My Sister Is Vindictive – Venus in Aspect to Saturn and Pluto

Hi Elsa,

I am wondering if my Pisces sister is ever going to make an effort to have a decent relationship with me. She has unrealistic expectations, and is always consumed with jealousy. We have brief periods where I can see a glimmer of hope that things will work out. But then she turns cold, petty, and vindictive again.

Should I toss in the towel or keep on trying?

Sign me,
Sister Giving Up

Dear Sister,

You can toss in the towel but if you want to keep trying, you’d better try something new, eh? The astrology here is pretty interesting.

I think you have more in common with you sister than you imagine. Both of your have enormous challenges in relationships and they’re more similar than not. I bet you’re surprised but if you re-read your post up there you might notice something.

The post is all about you pointing the finger at her. She’s the whole shadow and what are you? Pristine? That does not compute.

I’m not saying she’s not jealous, cold, petty, etc. I bet she is. But where is your hand in this?

Both of you have Venus in your chart, jacked up by both Saturn and Pluto. Both of you. So this story where she is the witch, and you are all pleasant – well, I think it’s an erroneous one. And I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to do my job.

If you want a better relationship with your sister, I would stop making lists of what’s wrong with her. Instead make a list of what you have in common with her, because it’s a long one. And at that point, you may have some compassionate feelings not only for your sister, but for yourself and this will give you a whole new tack to take, the next time you talk to her.

Good luck.


pictured – Sisters, 1897 Wojciech Gerson (1831-1901), Oil on canvas, 151 x 108

8 thoughts on “My Sister Is Vindictive – Venus in Aspect to Saturn and Pluto”

  1. huh. i have similar aspects and my sisters and i are pretty tight.
    but, then, my relationships with other women have been pretty unpleasant at times…

  2. I had an ego problem during my Pluto transit, but I’ve learned to listen to others during my transit!

  3. “She has unrealistic expectations” (Venus/Saturn) “and is always consumed with jealousy” (Venus/Pluto).


  4. When you point a finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself. Arabian (?) proverb.

  5. So funny this was posted when it was. Could be me (the Pisces) and my sister if I didn’t know better.

    Uh…the writer isn’t a Virgo, is she? *wink*

  6. Too ironic! I’m Virgo with a Pisces sister. We were born into a situation to fight. The two of a T Square with a Gemini mother. She’s the get real and I the rose colored glasses. We tried to get along for years but our spouses and children are so different, I wonder the point? We polarize each other and I can feel disturbed for days after we talk. One’s lineage is an interesting topic.

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