really could swing either way, because full moon eclipses do indeed bring things to a culmination. An in-your-face culmination, especially when they impact personal planets.

She got the email from John Hopkins accepting her as an intern on Friday. Her grad school days are over. She gets to go on to the next phase of her life as a neuropsychologist.

My point in all this is that full moon eclipses CAN certainly bring “unwanted” endings, but they can also relieve us from gridlock. If you have a full moon eclipse happen on a sensitive area in your chart and “nothing happens”, I suggest you look carefully at what is “trying” to happen, and see if you have any old patterns of hanging on that may be blocking the change. Ask a friend if you’re not seeing something, and try to keep an open mind.

By the way, one month to the day prior to an eclipse (when the Moon is at the same spot as it will be during the eclipse) and one month AFTER the eclipse are sensitive, trigger days. I have had many an “event” happen on those days.

In hindsight, have you seen how a Full Moon eclipse has liberated you from something?


28 thoughts on “The Meaning Of Full Moon Eclipses – Culmination of the old and outdated”

  1. Great post Diane!
    Yes, the last two moon eclipses certainly set me free of an ex. This time in February I also happened to take the commitment to the next level with the guy I’m currently dating (the new moon was even conjunct our progressed True node in the 8th house!!) I felt I could finally move on from the past, the eclipse happening in my 7th house, although square my sun, venus amd jupiter in 9th house. Our relationship is a long distance thing so it match up you could say!

    But … even if we had this “The Talk” things havent really progressed as I’d liked them to. I thought this would bring us closer but it hasn’t. It feels like he is pulling away instead. I don’t know if I “pushed things” before he wanted to take the next leap and thus maybe I made him pull out instead. I am so confused, and now with the solar eclipse, falling in HIS 5th house I’m feeling like I’ve made a mistake. Sigh.

      1. I really shoukd do that, right? I felt like an idiot having the conversation, because normally men aren’t that prone to beat around the bush. If they want you, they won’t allow for you to feel any doubt about it. But this guy…. he is really vague about his feelings. Either he is screwed in his head when it comes to feelings (which I doubt) OR he is simply not in it as a serious thing. He knows I can not move to the place where he lives so at some point he might let me go anyway.

        1. That “men don’t beat around the bush” or “men are clear” or “men are…” thing just doesn’t exist. Reality is that with 12 signs, 10+ asters, 12 houses, personality + astrology programs, people, not men and women, can be anything.

          And you’re in an astrology website, what does that say of him, the mirror you attracted? Surely he has some Pisces in him no?

          Yes, how about some pointers on his star setup so we can have any idea what’s happening?

  2. The eclipse was in my 6th house of health and work. Opposing my 12th house mars in Aquarius 22° so I decided that day to register my astrology consulting business formally with legal zoom. I started a business!

    1. How exciting, Keri!!! Yay you! I remember when I “outed” myself as an astrologer; there were very telling progressions going on in my chart, back in the day…. congratulations!

  3. This last one was timed to a T for me. Got notice about a paper being accepted to a conference which was pivotal. Eclipse was conjunct my merc-jup conjunction, and opposite my 2nd house cusp.

  4. Day before the eclipse, I broke it off with a young man I was deeply in love with. I would never in a million years let such a person go. This was one of those karmic soul-mates with eerie synchronicity. Never met each other before but once we dated, found out we grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, listen to the same exact songs and he currently lives in the house I lived in back in 2009. He is the best date I ever had in my entire life. My Libra-ASC would never do such a thing. My entire identity is so dependent on relationships. I work hard and people-please to the extreme to make relationships work! I usually wait until the other person breaks up with me first but this time I just couldn’t suffer and wait. I found myself checking my phone all the time to see if he responded to my texts. I was so insecure. When we are together our conversations about the state of the relationship are always vague. The last straw was when I found out he was still speaking with his long-distance ex way into the morning while my texts are left ignored. This was the ex that he treated like a QUEEN, rose petals sprinkled all over her gifts/cake…large declarations of love to her. So I declared my independence with much profanity day before the eclipse. It was painful because every fiber of my mind, body and soul DID NOT WANT TO. It was so unfair to me to be ignored and to have someone have such vague feelings for me. I just had to. My Leo Sun/Mars/Mercury pride is still under repair as we speak. Why couldn’t I be treated like a Queen? The eclipse reminded me that I am a Queen too that deserves a King, not a Joker! I don’t know how this works out in another month, super depressed lol.

    1. I’m sorry for your pain. Seems we’re both taking a stand for how we deserve to be treated. Your Leo Sun and my Leo Moon do not like being ignored, and yes, we deserve to be treated like Queens!

    2. ?????? for keeping your Integrity.

      Sovereignty, rather than Queen, is what it’s all about.

      No worries, as you keep your integrity you align with your Soul and the Universe and therefore you attract better suited partners. Cos, dang, you shouted to the Universe you’re no fool!

      And you’re right, a Leo with Libra Ascendant is a gem. But don’t you lose the underlying lesson here, as you are actually learning about Identity, Self, Self-love.


  5. Last lunar eclipse on 2/10 was opposite my natal 7th house moon. Separating from my husband of 30 years, finally had to take off the rose-colored glasses and see the truth in his actions. Transiting Uranus is also exactly on my natal Sun. Alternating between feeling utterly devastated one minute and then liberated from the shackles of dysfunction the next. Canceling our planned trip to Punta Canna, DR that was supposed to be a celebration of our 30th anniversary. Sad.

  6. I was feeling better than I have felt in years. I thought I was coming to a close with health issues.

    I spent Thursday and Friday in the hospital. sigh………

  7. HEY!!! 😀 I am in the middle of my grad school application to Johns Hopkins, and I got through yet another stage of the process with the Leo Eclipse! I was blocked up for about 3 weeks waiting on recommendations. I just looked it up, and I got invited to apply (and started the process) exactly 1 month before the Eclipse. That’s neat! If I could have this application wrapped up a month from now that would be so great.

  8. This full moon eclipse was excactly on my Mc. Nothing much happened, ecxept I was thinking a lot about my job, and how I’m not in love with what i do. But it’s a steady job with all benefits, and I’m not ready tAke a risk and leave it for something insecure. ?

    1. Watch out, you were made to recognize needed changes and when these don’t happen by your own doing, they happen to you, many a time unleashing a lot of suppressed pain.

      What is really safe and secure is to thrive in one’s vocation, doing what one loves and fulfill one’s Soul. I would be very afraid of not doing just that – in sum what you call a secure job is really what is insecure and fake. No matter how you throw make-up at it, people will eventually get it and you’ll be out of luck. And maybe then you’ll have let precious years pass by and feel old to change. Don’t waste your life on ‘safe’, that’s an illusion.

  9. I had a relationship begin on the day of the 2015 Libra Full Moon eclipse and end exactly one month later. The relationship had no “guts;” it ran on waning fumes.

    1. That’s a fling. A relationship, to be called that, needs to get past the 3rd Moon i.e. to be older than 3 months. Before that it’s just an experiment ?

  10. I know someone who’ll celebrate her 90th birthday on the 27th, I wonder what it would mean to her… New Moons are new beginnings but what could a new beginning be to a 90yo?

    I need to study deeply that chart of hers…

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