I Had Sex At Her Class Reunion, Now What?

Dear Elsa,

I am divorced since 2000 and recently attended my high school class 30th reunion where my high school crush and I finally sexually consummated our long standing friendship. I sadly am possessed with thoughts of him. Help! How do I get over him and move on? He is a Scorpio.

Cancer Woman
United States

Cancer, I felt bad for you when I read you post and when I looked at your chart I felt doubly bad or even triple bad but my ideas are the same.

I think the only way to move on from this is to find some meaning in your experience and then moved forward with it. I think what this is showing you overall is that you are lonely… perhaps even very lonely and it seems you might have been less aware (if not mostly unaware) of this before you headed to the reunion. So now you know and for this reason the encounter was important but now what?

If you do nothing, depression which your chart shows you are prone to is liable to take hold and if this has already occurred then inaction is likely to exacerbate it. So I would suggest you fight against this and the way to do that is to get this stuff conscious, keep it that way and take (Capricorn Moon) steps towards solving the problem and filling this void.

Bottom line, you want a man… in your bed. Now what are you going to do about this? Focus on that and you focus on him will fade.

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Anyone else?


2 thoughts on “I Had Sex At Her Class Reunion, Now What?”

  1. Maybe it is good to realize that you seem to be focussed on romantic love affairs and ‘loving memories’ kept alive. You are sad now, but by the end of November you will probably feel better and know what to do next. Prepare for that.
    PS Why don’t you use your abundant romantic feelings for a creative outlet? Bet you can.

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