Those Stubborn Uranus Squares

I’ve always had my shorts in a bunch, emotionally. I have a Scorpio moon, squared by Uranus. I have spent a lot, a REAL LOT of time contemplating Uranus squares. My daughter has one, as well—Sun square Uranus. My son, he has Uranus as the final dispositor of his chart! All of us are stubborn, beyond belief. Stuck on stupid, in some ways. Not in all ways, mind you- both my kids are absolute geniuses in some ways, they are quirky and highly intelligent. Myself, I’ve always been called things like “clever”, or “sharp”. No one ever accused me of being a genius….but my Uranus side comes out through my love of Astrology. That Moon (in the 7th house) makes me able to “get people” in a way that is unique (Uranus). Communication comes through in very quirky ways, not through normal everyday conversation—almost like electrical signals, instead.

But, back to the donkey… Uranus squares to personal planets can mean that the very thing that we would like that personal planet to have, in order to be happy, we sabotage through the square to Uranus! Some astrologers say that Uranus rules trauma, the kind of trauma that is cellular, that you bring in from past lives and thus are unable to directly access. So you recreate the trauma in your life in strange and unfathomable ways. Because a lot of us have a Uranus/Chiron opposition in our chart, this means that the personal planet, like my Moon, is the focal planet of a t-square. This can complicate things a little more, because now you’ve got the Chiron wound thrown into the mix!

So as I’ve aged, I’ve learned that my go-to reaction when my Moon is threatened is absolutely the LAST thing I should do. I was the connoisseur of the “pre-emptive strike”- Scorpio moons are known for hiding their emotions and cutting people off, and when threatened, I would pre-emptively end a relationship out of fear of the imminent demise of the relationship. My partner might be just trying to start a conversation, and I’m OUTTA THERE! Sitting still, not ditching-and-running and allowing the fear to wash over me has gotten easier in time, but I’m in my 50’s!

When I consult with people over their Uranus squares, I try to tease out how they self-sabotage. At the base of that sabotage is a truly well-hidden message we tell ourselves so that we are repeating our trauma in this lifetime, having brought it over from before. Now, again—- Uranus is stubborn. It’s not an easy find, this trauma. And then once you recognize it, it’s imperative that you find a way to derail the knee-jerk behavior that repeats the trauma, because believe me, this is one stubborn behavior; one that you most likely have identified as “unique” and something that you think marks you as an individual.

I used to have a real cute nickname for my one-foot-out-the door syndrome, like it was something to be proud of! But then days or months later I was saying to myself “what the heck did you DO????”

That’s the thing about those Uranus squares, you shoot first and ask questions later, stubbornly sure that your reaction was NOT, uh…. a little “hasty”. So, in essence, you shoot yourself in the foot.

And if you love someone with a Uranus square, and they tend to be a little like Yosemite Sam, you can help them (and yourself!) enormously by taking a step back when the guns come out, hold up your hands and say “whoa, cowboy… I am just trying to have a conversation here….”

A sense of humor in the face of a Uranian “attack” is an incredibly helpful way to diffuse the situation, because the situation is most likely a result of something buried deep, deep inside the person who’s sitting on a mule, holding the sixgun.

Do you have a gunbelt strapped on? Or do you know a Yosemite Sam?


19 thoughts on “Those Stubborn Uranus Squares”

  1. I don’t think I’m that stubborn but I am definitely proud. So it often comes out as stubborness. I have my Aquarian Sun, Mercury and Mars squaring Uranus i Scorpio in the 8th house. 🙂
    I still have no idea how it plays out in my life except I think sometimes I come out as strange when I say things.

  2. My scorpio moon conjunct uranus. Wonder if effects are different with this. 3rd house Aquarius mercury and venus square uranus. I’m stubborn and inpatient in conversation. Very eager to prove my point. With years i learned that it’s not the most important thing. Leave people thinking what ther’re thinking.

  3. Diane,
    I have had to read this about a dozen times and I still can’t quite get it. Like trying to grab soap in the bathtub, this idea keeps squirting out of my mind – but I feel like there is something to understand here –

    I have Chiron on the ascendant opposed Uranus in cancer, both squaring Mercury in Aries. When I am uncomfortable and get that “run!” feeling, I will say anything to get away as fast as I can. A million memories!

    But where is the stubbornness? I always see Uranus as completely explosive and in motion. Stubborn is stuck, frozen, immobile – the opposite. Are you saying that the “run” response itself is the stuck reaction? THAT is something to think about. Uranus/Mercury is like a panic attack. It happens so fast it feels like there is no way to interrupt the response. But to get to the cause…maybe that is where the donkey is?

    Food for thought!

    1. Remember that Uranus rules Aquarius… a fixed sign. So when you get the “run” feeling, it is backed up with a lot of fixedness. While Taurus is known for the stuck and frozen, Uranus acts unconventionally— the “stubbornness” is the inability to consider any action OTHER than running. Fixed signs are DETERMINED… and you’re determined to get outta there!!

      1. Wow! I see it now,and you are so right…No wonder it is so uncomfortable. Thanks for the insight. Next time this aspect is tweaked hopefully I will be a bit more conscious.

  4. I forgot to add, I feel claustrophobic (12th house Uranus) in public transport (3rd house mercury). no matter what I do I can’t shake off that feeling that I’m caged in… and then I bolt

  5. I have uranus in 6H square to my MC/IC. And beyond that it’s part of a grand trine involving mars conj north node in Aquarius so Uranus energy is quite important to me!

    But I don’t see myself as someone who runs away from difficult situations. I’ve dug in and hung onto things long beyond the time I should by giving them my best efforts. I’ve come up with alternatives ways to approach things, try them differently but eventually there comes a breaking point and I realise there is nothing more to try and then I move on.

    If anything people run out on me or situations just end out of nowhere.

  6. Lovely post- thank you Diane!
    I have uranus square sun transit coming up…. how does the square effect over the sun? what should I humor do you think?….:-)

  7. Welcome back, Diane! Missed you! Very meaningful post. I, too, have my 7H Leo Uranus opposite my 1H Aquarius Chiron; no squares. In the past, I have also bolted from relationships before they could “ditch” me. I do a lot of rational, self “talking down” when I feel an unreasonable urge to flee from a relationship. I know my T-square involving Pisces Moon opposite Virgo Pluto/Pallas Athene squaring Gemini Mars fuels my Uranus/Chiron actions.

  8. I’m a little older so my t-square with Uranus, Moon and Jupiter are Cardinal. I’m stubborn, but like Blue Magoo, I always think I can “fix it” so I stay in situations long after I should have bolted.
    Thx, everyone, for your insightful comments and thx, Diane, for bringing this up. I’ve grumbled about this t-square in my chart for decades and this puts a new light on it.

  9. Moon in 8th square Mars in 11th.
    Boy have I exploded destructively a lot of times! And it doesn’t make it easier having three Scorpio planets opposing Chiron, smack dab on fixed star Algol. Phew, intensity and scars Anyone?

    Every time I meet a new guy and I can sense his blatant interest, I run. I actually had a real frigging panic attack the last time I was on a date with someone who was interested.

    I think all that scar tissue can make it difficult to access the pain, the hurts. And so you run, to be free of the feeling of fear, not the person.

  10. Dear Diane,
    What a great post! Explains a lot.
    I have the same dynamic of tsquare – Uranus 8th H opposite Chiron but squaring Aquarius Asc and Mars and Saturn on Leo DSC as apex. This is tough.

  11. Uranus/cancer/square/asc aries/square mc/cappy/ square venus/libra that’s ME partner uranusleo square asc/scorpio whoa what makes us tick.

  12. Im like Taz. I bump around into people begging for comfort and emotional support. Moon mercury being transited by pluto

    Your post more hits my 12th house mars venus opposition. Its being activated right now by uranus

  13. …thank you diane-this has been so helpful!!! Wish you wrote a whole series on this subject- could help alot!… bless you

  14. Once I learned a little bit about how the Venus-Uranus square tends to operate, things made much more sense. Pre-emptive first strike is right! But also a tendency to jump into new relationship, and stubbornly hang in there. Scorpio Venus in first, square Uranus in Leo in tenth. So, Cardinal. Yeah. And Neptune on ascendant in Scorpio, to give me handy distortion lenses. And Moon sq. Saturn. And a nice stellium with Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Sag, trine Uranus. Didn’t begin to understand until I was 50 or so, and still challenging.

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