Girl Pees Her Pants On A Date – Scorpio And The 8th House

Boy, I don’t know if this is going to come across / translate to the masses but I am sure some of you are going to get it so here it comes.

Every night the soldier and (or) I tell Vidroid a story about our lives. Last night the soldier came up with a shocker.

“I once had a date with a girl… I went out with this girl and she peed her pants on the date,” he said.

“What?” I asked. ‘That’s worse than your farting.”

He nodded.

“Why did she pee herself?” I asked.

“I don’t know. She was laughing hard and I guess she just did it.”

“What did you do?”

“Took her home like she asked me to.”

“She didn’t say anything?”

“No. Just take me home. She didn’t have to say anything, it was obvious what had happened.”

“So you took her home and…”

“That was it. She never spoke to me again. Yep, that was the last time I ever saw or spoke to her.”

He’d have been a teenager (16). And I don’t know what you make of that but the shunning like that? I smell Scorpio.

This is what happens to people with planets in Scorpio or the 8th house. You screw up, it’s our fault. And then you wonder why we don’t open up.

“Did you try to talk to her?”

“Uh huh. But she wouldn’t even look at me.”

Have you ever been dumped because of  another person’s shameful action? What’s your Scorpio / 8th house situation?

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  1. I’m dashing out the house to get to a meeting, so I shouldn’t even be on here – but I just caught a glimpse of this post headline and had to read on!!

    Wow – so that’s what it is?!! I have a Scorpio Moon (Saturn in Pisces Retro in the 8th, which is a pain for other reasons 🙂 ), and I think I relate to this tale – very much so. I’m going to think about it some more…to see what comes up.

    Do we know what this girl was laughing so hard at? I’m intrigued.

  2. I dunno. I would have been far far FAR too mortified to have Ever talked to the soldier (or anyone else involved) again. I’d want to up sticks! Especially as a teenager. And as for him talking ot me I’d be terrified that he’d bring it up somehow or it owuld come up and I’d have to relive it. ‘Nothing to do with you really but I couldn’t take the shame and embarassment . . but I guess thats saturn square my capricorn sun.

    The only exception I guess would be if I had to offer to dry clean something for you ‘Uhm can I rent a steam cleaner for your couch?’ *cringe*

  3. I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. If so I never noticed!
    With Neptune mashed up in most of my personal planets, I can be pretty oblivious at times.

    I have chart ruler/basket handle Moon in 8th trined Pluto (amongst other stuff I don’t feel like typing).

  4. Whatever it was – it doesn’t matter. I believe I had a similar yet possibly ‘worse’ scenario (food poisoning if you get my drift) happen to me on my second date with my partner (a particularly wonderful Aquarian). He has a very similar humor to mine and so thankfully we had a great laugh about it at the time – we still fall about when we think of it!

  5. Have you ever been dumped because of someone else’s shameful action?

    I suspect in this case, it was that she was ashamed, but yeah. Hey, it was just a few weeks ago that the ex-person was essentially offering to forgive me for my having been treated wrongly by her. Provided I gave her the stuff back that she had refused to take when we split up.

    What’s your Scorpio / 8th house situation?

    The evil evil sun conjunct the evil evil Neptune plus the evil evil Mercury all in Scorpio, of course.

    [‘If all crud this has all been Pluto in Sag I will be so pleased when it is over.’]

  6. OMG! I also did that, pee in my pants. I was 17 and was sooo in love with this cool badboy 4 years older than me. We had been hanging out for a few days, but we were not like a couple or something.

    One night we had just smoked some pot, it was my first experience with drugs, and we were sitting in his bed laughing our asses out. Suddenly I couldn’t hold myself and peed, and quite a lot too. But the thing is, I was sitting in the other end of the bed so I was hoping desperately he wouldn’t realize what had happened, instead of just telling him about the accident and having a laugh at it..
    And guess what, he didn’t!?! We talked and laughed some more, and then he asked if I wouldn’t like to join his end of the bed and go to sleep? And I said no, I am not tired, I’ll wait. Then he fell asleep and I sat there ashamed and embarresed waiting for the bed to get dry, being so afraid his feet would feel the wet sheets…

    I must have fell asleep, cause the next morning it was as if nothing had happened, the bed had dried and he didnt show any sign that he knew. I guess we hung together for another week, after which it just ended, he stopped calling and kind of disappeared for years.

    I have met him and talked with him several times in recent years, and he has never ever talked about it or given any hints at it. But today, when I think of it, I’m sure he must have known, but was too polite or embarrased or something to say something or let me know he knew. I still blush when I think of it.

    He was a lion sun, I have mars and neptune in scorpio, pluto on ascendant. And he dumped me!

  7. “the ex-person was essentially offering to forgive me for my having been treated wrongly by her”

    :::rolls eyes::: good LORD that sounds irritating max!!

  8. i have a friend, scorpio moon, who i made pee in her pants once from laughing. we were too young to drive so she had to sit through an entire movie in wet pants. and pity the person who sat in that seat in the next show!

    we still laugh about it sometimes.

  9. See Elsa, this is why I so appreciate you. You write about these real-life scenarios that help me understand my own chart. I have sun in 8th, scorpio moon, and experienced a situation very similar to this. When I was frozen out, my libra rising kicked into gear and questioned my own initial response to the embarassing event (which was similar to the soldier’s.) Should I have **talked** more about the thing that happened? Was I dumped because I’m not compassionate? Am I compassionate? I FELT compassion at the time.. but I wonder, do 8th house folks get knocked for a so-called lack of compassion?

  10. I haven’t been dumped because of others shameful action, but I do find that certain friends will avoid me if they are doiing something they are embarassed about. For example talking with their cheating beating ex. My Neptune is in Scorpio in the 6th house, I also have Sag and Cap in my 8th house.

  11. You think she thought it was his fault? You didn’t think she was just embarrassed as all hell? ‘Cause I sure would be. 🙁

  12. I think she was embarrassed as hell and so does he. But the result if you look from his perspective… his feelings is the result and it’s not good. And he didn’t do anything, see. He was a good date but he still gets shunned because she does not want to face something she did.

    And when she avoids him at school, do you think she tells people why? Of course not. She lets it seem as if he dark in someway.. mistreated her or something.

  13. my daughter has a scorp moon and strong scorp signature overall. she was always quiet in school, didn’t make waves, easygoing kid. however, the teachers in her high school acted afraid of her – i swear, they thought she was going to show up at the school with a rifle one day. i never could really figure out why, but this sure explains it.

  14. Yeah, stay back and no one knows why. The reason is because she’s carrying the shadow for the collective. This is one hell of a story… me thinks

  15. ‘Yeah stay back and no-one knows why’. Interesting. Elsa, I thought about this some more on the way back in the car. Two things go on that I can think of – people tell me things, private, personal, deep – talk to me about stuff they can to no other. This has been so since I can remember. I keep these ‘secrets’ to myself – they are not for sharing, so I believe their trust in me is fair.

    The other, is that sometimes, (and it could also be said ‘often’), people have a reaction to me on first meeting without me having said a word. Men and women. Feedback I have had is that they may have found me intimidating. And though that might have been a tactic I used in my teens (with good reason) to keep (potentially hurtful) people away – I have no need for that barrier now.

    I have since realised that I never actually needed to enhance any intimidation, as it came naturally to me anyway – without me doing anything. These days, I am aware of it – of how people might be with me and so I check it out. If I try to compensate, to be less intimidating, I become someone else who is not me, and it’s hard to maintain – so I am just myself and I accept that some people will like me and some will not. But those that like me – like me for me.

    Best wishes.

  16. I once had a booger in my nose after running through a rainstorm. Does that count as humiliating? Maybe not.

    Although, i have an ungodly fear of farting in bed in my BF’s presence. The problem is you eat and drink alcohol and you’re flat out and the old digestive tract does its thing. I actually WAKE UP because I feel one and I have to hold it in. We’ve even joked about it, but I just can’t. I can’t even poop in the same house. Sun, Merc Neptune Scorp, Aries cusp 8th house.

    Yes, long weekends away have been hell. Sigh.

  17. “You screw up, it’s our fault. And then you wonder why we don’t open up.”

    I’m beginning to understand this first hand, and it makes perfect sense. Due to a Pluto transit, I seem to keep being in situations where I witness other people’s shameful actions. But instead of being ashamed of the action, they’re ashamed of me and my presence. I’m revolting, because I happened to be on the scene…and every time they see me they are reminded. It sure sucks to be everyone else’s toilet (pun fully intended) 🙁

  18. I swear, all of these replies so aptly describe me and my relationship with my ex. During this time, I didn’t know my chart, and as I look back, and release all the anger and blame over what went down, I see so clearly: I was afraid of my own 8th house energy, let alone the energy released by a Pluto transit. SO intense. Instead of trying to stand in my own power, I gave it away. (He’d screw up, I’d be blamed, then be criticized for not opening up, then I’d lie and apologize for stuff I truly didn’t feel THAT sorry for, and the cycle would continue).

  19. For the question – yep! Been lied to and it made out to be my fault (I’m psychologically unwell, after all) even though at the time of initial lies, the truth wouldn’t have made a difference.

    moon conjunct jupiter in scorpio, conjunct pluto, opposite venus in 8th…

    Sucks for the girl, though. That would be super embarrassing at any age, any situation.

  20. “Yeah, stay back and no one knows why. The reason is because she’s carrying the shadow for the collective.”

    Now, that’s a nice little nugget there! I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to integrate this, the carrying of the shadow, into my self-view for a while, but that really shines a spotlight on it. It certainly explains my social ostracism.

  21. I don’t known, I’m an Aries with Cap Moon in 8th and when a kid, pee’d my pants on the sidewalk because it felt so warm from the sun.

    Course being about 7 yrs old I didn’t care 🙂

  22. Last boyfriend and my sister projected their crap all over me and when I called them on it, you got it, boyfriend turned it all around and my sister has not spoken to me for years.

  23. OMG… this is amazing!! I have Scorp. moon and venus in the 8th trine that scorp. moon and venus opp. pluto, chiron in the 8th…lots of 8th stuff. It seems that thru my life, people act shitty and somehow I end up apologizing or cleaning up the mess….it becomes my fault…INSANE!! Lots of Pisces dimensions too….so multiply that by 100…ugh!!

  24. Hmmmm, this one is really making me think. I have studied psychology and human behavior at college and have always wanted to go very deep with everything and everyone…lol! I always seem to attract lighter more “surface” people, who seem too scared to get deep. I have no problem looking at my shadow…thats healthy to know yourself inside and out, while others close to me are always running from themselves. They are most definintely projecting….I am carrying that function for them!! Im always taking a deeper look and im doing it for everyone else too!

  25. Ouch. This dynamic is so familiar to me. Venus and Neptune in Scorpio 1st house, Sun 1 Cap and Saturn 8 Cap in the 2nd. Sadly, it fits to a t to look at it like they are beating themselves up via projection for their (major) gaffes- I have met the punching bag and she is me. For whatever reason (Pluto helping, no doubt, and Saturn square Sun) I feel pretty used up, though over the years I think I’ve done admirably with this hand. It sucks to feel bad after surviving so well. Ready to look more at my own shadow, and let go and roll with whatever (painful) stuff is coming my way. I guiltily admit to looking for the blue sky everyone else seems to obsessively see, alternately w/ their football on TV. I don’t seem to get that channel.

  26. Thanks! Like your work very much. I mean, come on. Being scared witless part of the time, if we’re still game it helps to have someone tell us straight out which doors are closed, which are opening, and when it might be a good idea to face the dragon that’s waiting behind door no. three :-). I’d like to set up a consult directly with you; thanks again-

  27. Thank you for this Elsa. I have done this and its been done to me. Thank you for opening my eyes to this. I will be mindful(I do take ownership alot for my share, but in one situation- The BIG one-, Ive been unjustifyingly guilty of this) Im SO happy you did Elsa!

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