Getting A Grip On What Cannot Be Grabbed: Pluto’s Transit Through The 12th

leprosyLynn write on Your Experiences Going Into The Full Moon

“I remember quite a while ago a post you did where you said if you want the answer go to the 12th house. Maybe you are getting the answers you need and a lot of the fear is now being transformed into emotional knowledge. Perhaps your awareness is now your companion on the ‘treacherous’ road ahead. I am so sorry it ‘hurts like hell most of the time’. My thoughts are with you.”

Thanks for your comment it Lynn, that sounds pretty accurate. It also allowed me to get a better grip on something hard to grab which is precious to me. And I think I better grok what I can now because as Pluto transits deeper into my 12th house it’s function there is sure to become more and more obscured.

I am motivated to communicate this transit the best I can because when I googled it last year what I found was inordinately not helpful. Basically I am due to contract grotesque communicable diseases like leprosy. While I understand this better now than I did at the time, we need other treatments of this topic available, when people go searching.

Pluto is concerned with the collective and I have noticed the boundaries between me and IT have all disappeared since Pluto went into my 12th. By and large this is a horror. I could actually argue FOR suffering leprosy over the condition I find myself in there is so much pain, past, present and future but I am oddly comfortable with it.

For the astrologers who might be studying, my natal Pluto activated by this transit is well placed and has no hard aspects so this probably has a lot to do with how I can stand in blood and guts up to my knees and and say, “Ok, I get this and further, I know what to do.” But pain? The pain is incredible but it has never been this bearable n my life.

I do think it is 10 years of end game. 10 years of dying to prepare for the rebirth when Pluto crosses my ascendant and I have tremendous calm about it. My impression is that Pluto is far more at him in the 12th than the 11th even though the literature out there does not seem to support this. But think about it.

The death of your friends, wishes, hopes and dreams? To have all that decimated? Now that is some suffering.

But I can see how that would be necessary to get to this point. Pluto through the 11th killed my intellect and ability to detach so with that wiped out, this is really all there is.

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  1. another perspective could be — i’m thinking that the communicable disease aspect could be metaphorical — dis-easy or uneasy communications? delving into difficult and dark subject matter, which you do well. and attract sh*t for doing so? sending you light and good vibrations.

  2. “i’m thinking that the communicable disease aspect could be metaphorical ”

    Agreed! Whatever everyone has, I am getting it!! It’s all I can do not to tell everyone to wash their hands, LOL! 😉

    But yeah, when I read that a year ago I took it literally but when I consider if from today’s perspective I see that I have all the diseases of the collective!!

  3. Thank you so much for this stuff on pluto thru 12th. I feel a tad less existential angst knowing you are traveling this road. Would you please keep this topic as a revolving post? I am experiencing same as my ASC is 11 Cap and never experienced this feeling caught in a vat of molasses with no ladder…

  4. Pluto was transitting my 12th house through most of my first marriage. It was a real descent of Persephone sort of experience. As Pluto moved across my ascendant I began to find my own power again and left that relationship never to return to anything so limiting again.

    Late Scorpio ascendant here for what it’s worth.

    I think it’s a tremendous service to track this Elsa and I’ll be following while you post about this into infinity.

  5. I agree with Lupa that this is an incredible service you provide. I have seen your posts change over time and the enormous amount of love, passion and concern that flows through your words, connecting and reaching out to people. In writing through your pain there is a sense of authenticity and congruence which is well nigh impossible to achieve in real life connections, let alone virtual.

    A re-birth into the 1st obviously won’t return your lost friends, wishes , hopes and dreams but it will certainly bring a vision based on strength, purpose and red hot coals experience.

    One day at a time.

  6. …well, everything i hear about pluto in the fifth is either awful or wonderful. people get a bit wacky with pluto……….

    i dunno, guess it explains why stuff with my son is hitting me real hard of late.
    what, ten years of this………..? *sigh*

    i’ve never forgotten what you told me (six years ago) about the timing of the birth of our children, though. the symbiosis of the whole experience. it makes way more sense than anything else anyone’s said to me…

  7. I’m a 13 deg. Cap rising…I agree with Eldil, I would love to see this as a revolving post. It helps to see others experience going through this…Pluto has moved away from my natal Neptune and is currently moving towards my South Node, and my dreams have been getting mighty vivid and intense!

    It’s also going to be crazazy when Pluto crosses over my AC a couple of years after my first Saturn return..and Saturn will be conjunct my Uranus!

    With all of my personal planets in Capricorn (Sun, Merc.) or Aquarius (Moon, Venus, Mars), my life is going to be one giant transformation for a while( it won’t be after my 2nd Saturn Return…” a while..” what an understatement!)!

    I should just get a tattoo that says: “Under Construction Until 2045”

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