Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: “Hey Elsa! Are You Emotionally Sophisticated?”

youve-come.jpgThis is it, something like the last gasp of my Pluto Moon transit. Throughout this process “family” stuff has surfaced, specific to emotional patterns of relating. By family I mean my kids and I, my family of origin and going even deeper, things that are in the blood… what you might call, “Italian”.

I remember years ago, I was maybe 19 when I confessed to a bar full of patrons that when I got really pissed off and I mean, pissssed off, I had the urge to spit.


The whole bar was appalled and I was just as appalled at their reaction. What? Someone disrespects your family and you don’t feel like walking up to them and spitting on the ground at their feet? How could that beeee?

Well it turns out that stuff comes up from the blood and in whatever case I did see my daughter today and she acts all the family stuff. She acts it vividly and masterfully but this is not about that. It is about the subtle differences in families and one of these has revealed itself this week.

The soldier’s family is notable in every way. It would not be possible to meet anyone in his family and forget them and my family is the same. We are peers in this way and the soldier and I know this. It’s the same dynamic he and I have, basically he looks right at me and I look right back.

But now I see this wrinkle. It is a true distinction between my family, sort of a twink or a chink in the DNA and uncovering it has led to one revelation after another.

I am posting this because I recently worked with a slew of people heading into Pluto Moon transits (or the equivalent – Pluto over the IC for example) and I want them to know it can end up like this.

You can be at a point where you know so much about this type stuff, when the next piece comes it is put into circulation…that is it is utilized almost immediately and there is no trauma to it. This is a hell of an accomplishment – I have come a long way, baby!

For the rest of my life if anyone ever asks me, “Hey Elsa! Are You Emotionally Sophisticated?” I am going to say, yes.

8 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: “Hey Elsa! Are You Emotionally Sophisticated?””

  1. I really like this…not just because I’m a client heading into Pluto/Moon conjunction. :::smiles:::

    I went back to Scotland in June (1st time in 8 years) and man, I tell you: it was AWESOME to hang with my female cousins and have them say things like “I’d slit his throat” or my personal favorite: “Oooh I was spitting blood I was so angry!
    Yes, we Scottish women are a force to be reckoned with when we’re angry. But I wouldn’t *really* slit someone’s throat. With Mars/Pluto I’d just pretend I could 😉

  2. It’s a nice reminder—grueling transits can lead to healing and so much more. In my case, some of it means embracing my feisty inner Italian, even though I am 100% Irish!

  3. I can’t say I identify with the spitting issue, but I can relate. When I get pissed it sometimes takes all my effort to not bean someone right on top the head.
    I was going to say I didn’t think this was familial, but on reflection it really is! *lol*

  4. See, now I can totally tell I have Mars in Cancer, because when I get truly pissed off, I often have the urge to cry… even while the rest of me is going watch-out-while-the-Libra-really-blows-her-facade.

    It totally gives me chills to think how freakishly empowering a Pluto transit can be! Go, Elsa!

  5. huh. pluto’s heading out of my fourth house, and i’m finally starting to realize how disturbingly irish i am even though the family doesn’t really identify as such having been in this country and stirred around for multiple generations…

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