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god michaelangeloElsa,

What are your religious beliefs…as in what higher power, where you think we came from and what you think happens to our souls when we die? And how do you explain your involvement with astrology to the people that think it is against God? Do you think that astrology is a science and totally separate from religion or do they intertwine?


Hi, Curious. Your questions are tied together. I’m going to separate them and hopefully not miss something here!

What are your religious beliefs…as in what higher power, where you think we came from and what you think happens to our souls when we die?

I’m a practicing Catholic. I believe I was created by God.  After we die, I believe our souls go to heaven, hell or purgatory, depending.

And how do you explain your involvement with astrology to the people that think it is against God?

I’ve never had to do that. Literally, I have never been asked to justify myself. If someone did question me, I’d explain that I’d thought about this long and hard. I don’t feel that what I am doing is against God.  In fact, I believe the opposite. I believe that God made me an astrologer and I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I would also tell them that I review this all the time. Daily, at least.  And if I ever come to feel that I am going against God, I will quit that very day.

Do you think that astrology is a science and totally separate from religion or do they intertwine?

I think astrology is from God. Like DNA, or the way you can put a seed in the ground and have it turn into food, or a shade tree or whatever.

I think everything is from God. I think that scientists are studying God’s work. So are astrologers.

How do you reconcile God, science and astrology?

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  1. How do you reconcile God, science and astrology?

    God gives us our Faith.
    Science gives us our factual knowledge.
    Astrology gives us the tools to work between our faith and what we know to be true.

  2. I laugh when people think astrology is contrary to Catholicism. Ever heard of the three WISE men? Astrologers from the east who saw in the STARS the sign of the coming of the King and came from afar to worship the Christ Child? How about the fact that the largest astrological library in the world is owned by the Vatican, or the Pope’s bathtub is engraved with the signs of the zodiac? The Church does not deny this.

  3. Connection worthy of mention…

    God ~ ‘Dog’ (spelt backwards)….

    ‘The Great Dog’/God’ ~ ‘Canis Major’ ~ Sirus
    Sirus is located in the God/Dog constellation and is the brightest star in the night sky…
    Recorded in the earliest astronomical records (Egypt).

  4. I realize that my view is a bit contradictory, as I’m an atheist AND an astrologer. And I do NOT come at astrology as anything supernatural. The value of astrology is not the mythical influence of planets up there – nope can’t go there. The value comes in the beautiful, deep, vein of a human symbol system that it is -it is the Western Tradition — and how it allows me to amplify my existing intuition. Symbolic thought is extremely powerful and helps me to understand myself and others.

    1. Like idyll, I am an atheist and while I have studied Astrology for decades, I am not an Astrologer; I relate to Astrology as an “art”. Even though I am a Materialist, I respect the studies of the ancient original scientists of Babylon who codified the observations of prehistoric peoples that recognized the association between celestial events and events on Earth. Think tides and lunar cycles, seasons and agriculture/animal migration, and even organizing events by time- an Astronomical/Astrological event. The zodiac came to be a filing cabinet for all experience; the alpha to omega from Aries through Pisces.
      To me, the elaboration of Astrological musings is like the Chinese I Ching; a catalogue of all possible experiences.
      Being scientifically minded, I don’t expect that a Mercury
      “appearing” retrograde will really cause/compromise communications etc., but it provides a correlative reference when such things go awry. Since I hold that Judeo/Christian anthropological concepts of “god” are
      just stories like Santa Claus save to provide a comforting
      explanation for things we don’t yet understand; such as consciousness, I find that astrology better serves as a bridge from science to what we merely speculate about with its rich symbolism. Thus, I it’s not that I am a Gemini by being so cerebral, but that I am being Gemini like. I don’t
      believe in Astrology, I use it as a sense of belonging to a cosmos where everything is interrelated in ways that science has yet to comprehend. But I do not believe in a bearded creator and the myths that describe what happens after life. That is for the weak minds who need be opiated
      into security. Just as the ancients planted seeds by the cycles of the moon, I initiate things in a like manner.
      As we as a species have observed a correspondence since we first pondered the night skies, why not?

  5. I believe in God. But, I’m aware of the correlation between the stars and planets He placed in the sky, to events and circumstances on earth. My perception is forever changed.

    I don’t worship the planets or the stars. Astrology, for me, is like “checking the weather”. It’s also entertainment – as much as having a glass of wine, watching T.V., or doing a crossword puzzle. I don’t live my life by it. And, I don’t doubt who is really in control, deciding our ultimate fates – Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    In the old testament, astrologers were put to death, so were others who fell into unlawful activities. We don’t live by these standards, today. Thanks to Jesus, there is grace.

  6. I have been taught all my life not to get mixed up with astrology, but right now it seems helpful. I, too, believe in God and check astrology like “checking the weather.” I realize that when this life is over, it is my faith that will count and so my faith and hope rest in Jesus who created the stars and if this is wrong, I pray He will forgive me. I always thought God and astrology were at opposite poles and so I’m really glad to find out that some astrologers believe in God in a reverent way. Paul the apostle said that if Christians only have hope for Christ in this life, we are to be pitied more than anyone else. (1 Cor. 15:19). I thank God for life that goes beyond the realms of this world.

  7. I had my answers all ready and then I decided not to post them. I think when you’ve grown up with no religion, there really is no tug of war within yourself about studying astrology or what it means. I do have certain ideas about how the world works but it wasn’t something that was told to me or preached to me as a child. I was given freedom of thought all my life and I’ve explored all religions and all kinds of spiritual thinking and I’ve come up with ideas of my own. Astrology, to me, is a psychological art form — neither scientific nor religious. What other people think about it doesn’t concern me. I feel blessed to not have been brainwashed as a child because so many of my friends are still struggling with their beliefs and what it all means.

    1. …I too am very grateful to have had freedom of thought and not been preached too!!
      I see Soooooo many of those that I know who have been molded and it is sad to see them stuggling and held down.

      Free flowing minds ~ hearts ~ morality beliefs + simply flexible freedom of thought to come to one’s own conclusions is pricless.
      To each his/her own!

  8. I don’t feel bad about being a Christian…even if it causes me to wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I cannot stop being a Christian because at my core that’s who I am. To someone who does not believe in God, Jesus, and the afterlife I think it makes no sense and sounds like a lot of trouble, but I think it is more like this — Is having your father and/or mother trouble and a bother? Yes, sometimes they may give you restrictions but you still love your parent(s). I can’t imagine life without faith and I would have given up a long time ago if I did not have the Holy Spirit. There is just a special relationship there even if I don’t have all the answers.

  9. I cannot tell you how this has pained me! This very question. Does God hate astrology, is it evil, should I stop. I have been studying astrology for 5-7 years now. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th. I struggle with this deeply. There are a few parts in the bible that warn against astrology and divination. I am still here, but I still struggle. I find astrology spiritual, something to understand, something profound yet complex and ever changing. Once you delve deeper (which I have) you have a really hard time letting go of these concepts and thoughts and ideas and things learned about astrology. I trust in God and his wisdom more than astrology, and I listen and feel for the cues to when I should move on. I will eventually let it go I hope to move onto something else in the spiritual realm if that’s where God wants me to be.

  10. For the record, where I feel astrology crosses God is when an astrologer claims they can predict outcomes….which essentially negates a person’s free will.

    They are putting themselves and planets and astrology or the whatever, above a person’s ability to choose. Do that, and you’re definitely crossing God.

    1. Here is an example – my answer to a question someone asked on facebook:
      “Something like that depends on actions you take – what you do with your own free will. Astrology doesn’t know what choices you’re going to make.”

  11. ***For the record, where I feel astrology crosses God is when an astrologer claims they can predict outcomes….which essentially negates a person’s free will.***

    Good point 🙂

  12. I have a completely different view of “God” I do not believe we are separate from the energy (call it God if you want) The energy exists in all things, from rocks and trees to birds in the sky, everything has a vibration. I feel that listening to religious dogma forces people to think that “God” or the “One source” I call it, is something that you do not have and you have to come to a church or believe in something like a Christ or God in order to receive grace to save you or be “whole”. This is the power play that all religions use to suck people in…”we have what you need here in our world, just believe the stories we tell you…and you will be saved.” People have always searched for meaning in their lives beyond material things and a link to their true spirit and religion has pushed it’s dogma on our culture as the only option for achieving this nirvana, but it is not. If you listen to Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra, your power and peace of mind is attainable without a belief in wrathful Gods, Christs, Buddahs, fathers, sons, holy spirits or otherwise. Astrology gives us an insight to the study of energy and how it effects us in a real way. It can guide us to important timing and events that we need to be aware of, yet we still decide and choose our fate. Believing in some higher power that determines my after-life and my fate during my life is ridiculous to me, especially when I know the cosmos have granted me ( a woman) wisdom and insight into my own power that is not superior or inferior to anyone, including men who are the main perpetrators of the religious agenda because all it does is serve their power trip. Not a fan of Man-based, Man-dominated, Man-ruled structures in the cultures on our planet. The feminine has been destroyed on this planet and religion is the worst offender of them all.

    1. This man (see prior reply to idyll above) gets and agrees with you. You brought to mind the theme of “The Da Vinci Code” which I suspect you appreciate. One of my other favorite movies- “Contact” starring Jodi Foster.

    2. Lucky stars, you have so eloquently expressed so many of the ideas I so dearly embrace and so enjoyed reading your post. I do however feel that it is not religion(man’s attempt to find a vehicle to urge people toward ethical and moral behaviors) but those who posture as religious leaders and use their position for their own personal gain which is so grossly offensive.

  13. Well, has anyone considered why the planets are where they are? Did they just fall into place like a game of 52 pickup! Where did early mankind get the ability to even conceive the revelance of these planets and when they make certain alignments with each other stuff happens. To the Athiest, I have had Doctors tell me there is NO SUCH THING as an Athiest on their death bed! To Lucky Stars, the Catholic Church is the ONLY religion who elevated a woman, Mary, Mother of Jesus, to such a high elevation that we have a whole month of worship dedicated just to her. We consider her just as important as anyone. We pray to her to intervine for us with her Son in our time of need. As far as I am concerned I have NEVER needed any womens oganization to make me feel that I am not an equal to anyone! I am so sick of this dumb arguement that everything is the mans fault. My answer to you, put your big girl panties on and stop blamming the male. Women are responsible for feeling their own worth and no one can give that to you but you.

  14. I’m assuming that those of you who say you are atheists are young (under 40 or 50). I think when one gets to be a certain age you realize that there is indeed a divine power behind the cosmos. No, we won’t need weather reports or horoscope reports in eternity, so I’ll keep holding onto my faith. Also, those of you who have never known Jesus personally, of course, you don’t understand the 2nd person of the Trinity. No one is talking down to you. It’s just like you don’t know me personally either. Does that make you a bad person? Of course not. My faith is not a burden to me. It has helped me so many times and continues to do so. In fact, God has promised never to leave me or forsake me. Does that mean I’ll never have a problem on Earth? Does that mean I’ll walk the “primrose path” the rest of my life? No, it doesn’t. I’m not arguing with anyone who says they are an atheist. I say rather you are because you don’t know the Person that I know. Yes, He is real. Churches are not forcing people to come there and submit. People submit to Jesus because they love Him. Christianity is a faith. It is love. You cannot force Christianity on anyone. It is something either to accept or reject. It is a decision you make. Some of you don’t have enough sensible information on the subject and that is why you don’t understand why other people embrace it. Please don’t put people down for being Christians or be irreverent to what someone else holds dear. Jesus said to treat others as you would have others treat you and I think that is a good way to be.

  15. For people who were brought up in a religion, astrology seems like another “belief.” It is not a belief. Even if, at one time, astrology could predict things, it is only because people’s lives were predictable. If you were a king, you were not going to have free will to choose to become something else. People’s lives took on predictable paths and so they were easy to predict.

    In the modern world, we should be more sophisticated by now to realize that astrology does not predict too much — it gives possibilities. Astrology is mathematical. Astrology is math. Planet A in a certain kind of angle to Planet B could mean X. And then when you know what X could be — what you MIGHT be feeling in your life right now, the things that might be going on around you right now — then you can decide what you want to do about it, how you want to handle it. Even if you are religious and still steeped in the beliefs that were given to you as a child, you don’t have to feel that you’re serving two masters because you’re not bowing to any master when you study astrology. You’re just studying cycles of planets and how they behave and what kinds of angular (mathematical) relationships they have. I see no need for guilt. Just tell your family that Astrology is Math!

  16. i was always fascinated with the planets and i loved astronomy and it’s rich with symbolism; i always wondered how the energies played out. there’s alot of ‘secrets’ still uncovered; it’s like layers and layers of it, but it morphs and changes.

  17. I was brought up Baptist. I’m more spiritual than religious. Don’t care if that sounds cliched. No Christian has ever been able to convince me that astrology is evil. Many have tried. No scientist can convince me that astrology is invalid or that life ends at death. Bull fucking shit. 🙂

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