Mars Conjunct Venus Quincunx Chiron – What Even IS A Quincunx?

stayhomeclubVirgo Mars is now in the range of quincunx to Chiron. With Venus moving into conjunction to Mars, it soon will be as well. Chiron in Aries is Mars flavored, even though the aspect is off balance, so there’s affinity. This is just one blip in the sky, but it’s not minor. What does that quincunx even mean – in this situation, or at all?

First of all, I’m here on the internet to say what I please, within bounds. Even if that means getting shitty. The 150 degree aspect is a quincunx, not an inconjunct. It may have become popularized to be the same, but it’s not. Language evolves, so if you say it – you’re not wrong. But whatever, I’m judging you. Rip me up in the comments; I will eat a cookie and blow a disgusting, wet-crumby raspberry at you.

Did you know that nonplussed has two possible meanings? It’s both bothered and unbothered. WTAF, English language?

The quincunx lies between an opposition and a trine, and its meaning has an enhanced flavor depending on whether the faster moving planet is moving into trine or opposition with the slower moving planet after the quincunx. It’s a story arc when taken from a step back. There’s something these energies are working out, advancing. It’s the active unraveling of a knot over time.

There’s a yin-yang push and pull to it, but it also has the ease of a natural avenue out – if you rise to the occasion and work toward finding it.

The rest of this week and through the weekend into next week, we have Venus and Mars conjoining and actively quincunx Chiron. They also trine Uranus, and that aspect pops just after. The Uranus trine energy highlights an arrangement where we can go one of several ways (or more than one). We have something we value and expend energy to maintain. Will we fix it, replace it, or MAX OUT our creativity and go another way entirely. We may not even look before we leap; though Virgo Mars is never unprepared, so that is not an entirely accurate description.

The Mars-Venus to Chiron energy is both helping and being helped. What I mean is, we draw on our own reserves to create those opportunities to act in our own highest interests… as well as those of others if possible – but self first please. Oxygen masks!

To make this whole story turn (it’s a big ship), we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and trot out our authentic self. And that self must remain open and humble – against the fact that it’s particularly TOUGH to do so under these circumstances. How can we mix humble energy with the sharp contrast of emerging agency? We learn how to steer this boat as we go. It’s exciting and terrifying and necessary. Don’t waste this opportunity. It’s real.

At each step of the way, we’re pushed beyond our status quo abilities, but the necessary abilities are just in reach if we stretch. Stretch!

Mars and Venus have just come off a fire trine to Chiron where creative action and desire rippled and blazed and served our sense of self easily. They will both go past this quincunx into an air to fire opposition from Libra to Aries. We are now forging the personal tools we will need later to balance the scales beautifully and with active dignity. Do the work while you’ve got the wind in your sails – but you have to work it.

It’s in service of advancing the meaning of our own life. But it plays out in a real-time, real-life arena. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic situation – but the change itself creates dramatic shift on the way to leveling up. Check the houses in your own chart where you have Virgo, Taurus, and Aries. Also, what do you have around 3-9 degrees of any sign that might be drawn in?

Can you see where this is playing out in your life?

10 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Venus Quincunx Chiron – What Even IS A Quincunx?”

    1. Thank you! I love them! <3

      Their tag: "A club that never meets but a club nonetheless."

      My interpretation : they offer encouraging thoughts, through words & images, for introverts, to make our homes havens – harbours – in which to recharge, from which to set sail (when necessary).

  1. I have 2 quincunx’es with Chiron in my chart.
    The first one between Chiron and Neptune and the second with Pluto-Saturn conjunct in Libra quincunx Chiron.

    My whole life I’ve felt as though I couldn’t just dream – because the dream was WORK. Relationships waqs hard word, dreams are hard work. As Saturn and Pluto travels my 12th house, I have no dreams left. I left the dreamer when Saturn transitted my Neptune in Sag and continued into the 12th Cap house.

    When I had given up on love, I found love. When I have given up on dreams, I get my dreams served. I think that Neptune requires sacrifice to the greater big … something for anything to become real, become healed.

    “Let go and let God” would be a fitting theme with a quincunx. When you’ve done all that you can and things still does not budge, you have no other place to be than in a loving space for yourself and let the rest be up to the Universe. That’s usually when the solution comes. God, I’m so tired of not having any power over any outcome. It might also be the 12th house transits speaking which are happening until Pluto leaves this domain in 2023.

    These aspects have had a profound effect on my life though.

    1. From two parents hurting their children severely with words and alcohol (Neptune rules drugs after all) and not taking responsibility for their own pathology. Learning how to defend myself when others bully me (still working on that, but learning).
    With pain comes wisdom though, and learning. Sag 11th house – sharing is caring, online!

    2. When I was a child I reframed my reality and got lost in a dreamworld to escape my prison and my pain (Chiron). It ended up hurting myself more, because I did not want to feel reality.

    3. I have had so many bashes in my head from the Saturn/Pluto in the 8th, I always end up loosing material things when sh*t hits the fan in a breakup. I’ve stopped caring now – it’s just material stuff. I guess it’s the Chiron-Taurus thingy. I had to learn not to be connected to material stuff and not place my value in material stuff, but in myself. Again: Work it! Level up!

    4. Another way this has affected me, has been to learn what to say and what not to say. Chiron in 3rd house has not given me speach impairment, but instead I have had trouble saying the wrong things at the wrong time, breaking up friendships and commited relationships when I am hurt. When I am hurt/triggered, my mouth is a gun man. Literally.

  2. I have Pluto at 4 degrees in the 9th. Have no idea what that means if “pulled in” but my guess is it will be intense and transformative with the Pluto theme.

  3. LOL at the very active Mars-y exemplars, here. 🙂

    This year’s Solar Return chart, for me, has Moon in late degrees of Cancer, quincunx natal Chiron. Learning to exhale, as a balancing exercise – in a continuing series of such learning.

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