Saturn In The Second House: Resource Inventory

wrenchTransiting Saturn is retrograding at the end of my second house opposite my 8th house Venus. I am taking inventory (Saturn) of my personal (2nd house) and shared (8th house) resources. I’m finding that they’re limited (Saturn). I am somewhat handy, but not very, and my partner is limited help on that front. When things break down in my house I have a small arsenal of ticky-tack fixes. I have duct tape, superglue, a plunger, WD-40, a few screwdrivers and a hammer. I also have a small stash of anti-anxiety medication.

There are a multitude of breakdowns that these would not fix. I’m now taking a look at them and deciding if they warrant getting outside help. I’m not the most proactive homeowner. A few years ago when the electric eye on my garage door opener malfunctioned I just started parking outside. Problem solved. Sort of. This Saturn transit has got me to thinking I really ought to look to maintaining my home (this aspects my Moon and my nadir) as an investment.

Wherever Saturn transits your chart is a focus of where you should be “doing the right thing.” Where is Saturn transiting your chart?

16 thoughts on “Saturn In The Second House: Resource Inventory”

  1. 4th house. I have been showing up a lot more for my family during this transit. And calling upon them for help. Also, I finally repaired the crumbling wall in my bathroom. Waiting for summer to conguer the warped deck. But it’s mostly been about being an active participant in my birth family. For better or worse, I’m stuck with them.

  2. Second House, in the Libra section. Saturn is currently 3.5˚ off my Chiron at 20˚, and will then soon be in my Juno/Jupiter which are 6/7˚ further in.

    I had relationship matters to deal with, but that has recently been done. I also have money stuff to deal with, and I’m working on it… But that will be a big job as I got into debt a few years back when I was very ill (and while Saturn was transiting my Neptune!)

  3. Funny you should mention it, I’ve had to use up a lot of my savings lately for home repairs. Saturn is transiting my 8th.

  4. Saturn is the end of my 5th, retrograding back for another pass over my Sun-Pluto, with sextiles to natal Saturn and Neptune. I have a do-over initiated, which incorporates more creativity, so hopefully this will appease.

  5. Retrograde Saturn is conjunct my Neptune in LIbra in the 2nd House. Some progressed planets are also in that mix. It’s been showing me the value or worth of relationships and the reality of human nature. Sometimes it feels like a fog and I can’t feel it clearly. Occasionally I’ll see right through and feel everybody in the room.

  6. 10th House. It’s a gong show. I’m not employed, and I’m swimming between working at my man’s new company and where I’ve worked for almost 10 years, as well as applying for jobs on whims while working to complete my degree. Gong show:)

  7. I have been acutely aware of Saturn’s fat bastard ass. He decided to park on my ascendant and retrograde back and forth over it like it was a Chinese buffet two years ago. Saturn is now transiting my second house and I’ve realized I need someone else to manage my money.

  8. I hear ya Charlotte, except replace “ascendant” with “natal Saturn and Moon.” That was fun, except for the part where it totally wasn’t.

    Saturn is traversing my second house too, and also natal Pluto. I’ve become a bit of a miser. My money, my resources, my values, my power MINE MINE MINE.

    I feel like a toddler. But a toddler with some better personal resource management skills, so it’s all good.

  9. hi Satori Saturn is transitting 2nd house here too and l am worried about income etc…l just worry now although things go well, don’t know what to make of it. Saturn should just take a long vacation and not transit anything fro anybody that would be fun!!

  10. Saturn’s hanging in my 12th house and is opposite my Venus. It’s sort of fitting that I’m living in a hotel with a single suitcase of my belongings. I’m realizing how much easier it is to ‘travel light’ and not missing any of my ‘stuff’ at home.

  11. 2nd house as well. On the one hand, my personal resources are limited but not dead. Yes I need income. On the other hand, I have had a significant improvement in quality of life (and finances/materially) since I got married. I don’t think I have focused enough on the positives of that, which is funny, because there are many things domestically I would not enjoy if I hadn’t gotten married and moved. I mean major sources of irritation/despair/pain have been whoosh! taken care of. Certain things I wanted and a way of life in line with my values I now have.
    I can really overanalyze and criticize and focus on what needs to be fixed rather than what is right and what I should be grateful for. It is a real shortcoming of my Virgo and Scorp.
    My life is better than it ever was (childhood was great but I mean as an adult). In recent past I may have had a good income, but my life is way richer now in all kinds of ways.
    Remember Elsa’s posts about currency in relationships? I think there is also a type of wealth gained in relationship that often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

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