Saturn Square Uranus & Integrity Of The Individual

elsa in boatIn spite of the pandemic and everything else, I have really enjoyed Saturn square Uranus.  I was lucky to catch on to how easy it is to use this energy productively, early on. Experimenting (Uranus) with various frames (Saturn) for things, including your own self, is reliably productive.

Ultimately, there is pressure to define (Saturn) yourself as an individual (Uranus). There is also tons of pressure to not do this.  It’s kind of screwed up until you catch on. I’ll use myself as an example.

I’m astrologer. I have been for a long time but I’ve lived in places or around people who are okay with this.  That’s not the case now. I live in the bible belt.  Astrologers around here invite a tent revival in their front yard.

But wait! Does this mean I hate religious people. I am a religious person!  Cripes! I opted, late in life, to go to RCIA and become a confirmed Catholic.  So I had to work this out. I did work it out.

It became un-worked out with the flood of truly concerning information unleashed over the last years.  There came a time, there is so much smoke, I had to look into this. Now what do I think and how do I feel? The emphasis is on the “I”.

Catholics don’t sanction astrology, except for the ones who do. If you think I have never heard a priest discuss astrology (favorably) during mass, you’re wrong.

You can see how clunky and jarring this is but hopefully you can also see how important it is for me to sort this. WHO AM I?

It gets worse!

There is a good number out there who now believe the planets are fake. Where I used to deal with people who feel astrologers are charlatans (and some of them are), I’m now an instant idiot to anyone who has decided the planets do not exist.

Now I have an open mind. This is fact. So when I hear something like this, over and over, I am going to look into it. Are the planets fake? I don’t know. Could they be fake? Yes!

So if the planets are fake, what the hell am I doing?

Well, I am reading charts and able to help people because of it – legions of people, over a long period of time.

This personal experience is not something anyone but me can access. So if I collide with someone who believes space is fake and they know I’m as astrologer… well, it’s just like the tent revival people. People are looped into groups. tagged and such, with no discernment. In fact, there is not even a nanosecond invested in considering if there might be something to something or whatever.

I could go on with all the walls one might run into in trying to simply be themselves… honor their own internal compass or their ideas and feelings that some to them on the wind, from their brain, from their gut or their intuition or their power animal, or their Spirit Guide, or the Holy Spirit, depending on who you ask.

In whatever case, I’ve found these last two years, harsh.  Whatever words you might utter, will see you classified not only by the people who read or hear them but by technology companies which had a lot to say about whether you live or die… or make a living, anyway.  So there’s fear!  Saturn!  You have to face your fear to be liberated by it.  I opted to do this.

It’s via this process I’ve come to be able to define myself. That’s what this was about:

Freeing Yourself From The Matrix

JessicaIn fact, that’s another thing. Abuse. I have had people tell me I like sex because of sexual abuse. Really? It’s not a packed 8th house and Mars conjunct Mercury?

What about abuse victims who NEVER have sex?  Are they also sexual because of sexual abuse?

You want to work to define yourself for all of these reasons. If you don’t you’re going to be told who you are and tagged with all kinds of bullshit; you become so confused you’ll never figure it out.

Your other choice is to say or do nothing… essentially erase yourself as a human being in order to not be hurt? These are options but they are not good options.

Boundaries are involved here. Right now, if you want to be free, in any sense of the word, you’ve got to have them.

That picture? That’s me, writing my name on Lake Havasu, just after sunrise.  Fun idea for Mars Mercury in the 9th. I’d do it again on a dare – why?  Because, I’m an individual and like Jessica Rabbit, I’m drawn this way!

Do you have a decent idea of who you are, really?

16 thoughts on “Saturn Square Uranus & Integrity Of The Individual”

  1. Elsa has been studying this so she’s probably seen this site (or these points made elsewhere), but I thought I’d post this concise overview of Catholicism and astrology for those that might be interested:

    TL;DR: “In other words, according to the Father of Scholasticism, yes, the Heavenly bodies not only may, but do influence us on the corporeal level, which includes the intellect to some degree, and the will to a lesser degree. But the will cannot be “overridden” by any such influence; the will is supreme.”

    FYI, the Father of Scholasticism is Thomas Aquinas, great medieval theologian & doctor of the Church.

  2. Hi Elsa ,
    I totally get your point.
    For the longest time, I was treated like a simpleton by my Dad,as if I don’t know anything,this carried on down the line ,and my brother who is younger than me also treated me like this,along with my Sister in law.

    I just didn’t see it or realize it ,until my veil lifted in 2016!!!
    And then I was MAD as hell.

    I have a very laid back attitude,I am happy go lucky, with a crazy sense of humour,and non stop talking.
    Mercury and Mars in Jupiter,and Gemini moon.
    I guess because of this most people didn’t take me seriously.

    When I stood 3rd in my University for My BA in American Literature.
    And Ranked 12th in India.
    My Dad said you must be the Queen of the Duffers!!!
    Which really hurt me badly.
    But that’s what he thought.
    I won a govt award in Law college.
    Mars and Mercury conjunct Jupiter in 9 th house.
    Does give me an edge over most people.
    I have studied alot.
    Many different degrees .
    Research comes naturally to me.
    Give me something to find , and I will find it.

    I haveva leo Ascendant conjunct within 1 degree to both Uranus and Pluto.
    However I am a Pure Uranus.
    I can change direction in an instant.
    I ve moved countries and been very easy and comfortable.
    I can move with any nationality and be comfortable with them.
    Fit in .

    I don’t get easily shaken up by sudden change or movement.
    I THRIVE on it.

    Still there are always people judging me.
    Frankly my Dear I don’t give a damn!!!

    I never even try to change their opinion.
    I have moved on easy peasy where such one sided friendship is concerned.
    I look for my own Soul group ,and move on.
    No time for the yadda yadda.
    I but now,I don’t let ANYONE talk down to me ,be taken for a fool.
    I stand up for myself.
    And can really tell someone to back off or FO

    1. That was very interesting…and thank you for sharing it! I don’t have any planets in Aquarius, but do have both Lilith and Chiron in Aquarius in the 2nd house. I’ve always found Aquarius/Uranus folk to be some of the most unearthy people that I’ve ever met…and with 6 planets in Fire signs, let’s just say…I’m endlessly fascinated by Aquarius folk!!

      1. …should have added that I also have Uranus and Pluto grouped, but in Leo in the 8th House. To quote an old Doors song, this placement has been “narrow and hard to master…”

  3. Elsa, you nailed it! The conundrum. And best of all, the way you put it I could imagine the long (200 years of Earth signs) trail of increasing oppression now starting to get airy and individuated (Air signs rising). To me, your post was speed-of-light understanding of History’s energies. Thank you🙏

    1. Thanks! I just see there’s no quarter for a person like me. I either have to contort myself to fit in, which I don’t think I could sustain… or I have to accept myself and be honest about who I am and where I’m at.

  4. A star guided the wise men to the baby Jesus. There’s some astrology in that if you ask me 😉

    To answer the question: I think I’m figuring myself out. I know enough in any case! And I accept myself. For years I worked on self-improvement, which wasn’t really improvement. I was trying to change who I am to fit the world around me. Now I only work on not letting my faults run rampant.

      1. Thank you Elsa! I’ve missed this place too! Been very, very busy these days, but always thinking of you and all the people here ❤️


    Who or what am I?
    Why am I here?
    Tenuous, flailing, unfocussed
    miles from clear.
    There seemed to be reason
    lost some sodden season.
    I wanted in from the rain.
    And now? I appear, I’m afraid,
    bare of identification.
    I swear to Creation
    I exist.
    That’s never enough, is it?
    Exact explanation required.
    Unprepared for tough quizzing,
    I fly. Desire condenses, fervent quest
    for surcease.
    Unfettered senses transcend serene, calm,
    toward peace.
    Fire of self-renascence
    burns through fog of fear.
    Centers here.

  6. Hi Elsa. I have to tell you – I met Jayj Jacobs when I was living in SF and he did my chart, which I still have. This was in 1980 when things were done by hand. He also hosted astrology get- togethers. 🙂

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