Outgrowing Conquering All Men

I wrote this for a client. She’s an attractive Aries woman and with Saturn transiting her sun, she’s growing up the way she expresses herself…

“Easy answer. This is a matter of maturing and I don’t mean that in an insulting way. You get to a certain age and realize that you can’t have it all and this is relieving. It’s relieving because you slow down as you age and you see that you don’t have to chase every dog in the neighborhood. You can leave that to the younger dogs as it is meant to be in nature.

When I see someone tasty I figure they are another woman’s… problem!

Consider the old adage men say amongst themselves:  “Show me the most beautiful woman in the world and I will show you a man who is sick of putting up with her shit”.

When you understand this kind of stuff and embrace, it’s no longer necessary to try to win every race.  You can relax and leave that to the young, hungry dogs.”

Who can relate?


8 thoughts on “Outgrowing Conquering All Men”

  1. I don’t think I was ever a chase every dog type, but I’ll offer up another, related perspective: I think sometimes that it takes time/age for people to realize that deep connections aren’t around every corner, that tossing one off with the expectation that you’ll bump into another great person you dig and connect with soon enough just isn’t that likely. That’s always been my thinking, but it seems like more friends end up with this view as they get older.

  2. I like what Sanquine said and completely agree. And then there is a slow realization that you are dating humans and ain’t a one of us perfect. Nice part is, we don’t have to be perfect. Neither does the relationship. It can be perfectly imperfect and still be wonderful.

  3. As another Aries, I second what CArRiE said!!

    Running with the dogs gets to be tiring, and enjoying the fact that with age you can discern if the chase (whatever it is) will be worth it…that’s relief!

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