Mercury Conjunct Mars: Psych Warfare

mental illness line drawingSome time last week, I was feeling mentally distressed.  This is not usual for me. I was pretty sure what happened.

“They got me,” I told my husband. “Psych warfare.”

My husband, who is a retired Green Beret, stared at me.

“Yes, I’m very agitated and I shouldn’t be…”

Now this was a couple months after I noticed my (Twitter) timeline fill up with sudden death scenes and other videos of people being hurt, unexpectedly.  Men slammed in the groin and such.

It was impossible to miss the proliferation of this type of content and I noted how it made me feel, because I’m like that.  Process goes like this.

A. My brain sees it.
B. I opt to study or observe it (8th house).
C. I mind my feelings and realize the images are making my heart pound.
D. I also realize it’s making me feel physically ill. I decide to stick with it, anyway.
E. Even more short videos are shown to me. I begin clicking off before the “event”. I wonder what the specific psychological affect of watching this stuff is.  What would be the precise goal or goals?
F. I see other people on twitter complaining about this; being served similar content.
G. Decide I’ve seen enough; there is nothing more I can discern. I stop watching ANY video on twitter, ever.

That’s an example of conscious handling of something like this.  Outside of being disheartened at clearly seeing that someone thinks this is a good thing to do to others, I suffered no ill effects. But then a few weeks later, my mind was racing with razor-like hell.

rabbit hole stareIt seems obvious if they’re going to run a timeline like this on people, which is something, Zuckerberg. copped to many years ago; it won’t be the only tactic. I don’t know what penetrated but something did and it pissed me off.

I can’t recall where this came up, recently, but I said I would write about this.  Personally, I’m staying mindful, when facing a screen.  I don’t allow myself scroll around and kill (precious) time; never mind, have my brain hijacked.  I’m being cautious in a field of fire, basically. I don’t want to get hit!

It I do this successfully, I maintain control of the focus of my mind and can direct my mental effort in whatever direction I choose. You also say, I f’ed around and found out!

It’s also important to get sleep.  You simply have to rest your mind. This LONG Mars Mercury conjunction situation is terrifically demanding.

There is definitely a war for your mind; I don’t think anyone would deny this at this point.  The question is, are you going to fight back?  Or just fall into rabbit holes and buy supplements?

Have you taken any steps to defend yourself against this type of thing?

22 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Mars: Psych Warfare”

  1. Interesting! I gave up FB last year, stuck to IG because I love to take pictures. Yesterday I gave IG up after a stalker (ex) was using a IG storage called to hassle me. I’m wondering what will I do with all that extra time. Maybe I’ll take up astrology! I’m also noticing LOTS of clarity on things that have been very muddied since 2020.
    Libra sun
    Cancer moon
    Scorpio Ascendant

  2. I went through a period of this a few years ago.

    I would see some death, violence, outrage, drama, etc. (usually on my news feed) and it would change me. I would be angry, non stop. Full of rage. Then came the depression.

    Things were so bad, I took my last ounce of strength, detached from the source (recognized I had to be mindful) and went on antidepressants. Things got better. Way better.

    I just want to point out that the news (and human behavior) wants us to be angry and react. They are the drama and want our eyes on them. I refuse.

    I can choose to be manipulated. I can choose to relate and then assimilate with the collective outrage and bloodshed.

    But if I have any right to be angry, it’s with myself for how I live and conduct myself every day.

    I cannot relate with the horrors of the collective because my horrors are mine alone, unique, and cannot relate.

  3. I can’t watch. l turned off FB and the rest. It has stayed off –except for here. I cant watch the scenes of war atm or certain polititions.l flick over, but read reports to keep informed. I remember the Vietnam War…that girl tunnng down the road naked. l saw me in her…and war entered my dreams at that time. It was the first televised war. In black and white– not colour (small mercy) l remember you asking the question, Elsa: what are you (all) doing with this Mars/Mer conj. in Scorpio (my 9th) l am turning it into symbols: drawings,poems…sometimes things that seem unrelated pop up …l record them…it is like following Ariadne’s thread…( spiders used to terrify me-not now).
    No dreams last night. Something is building. Let it be change.

    1. Today, I am talking to six people in a very short time frame; about their psychology or pain or transformation.

      It’s demanding and satisfying! 🙂

      1. That is a lot of people. l was tempted to go Big Mama on you (Mars/Venus Cancer–cant help it) and say something like…dont stress yourself out. Rest. Eat Sleep… Not telling you what to do, but you know what l mean. You are the Captain.

        1. It’s unusual to have this many people in such a short time frame, however, the Mars Mercury transit / my Mars Mercury, makes it entirely feasible and even invigorating.

          The people are from all over the world, too. 9th house. It’s great!

          1. l cant do what you do anyone more, Elsa….air/fire people who were readers/healers would say they were energised…while water heavy types like me wilted. I literally take on other people’s stuff…l would have to shower btwn clients like a sex worker (Saturn/Venus)

            l just said to a Leo 9 degree friend (French) who got mad about the war and yelled at a train load of people this morning…turn it into yoga. (If she wasnt having a cold war with her husband…ld suggest something else)

            Have a good working day, Elsa.

  4. Nervous upset stomach today, right upon waking. This never happens, nothing stressful on the agenda. Even been avoiding the news/scrolling.

  5. im shook! the past ten days my stomach has been in knots, what Ive seen, what Ive read
    …wise words Elsa, we need to switch off the situation is un-controlable and we can only control ourselves…

  6. I have remained on FB but have blocked or snoozed many, especially in the past 6 months. I have my own life problems and won’t desert my loved ones and friends but I am sick of judgement. Mine included. Enlightenment I appreciate but once I recognize people assuming knowledge they don’t have, and tossing around negativity I leave them to it.
    In April, when this post first appeared, I had to make a Solomon type decision and will live with it for the rest of my life. My sister was extremely ill and my partner was facing a serious and necessary surgery. I tried to coordinate healthcare for my sister long distance, while caring for my guy.
    I failed with my sister. She died but his surgery, though requiring months of caregiving, was successful.
    Like those bulldozers you mentioned changing the landscape, nothing will be the same.

  7. Many of us feel something like oppression, aggression and violence. I happen to come across people who tell me that for a few months they have been dreaming of being beaten up or attacked. Even the smallest things happen to people that make them paranoid, I understand you. I haven’t used social media for years, someone really finds me out of time because I don’t use Facebook (I used it very little even before and I had less than 10 people in my “friends” who were actually acquaintances) or Instagram which I opened just to be able to see the contents that the mothers of my son’s classmates post in the mothers’ WhatsApp group. Since I was pregnant I also stopped watching the news, I kept informed by intentionally looking for and avoiding grim things, even in the news, but I’ve come to know about them anyway. a person I care about a lot and who tends to dramatize and always look for the worst, just recently told me about catastrophic images due to the bad weather. it was his birthday, my guts turned. I always try to help her free herself from obsessions that are threatening or that activate her empathy in an unhealthy way and then… here she finds them on the day or days of her solar return. How do you help a Scorpio from another generation to know how to swim in the media mud? any idea?

    1. I have an idea and want to address this but part of your text is confusing.

      Your friend is a “she”? It says “his birthday”. Was that an error?

      I just don’t want to misread what you’re saying.

      1. yes it’s a she. and yes it was her birthday born in 1948. she is in a busy time. she must take care of her health and that of her husband

  8. I emoved the long part in which I tell how I got out of one of the “storms” I found myself in. but I tell you that the nature end the silente as been very important for me

  9. @Elsa, forgive me if I may, I don’t want to be intrusive. If you’re not well or things aren’t working at the moment you have to love yourself. as my father says “if you’re fine, I’m fine too” if you, Elsa, are fine, this whole community and consequently their relational ramifications are fine, given that like many others, if not everyone believes you, you are an irreplaceable and special resource.

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