What does a man with Venus in Libra want?

Way back when I was first studying astrology, I read a book called “Secrets of a Stargazer’s Notebook”. The author was pithy and funny and I learned a lot. One of the things she wrote about Libra was that Libra was always saying “I LIKE you, do you like me???” A man with Venus in Libra is very focused on being liked by women. This does not mean he wants to sleep with all of them, it simply means that he likes being liked. If you’re a jealous, possessive woman, I would steer clear of a man with Venus in Libra, because he flirts as naturally as he takes a breath. It’s lifeblood to him. He is genuinely curious about others!

If, however, you’re a woman who enjoys the company of other women, and can banter with the best of them, have a stylish wardrobe and a home that looks like House Beautiful, you might actually get him to climb down from the fence! This is the 2nd air Venus, and has refined itself from Gemini who sometimes can chat just for the sake of chatting. This Venus actually wants to know what you like, and in his effort to be liked, the object of your affection may even mirror some of your qualities. At the very least, if he’s interested in you, he will act fascinated by everything you say.

Venus is at home in Libra, one of the signs she naturally rules. While Venus in Taurus is concerned with earthy, domestic pleasures and possessions, Venus in Libra is interested in the pleasures that socializing brings. A man with Venus in Libra gets stars in his eyes if a woman has the ability to put others at ease and has social graces. He can be a burn-a-candle-at-both-ends kind of guy, with a different activity scheduled for every night, so you better be able to keep up!

He likes the things that money can buy, and if he’s into you, he will most likely be willing to spend a pretty penny to keep you happy. This is where the art of flirting can go very, very far, because his love language is gifts. If he loves you, he will make sure you have all the glitterly accoutrements your heart desires. Venus in Libra definitely understands the idea of “I want it because I want it!”

This Venus is not going to be into intense discussions about “the relationship” and he may be unable to commit to firm plans, but it really does depend on how you present it. If you make the plans sound light and fun, he is much more likely to agree. He’s going to squirm away from anything that feels like a lock-down! Air lives in the realm of *ideas* and you may get frustrated if you need a solid commitment in order to feel secure. Libra can be very loyal, but only when it knows that wing-clipping is not part of the bargain of relationships. Try telling him that he best not be even *looking* at another woman and you’ll be seeing the door slam behind him very quickly.

Think about it… do you think for a minute that Aphrodite would have stood for any of her suitors telling her who she could flirt with? I think not. This Air Venus needs to breathe!


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  1. Still no clue why theyd like this venus in cancer who has some degree of difficulty dressing nicely (i am comfortable in blazers and skinny jeans and heelless boots.. or looking slightly like diane keaton with a clock on my neck). I have been a party animal and a talker though

  2. I have my moon in libra, tell me about it LOL!

    My ex had Mars in Libra, Rx even.
    That did not turn out well. And my ex before him also had Mars in Libra, although direct.

    Gifts? Oh yes. Gifts that made things pretty, improved physical appearance? Yup. Especially with the first ex.
    …Felt like I was being changed into another woman and that he controlled my appearence? You betcha!

    These guys are almost feminine in their manner. I swear my ex was even more feminine than me in his manner! Got really really tired of it. Like… REALLY tired of it. Felt like a man in that relationship. He was soooo BAD at expressing his needs and his desires. In the end I lost my respect for him because he was being too feminine.
    Now I’m with a Mars in Leo, Venus in Gemink kinda guy. Suits me better. My Mars in Capricorn greatly respect his gogetter personality. Finally! Some ACTION <3

    1. One of the problems with Libra is we can’t say no, because we want to be LIKED so much. Pluto in Libra Generation… that makes for some uncomfy situations.

      Both of my relationships ended with cheating because none of them could stop the RS when they didn’t want to be in it anymore, and neither did I. Too much “glossing over” to be “nice”….

  3. Bill Clinton is a Libra Rising with a Venus/Mars/Neptune/Jupiter stellium in his 1H. Yes, he continues to weave (Mars) his magic spell (Neptune) over many (Jupiter) women (Venus).

  4. Mars Venus Moon Pluto Libra. One thing I realized during my last relationship is how much my ex DIDN’T like me. What I was about, my needs, my humor, my mind, my interests, my tastes, my style, me in bed, NOTHING. Why was she with me for so long before quitting, no idea. So yeah, I want to be liked by my future women… it makes no sense being with someone who DOESN’T like you.

    1. Ughh maybe venus in libra dudes just stayed with me cause they wanted to feel how much i like them 🙁

      Agree with you XV
      Though ive been single for very long wanting someone who actually likes me

  5. My son has a tight Sun, Mars, Venus conjunction in Libra in the 10th. “I want it because I want it” Sounds exactly like him and he’s still a kid. LOL Seeing him in relationships will be interesting.

  6. My word. My Libra IC draws in Venus/Moon in Libra like flies. My SO is Virgo with Libra stellium (Mars/Pluto/AC/Venus/Moon). His AC/Venus/Moon (all conjunct) falls smackdab on my IC. He’s contradictory to this stereotype because he’s neither vain or a flirt by any means. (Mars in 12th) But gift-giving *is* his love language. (Which drives me up the wall because I’m a minimalist but #firstworldprobs ?) We get along famously (most of the time) with my Moon/Venus in Gemini.

  7. I dated one….. as little and girly as I was….I was the guy…no thanks. He went on to marry a woman that loves him just like he is. They seem happy. Good for them. I need them a little rougher around the edges than all that…

    He was artsy, had a spotless apartment, snappy dresser, and could really play the piano beautifully. I liked him. Left on good terms. Could have never gone any farther though.

    God bless em both….hope they last a lifetime. He was a really nice guy

  8. Avatar
    Southern Cross

    My husband has Venus in Libra. On his Ascendant. He can be drop dead sexy, behind an insouciance giving an appearance of intellectual detachment and ease. When he had me in his sights, I was training him to be a pilot. My Venus in Capricorn found it extremely unsettling. How do I maintain my professional veneer? she wondered. It was a challenge.
    He is a great proponent of women’s rights, and in his career as a manager on London’s Underground, for example, encouraged female engineers and so forth. He likes sassy, strong women (Aries 7th house?).
    The wardrobe is stylish, but the house? Well, it’s filled with art works and books.

    He’s very similar, I imagine, to Primrose’s SO; he has Sun Virgo, out of sign conjunct Venus with Libra stellium.

  9. I’m a woman with Venus in Libra 6th house but with zero social graces and I couldn’t care less about the gifts. 🙁

    I do have a great desire to please and be liked, and an inability to say “no” easily.

    1. I thought that I perhaps don’t care about the gifts because I’m not wealthy, but too poor for gifts. A Venus in her domicile seems to be regarded always as associated with wealth. But this isn’t true.

  10. my brother in law has this venus, he does have a nice-sized social circle interestingly enough. He is a virgo sun, and is very people-oriented. He has barbeque parties during the summer and invites his friends and colleagues. He is a great host too. he is always asking if his guests need drinks and food, and he always runs and gets it for them, and makes good food on the grill. The virgo of serving shows, the socializing and being liked shows. I don’t attract these venuses either. the males are very kind to me, but that’s it.

    1. oh he also has libra moon and is with my Sagittarius sister, I read they are attracted to emotionally volatile partners.she does send him into temper tantrums when they go at it, the last time we saw that was during monopoly night. They argued and he huffed and puffed and ran off and then came back as if nothing happened. we were all…awkward. but they love eachother a lot.

    1. Is she showing this side to him or only when alone with others?
      More possible explanations:
      – Venus hurt in his chart.
      – The woman still better than what he had before.
      – He thinks that she’ll learn from his example.
      But it is difficult to understand because Venus in a man’s chart shows his ideal of a woman. So it’s most likely that his Venus is hurt, which means in hard aspect to some indicator of people, who are like you describe the woman.

        1. Have you understood why I replied to lasirena? I asked my Venus in Libra whether I would be with a terrifically untactful, beastly woman. I wondered what could me make agree to this. I found that this wouldn’t be my first choice.

  11. Oh, I totally just got it. Venus in Libra wants to be liked…

    Well the chick worships him and buys him gifts all the time, so I guess it makes him feel extra admired. Eww.::shudders::

    He’s going to marry her too. I’m confused…really. The chick is ugly…like the internal ugly. Just a repulsive human being.

    I think he thinks he’s doing some good deed or something. Like she’s a diamond in the rough and his graces are going to fix her. You can’t fix this ugly though.

    1. lol@lasirena I don’t know if you’re srs or being funny, is this for what a man likes? would it be different for a woman? Cause we have a double libra aunty with libra venus, and she’s married to our uncle, who has Pisces sun/Aries mars/Aqua venus/Taurus moon. But she has Scorpio mars. I haven’t really observed them too often, they are very well mannered but older generation.

    2. Is the internal ugly something, which only you can see?
      Because I really doubt that anybody could get me by buying me gifts. I’d rather feel manipulated than liked. Earth is my weakest element, so I’m not material at all, and my Venus in airy Libra certainly won’t change that. Instead it rather adds to being more airy.

      1. I also agree with the seduction-by-gifts making me feel uncomfortable. I don’t understand how it’s so ingrained in the collective subconscious that women are won through gifts. The reason is obvious: they are and it works most of the time. I just don’t picture myself falling in love with someone based on what he gives me, I know the fact that I grew up with incredibly materialistic women influences in me finding this behavior in women repulsive, (I know I shouldn’t judge, it’s natural, I’m not saying this to feel like a special snowflake, but I just need to say this).

        I have a lot of Earth in my chart, and I’m Venus do inant because of Taurus ASC and Venus in Libra. Also a dominant 7th House. I AM materialistic when it comes to comfort. Food is extremely important to me, like having my meals for spiritual nourishment. Any changes in my food habits I can deal with as long as I have enough time to prepare psychologically for the change. Also comfort I mean like a nice bed, time for naps, a clean bathroom for hygiene. And that’s it. When it comes to luxurious things I think that’s more Leo-influenced, maybe also Capricorn because of status.

        Anyway this is from a woman’s perspective. I’m not saying that a woman or man with Libra Venus can’t enjoy gifts and the nice things in life. But it’s always with refinement and luxury most often isn’t that. Most importantly, it has nothing to do with being won over. Maybe I’m wrong. 🙂

        1. *dominant

          I have an Aries Moon and although I’m sure I must have made a typo, I prefer to publish first and check later. Sigh.

      2. I just saw these comments..falkor, I don’t really understand it myself. The guy isn’t shallow at all..

        He’s not in it for status- because she makes him look worse, not better. He’s lost the respect of many people. I think he has to be in it partly because he has complete power over her (his Venus is widly conjunct Pluto and he is very Scorpionic).

        But the gift thing… odd. The winning over with gifts just seems so 2nd house Venusian to me. His Venus in Libra is widely square his Mars….maybe it is a “hurt” Venus like you say.

        1. And no no no its not just my judgement of her. Its in her actions 100%. The main thing I can tell is that she suffers from low self-esteem (which comes out in ugly ways) and she’s obsessed with him and buying him gifts all the time because makes her feel liked/loved. Basically what the article said… the Venus in Libra man wants women to like him so takes time to listen etc. So I think she’s just never had a man give her real attention.

          But yeah..I think he believes he can “fix” her.

  12. I feel like air venuses care least about appearance in some way.

    Venus in libra apparently cares more about being liked than being honest if they like you. Ugh. Sucks for me… because they stick around when they dont want to be there. And i want to be actually liked and accepted

    1. You’ve understood now. But they (those with Venus trine your Sun) DO like and accept you as soon as they know that you really like them. One more important thing about air venuses: you have to become a friend first and then cross through the friend zone. I’ve never understood why people want partners, who weren’t friends first. I mean you don’t really know them that way.

    2. It’s true, sadly. I struggle with my desire for truth (Aries and Virgo), and my desire to please and be liked.

    3. they kind of do…. I notice my venus in virgo brother in law doesn’t mind if my sister gains weight, he will still love her. but of course they both get on diets together as a way to help eachother. My other bro- in law with the libra venus, sometime I think my sister desperately loses a lot of weight to be model skinny so he won’t stray or something. she feels super insecure if she’s overweight — she lost a lot of weight after the baby, very immediately. The way actresses get on crazy diets after their baby. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s the way you have to look good to keep a man? I don’t like that feeling. I want to be loved deeply myself because what if something happens to my health and I have thyroid problems and they want to leave because of my weight? just these small niggling things make me see types of men I don’t like and their need to have a certain type of woman. or maybe it’s her own insecurity i’m feeling. and it’s weird because he is a virgo sun with libra venus and my other brother in law is libra sun virgo venus. He is a bit overweight too, but they work hard at dieting since they work full time with children. when I was watching “grand designs” there was this couple, the husband came back from Afghanistan with no legs, as he had stepped on a mine. His wife stuck with him supported him and loves him. me and my husband cried watching that. such beauty to have a love so deep.

  13. My husband has Venus in Libra, but he is hardly much of a flirt. He likes clean and well decorated house, classy clothes on me and himself,realy sometimes goes overboard with gifts, but infidelity has never crossed our path. Though that could be his Scorpio sun or Virgo moon doing the tempering of lovelass in him 😀

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