The Astrology Of Sugar Addiction / Sensitivity

Back in 2006, I wrote about Venus aspecting Neptune pointing towards sugar addiction. I definitely have a profound sensitivity to sugar and many other drugs.

For example, I was ready to toss the soldier after 3 days on Percocet. The stuff makes me insane.

If I take a Vicodin, no problem outside of the fact my blood pressure drops to about 80/50 and I stare at you like a lizard. It may as well be Thorazine.

I have been struggling with depression recently which is uncharacteristic of me and I have become convinced cookies are definitely contributing and may very well be the root cause. My sister has Venus in aspect to Neptune and is also hypoglycemic.

You see how this goes along with a Saturn (in Virgo) transit to the Moon, yes? I either control my diet or suffer despair. I am going off sugar… period.

Henry told me this when I was a kid, can you believe it? Henry, my grandfather, the Saturn figure. I was probably the only 5 year old around who knew dried fruit packed a punch. 🙂

Do you have sensitivities of this ilk? What are you sensitive too and where is Neptune in your chart?

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  1. oh, i definetely have a sweet tooth ;_; 😀
    venus in libra, quintile neptune
    neptune in the 12th house
    if i have too much of anything i tend to feel sick, sweets included
    i do have tendencies to overindulge ( sun opposition jupiter, jupiter trine ascendant, moon conj mars ) but i generally try to temper it. Neptune conjuncts saturn and is in capricorn.

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      Nikhilesh Somayajula

      In my horoscope, I have Neptune,Uranus and Saturn in 12th house in Sagittarius aspecting Venus in sixth house in Gemini.I suffer from diabetes and hypoglycemia often

  2. I can only take half as much medicine as a normal adult.

    I’m a cheap drinking buddy 😉 a little goes a long way.

    I’m allergic to every damn thing. Beans, fish, melon, nuts, sunflower seeds. BUT I can eat peanuts and shrimp WTF?! Neptune retrograde in 6th house Scorpio.

  3. If I were to smoke pot I’d get all stuffy like I’m having an allergy attack. White wine makes me super wheezy, sugar drinks (ie. coke and rum or smirnoff ice) make me sick to my stomach.
    I actually don’t eat a lot of sugar at all, but I do like beer (I made my own this month for the first time) and red wine.

    I really love dairy. I’m so glad I’m not allergic.

    Ha ha satori…whenever I took acid or mushrooms I couldn’t put a thing in my mouth except a cigarette.

  4. Elsa….you always have the most interesting blogs….this is so true of me too….I cannot do sweets….something happens to me….lethargy mainly. I just spent this last weekend with my best girlfriends from childhood and they both smoke pot and it seems to work for them…I always thought I was too much of a control freak to do any drugs because I was so scared to be “out of it”, and the couple times I have smoked pot, I went right to sleep or became a mute. No good comes to me from this and I have always been more of a chili, garlic fanatic and rarely driven to sweets. I put hot sauce on everything and alot of it… that something else I should be concerned about? My neptune is in my third house (Scorpio). I really enjoy this blog…..

  5. Neptune on the midheaven (in Sag). Drugs tend to have little to no effect on me. I was HIGHLY unimpressed with morphine when I had abdominal surgery. Most painkillers (percocet, vic, etc.) just put me to sleep…I tend to have the opposite effect with my blood pressure. I remember going to the hospital once b/c of all the allergy meds I was on – the high # on my blood pressure was 240 or something, the low # was over 100, but I don’t remember by how much. Everyone in the hospital freaked out! LOL Anyway, I’m definitely sensitive to sugar…my stomach goes nuts, my mood is totally altered, it just sucks. Hard to avoid sometimes, though.

  6. 9th house neptune in T square with 12th house pisces moon and 6th house jupiter.

    I’m allergic to penecillin, over the counter drugs have no effect on me, and I respond VERY well to aroma therapy.

  7. Once I was in the hospital with surgery, and they gave me oxycontin to help me sleep. It kept me wide awake for 18 hours. Pot made me sleepy. Alcohol makes me throw up. Immediately. Morphine, on the other hand, I considered a wonder drug, Good thing the docs limited my access to it.

  8. My neptune is in scorpio in aspect to Pluto. Drugs, sleeping pills, alcohol, cigarettes etc. are dangerous for me because they either have no effect, or such an effect I don’t want to stop. They ease the intensity, which is why I am drawn, but the downside is obvious.

  9. neptune in 2nd house (scorp) aspect mars and mc in cancer
    …not sure how that plays out but w/my double pisces, lots of sensitities…changing brands of coffee can be harrowing & w/ sugar it is def. crave and crash ..i have to be very careful
    elsa, does light effect you…thinking about SAD…since i’ve experienced that myself and need lots of sunshine…since you grew up in desert, thinking you might as well…..hope you feel better & kick this saturn cloud…(guess my mars does make an appearance from time to time)…seriously, think spring! sending light and love your way!!

  10. I was diagnosed prediabetic last year. I have an insane sugar and caffeine addiction and without them, I can’t function (as in… I can’t design a website!).

    I wish I can easily wean off carbs in general (well, hopefully just sugar), but I’m planning to do 5K training this coming spring and to cycle 5 miles to work every other day… Usually food consumption goes up – unfortunately even sugars as I DO need to work -_-.

  11. Neptune in Scorp conjunct ascendant. I stopped drinking all alcohol, about 5 or more years ago, because even a little (really, I only drank wine), had a bad effect on my body. Also, I most definitely had the tendency to drink too much wine at times, and since alcoholism runs in my family, and in essence was my mother’s downfall, I just cut it out.

    As for hard drugs, never did them purely out of fear – as a teen, I had friends who did it all, but not me, the fear of being out of control always took precedence over any urge to get high.

  12. Yes, definitely- people don’t even believe me when I tell them how much sugar affects me. I get truly depressed- beyond a bad mood. But I also think I’m highly sensitive to foods in general- I feel the effects very strongly after one bite/one sip all the time. Venus Opp. Neptune.

  13. “elsa, does light effect you…thinking about SAD…since i’ve experienced that myself and need lots of sunshine…since you grew up in desert, thinking you might as well…elsa, does light effect you…thinking about SAD…since i’ve experienced that myself and need lots of sunshine…since you grew up in desert, thinking you might as well…”

    Yep, I am on to that. I have a SAD light and leave it on all day during the winter… plus we’re just going to move back to the desert as soon as we can. I had no idea how much it matter until I spent a winter in a north facing house in the mountains here, surrounded by shoveled show as high as the roof.

    Anyway, I am pretty sure current troubles are tied to diet. I KNOW this but it’s like an alcoholic who knows damned well they are not supposed to drink but gets up each day and drinks anyway.

    But I did knock it of yesterday and am quite relieved to find myself feeling normal this morning (cheery). 2 days ago I felt there was nothing I could do.

    My mood is amazingly stable all the sudden and I am pretty sure it will stay that way as long as I can not go eat a candy bar….. 🙂

  14. hi elsa…glad you’re feeling better ..i might have just been picking up on that desert move being a good thing when it happens….i gotta keep away from the sugar, too….blew it today…but tomorrow is on it’s way… 😉

  15. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s been about 36 hours with no dense carbs and I feel completely restored to sanity. What I was saying made sense… the aftermath of what I went through with my daughter creating depression but fact is I went through ALL of that over a prolonged time (YEARS) and did not experience mood problems and this coincides with eating low carb.

    I got back on them with the soldier as we like our food very much but having seen the devastation – the supreme problems this causes me, I don’t think he is going to be offering me a cookie any time soon.

    I can’t believe how “NORMAL” I feel. I understand this also causes nightmares and I had one night I just became inexplicably afraid. I really was afraid and I was saying at the time that it was completely irrational.. which is also what I have been saying about my mood.

    “I had a good day,” I’d say. “I did this many consultations and they all went well. Things are going well.. better then they have in ages but I still feel like dying..”

    See, that’s not rational? And now I find out the anxiety is a symptom of hypoglycemia… WHICH I KNOW. I’m not kidding – my grandfather told me this when I was 5 or 6 years old.

    In whatever case I feel very even and normal today – I actually don’t like having problems / being crazy so I am going to stay off the shit the way ex-alcoholic manage their known sensitivity and I’m not kidding.

    My doctor told me too, LOL.
    “What are you doin’, P?”
    “Eating ice cream. No doubt it’s going to make me feel like shit…”

    I was sounding like that months ago but I have just kept going and it’s took me to this point. Er… hitting bottom?

    In whatever case, I avoided dense carbs like the plague for 3 years with no problems and after seeing this, I am going on this program for the rest of my life.

  16. Am really affected by and love caffeine and sugar. Also ditched alcohol recently after years of knowing it had to be done and making half hearted efforts and ditched drugs about eight years ago. Not really sure but I think the following in the birthchart might have something to do with it…

    Sun conjunct mars/pluto
    Scorpio rising
    Jupiter in pisces in 5th square neptune in the first.
    Jupiter opposite venus
    Mercury conjunct uranus

    Also sun and venus in virgo so I like being healthy! Moderation is hard for me though. I am just intense by nature…

  17. “See, that’s not rational? And now I find out the anxiety is a symptom of hypoglycemia… WHICH I KNOW. I’m not kidding – my grandfather told me this when I was 5 or 6 years old.”

    I had vertigo two days ago a bit after eating two donuts on impulse (cancerian bad mood). I literally felt like the earth was shaking and I ran outside of my apt to check if there was an earthquake. In Dallas Texas. I’ve lived in LA before lol…but I researched it, and it is, along with anxiety, a part of hypoglycemia–which I think happened to me in a moment of withdrawal, and also because I was low carb for a couple of weeks. It’s amazing- just one stupid substance that everyone eats!

    “I can’t believe how “NORMAL” I feel. I understand this also causes nightmares and I had one night I just became inexplicably afraid. I really was afraid and I was saying at the time that it was completely irrational.. which is also what I have been saying about my mood.”

    I have nightmares from sugar also- I had one last night because I had ice cream before bed, and it often happens not just from eating late, but from eating sugar. It’s kind of sad because I’m Indian- my family is all about carbs, and I have to avoid some things they make. My friends are also bigger drinkers and sugar eaters than I am, and that makes it even tougher cus it means I have to be boring-er than them at times.

  18. Well, there are some people who eat peanuts and die. If I eat sugar, I want to die. This is abundantly clear to me now.

    By my natural personality, I want to travel by cartwheel (when I was a kid). I am that innately happy and going back to it as a matter of RESPONSIBILITY.

    Because for one thing, people like me are hear for a reason (to be in a position to cheer others) but also because jeez. You think the soldier wants to hear day after day how bad I feel?


    I am sorry it’s taken me so long to catch on. I feel like a woman who stays with a man who beats her, devastating her friends / the people who love her, in the process. I hate that, I’ll pay my own bill so it’s off sugar for me!!

  19. I can’t believe I found this topic! I am currently going through the weirdest sugar problem. I currently cannot eat any sugar or carb without completely crashing. If I eat meat and vegatables and fruit I feel completely normal. I’m not sure I can even have caffeine any more. Definitely not alcohol….is there something in the air or the stars that’s making everyone shape up or ship out? lol

  20. Neptune 11th house Scorpio trine Venus in Cap. Drugs are my friend, which seems to means a lot of things. On the one hand, it generally means that prescription meds are effective and helpful with a series of relatively minor but chronic conditions like allergies. With Saturn in my first house, I can be disciplined. I would say I’m not an addictive type – I smoked (tobacco) for a while, a little, but quit with no problem. I’m not that into sugar. I LOVE Martinis, but long ago learned both to measure and STOP at my limit, which I almost never exceed. I have SAD and without the prescription meds I am only semi-functional for a third of the year (beginning around my birthday when the sun conjuncts and returns to its natal trine with Pluto). Pot does me in, though: since I tend to be distractive to begin with, it makes it almost impossible to follow my own train of thought, which I find extremely unpleasant.

  21. Lol Dana- me too- I need to get rid of those “last 20 lbs” I’ve been “working on” for about umm…6 years now! 😛

    Maybe it’s Saturn in Virgo combined with Pluto in Cap- no more taking things lightly or things are just being exposed or pushed on people finally. We were so gluttonous for so long, maybe along with finances, we’re also “shrinking” from being food gluttons also? For me, Jupiter is ending its travels through the 6th, and so is Mars, the Sun and Mercury- I just got health insurance after a couple of years and I’m finally able to use it. Pluto is also helping me get rid of the past, and for much of it I was a “fat girl”- i mean that internally, and if you’ve ever been one you know it’s not purely physical. As my old systems and roles die, taking care of myself is easier-there’s motivation behind the discipline…

  22. after the “sugar buzz” of yesterday`s Valentine`s Day chocolate-covered strawberries binge, the edginess and crankiness of the aftermath has set in —–like a glucose-hangover.

  23. yeah sonah22-I got away with things for a long time even though I’ve always had the hypoglycemic symptoms now and then, but now its no joke. I have no more room for error. I don’t know a lot about astrology but I have Saturn in my sixth n Aquarius at 4 degrees and with all the stuff going on in Aquarius right now, whew! That saturn opposes mars, trines mercury and moon, incjnct uranus. I have no idea how to put all that together but there’s just a lot on my saturn right now.

  24. I’m allergic to band-aids.

    “If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.” Emily Dickinson

    Me, too.

    Glad the new diet is working out for you Elsa!

  25. I am surprised to see the amount of people here that are negatively impacted by sugar. Could it be that high fructose corn products are responsible? Do any of you experience problems with honey similar to those associated with refined sugar intake?

  26. “is there something in the air or the stars that’s making everyone shape up or ship out? lol”

    Saturn in Virgo – FIX your diet!!

    Personally, it impacts my Moon so the mood is involved. This is textbook astrology.

    Er… I continue to feel completely stable after having lost this feeling for MONTHS. I really think I am an Unsinkable Molly Brown persona and it is just not okay, I go down. It is just not normal for me in any way shape or form. I just don’t have the depression gene, same as everyone else in my Sadge or Jupiter Moon family…

  27. I have am very, very susceptible to addiction. I realized just how much the other day when I had taken two Unisom, was sitting at the bar smoking a cigarette, chugging a beer and stuffing my face with cookies all at the same time. Oral much? Unfortunately for my body (and wallet), I am not a cheap date. My tolerance is sky high. Pot is my best friend, I wish I could be high all the time. I love to drink. My Neptune is well aspected in the 4th house and I have a lot of Pisces.

    It’s good you’re going off sugar. Never in my life have I been so depressed than the day after Halloween. I realized there was a connection between the pack of PixieSticks I had consumed and my horrible, suicidal crash. Good luck!

  28. Ah ha! Fix you diet, Saturn in Virgo. It first hit me hard in the summer of ’08. I had been drinking, eating anything, etc. I went down and it took weeks to feel normal again. Severly dehydrated I had to work daily on the minerals. I can’t even drink any more. Saturn will not give an inch. I am actually eating the way I always wanted to but because of kids, etc. I’d eat the mcd’s or crap. I really only want to eat fruit, veg and meat. I don’t like sweets, chocolate, candy or cookies, nor do I really like pasta. Thanks Saturn in virgo.

  29. I worked as a bike messenger for years and something I learned during that time is that sugar cravings can also be a physical cue that a person is dehydrated. Something to do with your adrenal system being under duress.

    If you’re inclined, you can read about it here:

    No kidding, drinking water will help your cravings. Good for you!

  30. I love that comment about the prefered mode of transportation being cartwheels! I don’t ever really remember being THAT happy for more than part of a day, but I am content with that. In the later years so far I have concluded that happiness is kind of overrated, but depression is still very crippling.

    Anyway, I relate here to everyone who wants to drop some weight. I do also. Having a lot of trouble motivating myself to exercise, which is something that can also improve mood.

    I have read several astrologers who give the issue of depression/happiness to the Moon, Mercury, and the 4th and 5th house, and I have seen indicators that this is true, especially with the 4th house and some stuff with the moon.

    A waxing to full moon is supposed to be more conducive to easy happiness than a decreasing moon which is dark in cycle. I don’t have that, but I do have Saturn and Sun in harsh aspect to my moon (parents were always at war), and Mercury is combust and also hit by saturn.

    I do OK now, but the younger years were super challenging.

  31. correction, I do have the waxing moon which is about 80 percent full, which is a plus, but my moon is also taking the hard aspect from saturn. One astrologer told me that is very positive for spirituality (saturn on the moon) because it gives a certain detachment from issues linked to living this life on this earth.

  32. I only found out a few years ago that I was addicted to sugar. I get off of it and found out that I am Naturally optimistic and that sugar was keeping me down and depressed (I have a sag. moon – opposed saturn – also moon is square venus). My moon and venus, neither of them have connections with Neptune.
    It was a major decision that changed my life for the better. Sugar is poison. I love it – but must keep away.

  33. It’s caffeine for me. One normal size caffeinated drink will have me awake all freakin’ night. I’m also starting to think sugar is poisonous for the same reasons you list, Elsa. I had mostly kicked my carb/sugar habit YEARS ago, but then I got pregnant with my first child. During the all-day-nausea phase, carbs were the only things I could eat without wanting to vomit. Haven’t been able to kick them since.

  34. I have 12 house Venus trine Neptune. I’ve been known to eat a one pound bag of Twizzlers in a day. I mix peanut butter and chocolate syrup, heavy on the syrup in a bowl then eat it with a spoon. You know how when birthday cake is served there’s often a ribbon of frosting left on the cake plate? I scrape it off and put it on my plate. Bring it on.

  35. I’ve been hypoglaecemic for like 15 years now. So yeah sugar is definitely OUT. When I have had sugar,sometimes it happened accidently, I have a huge mood swing and have to lie down…which can be pretty damned inconvenient when I’m at work and its only 10.30am.
    The key is, whilst avoiding sugar, to eat something good every 2-3 hours – nuts, bread, fruit just to keep going ok. I can get a few drinks in and feel ok only after a meal of like meat and potatoes.

    I always thought it was to do with my highly aspected Neptune in scorpio in 7th house. But also
    Venus sextile Neptune.

  36. Oh this is a great topic. My three-year-old has a very strong Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Libra (2nd house) trine a strongly-placed Neptune in the 6th. His sugar addiction got so bad last year that we had to take radical measures to address the problem (right as Saturn entered Virgo for good, come to think of it).

    For those who are super-sugar-sensitive, I highly recommend Kathleen DesMaisons’ books (“Potatoes Not Prozac” for adults and “Little Sugar Addicts” for kids). Important tip: Be sure you get enough protein in your diet as you wean off the sugar.

    For the record, I also have a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Libra but not in aspect to Neptune. My Neptune sextiles my Moon-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, however, and it was around the same time as we discovered my son’s addiction that I realized he wasn’t the only sugar addict in our family. *sigh*

  37. Neptune Sag. I don’t seem to have many addictions except to information and books and learning. I chalk that up to my virgo stuff. Drugs don’t and never have done much for me. Alcohol has a limited effect (except for red wine) and I can drink a drink be buzzed for 5 min and then sober in 30 min. I can’t drink more than two or three drinks or my stomach will let me know my limit. This has combined to make me a very cheap date – one drink and I’m good. No drugs and the dentist is LOTS of drugs before any effect.

    I think I would have problems with sugar if there were more sugar in my diet. There just isn’t much sugar in my diet so i don’t really notice that it’s a problem.

    As for the loosing weight – I’m trying the “reality based program” No car = walk to work.


  38. yeah, and ever since i had gestational diabetes i’ve been a lot more careful.
    it’s still freaky how my mood/energy will drop after dinner… two slices of whole grain bread and boom!
    it shouldn’t be that bad. i’m not diabetic now. but freakishly sensitive. apparently.

    and, yeh, i have venus/neptune.

  39. Neptune in the twelfth sextile sun. I can eat pretty much everything but refined sugar gives me a headache. Alcohol makes me crazy. Pot makes my mind race and gives me insomnia. The only thing I actually haven’t had a problem with is mushrooms. I don’t have any plans on eating any anytime soon though.

  40. Libra Venus in the 6th, square Neptune. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I’m addicted to sugar. Having Taurus rising doesn’t help either. I have diabetes history in my family and four years ago was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, which can turn into diabetes if I don’t watch my sugar ingestion.

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