Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius (Square Uranus) Effects

crooked forestThe Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will be exact on December 21st, 2020. It’s a big deal. Your story will change!  However, I don’t think this aspect can be taken alone! The planets will square Uranus in Taurus which will modify the affects.

How will Uranus affect the conjunction?

Uranus will quirk it up.  There will be surprises.

What’s the time frame?

December 21st, 2020 through the end of January, 2021.

Who will be impacted?

Everyone will be part of this story. But if you have planets in early degrees (0-9) of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you’ll be directly affected. I see hoards of clients walking right into this… chaos? But then it hit me.  “God writes straight with crooked lines.”

Jupiter Saturn 2020God (Jupiter) writes straight with crooked (Uranus) lines (Saturn).

I am pretty sure that one sentence sums this whole thing up.

I wrote this in November. It needs an update!

By now, most can feel the change in the air.  The graphic illustrates how we’re coming to this point of inevitability. I look at the picture and can feel my heart pound.

Pay attention to the house in your chart where the conjunction lands.  That’s where doors will open. Jupiter is concerned with the future horizon.  We’re on the brink of being pulled from free of the giant sinkhole.

Here’s the anthem…

Can you feel the change coming? Are you excited?

70 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius (Square Uranus) Effects”

  1. This is very interesting, indeed.

    And Uranus in Taurus likely gets a crooked twist from Venus (co-ruled by Taurus) that will be very close in a quincunx.

  2. I don’t know how it will pan out. I’m a Leo Sun at 7 degrees and rising in Libra at 7 degrees. I have to say I dread it. Quit my job tho,
    And it frightens me, I’m quite depressed and still laying down. Feel Like i cant take any beat anymore.

      1. I’m trying I really do. I reread your answers from your reading constantly. I don’t want to die but inside it feels like I am..

          1. Sorry Never saw your reply! My Venus is zero degrees in Leo (10th house) so I guess the same applies to me as for you. Don’t know what to expect.

            1. “Dying” can be a wonderful experience! Where else but on planet Earth can we internally die to who we were, become someone new, and yet walk into a family gathering, and everyone assumes you are the same old person. Only you can see it – they cannot!

  3. The exact Saturn-Uranus square on Jan. 12th will exactly conjunct my ASC and IC respectively. And Sat will oppose natal Pluto. Not looking forward to this.

  4. Well, dang! I have 7deg. Scorpio Moon, 9 deg. Scorpio Jupiter and 7deg. Aquarius Venus – sounds like I’ll be alone a while longer and feeling it (sigh) I hate this!

  5. Wow Elsa, thanks for this. I’m getting ready to strap on my seatbelt. I’m using this time to clear out, simplify my daily living and finish up old projects, and commitments and taking care of myself. Even though I’m scarily excited with all the early degree fixed in my chart, I’ll be so glad when Jupiter and Saturn roll into Aquarius. My mantra…I’m excited, change is good, change is good.

  6. They will conjunct almost on my Ascendant, only 2 degrees from it, in what remains of my 12th house.

    Big finish, big start, and a plot twist if I read this correctly. Uranus tours my 2nd/3rd house. I am unemployed, on sick leave and have been in a work-related depression for a a year and a half since last year. I have been through therapy, psychological examination, and have a potential diagnosis.

    Maybe the conjunction will help shoot me forward into a new area/therapy so that I will get the help I have always needed but didn’t know I needed.

    I hope so at least!
    *fingers crossed*

    1. My ascendent is 1’59 degree aquarius ascendent so i am pretty interested as to what this means as well. Its been hard this past year.

  7. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    my 5 degree Saturn Return in 5th house Aquarius and my south node will be in the mix I think
    **square transiting uranus in the 8th where my taurus moon hovers at 10 degrees
    **square my Leo north node at 7 degrees in 11th
    **square my venus in scorpio in 2nd along with my Scorpio Neptune at 11 degrees

  8. 2nd Saturn return 8°Aquarius in the first house with Pluto almost exact on my Capricorn ascendant 25.13°. These are interesting times. Any thoughts anyone?

    1. Avatar
      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      Wow. Sounds like a party going on in your chart
      Talk about a core shift in who you are, how you define yourself and the face you show to the world. Maybe Saturn will deem that you need a tune up before entering the 3rd act of your life play. Your North node, where it comes in?? Im thinking That could be a hint a hint

      1. Lol!! Yes, it’s a party, lol! North node in 0°Leo in the 7th house, so yes, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are hitting that as well. A serious shake down and total reimagining of who I am in all my relationships and how I interact with the world. That’s how I’m reading it.

        1. Mind if I join your party? Lol! My Solar Return is in the last week of January, with Sun, Venus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter Rising, and all in my natal 7th house. As if 2020 wasn’t enough of a shake up (shake down?). Not to mention all the squares and oppositions EACH of the planets have. Looks like we may both be unrecognizable by this time next year.

  9. I see many similarites in this thread. I also have a 4 Aqu Asc, Jup 2 Aqu. 24 Cap Saturn. Lots of Medical, Had a murder and shooting outside my doot last week. All were Aries. So much danger. I stay very isolated, My 2 Leo sun, this gives I WE/many one big fat T square. Isnt that the Wheel of Fortune card??

  10. Stellium in Scorpio – Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune 10 degrees or under. 9 Degree Taurus moon. Talk about a test. I have never experienced anything like this in my life and I wonder if anyone else has. This is major. And, its deep. It’s internal. No one can see it on the outside. But, I am trembling on the inside and I have watched it coming for me since the beginning of the year, trying to dismantle it. Trying to avoid it. Trying to work around it. None of this is working so far. I am good at hiding. But, from this… there will be no way. Not because someone else will uncover what is going on inside me… but because I very well may not be able to hold it in. So far, I have been able to. But, I can feel the boiling point. It’s about to make the lid fly off the pot. And, as good at I have been all my life at stuffing things down under the soil… I am afraid this time.. I just might not be able to. We will see.

    I have faith I am stronger than this… but we will see. What was acceptable to me most all my life is just no longer acceptable. It just isn’t. And, I might not be able to hide it. This thing is exposing my soul, and Scorpio is never comfortable with that.

    Be careful what you bury. A transit may come along and dig that grave. Dig it up and shine the sun on it. And, if you are not careful, change your life forever. For the better? For worse? It’s a true test of strength and character… integrity. Moral values. What a person is willing to accept. What a person has taken for years without much complaint.

    Capricorn came for my soul. Woke it up. It was sleeping, but not anymore. This is a lesson in boundaries.

    1. When I read your story it struck me – at least how you’re dealing with it or feel it as similar to mine.
      Yours is all Scorp/Taurus and mine is all Taurus/Aq.
      Hardly as many planets but all major inners (Sun,Moon,Mars).
      No way this just skips me by.
      I dealt with it earlier by meditation and working out.
      I’ve tried to look away but despite Uranus Rx motion I’m beginning to feel what’s virtually here and Mercury is the trigger.

      Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you!

      1. Over the summer I taught myself meditation. It took me a minute, I won’t lie. I am still working on it. We are looking this thing in the eye now.

        I can now see exactly what it’s all about. I know what the test is and I am determined to pass it. Pluto RX was brutal for me. Thank you for the best wishes Lawrence. It’s is all here now. It’s at my door. I am the only one steering this ship now. It’s all up to me. The test has fully been presented. I get to decide.

        I choose COMMITMENT, LOVE, VALUES, HONESTY, MORALS, FAITH, and LOYALTY. I could easily let it all go and have more material gain than I would know what to do with. But, my choice is integrity and loyalty, even if it means I may at some point lose in the end. I won’t budge.

        This came at me in the form of lust and a whole lot of material gain. I SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN.

        As Estella says below: Reinstate the boundaries, cut unnecessary interlopers from our affairs and reclaim our personal sovereignty! Notch says: “I ain’t gotta go there.” and “you ain’t gettin in.” AMEN to both of them.

        1. Not to spoil your provocative enthralling post…but what is “the thing?” I understand that you are hiding this thing, and it will soon burst forth like a beast unleashed, but inquiring minds can’t help but notice you described everything around the thing without actually saying what it is. This is a riddle? B-) The way you described it, I’m so ready to agree with whatever it is…but, in actuality, what the hell am i agreeing with? lol In a way, it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. If you were THAT convinced there would be no internal struggle; you would just know. Just sayin’

    2. Boundaries are good. Need to know yourself to set them. Real decision. I find it totally freeing. “I ain’t gotta go there.” and “you ain’t gettin in.” It is so good when practice soaks in and it is becomes plain ol natural way to be.

    3. Where you have a stellium, I have Uranus, L4. Where you gave Moon, I have Chiron and DC.

      We are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and I think these Transits will affirm that. There will be plot twists galore but through it we will reinstate the boundaries, cut unnecessary interlopers from our affairs and reclaim our personal sovereignty!

      One day, about 7 years ago (Tr Saturn square N Saturn? among other things) I decided enough was enough, and turned my back on someone I really cared about. Never looked back. Best decision ever. Life changing and affirming.

      We are all going to go through a kon mari of our lives.

  11. i have had my moon in capricorn in the 4th house nearly murdered. literally. ive barely made it thru.
    looking fwd to emerging like a phoenix and the intense heat simmering down.
    also in aquarius “the glob” will trine my sun in gemini.
    many blessings for all those who will pass thru this pluto/saturn thing. its been hell for me and my whole life fell apart.
    im sorry i cant b of cheer. but … this too shall pass.

    1. Avatar
      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      My sister has a Capricorn moon. How painful for you!
      Every Capricorn and Capricorn-ish person I know is hurtin’ ??

      1. Thanku hilde. It has been brutal. I hope we can breathe soon us capricornish 😀 so many soul/karma questions arise when the planets tag u and “ur it”. I have 4 planets gemini/nineth ontop of that i dont even understand the underworld. Not in an intellectual way ofcourse but an existential way.

  12. I LOVE THAT LINE. Jupiter conjunct Saturn is in my 1st House. Uranus in Taurus is in my 4th House. Karma is calling in all my debts. My Scorpio Solar return coming up in November has Scorpio on the ASC and Moon in Scorpio. My only son born a Libra, is 2/3 of the way through a Scorpio Progressed Sun, and he is expecting a (probably) Scorpio son around my birthday.
    The straight line drawn crooked fits my life now. After a decade of reinventing the way we live, and living from it, away from the place of my birth … it’s very possible the crooked line will draw me back to be a Scorpio grandmother to a Scorpio grandson. I have amends to make and no way to undo the life of independence (big Jupiter signature) and Saturn’s conjunction might just be the timing Karma comes calling.
    Uranus is in Taurus in my 4th House (HOME). Doing the right thing, and knowing it will be take work (Saturn) being there to help, not hinder, the raising of the NEXT generation of Scorpio could be the best crooked straight line. I’m not sure, but, then maybe that’s a sign of humility and not arrogance.
    More will surely be revealed.

      1. Congrats on grand baby! I loved your line about amends around life of independence. I think Aquarius is about our inter-dependence. Many authentic voices at the round table & Mars in Aries for 6 months w sq to Capricorn shows us we are in this together but have to bring our true voices. These transits are burning us free. I’m a cap sun w moon Libra & Leo rising.
        The forming stellium hit my moon/Neptune & boy, was that transit personal to my toes. Then stellium formed on my sun w full moon Eclipse, Pluto/Saturn/Mars in Solar Return. Blood, sweat, tears & snot this year. I’m grateful but still feel like a wobbly newborn. Welcome Neptune opp Saturn…compassion for self & all of us. Astrology is a calling! Look at all this self-selected group is processing. Are we glad we know even some astrology?!? This too will pass & our stories will help others. They do every time we write here. We are at very beginning of Aquarius Age story…we are all newborns & I’m w Elsa…feel it in the air. This logjam is breaking up. Mokihana, you are a Wise Elder & That baby & your family are blessed w your presence. As we come thru to the other side, own your journey & power in it & let’s not get too full of ourselves! Haha!

  13. I’m in it and have been for at least half this year.
    In fact I live w/Sun in Tau sq Moon/Mars conj Aq.
    I’ve had a preview throughout this year as Uranus almost conj’ed my Sun.
    I think it hit 11 degrees n went Rx.

    Now Saturn/Jupe will sit all on Moon/Mars stirring up the already stirring Sun.

    I’ve feared but mostly wondered about this for most of the whole Cap thing.
    It seems like it’s going to be waaay too much.

  14. Avatar
    lunacy underground

    I think this is going to be a dang breath of fresh air. There will be a collective sigh of relief after the Capricorn Pain Train leaves the station, and yes, while the fixies are up next, it’s going to be a whole new adventure. Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn has been a reign of terror for many, leaving us staring into the abyss and bracing for the next impact. The paradox of this situation is that we’re trapped in thinking that change is the thing to fear, when what we should really be afraid of is resisting it at all cost to stay exactly where we are. The passing of the planetary mic to Aquarius can be an opportunity to transform that dull/sharp existential dread into benevolent self-control and self-mastery.

    1. Avatar
      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      I agree. Nobody likes change… because nobody likes change.
      Maybe we could instead be grateful for the poke in The ribs to GET GOING.
      We as a nation needed this for a long time. This detox is necessary even if it makes us aware what we are experiencibg is nothing to what people in other countries are going through on a daily vasis…let alone this pandemic.
      My heart goes out to those that are going through so much. Im seeing first hand so much stress and loss.
      It moves me to help where and when I can.
      I cant carry those I care for but at least they can lean on me when they get too overwhelmed.

  15. Yeah waiting at the gate, hoping my pennies are really those mint defects worth 2,000.00 cash ins , I know hope a fuzzy bird ,but doesn’t have to fly away maybe just maybe has a song to create a smile to catch a wink and cash in a kiss, an hour of kisses
    Remember them

  16. Looked at the jupiter saturn conjuncts during my lifetime. I am not a mystical person so I don’t look at it as God anything. The Jupiter Saturn tag line I most like is growth and perseverance. Born at the end of taurus conjunct in the 6th. Was I born to work? 😀 1st conjunct 4th house, growth and perseverance. That makes sense. The 2nd conjunct was in the 11th conjuncting natal Mercury which was in its ever so long lasting and fun time progressed retro. That’s a bit funky. Growth and perseverance through the happenstance oddities of life and embracing those. The last one was on the natal 7th cusp, growth and perseverance. That makes sense. And this one will be in the third, growth and perseverance. I see that happening already in the 3rd. But with the uranus tang, nothing is for certain, I think.

  17. I think Aquarius Saturn and Jupiter placements will lead to many more people relying on the resources of their “tribe”, community, church and of course government! Also they will shed materialism and dump possessions big time.

    1. This will also be my Jupiter return 2 Aqu. 2nd Saturn in Capricorn. I had my son 30 years ago as a single mom. 4 degree Ascendant Aquarius 2 Leo sun

  18. I have this coming up with Tr Saturn Tr Jupiter on my IC (and Juno) and Tr Uranus on my DC (and Chiron). Although I have Uranus RX on AC natally, I have Venus Saturn natally so how this plays out will be interesting.

  19. Also…
    0 degree Sun/Merc conjunction in Capricorn on the same day 10:03 Univ.Time

    Making trine with Uranus in Taurus… and semi-sextile Jup/Sat in Aquarius

    Maybe good surprises??? Hope so…. please!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sun will shine over capricorn right after Jupiter/Saturn exit… after so many months in dark…

    Please talk about it @Elsa

  21. Thank you. I hoping for a big change. Cannot wait for it. Everything is working so slow right now. I am waiting fot the perfect ‘money timing’…
    Until then I am hanging in there (my story) like Spiderman or like the woman who kkills spiders.

  22. This is right on the angles of my chart – 10th house cusp. Is there anything specific to this aspect hitting the chart angles or is the house more important?

    1. Chart Angles are very significant points of inflection and change.
      The Jupiter Saturn conjunction on Dec 21st – right at the solstice – is potentially all about reworking the MC/IC axis in our individual charts.
      The Capricorn point relates to our Midheavens – the highest point the Sun reaches in the sky on the day of our birth – basically light and spirit. The IC relates to Soul and personal feeling based reality and direction.
      The combination of Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius with the Capricorn point – and the MC/IC axis in a chart – is

  23. I really can’t see anything drastically changing in 13 days. Perhaps there will be a subtle internal shift. Coinciding with the Christmas Spirit. The Christmas Spirit will be off the charts this year. Perhaps some people don’t know that. Some people may have been feeling like Scrooge this year, but all the sudden they just might feel what Christmas is all about.

  24. Yeah, I feel the change and I’m very excited ! Coincidence ?
    Today, 12/8, was Jim Morrison’s Birthday ! Did you know that ???

    1. On December 8 40 years ago, John Lennon was assassinated. The next day, my son was born. So we celebrated his 40th birthday today, with lots of thanksgiving – he was born with a wonky heart and I didn’t know if I would ever raise him. He feels an affinity with John Lennon.
      The conjunction will be in his 9th – no fixed planets in the early degrees.
      The “only!!” planet of mine that will be touched is Pluto in Leo, also in the 9th. The conjunction will hit my in my second house – boy-oh-boy am I sick to death of the 2nd!!

  25. This will square my Mars/Neptune natal conj and conjunct my 3rd house Chiron.
    Mars/Neptune in Scorpio 11th House. Communication with groups, friends will somehow be effected. The future is unknown so can’t really feel excited but I sure am curious how this will play out.

  26. I wish to add, this is in a Placidus chart. In an equal chart it shifts from 11th to 12th, but Chiron is square in my 3rd either way.

  27. The conjuction will occer in my 6th house squaring my natal Ceres and Saturn in Taurus ,Jupiter in Scorpio and opposit my raising sun in Leo. I dont know what awaits me

  28. I have an Aquarius Moon and Venus at 5 and 6 degrees and my Scorpio ASC is at 5 degrees. I see both a conjunction and a square transiting my natal chart. I wonder if love is in the cards for me due to Jupiter and Saturn aspecting my natal Venus through a conjunction. I also have Uranus transiting my 7th house at the moment. I think I should a tarot reading on on the Solstice about that for insight.

  29. wow from the darkness & harshness of capricorn, i understand Aquarius a little bit better (the hope significator as well) I was always so confused why aquarius / 11th house was tied with “hope”…now it makes so much sense in light of the way the world is so dark and horrible right now. We need change, for the better.

  30. Still in the 10th.

    I know something is out there, job wise, for me. Better opportunities will come.

    Mars is my chart ruler, and he’s hitting the bruised parts of my chart one more time before heading into Taurus. I keep reminding myself, I’ve had enough, but it’s almost over…!

  31. It’s in my 10th squaring my Venus/Mars at 1 Taurus and 5 Taurus ASC. My friend recently offered me a job at his family’s company (completely different area of work from what I’m doing now) that will allow me to work from home and will pay close to 4 times more than what I’m making now. It won’t start until Feb/March and my friend (who is an Aries) has a history of being a little overconfident in his own promises, so I’m not getting my hopes up too high, but all the signs seem to point in the direction of changing careers, so I feel like it might actually happen.

    I’m a massage therapist now and since becoming pregnant with my son almost 3 years ago, I’ve been dealing with a rather intense flare-up of my autoimmune symptoms that have made it almost impossible to do my job. The Covid lockdown has helped but I was starting to get nervous trying to figure out what I was going to do for money, so this is all an immensely welcome turn of events!

    I have also started a really intense protocol for cleansing that is meant to be a long-term way to loose all the weight I gained and hopefully re-set my body back to where it was before the pregnancy (with less of the autoimmune symptoms) and I’m already seeing a big difference. I’m not completely sure how that square to all my Taurus will play out but I will say that doing this cleanse has been one of the most challenging things I’ve done but I’m definitely dedicated to seeing it through ?

  32. My Ascendant is at 29.38 Capricorn…so it’s basically right there on it and it gets to square my Natal Mars at 0 degrees Taurus in the 3rd House and Natal Uranus at 27 degrees Libra in the 9th.

    Even with the hard aspects, I’m pretty excited about this conjunction. Fingers crossed.

  33. Hi, the conjunction is happening in the 4th house, and will form trine with my natal Jupiter. I am Libra rising, sun in Scorpio and was wondering whether this transit will push any positive or negative changes? I am a beginner in astrology, but I read information about Jupiter being functional malefic for Libra ascendant, so I am a bit worried about what to expect.

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