Voice Of Taurus – Known For Being Cheap…

bag_of_ice.jpg“If you were with me right now you’d be pissed,” the soldier said from the road.


“Oh, the whores are on the radio trying to drum up some business.”

“Yeah? What are they saying?”

“It a beautiful day in Nevada,” he said in a whore’s voice. “Do you need a break? I’m a blonde with 38 double D’s,” he said with his voice shrill. “Alllllll natural! And I’ve got hardwood floors with tongue and grooooove!

I snorted. “Oh God, is that enticing?”

“Hell no. Whores don’t entice me. I am not enticed by Nevada whores. I have seen whores all over the world and not been enticed. Come on, P. I don’t like giving up two bucks for ice!”

P snorted.

“Yeah, I pay $1.69 for a thermos of coffee and if it’s weak, I’m mad.”

10 thoughts on “Voice Of Taurus – Known For Being Cheap…”

  1. I think it’s more than a little Taurus in a chart that makes a person cheap. Now my mother is a Taurus with an Aries moon and she’s so cheap she embarasses me with her tipping practices and I have to go behind her and tip more. My sisters a Taurus with an Aries moon and shes not cheap per se but she spends all her money on herself as fast as she gets it. I am a Taurus with a Leo moon, and no one has ever called me cheap … unfortunately; because it’s both a blessing and a curse.

  2. I’ve been surrounded by Sun Tauri with no idea where their Moon or Venus are. Cheap, yah, I have thought them ‘cheap’…trying always to get a good deal. It’s when they cramp my style and judge ME LOCO that really has pissed the “is it me” Cappy Moon. Is it about needing to have their stuff that does it to the earth bull?

  3. Those women sound like some of the late night ads for penis enlargement with the big eyed women who blink emphatically. Sex is sacred in my belief system. I think it’s those women that are the cheap ones.

    Signed, not a prude but even whores should have SOME class.

  4. “Alllllll natural! And I’ve got hardwood floors with tongue and grooooove!”

    Were they really using those words to entice listeners into a romp in the sack? Hardwood floors? Carpentry?

    Venus in Virgo is saddened.

  5. Oh, it is not because Taurus is cheap. It is because Taurus Likes what Taurus likes, and is willing to wait for it, sometimes for a very long time. Luxury and Quality and the right cut of cloth.

  6. K – he’s not cheap with me and he’s not cheap with the church and he’s not cheap with girl scouts and he’s not cheap with animals but he obviously is cheap when it comes to spending money on himself… except for just like you say. When he does buy something he buys the best and built to last..

  7. That is it in a nutshell. Taurus is ruled by Venus- beauty and that which is long lasting – and they will wait forever for what they want – but then they get the exact thing they want even it it may cost more. Usually not willing to settle so much. Its is that whole values thing – you spend on what you value. You mentally save for what you want. He (and I ) will spend on those they love and value.

    I have a 10th house Taurus Sun and a north node in the second house (house of Taurus) in Virgo.

  8. I’m an aries with a Taurus moon and I can be cheap but it varies – the core of the matter is a basic fear of not being able to have what I need – I say need because I NEED to have comfort and know that I am not going to be put out by being uncomfortable – whether this is about money or surroundings – it doesn’t matter.

    I have always loved having a Taurus moon because it has given me strength and tenacity to be able to endure absolutely anything – It is grounding –

  9. I prefer the term value conscious. *smile*

    Tauruses know exactly how much something should cost and we won’t pay more for it. The markup on things really bothers me. I like to sink my money into furniture, real estate and things that will last.

    Cars, electronics etc…lose half their value the moment they leave the store, and they’re always being replaced by the next innovation. When the price drops low enough on the “old stuff”, guess who’s waiting? I don’t care if I have the latest thing, but I do care if I paid too much for that newness.

    I bet you don’t see many Tauruses in convenience stores, because they know if they just wait, it’s less expensive at the grocery store.

    And why should I pay almost $2 for a cup of coffee when I make better myself with my own blend? Why buy a drink from McDonald’s when I can drive 30 feet and get a cold 40 cent pop from the machine at WalMart?

    I don’t often drink in bars because the mark up is hard for me to justify. Steak can be the same way. For the same amount of money I can buy a much better cut and add another one.

    I like places like Japanese Steak houses and Greek restaurants, because they make things I don’t know how to make. But when I do go to bars or restaurants or get my hair or nails done, I’m a good tipper.

    I used to wait tables. My sis and my daughter have tended bar. I know the wages are low and meant to be made up in tips. And as far as hair and nails, do you really want to irritate your beautician/nail tech?

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