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  1. Excellent video. Educational and informative. Like you never missed a beat. Keep it going, Elsa.

    Everything alright.

      1. Elsa, I too have “that leaving gene.” In your case, what factor would you attribute that to? I’m figuring it’s my 6th H. Scorpio Saturn although I still haven’t worked my way through all of my natal aspects yet. — Re your hesitancy in making videos, I totally get it. I’ve got a decade at least on you and also have a Libra Moon. I’d be asking myself what I’d overall feel most comfortable doing. You were/are a trail-blazer astrology online blogger. Perhaps now you’d want to do the same for vlogging regardless of, or perhaps specifically because of, the age stigma that society continues to place on older women especially. Not all astro vloggers appear in their own videos. A few show astro related changing backgrounds of whatever they wish to display while they voice their readings, forecasts, or other information. Either way. Yes, one version would feel a little more personal but you’d be the decider of that. Women will be the game-changing upgraders of our current reality. Amen. I love the no BS’ting ones.

          1. As a 9th H. thing, are you referring to the sign of Sagittarius, as you use the equal house system? Using Placidus, I have a Gemini Jupiter in my 1st H. squaring a Pisces Mercury in my 11th H. If a 9º orb is used for squares, then my Jupiter is also square to my Pisces Venus. If a 10º orb is used for oppositions, then my 7th H. cusp Sagittarius Mars is 38 minutes outside of that orb of being in opposition to my Jupiter. But my Mars does also square both my 10th H. Pisces Sun and 11th H. Pisces Venus which are conjunct by 5º. So do you figure, in my case, that this leaving gene is more pronounced by my Sagittarius Mars?

  2. Great video!!! I had a chuckle when you said we go home to plug in the data to compare – that’s what I would do! ?

    Most recently I met a lady through work whose communication appeals somewhat to me. Her Sun conjunct Merc trines my Venus Saturn. Venus is my L7.

    With age, I have become discerning about taking on new friends and so like to know the “probability of success” before we go anywhere. So yes, I also noticed that my Venus in Leo sextiles her Moon in Gemini. Her Jupiter squares my NN. Some good stuff there.

    However, her Sun is opposite Pluto and squares Jupiter. I detected her attempts to read her situation and life onto me. Her Saturn is conjunct my Venus. She said that she was a devout Christian and that she isn’t open to astrology, though she used to read about it. Her Venus is in my 7th. Planets in your 7th can be great 1-1 or open outright warfare!

    For me her rejection of astrology is a deal breaker. ? I haven’t even seen our composite but I reckon it’s gonna be a non-event.

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    Shimmering Light

    I read about an astrologer once who, immediately on meeting someone they were attracted to, would check the synastry and then decide whether to pursue a relationship or not. He was wondering why he had such trouble attracting ‘Ms Right’!

    IMO, people do themselves and their partner no favour by looking at the synastry, and particularly the composite chart, before they have really begun to relate to each other. You need to give yourself and the other person a chance. And how many times have we held a narrow view of a so-called challenging synastry aspect only to find there’s another way of looking at it or that other synastry aspects compensate for the ‘bad’ one?

    I did not find out about the composite chart of my relationship until after some time, and I’m glad I did. It’s very challenging indeed and yet I would not have it any other way. I’m not in it to have an easy ride (which would bore me to death) but to live a life, and to share my life with the person I love and am committed to.

    1. I’m happily married and intend to be long into the future. So any person I meet is going to be “friend zoned.” Be that as it may, I enjoy the minds of others who also practise astrology or believe in it in some fashion.

      After 4 + decades on this earth, with many challenges thrown at me, it behooves me to find time in my overcrowded schedule for someone who will only be a source of annoyance. Hence the use of astrology to narrow down choices.

  4. Good Video !!. I am 66. I have a Scorpio sun and sag moon. Recently I have gone over my past loves and the men that were the nearest and dearest had a Virgo moon. I found this kind of strange but then my Jupiter is at 0 degrees Virgo. My moon at 26. I wonder how much that plays a role?

    1. Where is are your Nodes? Maybe it’s the “chemistry” from your squaring Moons. The hard aspects work better with the opposite sex.

      Whenever I take a second look at someone, for whatever reason, maybe I find them attractive, or pitiful – regardless – the nodes are usually triggered. This holds true whether or not I actually ever meet them in real life or whether we go on to have an actual relationship, or how long that relationship lasts.

      I’ve dated Scorpio Suns, Taurus Suns, the odd Virgo Sun etc but I married someone with a lot of Leo because I too have a lot of Leo. It’s like he knows how to get to me without pissing me off. ? He has Moon on his DC and I am a Cancer Sun.

      Many of my female friends are either water Suns or have their chart ruler trine my Sun. I also tend to have personal interaction with females whose Suns conjunct one of my angles.

  5. Really interesting that your videos are getting deeper, more engaged comments! I’m on the fence about vidcast, podcast, prefer to read, I guess…

  6. @Elsa…yay! You did it! I am so happy to see you back doing the videos! I also have to say I love your new silver hair!

  7. Elsa, You look beautiful! And I am so happy you are back doing videos! This was spot on — I remember (before I was married) seeing only what I wanted to see in the synastry, if I was attracted to a person. I would convince myself it would work! I think the way around that is to look carefully at his chart individually, because you must realize that no matter how good the synastry is, YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE HIM!

    I hope that your next video will be about composite charts! Our synastry is great, and we have been married for nearly 2 decades despite a very reputable astrologer warning against the union. (We have Sun conjunct Saturn in the 12th house, Venus, Moon and Neptune conjunct in the 1st.) Boy, do I see how confining his life is (all work!) but I am reminded about your comments about your husband: you knew what you were getting into, and would do it again in a heartbeat. I also have the leave-em gene (Moon opposite Uranus) and Venus in Sagittarius square Saturn, but if I compare him to what is “out there,” I can’t imagine being more compatible with anyone else. Still, I sure can envision a more exciting lifestyle…

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