The Secret Lives of Virgo – Redux: A Handy Example

I have Virgo in my chart, and as acutely aware as I am of my secret lives, Scott read this post yesterday and shocked me with this observation:

Most of you know I write a lot of true stories, accounts of various experiences I’ve had. And I have this ability to recall dialogue, verbatim. From 30 years ago! I can just write the exact conversation, don’t ask me why or how.

So anyway, I write about my sister quite a bit and Scott pointed out how she is always smoking. And she is! She’s constantly lighting a cigarette in my stories. Or I am hearing her inhale over the phone, or she calls her husband for a pack of cigs, etc.

And her smoking is so prominent someone told me once they imagine her in this cloud of smoke! But here’s the thing:

At the time, I smoked too! But in my stories, I am never lighting a cigarette. How’s that work, Elsa?

Ha ha ha!

So anyway, I know I am making a bold statement here, but I hold this secret life thing is universally true for Virgo though a good number of them have no awareness. And this is a good example of that. Because believe me, I smoked constantly back then so how’s it wind up my sister is sitting in a cloud of smoke, while I remain pristine?

So Virgos, if you can’t think of any non-Virgo things you do but deny, ask a pal and maybe they can help! 😛

6 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of Virgo – Redux: A Handy Example”

  1. That makes a lot of sense and I think everyone does that. Maybe where Virgo falls in our chart is where we’re most prone to do this.

  2. Oh, this is scary. I have Virgo in the second house, occupied by Neptune (and North Node). I was always hiding money from myself, so I wouldn’t spend it.

  3. Okay, how lame is this…I thought to myself as I read this I have a little Virgo, my moon, I think, is in Virgo…which house? I check my chart and I have 3 planets on Virgo, was I hiding that?? I’ve always had a couple of secret lives, but since I’ve been in my 40’s and am nearly through my Pluto transit, a lot of that has been brought to light. So much easier.

  4. i have a shitload of virgo-merc influence, as does my double-virgo hubby. but i absolutely NEVER thought of it as “secret lives.” although now that you mention it, i realize i have…uh, 6 blogs and a private journal i’ve written in from time to time…just because i don’t tell anybody about more than one or two…and some aren’t open to the public…uh.

    my hubby it’s easier: his secret life is totally in his head! he worries like it’s a freakin’ olympic sport and can conjure up amazing worlds in his head. most of which you never know about unless he has a few too many mike’s lights.

    🙂 i’ll have to be on the lookout for this now.

  5. I have one planet in virgo and I’m not telling which. But I prefer to edit the truth. Just omit things. I can’t flat-out lie like my best friend can (she introduced me to the term ‘fluid truth’)but if someone pushes enough I will lie- OUTRAGEOUSLY! They shouldn’t be that effing nosey.

  6. This is very interesting; could it have anything to do with the Virgo/Pisces axis/polarity? I see Pisces/Neptune more apt to have the ‘secret’, hidden, murky waters of secrecy/fantasy/illusion…and maybe because Virgo lies opposite…?

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