Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 23, 2024: Big Love & Money Bomb

Sagittarius broach redThe full moon in Sagittarius will take place at 2 degrees on Thursday morning, May 23rd.  As I’ve mentioned several times, the aspects this month are generally favorable. This full moon looks good, but exceptionally trippy. I will substantiate my claim.

You can see the full chart here, but be sure to note the part featured.  The full moon will oppose this stellium.

full moonNote it includes Sagittarius-ruler, Jupiter (abundance) conjunct Venus the planet love and money, in Taurus, the sign of love and money.  The sun and Uranus are neutral (fight me if you wish).

Venus and Jupiter and benefics and tell me, could they be any closer?

Yes, they could be closer. There is a whopping 14 minutes separating them.  That’s tight! And at 29 degrees, this is the last chance for a huge love (and money) bomb. Yes, that’s the word I want. It’s because Pluto is at 2 Aquarius, supporting the stellium as well as the full moon.

If you want to know how this will affect you, please note how this stellium aspects your chart.  If you’ve got a trine or a sextile, you’ve got no worries,  meaning if something happens, this will not be the cause.

If you have square, yeah, you could be jolted, but the overall affect should still be positive. It may even enhance the effect.

If you have planets involved in the opposition, you’re starring in this. Try to have some fun.

Overall, keep in mind the moon is in Sagittarius, which really tends to be optimistic and land on it’s feet.

Bottom line, this is good and it is BIG. Big enough and good enough, to keep you happy until it gets here. Remember, faith is the play right now.  The minute you align with this, your suffering will dissipate.

How does this full moon aspect your chart?  What do hope to see happen?


20 thoughts on “Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 23, 2024: Big Love & Money Bomb”

  1. I try not to give into the doom thoughts when I see conjunctions and oppositions, but I don’t think this looks great for me. The Gemini and Taurus sides are near my Mercury and the Moon will be right on top of my Pluto. Transit Mars is conjunct my Saturn within about 15 minutes. This is going to be a love and money bomb for me alright, and I had a big misstep yesterday and flipped my shit in both worlds, so I think I’m going to get a limb blown off.

    1. The least worst case scenario is, I get to make the changes I want in the work situation, which will result in much greater meaning but less pay and some hurt feelings, which I have accounted for. I don’t know if the love sitch is salvageable, and if it is, it’s definitely not going to be “defined” on this short notice.

  2. Ha! Well my sun is at 21 yes exactly where Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction was and my mercury at 29 Taurus ..BUT my ascendant is at 2 degrees Sag so the full moon is hitting ascendant after julpter Uranus just hit my sun and the new moon wasn’t far off at 18 Taurus last week. It’s been a hell of a 6 months …I have been fighting for everything in my life, home, love, job and at that new moon things turned a corner, I had to fight for it tho …Mars is in Aries in my 4th. I been making things turn around in my favor and the universe has had my back every step of the way!

    1. Wowzah’s – glad you’re getting a break! loving the FM is on your AC too … more transits to come over your mercury / J-U spot! Wishing you many more blessings! Yes to the universe having your back!! :0)

  3. Jup and venus near my sun & the FM near my Jup-Uranus … I want a surprise present of loveliness!!!! lol!!!

  4. Transiting Saturn in 6th forms an exact t-square with my natal Saturn and Venus square…

    Will Venus, Uranus and Jupiter in the 8th alleviate when they transit square an otherwise healthy Mars, ruler of the 7th house? Prefer 8th house intimacy to inheritance!

  5. “… I’m talking about venturing onto the internet and being hit with 11,000 things you better know about. Soup to nuts, makeup, pills, shootings, fires, crashes and some dude who pulled a stunt in a Taco Bell. Don’t miss it! ”

    Classic! 👌

  6. The transiting Venus/Jupiter conjunction is exact on my natal moon of 29 Taurus in my 12th house. The moon is my ascendant ruler (Cancer rising). I am traveling to Vegas during this transit, maybe I will find the big love and/or money bomb there!

  7. My niece, a Sagittarius Sun has been looking for work in her field for almost 2years now, she got an offer today, maybe the full moon in Sagittarius helped her along! Exciting!!

  8. Interesting, my progressed Venus is sitting right on my leo ascendant at 2 degrees and the full moon is falling also next to my Jupiter uranus conjunction in 5H. Tr. Jupiter at the moment is quincuxing both my natal Neptune and my Pluto. Uranus has been sabotaging every good aspect in the sky. I hope this full moon reveals good things for once

  9. I have been feeling stuck in my career for so long now. I don’t know where to go, what to do, where to look for a new job. My Scorpio Stellium has been hit with all this energy for some time now, but it’s worth too, that natal Chiron is at 25 degrees Taurus. So yeah, I am starring in this energy of this month.
    It has brought my partner’s and mine focus in to have a major breakthrough in our conflict pattern at least, so that we are finally able to and aware enough now to notice precisely when we are getting off the handle. A really unexpected thing to happen, I have to admit. But that’s one way you can utilise this energy, huh?
    Our composite Mars is at 20 degrees Scorpio too, smack on my stellium. So yes, I am starring in this? I’d say, hell yeah I am!

    With the full moon, I suddenly realized that the reason I have been stuck is not due to factors in my career.

    I was stuck because of sorrow, because I am carrying a lot of heartache from the past couple of years.

    So, I would say, that this was the real gift of this full moon. Insight into what and how I have been keeping my self stuck.

    The breakthrough reason?
    I began to work through the theory of chakras.

    I realised yesterday, that by letting the hurt feelings go, bit by small bit, I could finally see a teeny tiny small pit of good energy, co-existing beside a massive cesspool of hurt, sorrow and stuck energy.

    I guess you can call this that hurt and unforgiven grievances can be classified as “stuck energy” in your heart, in your faith as in “letting go” is in your best interest!

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