Why Venus is in Detriment in Scorpio?

MedeaVenus has entered Scorpio, the sign of her detriment. This is where Venus is weak, trying to do her Venusian tasks with Scorpio’s Mars/Pluto tools. When Venus is in Scorpio, our love is deep and intense. But that is not always as positive as it seems.

Take the story of Medea, the ultimate Scorpio Venus.

When Medea met Jason, it was love at first sight. He was young and beautiful, with all the arrogance that entails. He laughed like thunder and smiled like sunshine. He seemed to care for nothing and no one, which made her crave him even more. He was cold and ambitious and charming and determined. He was perfection.

He had come to her father’s kingdom seeking the Golden Fleece, and Medea agreed to help him as long as he promised to marry her once the deed was done. Her father gave Jason a series of near-impossible tasks to complete, and Medea used her innate magical abilities to help him with each one, turning every situation to his favor. And when her father still didn’t budge, Medea even killed her own brother to distract while she and Jason escaped with the fleece to the other side of the world.

And her sacrifices didn’t stop there. She healed Jason’s crewmates, murdered his enemies, and even gave his infirm father his youthful vigor back. She gave everything she had – her family, her talents, her throne, her very soul – so that Jason might be exalted. And to her, it was worth every second.

For a while, this worked out beautifully. Medea and Jason lived together in wedded bliss for a decade, during which time she bore him several children. And every second of every day, she adored him. He was her golden sun, the body around which her world orbited. He was her gravity.

But despite all she gave, it wasn’t enough for Jason. He had his sights set even higher than her magic could carry him. He wanted to be the king. And when he was lucky enough to catch the eye of the king’s daughter, Glauce, he immediately abandoned Medea and their children in favor of his ambition.

Medea was gutted. She had given Jason everything – EVERYTHING. In all their years together, he had never wanted for a single thing. She had given him beautiful children, a life free from pain and fear, and every source of joy and pleasure a human could ever hope for. And this is how he repaid her.


She wasn’t going to accept this. She couldn’t just disappear gracefully into the night, as if this is just her burden to bear. No! She gave him everything he had, and as far as she was concerned, it was hers to take away.

So she hatched a plot.

On the day of Jason’s wedding to Glauce, Medea sent the bride a gift. Glauce gasped as she beheld the glittering coronet and shimmering dress, a vision of gauzy perfection. The bride smiled, comforted in the belief that Medea had given the union her blessing. But when she put them on, her smile disappeared. Her body began to convulse, and foam seeped from her perfect ruby lips.


When her father, the king, saw what was happening to his sweet daughter, he ran to her and held her tightly, causing his own body to absorb some of the poison. And so king and princess died together.

When a messenger told Medea all that transpired, her heart hardened with grim determination. Two down. Two to go.

Medea painting
This seems like a reasonable action that I definitely won’t regret

In the midst of the chaos, Medea marched with her two youngest children right up to the palace, where Jason was wandering in a stupor. When his eyes caught hers, he was filled with horrible knowing. It was her. She had done this.

But Medea wasn’t done yet. Steeling herself and fighting against every instinct in her body, she raised a dagger.

“I gave you everything, yet you spurned my gifts. Now, I take it all back.”

She plunged the dagger into her children’s chests, keeping her eyes on Jason the whole time. As he crumpled into a heap of grief, Medea was spirited away by a divine chariot, off to rise and fight another day.

Scorpio is one of the most supportive signs in the zodiac. Venus in Scorpio will give everything they have, all the resources at their disposal, for the comfort of their loved ones. There’s nothing they won’t do. But when they give so much, any betrayal is catastrophic. For them to care so much and have it be in vain…well, it’s no wonder that many turn to revenge. Their love turns off like a light, and all that is left is cold, stark vengeance.

That is Venus using Mars and Pluto tools. Venus in Scorpio channels Pluto by loving deeply and obsessively, and by sharing resources and power. And with the pure relentlessness of Mars, Venus keeps giving and giving, seeking always for her intensity to be reciprocated. And if it’s not, Venus calls upon Pluto and Mars to rain destruction on those who wronged her.

Venus is Scorpio can be a beautiful thing. Deep, powerful, supportive love is something we all dream of. But let this story be a lesson. No matter how much you love someone, remember to reserve at least some of your resources for yourself. Don’t lose yourself in your love. And if things don’t turn out as you hope, a life well-lived is the truly best revenge.

Can you relate to Medea’s story? Have you ever been burned by giving too much? Where is your Venus?

21 thoughts on “Why Venus is in Detriment in Scorpio?”

  1. Yes and yes and yes.
    4 planets in Scorpio, 4 of them conjuct Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

    I have been Medea. I was betrayed, jilted and turned bitter. So bitter I kept off men and turned celibate for more than a year.

    I took my revenge.

    1) I lost 10 kilos, began running and got in the best damn shape of my life.

    2) I colored my hair the exact colour my ex always wanted me to have.

    3) I bought the high heels he always listed for I wore (but never did). Wore the type of clothing I knew he listed for.

    4) The day we met, 3 months after the breakup, I was another woman. He had Mercury in Gemini in the 7th. He had never seen me like this.

    The look on his face when he saw my hair… When he spotted my body clad in a tight fitting dress, my high heels.
    Remember the Movie “The Mask” with Jim Carey and Cameron Diaz?

    His eyes did a double take I have never seen on a man’s face.
    It was so very very gratifying.

    He wouldn’t be engaged to me, but he couldn’t have me either. I taunted him approx 6 months and then I deleted his last mail without answering.

    I’m not proud of it, although I was actually not AWARE at the time about my motivation for doing it. I tried to protect myself from more hurt. Whatever had hurt him…. I hurt deeper. I lost more, both material and emotional.

    Now I am older.
    I went through another of such relationships afterwards too. This time it was more equal in damage though. And afterwards I went through two more.

    Not with the revenge-part, though. I focused more on my own healing.

    When I met my current BF, I was cautious until I knew he was as loyal and dedicated to me. He has Venus trine Pluto, and Moon conjunct Pluto, so we share the same dynamics you can say. That’s where the balance-part comes in.

    I know though, that it is a double edged sword. Still. We are older, much older and more mature. I hope if if came to it, a breakup would be more balanced (either in a good or bad way). I do hope though, that I have finally found my life partner in an age of 38 years.

    1. What I am trying to say is that I’d rather not live without my partner, but I can live without him.

      Love is a choice, not a necessity if you love yourself as much as your partner, or even more sometimes.

  2. Boy, Midara, your last paragraph is fitting for a plaque! After a tumultuous holiday weekend with family members I hadn’t seen in years, I am in full agreement with you that “living well IS the best revenge.” I am living MY life on MY terms – NOT theirs!

  3. Pluto signifies trash, so an undeveloped venus in scorpio can mean that you pick up trash from the street. You then go on to being continously used by them or making sacrificies for them (they sometimes don’t even ask for). When it doesn’t work out you act all surprised and like the victim. But it’s actually you who is to blame. Self-sabotage or not ready to take responsibility?

    A well developed venus/scorpio can be very nice of course! But this means loving yourself and using common sense when picking a partner. Usually this wisdom comes with age, so Venus/Scorpio people should marry late, when they have enough insight into their own psyche.

  4. Scorpio and our revenge. We are the ones that actually are hurt in the end. While Medea took away everything he loved she took away everything she loved as well. This Reminds me of Betty Broderick a Scorpio. Though her venus was in sag.

  5. No to these questions. I have Venus in Virgo. I am prudent with my energy and affection. I never give more than I can afford to lose, and that has served me well (or better than Medea’s tactic).

  6. The problem is that unlike the olden days, Scorpios are so bad at getting revenge that with the wrong person, they end up hurting themselves more than they hurt others. A few I know ended up in serious trouble with the law and ruined an otherwise good life as a result.

  7. Venus 3d, Neptune 14d, Mars in Scorpio 22d. Libra Sun and Mercury. Pluto, Uranus and Moon in Virgo.

    I’ve been so proud of that depth and intensity in love. And also very hurt – as overratedscorp says – hurting myself through this ‘methodology’. What was most confusing in the biggest and likely last scenario where this played out: his North Node 1d and Neptune 2d Scorpio conjunct my Venus. He couldn’t let go either.

    I take heart from Libra noir and her Virgoan Venus – perhaps as I have late degree Cancer rising, my Virgo Moon will save my day/heart/life. I think my Libra Sun and Mercury save me from being vengeful.

  8. Yes, this fits the feelings of Venus in Scorpio. I do not have children, but HELL NO! I would not harm a child or innocent being to avenge myself on my enemy. There have been times when I have been enraged enough to shout like Al Capone, but I keep anger journals where I write down my anger and try my best to not go full blown Scorpio. I have rage issues with my husband’s sister and oh boy she provoked me last year and I came back at her with the truth about how her family doesn’t like her because of her ways, etc.

    But yes, the feelings go so deep and it is so freaking hard to LET IT GO. I have been trying to work on letting things go that are detrimental. It is flipping difficult to amputate my dang grudges. Venus conjuncting Jupiter in Scorpio with my Venus semi-square Pluto. Jupiter makes mountains out of molehills too. It is not all benefic. I wish I could just stop brooding over every little slight that I perceive.

    It’s not easy having Scorpio placements. Pluto one degree on my Sun just adds to that.

  9. Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th house, conjunct my DSC opposite Jupiter on my ASC. Venus is also square Saturn. Love is some serious stuff for me.

    When I really love a man, I try to hang on through thick and thin…unless he won’t commit. I obsess over the realization that he’s only wasting my time. So the fateful day comes when I can’t endure it for another moment and cut ties. He doesn’t deserve me. I don’t seek revenge. But I do surgically remove him. Sooner or later he comes to realize that nobody else has ever loved him as intensely as I did. He wonders why he can’t recapture the feeling with someone else. By that time I have moved on. I had to move on quickly to put him far in my rearview mirror. Stewing over him is not an option. I’ve already spent countless hours stewing over the decision to leave him. I move on for the sake of my sanity, and I don’t look back.

  10. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (within 3 degrees) and Saturn 6 degree from my Venus also in Scorpio all in the 8th house. I also have Mars in Libra (mutual reception).

    All of this can be true, but the highest form of Scorpio, what all Scorpio energy is after is controlling their OWN ENERGY and establishing BOUNDARIES to maintain this effort. I don’t do revenge because it’s a waste of my owe time (Saturn) and energy (Pluto). I will obsess over what happened, but the sooner I accept reality as it is (Saturn) the sooner I can rebuild (Pluto).

    I get that Taurus is one of the natural rulers of Venus, but Taurus also needs reminded that people aren’t possessions. Scorpios can struggle with this too for different reasons. Scorpios are in my opinion more loyal than a Leo (because they show up even if there is no public glory). But, you won’t find a Scorpio staying in a relationship that isn’t transformative in some way. Scorpios don’t have to be dramatic like the example above to get their point across. Many times the cold absence of the Scorpio is enough. Instead of chasing after her fool of a husband and killing his new soon to be wife, she should have cut him out, found another man who is better and more committed, then let karma do the rest. Revenge is for the faithless. The universe takes care of things. Someone’s is so private the world doesn’t see it, but karma gets them.

    1. I agree too on this.

      An unfaithful ex cheated on me, but I did my best to stay on the white horse.

      He now lives in another country, married I guess, and in the end he will probably get what’s coming to him, because people always do. It’s their own ego and lack of faith and all the other ‘sins’ a human being posses that make sure they f*CK up their life.

      As I screwed up my own too.

      “A man who runs from his fear will discover he has only taken a shortcut to meet it”

      It is my favourite quote to date…

    2. Well said:revenge is for the faithless. This is true. I know. Yet at heart i am a very revengeful person and in the back of my mind, i have a small list of people who hurt me very much. I hope to get revenge on them one day. But revenge, as Medea’s story shows, is useless. You hurt yourself. But i still dream of revenge. Impatient I am too. Can i wait for karma? Suppose karma forgets these bad people, then i come in. They must get what they deserve. Do i have Venus in Scorpio? No, in Leo. Haha. Wish i had. Deep love, that is what i believe in. Was a Medea once but he did not appreciate it and at once, i saw him for what he was after almost 2 very intense years. I was not angry. Did not seek revenge. I let hem go and felt relieved. Knowing i could do better. Which happened.

  11. I need to be mindful that some, maybe most people, are not comfortable with intimacy, and to not take that as a sign of rejection. The border thing. I was with a Sag for many years and when we mutually split the sheets and were discussing that, he told me ‘I have always had problems with intimacy.’ Now he might have wanted to share that like right up front or somewhere in those years. Splained alot. But too late to go back.

  12. Mostly, it is ourselves we hurt the most, and we’ll do it out of perversity, and we’ll find a twisted pleasure in doing it, like picking a scab – it’s a real “failing for Spite” thing – like Donna Cunningham said…..and I’m right in the middle of an episode right now….as if it’s not obvious….hah…

  13. I am venus in Scorpio, Pluto in Scorpio, 5th house in Scorpio, cancer rising , with Mars in Aries ..I give everything..loyalty, love, sacrifices name it ..but betrayal is unforgivable, my Anger is wild inside and cold outside ..your destruction is my healing..il do anything to see that happen

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