More On Power Struggles In Relationships

Mexican standofflunairy wrote on The Cold War In Your Marriage Or Relationship:

“This post definitely subtly hints of libra mars talking…. [it seems so obvious & common sense to us!!] …. i have learned it is not the case for others…”

This is a great observation and I don’t deny I prefer to get along. But Mars in Libra is in the background here.

I think this is more tied to my Capricorn. I learned about this when I was in my early 20’s. I know the root of it.

I hope this doesn’t piss people off too bad, but I’m going to post this because the post after that one, but before this one, is about music. Here those posts come together.

This is where I learned that his was not a good thing to do. Elvis is mocking! I did not want him to be mocking me, so I made a rule for myself, straight away!

Hopefully I will not have to writhe around, feeling repulsive for too long, for having written this. I hate that!   But I do think this is worth posting for a number of reasons. Clarity, for example, which is one of the rarer things to come by a this point in time.

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  1. haha!! yes. i actually chastised myself for not mentioning caveat of – “it could be my 7H capricorn amplifying my mars libra” 😉

    how good is that song! [of course i researched the lyrics 😉 ]
    the depth -perfectly representing the times both personally & globally. great find! 👏

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